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Genesis's Biography
Lower Ranks: BM will be awarded for each attack stat you send..
Open to writing and Roleplays.
No one-liners please.
Please play to your rank.

Keep the ooc and head-game fvckery to a minimum please. Aint nobody got time for that! :P

Name: Genesis Alvarez
Species: Lycan
Age: 25
Hair:Dark Brown w/blonde highlights, slight curl, hanging to mid-back
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'
Weight: 105lbs
Orientation / Marital Status: Straight and Single
Current Occupation:'Independent contractor'
Past Occupation: Former U.S. Marine, Military Police Officer, E-5 rank. 2 tours in Afghanistan served. Brief time on Marksmanship Team.

Genesis was not born into a loving environment. Her father was unknown to her, her mother a bit of an overly promiscuous woman. However, Genesis was born a natural Lycan, like both her mother and father, and as such, she learned from birth how to control her abilities.

Genesis isn't much one for material things. A bit of a tom-boy, she prefers comfort and practicality over what's currently fashionable. She's right at home in a pair of jeans, cargo pants or shorts and a t-shirt.

Genesis is rather sullen in expression. A hard life has left her feeling older than her 25 years. But when she finds something that brings her joy, her smile is so radiant, it makes others around her want to smile as well, and her laugh is light and somewhat musical.

Though short in stature and slight in weight, Genesis is in peak physical condition. She carries herself proudly, and though short, she stands tall, never slouching, despite her 'leave me alone' facial expression.

She was not much one for socializing since the military, but has come to find a few people she has come to call friends.
Genesis was former military police. Women couldn't be scout snipers, but she was so spot on, she did receive the Crossed Rifles and spent a bit of time on the Marksmanship Team. It didn't count for much in a man's Corp, but in the private sector she was valuable.

It should be noted that Genesis will oft times resort to weapons, primarily guns, before shifting to Lycan forms.

Genesis has three primary forms:
Human: Slightly stronger than an average human, with highly enhanced senses.

Were/Crinos: Partially Wolf dominant minded. Genesis grows to nearly 6 1/2 feet tall, with added muscle and bulk bringing her to nearly 300lbs. Eyes hazel with a golden sheen. Highly enhanced senses, razor sharp maw of teeth, and slashing claws. Also has the ability to heal from wounds quicker in this form.

Wolf: Nearly completely wolf mind dominant. She stands at nearly 3 1/5 feet at the shoulders. Her fur being dark and soft, eyes golden.

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Dexter Gein
Templar Knight



Kiernan Tigra

Valentin Metzger

Livia Vlcek

Mercy Prescot


Sabina Fairchild

Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
Livia Vlcek 02/27/18 *runs by*
*throws a lime at Genesis' head*
*high knees*
*hauls ass away*
W_Kat 09/10/17 Congrats on PotD!
Kiernan Tigra 07/10/17 Kiernan looked a bit frustrated with himself, but he came up to tap Genesis gently on the shoulder. "Might be a day late but congrats on Profile of the day Gen! Not too often that we get our faces on the paper eh?" He said with a smile and a gentle nudge.
W_Kat 07/09/17 Congrats on PotD!
Livia Vlcek 02/17/17 *jumps and screams at the 'ahem'*
*turns slowly all the while keeping Genesis' journal behind her back*
*smiles nervously* Haaaaaiii...
*reeks of tequila* Shoot Addison? don't think that would be a good idea because then blood would get all over the carpet, and it's white and blood stains are just so hard to get out of white carpeting...*not really but rambles on* Addison doesn't seem to be the thieving kind...cut your chicken's head off and bleed it to death to call upon a loa or something maybe but thievery, nahhhhh.
*slips the book into the waist of her pants at the small of her back* Maybe Valentin took it.
Livia Vlcek 02/03/17 *sheeps* Thank you Genesis. It's odd to say the least.
*cants head* Oh, we'll get you there and sooner than it took me. You've worked hard, we just need to tweak your program...just a little bit.
*nods sagely*
Summer 01/19/17 "Thanks for the welcome, and...I had planned on it!" XD
Kiernan Tigra 12/20/16 Kiernan gaped at the poster for a moment before regaining his composure, coughing to clear his throat.

