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I am shadow, I am eternity, I am Hades...Yama, Grim reaper, Cichol, Odin, Pluto....I am death, and none escape death...all they do is delay it.
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Last five threads posted in:
Kiernan Tigra 10/23/16 Smiling as his other half embraced him, Kiernan wanted to do naught else but enjoy her presence. Their current predicament had made it so there was little time to spend together outside of actual work. That was more than frustrating, to say the least.

A contented sigh left him as she placed a trail of kisses up to his lips, where they met for a long moment, much to his delight. When she spoke, his smile came back ever wider. The way she spoke with him was cute; Serious when she needed to be but not so much when it was more personnel. "As I've missed you my love. If anybody should be asking for time, it should be me asking after yours." He winked and gave her another gentle kiss. He teased her by looking down at his wrist to an imaginary watch. "All the time in my life. I think that's how much I can spare right now." Grinning like an idiot, he wrapped his arms around her ever tighter and lifted her slightly off the ground.

"How are you holding up my love? Everything okay?" It didn't feel like anything was wrong, but after not having much personal time together, he still felt the need to ask after her well-being.
vamp_goku 06/30/16
Kiernan Tigra 04/12/16 It felt like it had been ages since Kiernan had seen his other half. Having caught sight of her though, if only for a bit, he had to take the opportunity to show his affection.

As quietly as he could, he crept up behind her. Acting quickly, her wrapped his arms about her waist, pulling her back against his chest and lifting her upwards slightly. In doing so he began to laugh out loud as he set her back down on her own two feet. "Hello gorgeous." He whispered, stepping around her so he could look at her face to face. "You're quite the will-o'-the-wisp you know that?" He teased quietly.

Leaning forward, he rubbed his nose against hers. "But you're my will-o'-the-wisp." He said, managing a smile for her. A few Deaths had him a bit more shaken than he would be normally. Due to that, he was ever so thankful to have caught her again. He wanted the company, and to know that nothing would happen to her.

"How are you love?" He asked quietly, cupping her cheek with his palm.
MysticRose 03/16/16 Congrats on POTD awesome lady!! :)
Kiernan Tigra 03/16/16 Kiernan approached his wife with a smile on his features. "Looks like somebody is popular today!" He held a copy of the Realm newspaper up for her, to showcase her face on the front page. "I wonder who this beautiful thing could be. Think I should say hi?" He gave her a knowing grin as he stepped in close, but hovered just a few inches away from her. "I'd ever so love to have her attention." He whispered quietly, still smiling at her. There wasn't a doubt he knew what he was up to, trying to tease and compliment her.

After a long moment he gently placed his lips against Mercy's, but only just barely. Taking a step back, that grin still on his features, "Hello gorgeous."
Kiernan Tigra 03/09/16 The Angel gave his other half a slightly puzzled look. He knew what she meant, but the astonishment on his face was still rather evident. "The house exploding? If I were to shake a package from either of you I'm pretty certain I would be the one to explode." He made a gesture as of an object exploding, accompanied by a small 'poof' sound effect from his mouth. "Bits of Angel everywhere." He said with a bit of a twisted laugh.
Adara Litvinova 02/22/16 *is glittered covered*
*because someone might have tripped as she opened the box*
*is now plotting revenge*
Kiernan Tigra 02/19/16 A devious grin crossed his features, "Don't want to see your Angel go up in flames huh? I thought you liked explosions?" He prodded her gently. That look was just too much to bear though. With a quiet sigh, he submitted. "Very well then." Kiernan emitted quiet snicker at the mention of water being in use. He didn't doubt her, but he doubted it was a major ingredient, to say the least. Slowly, he brought the flask to his lips, and took the smallest sip that he could. It wasn't pungent really. Rather sweet to him actually. As it settled in his stomach, he felt the familiar warmth that liquor often brought him, though with the warmth he also immediately felt his arms go numb.

