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I like pointy things.
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RealmHold my beer..
Created by Iodine Violet
Iodine Violet 09/02/18 Cade the bringer of typos

I am not a garden tool. I'm a ho. I'm deceased. DECEASED.
Iodine Violet 09/02/18 Cadelicious

He's the nuggest? So I can smoke him?
Iodine Violet 09/01/18 Cade the Seducer

I see you girl.. it's dirty. I love it. If my doggo gets ticks though, I'm gonna make your hedgehog a nugget.
Iodine Violet 09/01/18 CADE!

*full run towards Wendy's*
*orders a dozen baconators.. and some chili.. and some f-cking chicken nuggets*
Cade, girl, hedgehogs eat chicken nuggets right?
*orders some fries just in case*
Iodine Violet 09/01/18 Cade the parasitic host

Girl.. I'll just dump gasoline on you and light you on fire then. -.- Don't be hurtful. I SAVED YOUR NEW HEDGEHOG. I'M GOOD AT TAKING CARE OF THINGS! Like Babbo.. How's Babbo by the way? >_> Does he need baconators too? You are watching him, right? =_=
Iodine Violet 09/01/18 Cade the smooth talker

Do not think for one second that I am going to pull ticks out of your body because I love you. I refuse. I will get you baconators but I draw the line at parasites that drink blood. *oh wait* F-ck.
Iodine Violet 09/01/18 Cade the trash talker needer of food

I'm shook girl. I'm shook. I DIDN'T STEP ON IT ON PURPOSE. And now you want me to bring you food? No. You don't get baconators, traitor. *is hungry too* F-CK. Fine. I'll bring you baconators.
Iodine Violet 09/01/18 Cade the Hedgehog Sympathizer

You and the hedgehog were the only ones that knew what I did! >_>
Jeremiah Jones 08/31/18 Hydrogen
It's sleeping on your pillow? Cade, you do know that those things sometimes have alot of ticks right? Man, I'm gonna pull a few bong hits and then I'll be over. Gotta admit, I'm totally skeeved right now.
Iodine Violet 08/30/18 Cade the Hedgehog Sympathizer

Iodine Violet 08/29/18 *rips the bag from Cade's hand and starts to roll a blunt right then and there* Yuh, you hold the f-cking thing while I recover from my heart attack. Sweet talk it too. Not that it tried to commit suicide by walking under me.
*mumbles incoherent profanities* I'm fine by the way.
*over dramatic? maybe*
Jeremiah Jones 08/29/18 Hydrogen

The hedgehog, man. Isotope called me freaking the **** out. I told her to give it CPR. Hope it didn't have rabies, now that I think about it. My bad.
Jeremiah Jones 08/29/18 Hydrogen

So did it die?
W_Kat 08/26/18 Congrats on PotD!
Iodine Violet 08/26/18 Cade the Curious

I can't even.. Why do you want to see a stepped on hedgehog?! THE F-CK IS WRONG WITH YOU!

*sobs as she continues cpr but stops to text*

Just bring weed! I have a feeling Noah isn't the only thing that I've killed in my life.

*sees a small paw paddle*

OH GOD.. IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE! Still bring weed. This was a buzz kill.
Iodine Violet 08/26/18 Cade the Cruel

Iodine Violet 08/26/18 Cadelicious a.k.a the Inquisitory

I'm a girl with many talents. I just don't pay attention to my surroundings. But you should know that by now.. sharks, Angel Falls, Belharra.. should I go on? Ha ha ha ha. Oh sh-t. I think I just stepped on a hedgehog. :(
Iodine Violet 08/26/18 Cadelicious a.k.a Criminal

You being innocent is like me not smoking. That situation doesn't exist. :P As far as the Cello goes, it's in a house but f-ck if I know which. These guys at a pub pointed me in the wrong direction.. on purpose. The numbers matched but the streets didn't. And f-ck if I know where I walked. Lol! Godfather OG has me f-cked up.
Iodine Violet 08/26/18 *pulls a flier from a lamp post*


Girl.. what the f-ck did you do?

