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Alyxandria Day
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Born: October 06, 2013 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 8
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OOC- Do not attack me online stealing is fine. I'm always up for an RP, so send a starter and I'll get back to you.

Alyxandria Day's Biography
(Bio under construction) Monsters and ghosts are real, they live inside of us, and sometimes they win. Not all are grotesque and hide in the dark, some walk in the sun and have the face of an angel... Alyxandria Day She fell, the wind rushing past her as the ground grew closer, but that is not where she was to land, oh no, the sin she had comitted deemed that she fall into Hell. Name: Alyxandria Annalizabeth Day (Anna) Age by Appearance: Looks about 20 Actual Age: Unknown but believed to date back to before the Archangels Eye Color: Electric blue and highly expressive Hair Color/length: Fire red and flows to her waist in soft waves Height: 5'2" Relationship: Has Found the Love of Her Life Return to Me Salvation... Salvation... what a funny word, how strange it now sounded to her. The last time she had asked for salvation it had been denied to her. They had looked into her face and then turned their backs. They ripped her wings away and stole her grace. They locked her out of Heaven and sent her straight into Hell. Bittersweet Memories... Cold hard concrete, the cold so intense that it burns. She sits up, her face covered in a fine layer of dirt and grime as she looks around her. The only streetlights are burned out, or rather; destroyed, with pieces lying about below them. She frowns and casts a weary look around. The night is silent and she represses a shiver. She could recall almost nothing of how she had come to be here, everything was closed off to her. It was like the after image of a camera flash, only there for a second before it was gone. "Revenge is bittersweet, more blood on my hands, making its perminate home, more death that I must face with each passing dawn. But I can overlook the blood and shut out the dawn. Revenge is a game, and I play that game very well..." Broken Homes and Broken Dreams
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lacigam 03/30/14 Oh I want one of those! I love the new hellhound! I hope it keeps the predators away from you now!
lacigam 03/24/14 Oh now I like that DP! and your profile looks amazing now too. I love it and well you know! :)
Faia Shiria 03/14/14
lacigam 03/12/14 love your new DP and so much more!
vamp_goku 02/24/14 You managed to break out Alyxandria Day.
lacigam 02/23/14 AWW thx! love :) Good to see you! Happy your back!
lacigam 02/23/14 Hey there! hoping your back soon! been missing you! :)
lacigam 02/05/14 Love the changes!
lacigam 12/28/13 Love your beautiful profile, so far its amazing as are you!
Kenny R 12/01/13 Congratulations Lady :)
lacigam 11/01/13 Thank you for the warm welcome my lady! :)
Adara Litvinova 10/15/13 Thank you very much for the welcome.
Selina Kyle 10/08/13 Welcome to the realm my name is Selena Kyle if you should need anything please feel free to let me know. I am always here to help and lend a helping paw.I hope you have a purrrfect time in the realm.
Kenny R 10/06/13 Welcome, on behalf of those of us that do not quite fit in.. * grins* If i can be of help let me know..
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