"Whoa there!" He exclaimed, grabbing onto Mercy a bit more than previously, though it felt like he was the one who was shifting, not her. He made to offer the flask back to her, hoping he still had a grip on it. "Phew-- I need to be home if I'm goin' t' drink any more of that love!" He was beginning to lose a bit of his clarity of speach. Damn low alcohol tolerance.
Genesis 02/19/16
~takes a drink from the flask with a nod, then taps her chin thoughtfully~ "New Court House. I think it would be lovely with red, white and blue flares and smoke. Maybe a few of those fancy columns being knocked down. I have frag grenades, tooo...we need someones heart...yanno...for the Lady Justice Scale" ~last part being said in a playful sing-song voice~

Genesis 02/19/16
~Is pounced and luffs on gladly with a grin, taking the offered flask.~

"Hello my lovely. Lookit what I gots..."

~opens vest and shows assortment of gas grenades and colored flares~
"We can make things go boom, and be colorful about it!

~grins cheekily~

Kiernan Tigra 02/19/16 There was a moment of surprise as Mercy came upon Kiernan. It took him a moment longer to figure out that she was likely tipsy, or further. The fact that she couldn't kiss him straight alongside the taste of liquor upon her lips merely confirmed that she must have been having a good time. "Oh my dear." He shook his head slightly, wrapping an arm about her waist to keep her steady. With his free hand, he took the flask, though did not immediately drink, instead opting to sniff it lightly. Even just the scent was almost enough to overpower him. "What the hell is in this Mercy? Geez!" He continued to hold the flask, not confident that she could keep it aloft if he gave it back to her.

"How can you get used to something like this. Hell, where do you even get something like this?" He asked curiously. He was trying to avoid taking a swig, knowing his tolerance for alcohol was not even a quarter of Mercy's. If she was drunk off it, God only knew what it would do to him.
Kiernan Tigra 02/15/16 A loving smile came across the Angel's face as Mercy stood before him. "Battered and broken, piece by piece. I take all as it is and vow to stand beside you till whatever end." He repeated quietly, "As you are mine, so shall I be yours. All that I am, and ever may be." He nodded, a look of satisfaction upon him as the shadows around them faded.

"Welcome home."
Dark Vagor 02/14/16 Takes the flask from the woman thank you kindly, names Luke i'ts a pleasure to meet you Mercy as luke smiled to you.
Kiernan Tigra 02/14/16 The Angel had seen somebody recently pass by and smack Mercy's behind. Usually Kiernan was nearby, since they had begun spending much more time together, but he hadn't caught the person in time to make any fuss over it. It wasn't that Kiernan felt that the other, man was it?, was a threat. Moreso Kiernan felt the need to assert that Mercy was his, and that it would be wise not to treat her in such a way. By no means did he believe she couldn't handle herself, but it was a damn good excuse for him to put on a bit of a display.

"Hello my lovely." He gave her a mischievous smile as he approached. He didn't give her much time to react as he wrapped an arm around her neck, twining his fingers in her hair, while his other arm looped around her waist and grabbed a good handful of her bottom. Using this leverage, he pulled Mercy in for an intense and passionate kiss. He held her for several moments before finally breaking their contact, panting quietly.

"That's just for being so damn beautiful!" Kiernan put on that mischievous smile again. He knew better, that she'd pick out why he'd done it, but that was alright. He continued to hold her, shifting his hands to the nape of her neck and the small of her back. His breathing had finally evened out, and his expression turned to one of love.

"Still can't believe I've been so lucky to get you back." He murmured quietly, mostly to himself really. "And I can hardly wait to move forward with you again, like we'd tried last time." It sounded like he was going to propose, but the way he saw it they were already technically engaged.

"So, what trouble has my lovely lady been getting up to lately?" He inquired curiously, tilting his head ever so slightly. "I've been telling Genesis to pester you more. Did she finally do so?" He paused for a moment, Genesis had joked with him about drinking, explosions, scantily clad men. He flushed a bit at the thought, a bit of his possessive nature towards Mercy coming forward, though he declined to verbally say anything. She was in tune with him well enough again that she'd likely pick up on that thought as well. Oh well; She had been able to put his mind at ease in the past, and he wasn't truly worried about it, he knew Genesis had only been giving him a hard time.

Kiernan Tigra 02/05/16 Kiernan met her gaze as she cupped his cheek. In the end, he knew she would likely be satisfied with having him as he was, but it was still a thought that pressed at the back of his mind; That she deserved much more than he could ever give her.

