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Claire Cross
Killed: November 30, 2018 at 04:21 am EST
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Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life."~George Bernard Shaw
Claire Cross's Biography
Once upon a time, my life wasn't stuck drowning at the bottom of the bottle. Life was never perfect, but at one time it was vanilla. I was a real estate agent alongside my husband for many years. We shared one daughter, and that in itself was a blessing. The markets crashed and we struggled through it. Sometimes together, and sometimes our relations were stressed. No matter what my husband was committed every year to go on a camping trip to the woods. Regroup our small knit family, and let nature be the guide to our love. After Cassidy was born, we tried years to give her a lifetime friend. A sibling she could boss around, and one to annoy her to bits.

Years and nothing happened. We tried fertility treatments, but most of the other options we couldn't afford. Our small flat in New York was large enough for our three people family, said the government. Adoption was out of our reach. One year that all changed. I was going to break the news to them on the camping trip. I had everything ready to announce that our charming family was growing one more. As the baby passed months in, I knew this child was a gift. A blessing. Our normal life was happy, and this was all I needed.

That camping trip took my blessings from me. The wolves gorged themselves on my womb. They snapped my husband's neck with their teeth. It's a wonder how Cassidy & I survived. We continue to do what we can to survive, but that's all muddled now under the sea of grief I call my bottle.
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