"I mean, you wouldn't need a wanted poster to do so I suppose." He smiled a bit. She was a marksman to boot anyways. Snickering himself, he shook his head. "Like hell it wouldn't hurt. I've seen you shoot before, not something I want to be on the receiving end of unless I can return the favour." Nudging her back with a wicked grin.
Dexter Gein 12/15/16 ~~Opens door with a huge smile. "WELCOME BACK"
Addison 03/06/16 Hit in the face by Genesis, falls back, seeing stars, pineapple and lil birdies. "Why are you SO MEAN!?"
Addison 03/06/16 "I'm back for now, wolf girl! I brought you sea shells, a dead squid and some dog treats from Cancun." She said, tossing the items at her crewmate with a snicker.
Mercy Prescot 02/19/16 *Drools like a fat kid seeing cake* "You know me so well." *wipes away a tear then grins like the devil* "Hey I hear they just put up a new court house down town...." *Nudges suggestively *
Mercy Prescot 02/19/16 *pounces and luffs on* Damn it woman! I missed you! Your the only one who's crazy matches mine. *Grins and offers her their ceremonial flask*
Mercy Prescot 02/05/16 A brow rose for a moment in contemplation but ultimately she had to decline the offer of Neeked men. "I'll get you all the men you desire...but making big things go boom seems a much nicer fit for us. Oh, speaking of..." She reached in her pocket and produced a small button. After she pressed it a huge explosion went off from not far away. With an impish grin Mercy looked to Gen, "I know nothing."
Mercy Prescot 02/04/16 Laughs and gently hip checks her friend, "You know if I'm gonna pay for a good time at least I should get some sort of action..." With a smirk she reaches in her boot and pulls out a much larger wad of cash. "Now this we could blow and get enough action for a week!"
Camille 02/01/16 *grins big*
These robes are a little heavy but, yanno.. I work out!
Camille 01/29/16 You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Genesis.
What am I supposed to do with this?!
John Doe 01/27/16 John Doe Fact #290: John Doe is so fast that the GPS speaks to him in the past tense.
Mercy Prescot 01/21/16 Mercy can't help but snicker and laugh out loud, "I think we both know heaven has never had a part in my background." In a quick motion she unclasps her arms and jolts forward to wrap her oldest and dearest friend in a giant bear hug. After a moment of affectionate squishing she lets go with a Cheshire like smile. " Besides I know the real way to your heart is tequila and things that go boom!"
Mercy Prescot 01/21/16 "Aren't you tired...cause give been running through my mind all night." She grinned wide and impishly as she stood cross armed beside her friend.
Addison 01/01/16
~Leaves a picnic basket full of single serving sizes of creole crawfish, gumbo, collard greens with ham, black eyed peas, fried corn bread and peach cobbler. The note attached states:~
'A holiday meal tradition from my home city of New Orleans. We southerners believe a meal including black eyed peas and collard greens are for good fortune for the New Year. Hope you enjoy! Addison' P.S. There's a squeaky toy in the bottom of the basket for you wolf-girl. :P .

Dexter Gein 12/25/15 Steps outside his door and notices a gift. "I wonder who could have left me a gift." Sniffs the air. "Gen, her scent still lingers"
Valentin Metzger 12/17/15 -lifts a thick brow and appraises the young woman, Genesis- Danke Fraulein..
-pulls a beanie over his mohawk- I prefer to avoid the spotlight.. for no particular reason.
-gives two thumbs up and a wink-
Mercy Prescot 12/16/15 "Merry festivous!" Mercy, a bit intoxicated and dressed Ina Santa hat said with a grin. "Here! For you...may lights not be the only thing lit this holiday!" With a grin she hands over a bottle of special brewed egg nog. "Trust me it'll put anyone in a jolly mood." With a tip of her hat she strode out of sight yelling....Merry Christmas to all and to all a drunk night!
Dexter Gein 12/03/15 You sneaky little thief.
Sabina Fairchild 11/30/15 This was going to be an interesting night ”Between Dex, you and Addison, I am feeling at home all ready. As for that drink, lets kill that bottle.” Sabina begins to work on the cork upon the bottle of Tequila. Once the cork was cleared, she stuffs it in her pocket to save. Glancing to both, she brings the bottle to her lips ”I hope you don’t mind?” She takes a drink from the bottle. The liquor washed over her tongue and down her throat, burning at first, but it was that good burn that was going down. Clearing her throat ”MMM… Good stuff. Whose next?” Sabina extends the bottle out towards Genesis and Addison.
Sabina Fairchild 11/30/15 Sabina takes the bottle of Tequila while smiling ”Thank you. My name is Sabina and I hope that you will help me polish off this very nice bottle of Tequila. Pausing for a moment she spoke up again ”And I promise that I won’t be entering your room without permission.”,
Camille 11/18/15 *taps her chin* Genesis! ... Gen? Genny?! Look... I've got a bottle of Johnnie black and it's got our names written all over it... *grins and nudges* whatd'ya say?!
Mercy Prescot 11/06/15 "Where I've been I had no choice but to go. It doesn't matter now though. What matters is I'm back. And...I'm very thirsty." She let her lips curl into a wicked yet impish smile before holding her arms outstretched. Stepping forward she wrapped Genesis in a rather large hug before letting go. "I missed ya. How's about we wet out whistle and catch up?"
Mercy Prescot 11/05/15 A cool breeze rustled the leaves and swirled them in a funnel patter along the ground. Shadows gathered and danced in rejoice at the impending arrival. Then there was an odd stillness before a familiar figure stepped from the darkness. "Miss me?"
Camille 10/02/15 *happily snatches the goods and nods*
*pulls a flower from her hair and shoves it up your nose*
Yes! Don't you just love them?
Nicolai Mihaylov 09/29/15 *shrugs sheepishly*

