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Mr. Taylor was kind enough to make this profile.
Thank you.
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Sarah Taylor 03/19/19 Dearest Claire,
I hope you’re feeling better; you’ve been on my mind.
I’m going to go to New York for a couple days. I wish you were with me. I miss you, sweet girl. All the best.
xo, Sarah

PS - Museum when I get back?
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 "If your mother knew, she would have been here already." Gray isn't foolish enough to believe that Lilith would not be there in an instant to rip into him if she had any idea what has transpired. He'd been expecting her, spending each minute preparing for something there is no real preparing for.

There is a moment of silence that passes through him as he considers everything between them. Her anger, her obvious desire to defend his own sister, Sarah's home here. It is all so abundantly clear to the man, but it seems there would be no reasoning with Claire. "The facts are that Jasper does deserve to know. Sarah is falling in love with you. And those feelings are clearly reciprocated. Whether you acknowledge that or not makes no difference in the reality of it all."

Taking a breath, he moves to take the cup to sink, placing it carefully within it's depths. "If you'll excuse me, I need to contend with your brother's wrath." With that, he walks to the couch, looking at Sarah momentarily though not daring to reach out. And then, quietly leaves. Telling Jasper is worth the price. He cannot do this alone.
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 “Right. So let’s tell him, so he can tell Lilith, and we can hear it from both of them. I’ll get on that straight away, Claire. Breach of contract sounds like a great idea.” As if solidifying this conversation, he takes a seat upon a stool, fixing her with a look that says this isn’t over at all.

“That is my sister. I love her enough to sell my soul, and give her the space she blatantly desires. Do not mistake my silence for indifference.” His tea is getting cold, but it’s no matter. Jasper had put him on a path, and he would not fail him a second time. “But I also know her. Sarah doesn’t do friends. She doesn’t let people in without intent. You aren’t friends, and I think you know that. So when I advise to do one or the other, know that it is because I am literally watching her make a home in you.”

An exhausted look is passed over his shoulder, as if checking to ensure the sleeping girl is not listening in on this transaction of words. “Once again, Claire.” He meets his gaze, leveling with her easily. “I am trusting you with her. I told you I trust you, and that remains true. You hold the power, and what you do with that is up to you. But you are going to need help, whether you want it or not, regardless of your choices.” Standing, he finishes his tea before bringing it down to the counter and staring into the depths of the empty cup.

“Do you want me to tell him, or no?”
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 “I tried to warn you of consequences, Claire.” Abrupt, Gray lets out a sigh. He isn’t exactly the best at these things, though he does try. “Your brother is furious, and no longer speaking to me. His wife, no doubt, is plotting my murder as we speak. And you two,” he lets the word hang between them for a moment. “Of all the things I considered when we were sat there, this wasn’t it. So there are two options. Break her heart, or don’t. Whichever you decide, I will help you. It doesn’t which, the potential consequences are the same.”