His smile returned as she conveyed everything she felt to him. It wasn't needed really, he could feel a great deal of what she did through their bonding from years ago. Maybe he was just a sucker for having his thoughts confirmed out loud. His cheeks turned a slight red while she spoke, as she made him feel like he was on a mountain top, ready to jump for the thrill of his life.

"I don't think you need to prove that you deserve me love. Neither of us felt like we deserved the other with how we parted right? I know we're both too stubborn to let that feeling go, so why don't we work together to prove to each other that we're deserving of each other? You're a strong, beautiful, and deliciously crazy woman. I don't think you'd suit anybody but me anyways." He winked at her. "We'll work on whatever concerns us together now." He nodded in agreement. "Till the end." He joined her in smiling before their lips met.

Through all the turmoil Kiernan had experienced during his time in the Realm, Mercy had brought peace to him. That was something he would be forever grateful for.
Kiernan Tigra 02/05/16 Initially, Kiernan was slightly let down. He wasn't quite sure what else she might have to offer him besides, well, herself really. She'd surprised him in the past however, and he had no doubt that whatever she had for him, would have quite a deep meaning for one, if not both of them.

The Angel watched her silently, intently, as she reached into her pocket. At first glance, he wasn't quite sure what the key was meant for. As she explained however, his eyes slowly widened. It wasn't a ring, sure, but Kiernan wasn't exactly one for worldly posessions. Or at least, he'd never had a place to settle down to even want to gather anything.

With what the key she was offering symbolized for them as a couple though? That was about to change, and quickly. His left hand shot up and covered his mouth out of astonishment. After a moment though, he quickly dropped it so he could exclaim, "Yes!" As he did so, he wrapped an arm about her waist and pulled her close. He was choking up a bit, as he truly hadn't expected a gesture like this from her. "Mercy I would love nothing more than to accept this key from you, along with all that it entails for us. I can't begin to convey how happy I am that we are able to be together again." A warm smile spread across his features.

Slowly the Angel leaned down and placed his forehead against Mercy's, allowing him to take comfort in their contact. "I don't really have anything to offer back to you though, besides myself and all that I am." A few happy tears dripped down onto his shirt as he spoke. "Is that alright with you?"
Genesis 02/04/16
Eyes the wad of moolah.

"Well now, I say we go find some half nekkid men to do body shots with?...ermm...or just buy lots of things that go boom.

Gives shifty eyes.

"Half nekkid men for the win?"

Kiernan Tigra 02/04/16 The Angel turned slightly and eyed his partner as she approached. Her gentle touch along his collar bone sent a shiver down his spine, visibly making his wings shake if only a little.

A curious expression crossed his visage at the mention of a prize for guessing correctly. "Hmn." He pondered quietly. "Genesis would have me saying you have booze or explosives on your person." He raised an eyebrow as a smirk took form on his lips.

"I don't think that's the case this time." He leaned down and brushed his lips across her cheek for a brief moment. "I think you have a ring in your pocket?" It was a genuine guess for him, given his hopes for their relationship. His expression returned to one of curiosity as he took the liberty to look over frame, wondering slightly if she'd catch him doing so.
Genesis 01/31/16
You were successful in stealing $63.00 from Mercy Prescot .

"I am totally spending this on knives and booze." -nods-
Sue Wanda Prescott 01/25/16 Wouldn't you like to know? *playful wink*
Genesis 01/22/16 "Tequila and things that go boom. Two things I happen to have!" Genesis put her backpack down and rifled through it, past all the small arm weaponry to produce a bottle of tequila wrapped in a tshirt. "TADAA!!! Let the drinking commence!"
Marah Whitmoore 01/21/16 Dutchie takes the flask and smiles at her hopefully new found friend and grins " A way to warms a girls cold heart. Cheers" Dutchie took a swig and handed the flask back to Mercy. " Nice to meet your Mercy. If we keep this up we will become great friends. Next time the drinks are on me."
John Doe 01/21/16 John Doe Fact #503: The only thing you have to fear is, John Doe himself.
Marah Whitmoore 01/21/16 Dutchie smiles as she walks up to the newest member. " Hey I'm Dutchie and I would like to welcome you to The Den. If you ever want to talk I am always around."
Genesis 01/21/16 ~snickers~ " smooth. Did it hurt? Yanno, when you fell from heaven?" ~flutters lashes at bestie~
Kiernan Tigra 01/03/16 A much more innocent smile crossed Kiernan's face as he began to speak to his partner. "Happy new year to you as well!" His smile turned into a devilish smirk. "I have a few hopes for the new year." He paused for a moment, debating whether he would reveal what they were or not. "I think you can guess a couple of them." A quiet chuckle came from him as he looked over her frame, much the same as she had done to him moments before. "My biggest hope is to get completely reacquainted with you."

