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Female Witch Seeking Beefcake:
Offering Generous Compensation
Send Mail Reply To The Manor
Attn: Silent As The Grave
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Born: November 02, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 1
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Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 50
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 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes

Mona Marie's Biography
*Date of Origin: March 12, 2008*

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Mortal ThoughtsThe Real World and Face Claims
Created by Camille Hammond
Isis Dracul 01/06/18 Without opening her eyes she could smell the scent of sex,drugs and rock and roll.  A smile crept across her face . She must have had a good night. Not that she remembered much . It was pretty much a blur. Stretching her arms over her head she hit a firm form. Lowering her arms and opening her eyes, she sat up.  It had been one hell of a night. Bodies and booze bottles were everywhere.  Looking down at herself she saw she wore a leather biker vest with the initials M.C. and then the , she assumed, nickname "Bandit" underneath and a pair of black thong underwear. Dressing should probably be her first priority.

After shimmying into her jeans she began looking for her top. Where had she lost that darn thing? Giving up she grabbed a blue and black flannel one of the passed out bodies were using as a pillow. Taking off the vest she saw the clubs name "Moonshine Outlaws". Again she smiled. She would have to remember to look them up again.  Looking down to tie the tails of the oversized flannel she spied a pack of smokes in the pocket. Perfect she thought placing one in her mouth.  As she felt her own pockets for a lighter or book of matches she found she had a cell phone. Yet another stroke of luck. She needed to check her mail for a reply from her friend.

Finding Mona's response thrilled her. Now she just hoped she remembered the scarlot spitfire's number so she could reach her instantly.  She hit the digits then sent this text.

Sorry for my delay. Oz was a bust, the poppies weren't blooming. Did find some outlaws in Woodstock.  Wished you were there. Looks like a fire got started and  I cant blame the greeks this time. Several kisses may aid in my healing. See you there soon.

Now all she had to do was pack and catch a flight out. After she found her shoes.
Miryam 01/05/18 *laughs with bits of gore exposing rotting flesh*

"Please Darling who needs rum when Chaos provides me with the blood of my foes?"

*Peers into the empty cup.*

"Guess I'll look elsewhere for the ranking Kool-aid then. Do take care and watch your back."
Miryam 01/04/18 *Stops*

*Stairs at*

*Holds out an empty 24oz cup with straw.*

"Have yew seen the kool-aid lovely?"
Isis Dracul 01/02/18 Isis sat at a table sipping a cup of tea as she watched her city come to life. She would need to get to know the occupants again. It had been a LONG time. Things had changed. Or had they?

She glanced at the man sitting at the table adjacent to hers. Not the man really but the paper he read. An ad had caught her eye.

"Female Witch Seeking Beefcake: Offering a generous compensation. Send mail response to the Manor Attn: Silent As The Grave"

A hint of a smile began to curl the edges of her lips. This couldnt possibly be from the witch she longed to see. She wanted her soul sister to see her how much she'd grown.

She placed a 20 on the table and moved to the an open computer in the cyber cafe. Sitting at the screen she typed in the witch's email and typed her message to the red headed vixen.

"As a concerned "Vamp" I question your choice in seeking "Beefcakes". I, personally, have found "Flyboys" to be very entertaining with the added bonus of knowing how to ride you home."

Sending the email and shutting down her computer Isis almost couldn't contain her excitement at all the havoc she and Mona could create.
Sheridan J Mayfair 01/01/18 -Sheridan walks up to Mona.- I heard them Mona . They said her name. Shes around and not as a spirit. Tell me you talked to her and seen her. -He looks at her waiting for her answer. This was not his mind playing tricks on him. He knew what he heard.-
Caera Marie 12/30/17 "Hardly. I was simply making sure he was okay. None of my business really. I was simply trying to be a concerned friend. I'm site he is but one can never be too careful." She glances her at watch. "Now if you'll excuse me I have a flight to catch. I'm needed elsewhere with others who are less condescending. Take care of yourself. "
Caera Marie 12/30/17 She shakes het head. "That's not what I meant. He hasn't been around for a few days and I'm only trying to make sure he is okay. Friends are important to me and that is what he is. Can one not be concerned for a friend?"
Caera Marie 12/30/17 There was more than one male Mayfair cousin? That caught Caera by complete surprise. Keep your cool. The world doesn't need to know your emotions. She chided herself. Remaining quiet for a bit she contemplates her next words.