All of it leaves a bitter taste upon his tongue, and as if trying to wash it away, he drinks from his cup once more. “I’m not saying these things to upset you.” A hand waves low over the table, as if wiping away any murkiness to his message. “You should do whatever makes you happiest. But it would be prudent to get ahead of whatever it may be.”
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 Her words immediately still him, and Gray settles an unreadable stare upon Claire. Jasper is right. He is f-cking foolish, and oblivious. There is no turning back from this, and he needs to step up his game. Taking a sip of his tea, he considers carefully how to word this. “Do you want me to be delicate about this, or brutally honest?”
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 An amused huff escapes him as he reads the message, already enroute. It is seconds before he lets himself in, glancing at his curled up ball of a sister before making his way to the kitchen where the distinct sound of tea preparation calls his attention. “You know, you can send her home whenever you want to.”
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 Claire
Stone cold out, or napping out?
I’ll be over.
Gray Taylor 03/15/19 Claire
Let me know the next time she passes out.
We should probably talk.
Sarah Taylor 03/13/19 “Yes, yes, I know,” she would murmur. Sarah wonders if Claire realizes the extent of what had happened, but neither of them want to talk about it. Her counterpart wouldn’t like to hear about how Jasper is the reason she survived, and Sarah would loathe to revisit all that happened if only because it is painful to think on. “Get some rest. I’ll be here. I’m not going anywhere.” As if solidifying her existence there, she shifts to entwine their fingers. At least there is this, and she would remember the closeness of this moment always.
Sarah Taylor 03/13/19 “I know you’re not. It was just really bad.” Her mind tracks back to her conversation with Jasper, going over all of it, and then everything she had seen in that room. “That wasn’t obligated. That was nothing but love. He kicked me out the room at one point. Didn’t want me to see. Told me to check on his wife. Gray stayed the whole time. ...He bashed her skull in.” Frowning, she presses her cheek further against Claire’s shoulder. “There is a lot to talk about. A lot happened. I’m not even sure of all that happened.”
Sarah Taylor 03/13/19 “Shhh... cheeky.” Glancing upward, Sarah notes the upward curve of her mouth. How Claire could smile right now is beyond her, but she will take it. “Umm... a few hours. A while. Claire, we thought we lost you. It was terrifying...” Squeezing her hand, she lets out a telling sigh. It feels as if she moves away, this wonderful creature might just disappear. “I met Jasper. He saved your life, sweet girl.”
Sarah Taylor 03/12/19 Squeezing her hand gently, Sarah leans in to press a soft kiss to her forehead before settling down beside her once more, cheek rested against Claire's shoulder once more. "I'll tell you everything I know, Claire. I will." Sarah takes a deep, steadying breath as every single little emotion hits her in waves. "Just let me have one more minute in this moment."
Sarah Taylor 03/12/19 Sarah is beyond confused by her words, but those are hardly the focus. Claire is in pain, and she would lift herself up enough to prop herself upon an elbow. Without a thought, her fingers would smooth back the hair atop her head soothingly. “You’re doing great, Claire. Don’t move,” she would murmur, swallowing her worry. “I... can I get you something for the pain? Or do you need something else...? Just tell me how to make you comfortable. I’ll do anything.”
Sarah Taylor 03/11/19 She is so aware of her as she begins to stir. Sarah’s eyes shift, though she dares not truly move, as Claire becomes aware of her surroundings, and finally, her. A quiet protest is on her lips as her counterpart would move, but her smile and words stall them. The breath is knocked out of her lungs, and a heat creeps into her cheeks as a small smile makes its presence known. “I’ll keep you always,” she whispers, shifting carefully until her head is sharing the pillow, rested beside Claire’s. “Do you need anything, sweet girl?”
Sarah Taylor 03/10/19 It had been a horrible day. Beyond, that. While their brothers battled it out, she would remain with Claire. The girl has yet to wake up, but Sarah is ready. Water, small snacks, anything she could think of that might be requested are all within arms reach. She would wait, laying beside her. Hand in hand, her cheek rested against Claire's shoulder.
Sarah Taylor 03/09/19 Sarah practically scampers over the back of the couch when the knock comes, rushing to the door only to open it and see nothing. A small frown, and she moves to shut it once more only to glimpse the note. Instantly lighting up, she reads it once. Then again, and again. A content sigh escapes her. There is no need to respond.

She would be there.
Sarah Taylor 03/09/19 Sarah steps out of the apartment, glancing up and down the hall before approaching Claire's. She'd given the girl some space since their last interaction. A note is taped to her door before she makes way for the elevator, a small smile on her face.