"What can I say, your pockets looked full of goodies, I couldn't resist!"
Camille 09/14/15 Hey! There's a reason for that... I already bought all of the liquor. And probably half of a fireworks factory as well...
*grins big*
So, you wanna blow stuff up, you say?!!?
Valentin Metzger 07/25/15 -limps by-
-shoulder checks-
-whistles a tune and carries on-
Lisbeth Salander 07/13/15 You are quite welcome. It gave me a good chuckle and kept me entertained! Thank you for writing wonderful stories!
Mordred 07/07/15 Congrats on the POTD.
Mercy Prescot 05/01/15 *Grin wickedly* You know your timing is impeccable! *Struts out of the cell* I was here on purpose though...setting up explosives...and stuff. *shifty eyes...innocent grin*
Mercy Prescot 04/26/15 Now more then ever she needed her best friend. Though she wasn't really all that sure how to reach out. So she simply showed up with both hands filled with liquor bottles and bags under her eyes. "So, uh...Jakes dead."
Mercy Prescot 04/16/15 *Throws head back and laughs* You realize who your talking to right. I now over innocents for fun...sometimes. *c0vks head at given morals then grins* Gen, I'm not sure my morals are quite up to par with everyone else's. You realize I'll be the one encouraging the shady sh!t...then joining you! *shoves keys in her pocket and motions to the liquor* Let's get this party started! Oh, just don't let them think I died again...that's kinda a b!tch.
Mercy Prescot 04/16/15 Oh that damn dog! Well, I'll find him eventually and when I do...*smirks sinister like and rubs hands together menacingly* Hey I'm not a reaper for nothing! *smug grin* But yes, let's get completely sh!t faced, I'll let you in on a few of Jakes and mine escapades...not all mind you, a girls gotta have some secrets. *winks*
Mercy Prescot 04/16/15 *raises a curious brow before offering a look of compassion* Ok where is he? You realize I have to kill him now right...*Wraps an arm around her friend* Wanna go blow something up?
Mercy Prescot 04/11/15 OOOO front page is looking extra smexy today *hugs and whistles*
Mercy Prescot 03/20/15 *pounces and loves on* Hey Stranger!!!
Mercy Prescot 02/17/15 You know if you were gonna search my pockets you could have at lest made it more fun for me. *Grins impishly as she folds her arms over her chest.* And lest ye forget, drinks are on me every night...I own a bar *laughs* Well stranger since your here and have a wad of my money, wanna celebrate with something hot and exploding?
Mercy Prescot 01/29/15 Aww party pooper! *pouts* I've been sober a week...a whole f*cking week! This is torture for me. *grumbles* But blowing things up could be fun too.
Mercy Prescot 01/29/15 *Pounces* Hiya!!!! *hugs and grins* So...when are we celebrating me not being dead and all. It's almost been a week without a drink...I'm dying here. Sobriety sucks!
Mercy Prescot 01/25/15 Despite having a nasty hangover and being a bit dirty, Mercy didn't mind when her best friend tackled her. Instead she wrapped her arms around her and comforted her as much as she knew how. "Come on, you should know by now I'm hard to keep away for long. I just happen to be in an alcoholic comma a bit longer then I intended."
Dr Van Helsing 12/28/14 I met Eliza Dushku at the Nashville ComicCon in September. Love the pics you chose for your bio.
Sprew 12/13/14 @-_-@
Mordred 07/22/14 Again ;D? You are not going to stop until you finally steal money from me are you?
Caitlyn Darrow 06/16/14 Welcome to the realm! Let me know if you need anything.
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