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Viral Undead
Born: December 04, 2015 Forum Topics Started: 0
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10/18/17 at 1:06 pm
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Izael is going to be undergoing major roleplay changes to make him more approachable, and rp that is less aggressive, and more enjoyable. Please feel free to send a mail, I would love to test out this run of Izael.
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Viral Undead

Viral Undead

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Shannon Taylor

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Miryam 09/22/17 Glazed over white eyes watched as he yielded his blade to the ground at his feet and her black leather platform heeled boots. However once she absorbed his words she dropped her arms shedding bits of flesh as she rested her hands upon her hips where her black leather mini skirt was. With a scoff she spoke once more.

“That’s never been what I wanted and you should know that. We both rule as equals from here on out. I’ve been flying solo for far too long. And so help me God if you spit on my boots I’ll make you lick it all back up again!”

It was here that she picked up the sword, twirled it around once from front to back, careful not to hit him and then handed it back to him. Then without warning she leaned in and gave him the most gruesome of passionate kisses, pieces of exposed teeth being revealed along with part of her exposed muscle tissue being seen.
Miryam 09/21/17 With a wicked laugh she crossed her gory arms over the chest of the red leather corset she wore before her confident tone escaped past her lips.

“Please look around you and face reality love. I own the keys to your gate now. I’ve doubled in strength since you last saw me. You left me a kingdom in shambles that I was forced to rebuild in your absence. You want my respect you’ll have to earn it and show me your true power. You bow to your Queen now.”
Miryam 09/21/17 *Tackle hugs and then lets go hitting his arm.* "I... Can't believe you came back! I was sitting by your grave in Moscow hoping you'd crawl out it like I did mine. Don't ever do that again! Got it?"
Mackenzie 11/25/16 Mackenzie lets out an amused huff, rolling her eyes as she crosses her arms. So full of attitude. So passive aggressive. She is working on it, really. But sometimes the youth she was frozen as comes out. It cannot be helped.

"To your credit? Please. No one brought down After Dark. I closed it. And now it's been replaced with something new."

Her gaze flickers over him, icy blue full of disapproval and distrust. Is this one of those arseholes? The ones that ruined her life? ...No. That would be giving too much credit.
Mackenzie 11/25/16 "Jaysus."

Mackenzie stares. No. She glares at the creature. She remembers this one pretty well. Breaking into Buckingham Palace is not something you do often, so naturally you don't forget an event within an event. And here it is. All the crazy she decidedly despised.

"Damn. I thought you were dead. Shame."
Miryam 11/25/16 Miryam watched as he latched onto her hand and removed it from its hold. His hand upon hers made her physically feel amazing inside though dark thought began to rise within. Then she heard it, he uttered a pet name that she couldn’t help but adore with sinister overtones. Then came a moment of awkwardness she could hear it in the tone of his voice and with that her heart began to beat doubletime.

“I’m sorry if I’m to blame for making you feel uneasy. If you like I can leave the advances up to you Master? Though I must be honest with you… You make me feel alive again. It's a rush and I feel I could become addicted.”
Miryam 11/25/16 The voice which came from behind was both familiar and bold, she knew it to be that of her Master Izael. Wasting little time she turned to face him, a tight leather mini skirt paired with a black button down blouse hugging her delicate curves. In all honesty her expression lit up and a devious smirk turned up the corners of full red lips as his words were most gracious. However as he went on his demeanor changed as he voiced to her a warning of sorts, he had her right where he wanted her she felt deep down. It was here as she stared into the eyes of his mask that she began to realize just how alluring he was. In a matter of moments her full lips parted as soon as she was able to regain her ability to speak, her nimble fingertips pulling him close by the robe collar in order to reassure him.

“Thank you Master for all your kind words but that warning isn’t necessary. You have my word that I will remain loyal.”
Miryam 11/23/16 As he spoke untold wisdom she had to physically feel her face to know that what she was feeling was deeply seeded within the bowels of her mind. He was right on so many levels and she began to respect his honesty. Again she caught him looking at her in a way she hadn’t expected from a Viral Undead and she began to realize there was so much more than meets the eye when it came to him. With that she blushed hearing his last words, her voice picking up where his left off.
“Yes Master, so mote it be.”
Miryam 11/22/16 "It's an acquired taste but I feel I will grow accustomed to it soon enough."
As he gazed at her her dark orbs got lost in his own and she could feel her body physically rotting to the core in his wake. Her appearance was beginning to decay yet she never felt more beautiful in his presence as one of his creations.
"Being going to be strange but I know I'm not alone anymore."
Miryam 11/21/16 The voice from behind took Maria by surprise though she did not startle enough to move, instead she looked over her shoulder with her dark orbs long enough to see something frightful. Intrigued by the voice that seemed to entice her she allowed for him to finish. What he spoke of seemed to be all wonders and what ifs. The angel had made up her mind she would humor this strange being but the moment he crossed her she would be gone, crossing her arms over the tight leather vest she wore her confident collected voice took up residence between them.
“Okay I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here you better not cross me. I’ll pack my bags and leave on the first available flight. Where would you like to meet once there or will you find me again?”
Shannon Taylor 11/18/16 smiles at the mist. "Why thank you how kind of you to notice."
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