I miss you.
xo Sarah
Gray Taylor 03/09/19 Considering everything, Gray simply studies her. She’s confident, and he is confident in her capabilities. The average secretary would start at a barely living wage. Claire is better than that. With a sigh, he taps the surface of his desk. “We will start you at fifty grand a year. Obviously, you get benefits. Paid time off, sick days, insurance. Bonuses. After ninety days, we will regroup and assess. Sound fair?”
Gray Taylor 03/08/19 Gray looks up from where he sits, steel gaze previously trained upon the screen of his laptop. "I'm always here," he finds himself confused as he watches her, listening to her begin to chatter on. He doesn't have to wait for to explain, because she is already showing him precisely what she has done. There is a moment of silence that hangs in the air as he considers the girl before him. It is best they remain close, and she truly does seem to have a knack for organization. "Monday through Friday, nine to five. Some evenings, depending on meetings or events. What is your desired pay?"
Sarah Taylor 03/07/19 For just a split second, Sarah thinks that her dear friend might be opening up. She waits on baited breath, wondering just what might happen. Declaring the need to pack her meager belongings, and dashing away, Claire leaves Sarah behind to simply watch her disappear from sight. A near silent groan escapes her, her hand lifting up to her mouth as she mutters a single word. "F-ck."
Sarah Taylor 03/07/19 The words are on the tip of her tongue, though she dares not say them. Not yet. In her mind, she considers the time they've shared. The laughter, the outings, little notes and tentative smiles. She'd yet to fall asleep in a bed alone. Having Claire there had given her peace in the wake of nightmares that would surely creep up in her absence. Sarah is not like her brother. Her stiff, reserved brother with his inability to live a life that would make him happy.

"You are home." The words are whispered, a quiet promise to Claire.
Sarah Taylor 03/07/19 Sarah is patient, a virtue not afforded to her brother. So she waits, eyes roving over the words on the page as Claire finishes. Only when she has her complete attention does she pipe up, her voice painfully, purposely, sad. It is in play, of course - but not entirely. “You move out tomorrow. What am I going to do without you here?”
Sarah Taylor 03/07/19 Thursday. Sarah had been dreading this day ever since her return to the world. With a melancholy sigh, she takes a seat beside Claire on the couch, resting her head on her shoulder. "...are you sure we can't just run away now?"
Sarah Taylor 03/06/19 You are more than you know.
But most of all, you are a treasure to me.
xo, Sarah
Sarah Taylor 03/05/19 I read something that reminded me of you.

'She has the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and it took only her laugh to realize that beauty was the least of her.'

xo, Sarah
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
I know. The things I do for your brother.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
I didn't. I begged.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
What can I do?
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
Well, I do.
Sarah Taylor 03/04/19 Too late.
I already put nair in his shampoo.
xo, Sarah
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
Have I mentioned how much I appreciate you?
Sarah Taylor 03/04/19 He's on your case?
We will have a chat, then.
Wish me luck, pretty girl.
xo, Sarah
Sarah Taylor 03/04/19 Grinning, quietly singing some little song to herself, Sarah puts pen to paper.

I'm going to hold you to that.
Picnic into your new place?
Mine has the keys.
xo, Sarah
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
You could just talk to him.
You might be surprised.

Is that singing?
Why is she singing?
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire

I don't know what to do.
He's trying. He's waiting.
He is being so patient, and he's just drowning.
Sarah Taylor 03/04/19 One day is so far away.
I will do my best.
You are so perfect.
Can I keep you?
xo, Sarah
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
After you give him two minutes of your time.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
And when he asks about Sarah?
You know what.
Fine. I'll tell him about Sarah.
Sarah Taylor 03/04/19 They're horrible.
Are we truly running away?
Just us?
xo, Sarah
PS Anything.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
I can't lie to him.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
How am I supposed to explain you being out at night?
We had a deal.
And maybe. But I know hers.
That's not it.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
We were talking about you. And Jasper.
And you should know we are great fun.
That’s not a friend smile.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
We aren’t talking about me.
Could you at least say hello to him? Something?
And what’s going on with you and Sarah?
You’re very... smiley.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
Please don’t do this to me.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
I see what you did there.
It’s a no from me.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
Dinner Wednesday. You, me, your brother.
Don’t know what to do with Sarah. Ideas?
Sarah Taylor 03/04/19 Walking out for breakfast, Sarah grins as she walks over to Claire. Hugging the girl is second nature, but... a kiss is placed to her cheek, “X.” A soft squeeze, “O.”

