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Created by Aleksei Tarkovsky
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Created by Zeddicus Zorander
RealmReap What You Sow
Created by Aleksei Tarkovsky
Jessica Lorraine 06/13/18 “Well toll wise it’s sometimes...exhausting to say the least.”, Jessica said slightly frowning. “But um I am okay for now unless sometime crazy happened or I am unlucky.”, she said smiling. Jessica stood there and then an idea came as she pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down her phone number. She then extended it to Aleskei. “Here if you ever want to call me to chat or if you want to meet up or anything else I’m always good for an adventure.”, she said in a more cheerful voice trying to break the tone she set.
Artemis 06/13/18 Artemis tried her paltry thieving skills on some new person and the only thing she had liberated was a little black book. She glanced at her ill gotten gains and opened the little black book it contained a list of women some of their names,items taken and a positive or negative rating on a female's booty. Artie's temper flared and she was irate at the man. She smirked as she pinched his bottom. "Booty call! Next time give a girl fair warning!"
Violet Adler 06/13/18 *crosses arms haughtily*
I will have you know, there is nothing wrong with me. I DEFY you to find a food that I don’t like.
How do you even like pizza if you don’t like onions or peppers?!
This cuts out easily 47% of pizza.
I guess we can’t all be as perfect as me.
*hair flip*
Cirilla Renarde 06/13/18 [wrong number]

how's that new york hustle? when are you coming to visit me?
Quinn Abernathy 06/12/18 Great at home. Huh. You know. We don't have to talk about that. Los Angeles is fun. And New Orleans. And New York. There's a lot to do. Everything is different. But in LA, I had this pizza that was to die for. You ever been to LA?
EtaineNightBreed 06/12/18 Aleksei Tarkovsky just failed at stealing money from you! Etaine felt the light touch of someone checking her pockets on her skinny jeans. She drew the line at the inept try of an inexperienced thief. But the pat on her posterior really made her blood boil. "Thievery I can understand! But sampling my merchandise is another thing! If you need some help. I will render assistance. Just keep your happy hands to yourself or some other female who may enjoy it."
Camille Hammond 06/12/18 Camille's vibrant cornflower gaze watched intently as the strange mans fingers found the squishy body of the gummy bear and inspected suspiciously. The girl had taken to gently nibbling at her bottom lip in anticipation -- always eager for new friends to participate in her madness.
"If I felt like I had to produce such a spiel, we wouldn't be here." Cam stated, matter-of-factly. Her stare flickered from her palm to the crest of his mouth where he popped in the blue treat. Her grin peeled back into something toothy, and maybe even a little silly. "No worries. Your beautiful golden coif is in no danger. Just wait until you try the kool-aid."
Jessica Lorraine 06/12/18 “Oh thank you for the vote of confidence”, she said with a smile. Jessica then readjusted herself to a more comfortable stance. “Well I don’t really get out much because sometimes I have a slight chance of hurting others. I sometimes lose control of myself in very stressful situations. Because I am a very nocturnal person and like to stay up late at night.”, she said.
Violet Adler 06/12/18 *obviously pleased, flashing a bright smile*
It was definitely a set up for an argument, but you can relax. I only shame close-minded pineapple haters. Your invitation hinged on your answer. Good thing it was the right one.

Violet Adler 06/11/18 *considers carefully*
You know what? You look like a guy who likes some pineapple on his pizza.
*offers an only slightly mischievous smile*
Am I wrong?
Artemis 06/11/18 You are welcome. I am Artemis." She rarely sought out anyone these days but today was a bit better. She nodded at him. She turned and went her way disappearinginto the throng of people on the street.
Jessica Lorraine 06/11/18 “Well I try to be welcoming but most of the time I either come off as awkward or weird.”, Jessica says with a smile back. “That and also Aleskei I sometimes have a social ability of a chainsaw. Sadly I don’t get out much I am just really hyper.”, she said looking at the man.
Camille Hammond 06/11/18 Camille clicked her tongue softly against the roof of her mouth, fingers in her pockets drumming lightly upon the tops of her thighs. From her right pocket she'd withdraw her hand slowly, fingers unfolding to reveal her palm like a tray -- blue gummy bears scattered upon it. Flaxen waves fell gently off her shoulder as her head lolled slightly to the side; and while her eyes widened, so did the corners of her mouth until they twisted into a grin.

"As with all things, darling, their variance is a matter of relativity." Cami lifted her arm, fingers from her free hand finding the array of sweets against her palm before she swiftly popped one into her mouth. "...But curious, yes." She extended her hand towards the man, a clear offer. "Aren't we all?"
Jessica Lorraine 06/11/18 Jessica approached the new person and extended her hand out to them. “Hello and welcome to the realm I am Jessica.”, she said in a sing song voice.
Quinn Abernathy 06/11/18 Entertain themselves? Um... I mean, I'm not sure? I don't get out much. People always seem to get themselves in trouble. Is that fun?
Camille Hammond 06/11/18 *narrows eyes, leans in just slightly*
Depends on which strange alley.
... And what you're hoping to find.
Camille Hammond 06/11/18 Hello there, cricket. Welcome to the Realm. Try not to venture down strange alleys lest ye' become someone's dinner.
*bats lashes*
Quinn Abernathy 06/11/18 That's really unfortunate. I'm sorry. Though I don't think so. I'm Quinn. Just plain Quinn.
Artemis 06/11/18 Welcome!
Quinn Abernathy 06/11/18 There's this show I watched with a character named Aleksei. He was a ballerina. Are you a ballerina?
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