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Born: February 13, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 0
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OOC : Saphire is just starting out and she has a lot of work ahead of her. More will be added to her story as time goes on. PLEASE NO ATTACKING OR STEALING FROM ME WHEN I AM ONLINE FEEL FREE WHEN I AM NOT THOUGH.

I am up to RPing but the things I will not tolerate is anyone mixing OOC and IC. Please keep your outside game issues away no offense but I have my own and this is where I come to have fun and relax. I love a great RP and look forward to RPing with everyone.
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 Hard boiled eggs that smell like Dracula - Easter 2017

Saphire Lynch's Biography

Name: Saphire Rose Justicano Ravenwalker

DOB : November 20, 1994

Age : 22

Height: 5'8

Weight: 125 lbs

Birthplace : Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Hair Color : black/brown down to middle of my back

Eye Color: Blue turns purple when happy. Turns red or black when angry

Piercings: Ears

Tattoes : A Dragon birthmark on left hip.

Relationship Status: Engaged to the handsome and loving Galen C Lynch.(12/24/16)


Mother Name : Cassandra Carnivale Ravenwalker Boru

Father by birth : Lust Justicano (Deceased)

Father since Little and forever : Moon Ravenwalker (Deceased)

Siblings : Twin brother Draven, sextuplets (3) brothers Mikhail, Nicolas, and Zacarias (3) sisters Raven, Natalya, and Tatijana. Twin sisters Melanie and Elizabeth. Little sister Luna who pasted away, and my twin brothers Daeyan and Agustus, Fraternal twins Kalani and Garret, Khalessi(sister)

Cousins : Ami & Ciaran (married)-(their children) Cierra(deceased),Paige Leigh (Stepdaughter), Hope Shauna (stepdaughter), Dessy Rose (daughter), Twins Ciara Brianna (daughter) and Connor Arthur (son), Elijah Ronan (son),twins Kathrine Angel and Kristin Kerry (1-27-16)(daughters). Matthaw, Airmid, Triplets Alexander, Tabitha, and Arwen, Twins Elessar and Cira.

Uncles and Aunts : Ronan and Lilly Emprium (Boru), Siobhan and Killian- (their children Kelda Saga, Liam Ragnar and Brendan Bjorn), Twins Cassidy and Rayna (Deceased) Agustus (Deceased) Templar (Deceased), Moshe (deceased), Perstephanie Lynn-(her children Quints Stormy Gale, Katherine Rose, Stephy Lynn, Templar Jr, Nexus Anthoney, Octuplets Cassandra Rain, Kylee Ann, Alura Marie, Krystal Cassie, Xavier Stalker, Cain Virgil, Silas Demon, and Danny Jack.) Vamp Goku

My name is Saphire Rose Justicano Ravenwalker. Born in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania on a wintery day in November. I was born a twin and my parents Cassandra Carnivale and Lust Justicano were married for a long time and were surprised about me and my brother but were happy as can be about having us. They had my other brothers and sisters adding on to the family which was pretty cool considering me and my siblings have always been close and been there for one another. Yup everything was great until one day my father Lust became very ill with the red plague leaving my mother, my siblings all alone. My mother was heartbroken for a long time but she never showed it she just continued to take care of us and never complained.

She then remarried to a great man by the name of Moon Ravenwalker. He took me and my siblings and adopted us as his own. Both my parents have taught us everything we needed to know about life. They have always done right by us and so has my Uncle Ro and the rest of the family. Today I am going to show them they did a fine job.

I have learned a lot about my heritage from my mother. I come from a race called the Carpathians with a lot of abilities. My mom taught me so much growing up about what we can do and what we shouldn't do. She taught me that respect is something that you learn and earn from someone and to never disrespect someone.

But something happened to where I have a new outlook on everything and it is time I figure it out all in due time all in due time. My mother had died but has come back but my father Moon has not. I have dealt with my share of struggles and I am still young so I know more will come but that is just how life works but I plan on meeting them head on.

(I got my first steal on Oct.25,2017)
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Blood Demon



Last five threads posted in:
Ronan Boru 08/18/17 I know better then t o even ask. * Smiles* Congrats on POTD
LillyEmperium 08/18/17 Congratulations dear
Ronan Boru 07/18/17  photo OrchidGaiaBoruBL3_zps6eocfvql.jpg Name: Orchid Gaia Boru DOB: 7/17/17 Time: 6:46 pm Length: 19 inches Weight 6 lbs 5 Ozs. Parents: Ronan Boru and Lilly Emperium
Ronan Boru 07/06/17 Great lets hope that isnt rubbed off on your aunt then?
Marah Whitmoore 07/06/17 "Congrats on making the realms most popular cousin"
Amethyst 07/06/17 Ami looks at her cousin In Law shaking her head.

