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What is it good for?
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Savannah McCarthy

Last five threads posted in:
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RealmLearning to Human
Created by Savannah McCarthy
Farren Seaver 09/01/20 Hullo. +ponders+ I don't think so? I'm a Farren. What are you?
Samael 09/01/20 Well, normally I would say no, but now I'm not so sure.
You know what. Maybe you are a flower.
Eden Kennedy 08/31/20 "Oh. Sorry. I guess it's nice to meet you Leaf Man-And-A-Half! That's a mouthful Would you mind if I just called you Leaf?"

As he drew in closer she shot him a sideways glance, he acted as though he'd never seen a phone before. She took a small step to the side to put some distance between them.

"Well, this is a phone You can look up directions, talk to other people, or look up things. That's how I figured out where the place you're trying to go is."

She stared. Eden couldn't tell whether the man was serious or not.

"No, humans can't fly on their own but if you go to the airport, buy a ticket, and get on the plane it will take you right to Rome. You might have a layover in Chicago though, the airport there is the worst."

Eden stopped before she started rambling again. She didn't know how to explain things to people!

"GPS, is an app on a phone, it give you the directions to the places you want to go."

Briahne Christiann 08/31/20 Yeah, that works.
Eden Kennedy 08/31/20 She gives him a strange look. How had he never heard of the Garden of Eden?

"Excuse you?"

She stares at him hard for a moment. Was he trying to insult her? She bit her tongue then plastered a smile across her face.

"Common, no. It's far better than being named something common like Elizabeth or Mary. To say the least, I'm fond of my name. I don't believe you gave yours though."

That was an after thought really. She looks at her phone and types a few buttons searching for the information he needs.

"So, we from where we are currently you have fly to Rome. It says here that it's located in Cornaro Chapel. You should be able to find that on your GPS when you get there."

Eden Kennedy 08/31/20 "Well, I'm sure you have, Garden of Eden and all that."
She gave a shrug before she took hand and gave it a light shake. She was confused bit confused.
"A a leaf man-a-what? That's... interesting."
Oh now a question she could answer.
"You'll have to go to Rome to see that, at least I believe that's where it's located."
She give an affirmative nod.
Samael 08/31/20 *nods solemnly*
It happens to the best of us.
Do you think it's amnesia, or did you just pop out of the ground like a daisy?
Calico 08/31/20 She looks at him with her cat like eyes "I be seeing ye a male " shakes hand then shakes her head
Kayla Holloway 08/31/20 Not a problem at all! Good luck and all that stuff!
Briahne Christiann 08/31/20 Blinks..."They're clothing, might want to try to get outfits put together soon."
Athena_Maximus 08/31/20 She smiled softly as she approached one of the newest members of the realm before eyeing him curiously. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before. You must be new here!” She flashed her bright smile and gently held out her hand to shake his. “Welcome to the Realm! I’m Athena! If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask.”
Eden Kennedy 08/31/20 Ah, well yes. This place is called the Realm. I'm Eden, if you should need any help don't hesitate to ask.
Samael 08/30/20 Typically, yeah. I guess people sometimes name themselves, though.
*scratches head*
You didn't happen to eat paint chips when you were a kid, did you?
Samael 08/30/20 *takes hand and gives a firm shake*
Leaf? Like Leif, the Viking? Or did you just have some hippie parents?
I'm Sam. My parents were not hippies.
Samael 08/30/20 *stifles a laugh*
You're not wrong. You want to see something really saucy, check out the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa statue in Rome. That'll blow your hair back.
It's like people forget they're born naked.
Samael 08/30/20 Yeah, doesn't make sense, does it.
I'd like for someone to tell me what exactly is wrong with some exposed man boobs.
Samael 08/30/20 Thanks! I think.
I'm glad I'm not the only one in the dark, here.
Savannah McCarthy 08/30/20 -laughs- I can definitely call you Leaf. Man and a Half sounds kind of odd.
Generally yes. There are places for it. But out in public, especially around the young humans, might cause some trouble.
Okay.. stay here. I'll be back super quick!
-runs off to the nearest men's clothing store-
-grabs some shirts, jeans, suits, underpants, and socks... that's all guys need, right? ehhh. It'd do him for now-
-books it tf out of there and back to Leaf-
-yes...she just stole everything. SHE DIDN'T HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY OKAY-
-shoves all the clothes into his chest when she reaches him-
There you go! I hope they fit.
We may not want to stick around here for much longer.
Savannah McCarthy 08/30/20
Oh good! Someone I can corrupt!
-cough-Er, Help. I totally meant help.
-looks him over and nods, trying not to look too long, but needed to guestimate his size. In clothing, that is.-
Um. Okay. Maybe you should not be out in the open like this..Do you have a name? I'm Savannah, but you can call me Sav. If you don't have a name that's cool. I'll just call you man and half.
-gestures to a...alley. Yes an alley. She didn't have much to work with here! Nothing weird about a naked man in an alley. Nothing at all.-
Kayla Holloway 08/30/20 Hello and welcome to the Realm!
Eden Kennedy 08/30/20 Hello! Welcome to the Realm!
Savannah McCarthy 08/30/20 Well, you're in luck! I have a pen and paper.
-takes a crumpled piece of paper from her back pocket and a pen she keeps in her purse and scribbles it down-
-hands it over...but notices the lack of clothes...As a former succubus, it takes her time to notice things such is nudity-
Oh..Another perdicament. You poor thing.
What size are you, hm? I can go fetch you some clothes. If you want them, that is. I'm not against public nudity.
Santa Diabla 08/30/20 *Smirks*
*points in direction*
"That would be in the market."
Calico 08/30/20 Cali tilts her head as the male jumps into the bush and chuckles "ye verily welcome" holding out a hand to him "I be Calico"
Ariadne 08/30/20 Hello and welcome to the Realm! If you have any questions just ask another elder or myself!
Silviana Balkan 08/29/20 Warm welcome
Briahne Christiann 08/29/20 Welcome to the Realm, back and enjoy. If you have questions, please ask them. They'll get answered one way or another.
Calico 08/29/20 Cali walked through the darkened streets as she saw some new person "welcome, to dis realm"
Savannah McCarthy 08/29/20 Welcome to the Realm!
Santa Diabla 08/29/20 Welcome to the realm! If you need help feel free to ask.
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