Finding a small part of her back bone, het voice was a little less of a whisper when she spoke again. "I'm referring to Sheridan. I know he had taken some time off from his duties with the department, but he doesn't quite seem himself. "

Not that she would know the real side of him. After all he barely tolerated her but he just didn't seem all there. It was almost as though a part of him was lost.
Caera Marie 12/30/17 Caera rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet, still skeptical about having sought the other red head out. Keeping her eyes downcast, she chewed on her bottom lip in a terribly nervous habit. It was best to keep all emotions in check and she could only hope by keeping her eyes downcast that she was hiding them from the other female.

Inhaling deeply, she spoke again, het voice never above a whisper. "Is everything okay with your cousin?" An odd question certainly and yet the small red head couldn't help herself. She wanted, no she needed to know the male Mayfair witch was at least still breathing and okay in his own way.
Caera Marie 12/30/17 Taking a deep breathe, Caera approaches the temptress. After their last encounter she was sure the other female would wave her away without a second glance but, this was important to Caera and that made the risk worth it for her. Clearing her throat she speaks barely above a whisper. "Excuse me. I don't meant to bother you but I had no one else who may know the answer to my question. "
vamp_goku 12/25/17 Marry X-Mas and happy holidays!
vamp_goku 12/21/17 This is how you prepare a Turkey. Yes!
Dimitri 12/10/17 As she heats up her hand and grabbed his finger he smiled. He was a Demon after all fire just makes him smile but he plays the part of being hurt. "Owww Owww Owww. Nope couldn't keep them off at all. After all why should I you are my friend."
Caera Marie 12/10/17 A single red brow raised upward as amber eyes look upon the woman. Crossing her arms over her chest she waited. "And just what is you and I possibly need to talk about? No offense meant but we don't come from the same kind of crowd so I'm sure we don't have much in common."
Dimitri 12/10/17 He walks up to his friend and pokes her repeatedly. "Hi."
Sheridan J Mayfair 11/03/17 "You know how the city works. She calls her own when needed from where ever we are. Besides New Orleans is home where else would I be or go? My life was and is here."
Sheridan J Mayfair 11/03/17 "So tell me did you miss me dear cousin? Have you been behaving yourself? More then likely knowing you not."
-Gabriel- 11/02/17 -Gabriel- arched an eyebrow at the new comer. "Welcome to the Realm, daughter of Endor." His stormy grey hues glanced into her eyes. He normally avoided the dark races unless he dealt out justice. But this Witch was different. He knew he would be keeping close tabs on her and if temptation knocked on his door. This would be the one for him. But he frowned at the thoughts racing through his brain. He growled at himself as he reminded himself of his angelic duties and that he was not like his brother who had taken a mate. "I will be watching you and if you need my protection. Find me and I wil assist you."
Ronan Boru 11/02/17 "yes I am s till here. I am not shocked at all to hear there are more old ones waking from the past. Should be fun to see who they are and what trouble they can get in to. Stay safe ." * He smiles as she walks off and shakes his head The Irish witch knew that if there was trouble out there Mona would find it.*
Ronan Boru 11/02/17 Welcome back Miss Mayfair. You are not the only Mayfair there are whispers of a possible return for on the winds and from the other side. If you need any thing feel free to find me.
Maito Jararaca 11/02/17 I would say welcome...but it seems to need a modification. So - Welcome back instead.
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