Releasing her, she is all smiles as she makes way for coffee.
Sarah Taylor 03/03/19 Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
These flowers are pretty
And so are you!
xo Sarah
Sarah Taylor 03/02/19 You are amazing.
xo, Sarah
Sarah Taylor 03/01/19
Sarah Taylor 03/01/19 Upon waking up, the first thing she would see is Claire. A sleepy smile crosses her features, and she remains for just a moment before carefully climbing out of the bed so as not to disturb her. It takes two seconds to find a pen and paper, a note scrawled and left on the pillow beside the girl before she sneaks out.

Good morning, sunshine. xo
Gray Taylor 02/28/19 Claire
Have fun.
Sarah Taylor 02/27/19 Sarah would love to be anywhere but here, right now. This isn't home. Not right now. Anywhere that Gray is, is far from home. So, with nothing to carry, she can only nod and walk out with the strange girl. However, on the way out, an arm would extend with a closed fist. A single finger would raise, aimed right at her brother. This is as polite as she can possibly manage to be for the time being.

Once outside the apartment, Sarah takes Claire's arm and heads straight for the elevator. There are some habits that would die hard, and this is one of them. "Come, lets go get some drinks and complain about our terrible brothers."

Within seconds, they are descending, and Sarah is thirsty.
Sarah Taylor 02/27/19 Sarah takes her time in the shower, scrubbing off the filth of death and feeling as if she is failing miserably. It feels like only a minute, but in reality, it is far longer. When she finally emerges, wrapped in a towel and without a care of what the strange inhabitant might think, she leaves watery footsteps in her wake as she makes the trip to her bedroom.

What is within it, seemingly waiting, is a surprising. Her steps slow as she crosses the threshold, sights landing on the demure girl as she nearly sends the framed photo to it's death. Sarah only watches, staring at her with a nervous gaze as she clutches the frame. Claire. Her name is Claire, and she is trying very hard.

She listens.

"Sarah," she murmurs, voice hoarse. Only then would she close the door behind her, sealing off the outside world - and more importantly, her brother. There is little thought as she crosses the room, setting to work at grabbing at fresh clothing and noticing how decidedly neat everything is. It brings her to pause as she plucks one article after another from her drawers, though it doesn't last long.

"We have something in common." Sarah is a proud young woman, lacking in a great many things. Decency is one of them, and when someone has seen you dead, there are few things that could really be that surprising. This is what brings her to dress right there in the room. It is only once she is dressed that Sarah would face her once more.

"I'd love to."

With that, she twirls her finger in the air, just as Claire had. The only difference is the faint hint of a smile on her lips.
Gray Taylor 02/27/19 Claire
There wasn't a question from him.
He declared it. Remember, he has a key.
Just offer her a drink. She loves those.
Gray Taylor 02/27/19 Claire
Jasper is coming here. Now.
Bought some time.
Get Sarah out of here.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 F-ck me, he was right.
You're just like your mother.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Already making me proud.
Look at you go.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 ...Do you want to try it?
Please remember the part where five is not legal.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 A Manhattan. Best drink there is.
Legal age is questionable, I suppose.
You don’t want to be drunk. Drinking is bad.
And you’re wlecome.
Thank you for being... very mature.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 It’s not the alcohol. It’s the drink.
Are you old enough to drink?
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 That’s not how this works.
And I’m not drunk.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 You’re five. Get a grip. Melodramatics don’t start until 12.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Sheltered as sin.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Why not? I made an offer you couldn’t refuse.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 You can call me The Godfather.
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