"How about you? Any hopes you'd like to share?" An eyebrow raised as his opaque orbs sought to hold her gaze.
Genesis 12/17/15
"Christ on crutches, Mercy..." -Takes booze and shakes her head, though does indulge in the booze and whole-heartedly agrees with being totally sh!t-faced for the dread holidays.- "Yanno...last time you got this drunk, you were diggin' yourself out of the graveyard. Let's not have that happen again. I lurves you too much." -Squishes Mercy for all she's worth.-
Kiernan Tigra 12/17/15 The Angel started slightly as Mercy exclaimed her greeting. Looking her over he chuckled slightly, imagining her present mood was likely due to the alcohol he could smell on her breath. "Merry festivous to you as well." Kiernan found himself chuckling harder as she handed him a bottle of egg nog. "Really now? Seems you've been partaking of the brew yourself!" He grinned and waved as Mercy headed out, though he could hear her the entire way. After a moment, he laughed a little more openly and made his way back to the Sanctuary halls to see just how good it truly was.
Genesis 11/06/15 The familiar voice reaches her ears, tugging at her. She missed that voice. She was angry with that voice, but that anger was nothing more but selfishness.
"Mercy?" She questioned softly.
"Where did you go? I missed you. I didnt have anyone to talk to..." She added.
She moved closer to the woman, letting a small smile form. "You better stick around this time. I need a drinking buddy...Welcome back." Genesis said.
Kiernan Tigra 11/05/15 "My problem, to be frank, is existing Mercy. I am not natural, and my mind can barely handle it if you remember." He responded evenly, successfully reigning in some of his feelings. "However, I do appreciate the concern." He nodded, though mostly to himself. He may have been a little shaken by her reappearance, but he would not be rude to an old friend.

"As am I glad that you've found someone to bring you happiness. I will always be here if either of you should need anything." His expression was still a little pained, but he seemed to be managing it better now.

"Business partners?" Kiernan asked quietly, raising an eyebrow slightly. "Just what have you been up to that would cause you to seek my help?" He had a wide range of skills, though most of them revolved around death in some fashion.
Mordred 11/05/15 Been doing pretty good I suppose.
Mordred 11/05/15 Gee I do not know. *Grins at you*
Kiernan Tigra 11/05/15 "You don't owe me any thanks." The Angel responded quietly. He had left to travel for a time, and during that time Mercy had moved on with her life. Only when he realized how long he'd been gone had it really hit home for him.

He found himself examining Mercy's features. She had changed quite a bit since they'd last met. Kiernan couldn't quite decide if it was for the better, but that was not his place any longer.

"I did very little for you. I'm glad you see it in such a light that I do not." He was recalling a nearly forgotten event, when he had stopped a man from trying to take advantage of her. He felt the remnants of what they had shared at the time, that connection still open, yet nothing came to him at the time. She was a different person now after all.

"You haven't missed much." He stated quietly, a bit of the happiness fading from his demeanor. "I've only gotten home and back to reality within the past few months. The past year or so hasn't been the kindest for me." Once she'd moved on and he'd realized it, he'd spent a majority of his time in his altered reality, where nothing appeared as it truly was. He perked up slightly though, "However, I've met someone recently. I refuse to let my past errors interfere with my personal life." He caught himself and stopped talking for a moment, as he felt he was rambling a bit and chuckled.

"Sorry, I'm going on a bit. How have you been Mercy?"
Kiernan Tigra 11/05/15 The Angel felt the wind shift slightly around him. He had not anticipated any visitors. Recent events had left him a little more relaxed as well, which may have been why his guard wasn't raised. He heard her voice before he saw her. Turning, he faced her completely. "I would hope I'm not a stranger." He offered her a smile. "Has time been treating you well?" He inquired, raising an eyebrow as he did so.