" What did you do?"

she gives her a grinm

"Congrats on making the most wanted. At least it's not me C this time."
Ronan Boru 07/06/17 Seriously what did you and your husband do to get back to back most wanted? Congrats🇮🇪
LillyEmperium 07/06/17 Congrats dear
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 06/06/17 Please help us welcome 2 more new memebers to our family.

 photo pizap.com14967930257721_zpsdljk4hvx.jpg
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 05/12/17 Please help us welcome the newest members to our family.

 photo piZap_1494641412993_zpsxw1q4ctl.jpg
Ronan Boru 12/25/16 Nollaig Shona ( Happy Christmas)
Ronan Boru 12/10/16 Congrats on ranking. Keep up the good work.
Ronan Boru 11/17/16 Let me guess they got the wrong twin. It was really draven? See here the kicker lass you sre a female and Draven a male and you are fraternal twins s o yeah try again. I have yet to call out you cousin on that fact when he blames Matt for his being the realm's most wanted. So what did you do? You might as well tell me since yo u know I will find out any way. * He smiles*
Marah Whitmoore 11/17/16 +looks at you and grins.+

"Well looked at 2ho made m9st popular.Congrats Cuz."
Amethyst 11/17/16 "Come lets hide I have to get you out of here before my Da in law... your uncle sees you." *grabs Your arm and runs to a safe place. Hugs you and smiles* "Congrats on making POD."
Skylar Ravenwalker 11/17/16 Shiv looks at her niece tapping her foot. " Okay niece of mine...." taking a short pause her voice raised a bit ..." Just What The Bloody Hell Did You Do?" grins... "Congrats on making the realms most wanted "
WildKat 11/17/16 Congrats on POtD!
WildKat 10/17/16 Congrats on Ranking!!
Ronan Boru 10/17/16 Congrats on the rank my dear one. Keep up the work.
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 10/17/16 Cassie walked over to her daughter and hugged her close.

"So very proud of you sweetheart see I told you that it will be okay."
Draven A Ravenwalker 10/17/16 ~Draven ran and hugged his sister then spoke.~ "See I told you that you will get there sis. I am so proud of you."
Draven A Ravenwalker 10/01/16 ~Draven chuckled a bit as he listened to his sister speak.~ "I am pretty awesome huh? No on a serious note sis it is my job to protect you guys so no thanks needed I do it cause I love you guys too always and forever remember that okay. Time has gone by so fast lately. I think we need to go raid mom's cookie tray what do you think?" ~He hugged her again then pulled away from her to look at her with a devilish grin upon his face. It was something they use to do all the time as kids except it was the cookie jar now their mom has gotten smart about it with the other kids. She hides the darn thing so their new target was the cookie trays.~
Draven A Ravenwalker 10/01/16 ~Draven smiled then hugged his sister kissing the top of her head.~ "I to am grateful sis to have you. Is everything okay? Like seriously okay? You know if there was anything bugging you that you can talk to me right?"
Draven A Ravenwalker 10/01/16 ~Tilting his head a bit he saw his sister just staring at him smiling then a soft chuckle escaped his lips.~ "What? Are you okay sis or better yet what you do? Or wait what did I do now?"
Marah Whitmoore 09/21/16 +Seeing her cousin she gave her a hug and spoke +

"Yeah I had them 7 weeks early. They are at Camelot with Maria right now. Ami is such a doll she said I could borrow her while I stayed there. Oh yeah your mom missed one I had triplets 2 girls and a boy. Guess that runs in the Boru family seeing I was the youngest girl, But I named them Dylan, Arya short for Aryanna , and CC short for Cassandra Colleen. So how the hell have you been girl?"
Draven A Ravenwalker 06/14/16 ~Turning around to see his twin sister he shook his head to her question and brushed it off.~ "Nothing for you to worry about sis just can't stand ignorant people is all. How are you feeling? Wait you are suppose to be resting sis what are you doing out of bed?"
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 04/19/16 Cassie walked up to her daughter and hugged her softly and spoke.

"Congrats on the ranking sweetheart I knew you could do it. We will get you strong again and I am here now so do not worry about anything."

She placed her hair towards her back and smiled.
WildKat 04/11/16 Congrats on Ranking. WTG!!
Draven A Ravenwalker 04/09/16 ~He whistled ignoring her as he just kept walking instead of the coven back to the house.~
Draven A Ravenwalker 04/09/16 ~He growled a little bit at her and then threw his hands up in the air.~ "That's it I have had it you females are driving me bonkers you are all stubborn. I am going to go to the bar and have a drink after this."

~He walked over to her and picked her up throwing her over his shoulder and started to walk.~ "I am the oldest and I am man of the house now and I promised I would protect you and our siblings now you are going home and do not argue with me."

~He just shook his head and continued to walk back to the coven.~
Draven A Ravenwalker 04/09/16 ~When She helped him up he spoke as he started to brush himself off.~ "I followed you of course what the heck you going out alone for you know that there are things out here and you shouldn't be wondering around without someone with you we have talked about this."

~He sighed as he looked down at his shirt and saw the hole. He must of done that when he fell from the tree.~ "Great my favorite shirt."
Draven A Ravenwalker 04/09/16 ~Draven felt the hard punch in his face and he grabbed hold of his face and fell to the ground from the tree landing on his back. Looking up he started to see stars and then his sister then shook his head a bit then spoke.~ "OWWW! Geesh I love you to sis what the hell was that for?"

~He started to rub his face and then his nose and spoke again.~ "Am I bleeding? Is my nose broken?"
Draven A Ravenwalker 04/09/16 ~Draven watched his twin start walking down the street as he stood on a branch in the tree she would past and as soon as she got closer he wrapped his legs around the branch and then hung upside down swinging back and forth in front of her and yelled.~ "BOO!"
Draven A Ravenwalker 02/24/16 ~Draven gave his twin a big smile then spoke.~ Congrats sis see told you that you could do it."
Draven A Ravenwalker 02/13/16 ~He heard his sister speak and all he could do was just shake his head.~ "She is not doing good Saph I don't think she has much longer. Come we must go to uncles." ~He took her bags and started to walk.~
Draven A Ravenwalker 02/13/16 ~Seeing his twin sister he moved towards her and hugged her close not saying anything he could feel her emotions running high right now.~ "Did you just get in?"
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