*glances around*

Your face is all over the place.
Iodine Violet 08/25/18 Cadelicious

Oh.. it was for a co-principal Cellist in the London Philharmonic. They're going to kill me. :(

And I'm not sure.. I smoked a blunt before leaving my hotel.
Iodine Violet 08/25/18 Cadelicious

You think the fam would be okay if I lost one of their creations on a delivery? I might have lost a Cello. I don't know why they keep sending my stoner ass to deliver these instruments to other cities and countries..
Iodine Violet 08/17/18 *takes a long inhale* You mean, that we should have been musicians and singers?
*holds it until Cade says papa*
*chokes and coughs* God no! You f-cking crazy? The last thing we need is your papa rolling into the shop.
*passes to Cade* Mainly because it's too close to our homes and f-ck, girl, your papa don't need to know what I'm doing and reporting back to Zia who then tells my mamma who goes to my papa.
*stomach gurgles* Got me all stressed and sh-t.
Iodine Violet 08/16/18 *laughs* Dirty girl..
*thinks* Most people that aren't doing illegal sh-t?
*may use an alias but it's because she's creeping through 'different' crowds and doesn't want particular 'people' to know her real name* I mean, I don't tell people my name is Aria because it's sort of like, snotty sounding and yuh.. Iodine is just better.
*hands over the bag of chips and pulls a joint from behind her ear* Miah sounds like it's short for some ultra religious name.
*lights the j* You sure he's cool?
Kristoffer Forseti 08/12/18 A hearty laugh erupted from the male's chest. She thought he had a classroom? That he just stood there and gave lectures? "Oh, heavens, this isn't like public school. No, this is hands on hunting and ecological investigations. The best place to learn is in the field."

The next question caught him slightly off guard. There were so many different kinds of demons, it was hard to tell. "Well, what kind? Nordic? Wiccan? Christian Mytho? Arcadian?"
Iodine Violet 08/09/18 *arches a brow* This guy must be f-cking amazing looking if you're this chill and saying he's smart.
*laughs* Okay, he's your responsibility. And if he's that hot, maybe he'll draw in more business.
*totally curious now* So what's his name?
Iodine Violet 08/09/18 *whines quietly about the man not being a vampire*
*Cade probably prefers dude isn't a vampire*
*grabs a few chips* It's all good. And a plus that he smokes. F-ck yes!
*not that she smokes when she works* It's gonna be a pain training the guy on sanitation procedures though.
*shoves chips in her mouth*
Iodine Violet 08/07/18 *does as she's told but not before grabbing a bag of chips from the counter*
*eyes the bag of cookies*
*practically throws herself into a chair* So! Tell me! Is he a vampire?!
*gets excited at the prospect* Please please let him be a vampire!
Kristoffer Forseti 07/30/18 Kris was tempted to show her why they were so deadly but he had to keep some secrets. This woman was still just a stranger. While she hadn't given him a reason to doubt her yet, many hunters took a while longer to show their true colors. Creatures were easy to read. Humans? Not so much.

"Yes, in a sense. I've dealt with beasts and entities of all sorts in my time so I pass on my knowledge to the next generation. I won't be around forever, you know." The male let out a hearty laugh at the sentiment. Forever was a long time. hopefully he wouldn't end up being around for so long. "It's not boring at all. I get to beat people up and study monsters to pass on my wisdom."
Iodine Violet 07/30/18 Cadelicious

Good to know! So I don't freak out and tell Babbo to attack him or anything! Poor guy about to get mauled and sh-t! Slightly good looking? WTF does that mean?! Omfg. He's hot isn't he? That's code for he's hot. If I could narrow my eyes at you right now, I would. Oh wait..