Her return was a bit of a surprise to him, but it was a pleasant one. He hadn't seen Mercy in ages since she had moved on with her life some time ago.
Lenny Shultz 06/09/15 I lift two bottles of Bud above me head and exclaim "Woohoo!" Typically, I'm not a 'woohoo-er', but if anyone deserves to be recognized for her hard, amazing work, its Mercy. I hold out one beer for her. "Congrats, oh and if you don't like Bud, I can get something more your taste. Anything ya want."
Genesis 06/09/15 ~whistles and hoots~ "Lookit that smexy lady on the wanted poster today! Congrats on PotD!"
~leaves a basket of goodies (meaning exploding boom making things) and some sweet chocolates~
Genesis 05/01/15 "come on, despite how adorable you are in prison stripes, the look just isnt you...."

You managed to break out Mercy Prescot .
Genesis 04/26/15 Genesis opened her door to find Mercy there, looking rather terrible and holding lots of booze. Then Mercy spoke one simple sentence. Genesis frowned. She knew the pain all too well. Her heart was also broken at the moment. She opened her arms to Mercy, stepping forward to give her a hug. "Come on sweetie...lets drink to our sorrows...and have a good old fashioned Irish wake." She said softly, ushering Mercy inside.
Genesis 04/16/15 Gen gave a soft chuckle. "Okay, lets go delve into some morally grey areas." She said, reaching out and giving a tug to Mercy's hair. "Sorry, just pass out again, Imma just drag you around by the hair so no one tries to plop you in the graveyard again." She said, raising the tequila bottle to her lips and taking a nice long pull.
Genesis 04/16/15 ~grins~ "Fair enough." She said with a nod. She then handed her keys to Mercy for safekeeping.~ "Hold on to those...I dont think I'll be able to use them without killing an innocent. Now..." She said, rubbing her hands together much as Mercy had.~ "Its time for me to get smashed, do morally questionable things...OH! Here...hold this..." Makes silly gesture of giving nothing but air.~ "Hold my dignity, I've got some sketchy sh!t to do..." ~offers up some laughter~
Genesis 04/16/15 ~Offers a sad smile~ I'd say lets blow up his precious boat, but he took it to Cancun. I'm happy with getting stupid drunk at the moment. I plan to live vicariously through you and Jake." She said, opening the tequila, taking a drink, passing the bottle to Mercy.~ "That means you'll have to tell me all the naughty bits you do..." ~chuckles softly~
Genesis 04/16/15 ~wanders up to Mercy with a bottle of tequila and a sorrowful expression.~ "Hey...share a drink with a single gal?"
Genesis 04/11/15 ~Gives a blush and is slightly mortified to be on the front page.~ "Jeez...Who keeps snapping pics of me in my underwearz?" ~snickers, glomps and squishes Mercy~
Genesis 03/20/15 MERCY!! ~loves up on~ I have've got the tequila, right? ~gives cheeky smile~
Genesis 02/17/15 "Oh, man...booze and know how to charm a girl!" ~squeees~
Genesis 02/17/15 "ooOOOoooo...lookit you moving up in the ranks. SEXEH!!!"
Genesis 02/17/15 "HEY EVERYONE!!! DRINKS ARE ON MERCY TONIGHT!!!" ~waves fat stack of bills around~

You were successful in stealing $3,490.00 from Mercy Prescot .
Mercy Prescot 02/16/15 *pants before puffing out chest*

You killed the Little Girl!

Take my liquor brat! I don't think so!
Genesis 01/29/15 ~snickers~ "You really think I want to set you loose on the world with booze again so soon? How 'bout we blow something up? OH! OR set something on fire?!?! I hate Sprews curtains." ~grins~
Genesis 01/25/15 Spies Mercy, just a day since finding a grave marked with the woman's name. It had broken Gens heart.
But here she was...a little disheveled and covered in dirt. Gens eyes brighten and she takes off into a sprint, tackling the woman to the ground.
And from that point on Genesis pretty much just blubbers and slobbers all over the poor woman.
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