*walks her happy ass over to Cade's, doesn't knock, just walks in and narrows eyes*
I want details.......
Jeremiah Jones 07/30/18 "Noon sounds great!" Totally stoked. He can sleep in and maybe smoke some grape ape before 'work'. "Nah, I'm good dude. I got a great sense of direction, even high." He laughs because it's true. His superiors might not be impressed with this knowledge. "Thanks again Cade!"
Jeremiah Jones 07/29/18 A smile appears and he offers Cade his hand. "Thanks Cade, like, you're really helping me out by doing this." His bank account would beg to differ. "I promise I won't disappoint you." He probably shouldn't make promises he couldn't keep. "You think your friend will be cool with me? I mean, I smoke alot. But I work hard." That might be the first truth he's told. "What time should I come down?"
Jeremiah Jones 07/29/18 "Yeah man, it's nice to meet you too. Ha ha." He laughs at her salute. "I mean, it would be cool to learn how, like, that would be cool yeah." His hand rubs at his chin, he doesn't remember what day it is. "When would be good for you and Isotope?" That's what her friend's name was, wasn't it? No. Wait. His brows bunch, blue eyes squinting. Concentrate Miah. "I mean, ha ha, Iodine. I mean, you're Cade and your friend Iodine."
Jeremiah Jones 07/29/18 He laughs along with her, not really sure why but it seems the right thing to do. "Cade's a cool name. I'm Miah." How does a chemical element as a name suit someone? He watches her for a moment. "Portfolio? Not sure if I have any photos of me sweeping or cleaning." He runs his hands over his head. "Is that a thing? I mean, I could get someone to take some I guess."
Jeremiah Jones 07/29/18 "Heyyy there." He's high af. Too high if the locals are walking around with spiked bats. "Thanks man." Accepts the card and stares at it. Like he has something to say but can't quite remember. Oh yeah. "Are you hiring? Your girl Iodine? What the **** kind of name is Iodine?" His voice is quiet, he's totally chill. Blunt. He laughs at himself. "Is your name Hydrogen?"
Iodine Violet 07/27/18 Cadelicious
Our parents suck at this.. you get an accountant. I get some freak.
*smiles as the man continues on about his kinks*
And me calling him a freak.. you know it's bad because I'm into all sorts of sh-t!
Thank youuuuuuuuuu. I love you!
Iodine Violet 07/27/18 My Savior
11 Madison Park. E 24th St between Madison and Park Ave.
*smiles nervously at her date*
Tell me why I let our parents set me up on blind dates..
Iodine Violet 07/27/18 Cadelicious
Girl.. you sure that isn't a dude that just smoked a bunch of bath salts?
*squints at the video*
I don't think I need Mr. Pointy here yet..
*looks to her date.. continues to text*
Okay.. he just started talking about watersports.. I need you girl. I need Mr. Pointy. 911!
Iodine Violet 07/27/18 Cadelicious
On a date.. save me.
Iodine Violet 07/24/18 Just drifting a boosted car through the streets of NYC while pulling bong hits AFTER an illegal jump. Nothing to see here..

"Vanilla?" Iodine frowns as she relinquishes the wheel to accept the bong. "So Mr. Accountant was 'French' Vanilla." With a snort and a flick of the lighter, she's taking another hit from the pipe when she realizes they're at the bar. "Sh-t.. stop!" The car screeches to a halt at her request. Good ol' Cade and those insane reflexes.

Now to address this whole list thing that Cade does. Seriously, it's weird. She loves her home girl but this sh-t needs to stop. "Girl.. you made another list?" The small bong finds it's way into the rear seat of the stolen car. She swings the door open, exits in a cloud of smoke like some pot fueled magician and gives knew meaning to Harry Potter. "Just film the sh-t already. And for the list making, you're buying the first drink."
Anyssa 07/24/18 *smile deviously at her*
" I know I am."
* Nessa then raises her brow as she continued her smile*
" My Leader El dont call me Party Girl for nothin now"
Kristoffer Forseti 07/23/18 Just from their short correspondence Kristoffer had already learned a great deal of the woman. So simple, yet so interesting all at once. If he didn't know any better, he'd have thought his brother was reincarnated as the woman before him! The thought brought a bright, toothy grin to his face.

"A pointy bat, huh? Interesting. I usually stick with these puppies." Two large fists were raised infront of him revealing countless scars and blemishes of past scuffles. If the woman wasn't a complete stranger, he probably would have shown what really makes them special. In the future, maybe he will. "Of course, some beasties need a little extra something to kill. If you are taking up jobs around here you will definitely be seeing more of me and my pupils."
Iodine Violet 07/23/18 "You should have asked if he was down.. " More laughter, the bong is shoved into Cade's face and exchanged for control of the steering wheel. "Was it one of those aluminum swan places?"

The two girls are not hurting for money. They come from wealthy families, even if the wealth is ill gotten and they're personalities are a bit rough around the edges. Iodine simply works because she loves tattooing. "Details b-tch.. I want all the details." She's being absolutely serious. These two share everything. They live right next to one another. Have keys to each other's apartments. It's not unusual for one to just wander in without any advanced warning to borrow something. Regardless if the other has 'company'. They even work together. "We need to take a left.. hit the gas so I can make this turn."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/23/18 Good The Realm needs more friendly faces.
Anyssa 07/23/18 "Your welcome. You know if you soak them in some moonshine they are even better."
Nessa smiles at her
Kristoffer Forseti 07/23/18 Blue hues blinked incredulously. The woman was blatantly admitting to hunting. In the open. To a stranger. Either she was joking, the most unlikely, arrogant or oblivious to the way of the world around her. As a mentor to hunters, his papa bear mechanism began to kick in.

"Uh, if you do hunt demons and sh!t, you should profile your company before making such remarks. If I were a beasty,well, this would have gotten real awkward, real fast." The man munched on yet another dorito before speaking again. "Luckily, I am a hunter, too."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/23/18 Welcome.
Iodine Violet 07/23/18 "He spoke about taxes?" Iodine pulls a small water pipe from the back seat and puts flame to the pre-packed bowl. She's a smart cookie this one. Taking a long pull, she holds it in for few seconds before exhaling at Cade. "Did you put a ball gag on him? Christ. I would have."

Laughter, loud and unapologetic escapes her, she slumps further down in the seat. "Did he at least take you to dinner? You bring me home a doggy bag?" Her finger points to the right, hand gripping her lighter before she rips from bong. "Was he worth the time and trouble? Or you gonna call the cutie later?"
Anyssa 07/23/18 *Nessa had been gone for a couple of days so she thought she would catch up on those who are new to the realm.*

"Hello my name is Anyssa and on behalf of Valar Morghulis I would like to welcome you to the realm. If you should need anything please feel free to come to me."
Devin Landry 07/23/18 Welcome.
Kristoffer Forseti 07/22/18 -gives a big, toothy grin-
"The name's Kristoffer. Glad to make your acquaintance. "
-gives a nod in greeting-
"I am a resident snack addict so if you ever get a hankering, I always got something on me."
Iodine Violet 07/22/18 "I know you do." Iodine laughs quietly at Cade's love of pointy things. "It's why I always buy you pointy things for Christmas." She nods as the parachute she holds finds the trunk of the car. "Girl, like 20 of them, all the same sh-t too. Sigma delta tau. The letters. You were better off on that date." The trunk closes with a thud and Iodine tosses the keys to Cade. "You drive. I'll point where we need to go between bong hits." She stops suddenly. "Yuh, how did that date go? Was it the cutie with the blond hair or that gorgeous one with the bod to die for?"
Iodine Violet 07/22/18 "I can't make any promises." She bites her lower lip out of habit, generally when thought processing sh-t out. "But that's why you carry the big bat with the pointy things." It was true. Cadence and Iodine have a working relationship when they weren't being best friends. "I saw this dive on my way to work yesterday. It has potential.. " For drugs. For men. For cheap drinks. Vampires. Adrenaline situations. "You down? I made a fat stack tattooing some sorority girls last night. Tramp stamps allllllllllllll night. You would have been proud at the restraint I showed."
Kristoffer Forseti 07/22/18 "Welcome to the Realm? Care for some gummy worms?"
-offers a bag-
-munches on a dorito-
Iodine Violet 07/22/18 Iodine corrects her. "He was a hot slimeball.. you're welcome!" Her eyes shift to study the environment. "You didn't happen to film that did you?" More laughter, Iodine is rolling her parachute up as quickly as possible. "It's awright girl. I owe you one. Wanna grab a beer? Myyyyyy treat."
Iodine Violet 07/22/18 Laughter explodes past her lips. "Okay, so that one time I did use the bathroom but that was because there was a hot guy that wanted to show me something.. in private." Iodine's eyes train on Cade's phone, the screen, her beer being chugged, the jump.. Her beer being chugged? "You're the worst. Absolute worst." Dark eyes find Cadence's face. "Any cops see?"
Iodine Violet 07/22/18 "I said, 'Hold my beer..'. What did you think I was going to do?" Iodine's eyes crease with her smile. "I woulda thought by now when I said that it wasn't because I was running off to use the bathroom." The petite woman looks around. "So uh, where's my beer?" A nudge to Cadence's ribs. "Just kidding! Did you film the jump?"
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