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Alex Parker
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Born: April 12, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 2
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 13
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Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 40
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 A chocolate foil wrapped DemonKnight - Easter 2017

Alex Parker's Biography
Name: Alexander Parker
Nickname: Alex, Xander
Age: Lost track
D.O.B: June 23rd
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Relationship Status: Taken by Mystic-Husky

Alexander Parker was born into this world twice, once as a Witch the second as a Vampire. He was born in he year 880. He grew up in a family that was very wealthy. Growing up his family owned a lot of land all over the world. So he traveled a lot spending time in different city's. He is fluent in many languages. While growing up he found out that he was a witch. His powers are strong in Shadows, Fire, and Earth. Upon reaching his 18th birthday he was turned the first time unwillingly. His sire was a woman named Sorsha but he didn't find that out until much later in his unlife.

He found love in strange ways settling on a woman he couldn't be with. He grew tired of this and his way of life so he went looking for someone to try to change him back. He found a witch that could do it in a strange place. A member of his Living family one that he hadn't seen in a very long time. He asked her to change him back and after a few months they came up with a spell to reverse it. So one fateful night he said all his goodbyes and became mortal once more.

Still finding he couldn't be with the one he loved he tried to move on. Find his thoughts always on her trying to be angry at her but he could only do that to her face. Inside he was dying again wanting to be with her but can't. He made another big sacrifice. He knew if they were to be together the way he wanted he would have to die again. To become the one thing he despised in his life. But she was worth it in his eyes. In the end he let her turn him into a vampire again. Leaving his old life behind and seeing where this one will take him now.

Currently he has shut his down him emotions for the most part. He has a deep hatred for his former love. He will see her dead if he has his way. She has ruined his life for the last time. Now he has turned to a life of music and loneliness. He has accepted the fact that he is no ladies man. He has even stopped looking for love not caring for the foolishness of a simple feeling. He has found some good friends that he can trust with his life and they remain close to him. For him they are the only family he has left in this world. He has tried to make amends for his past crimes and pain. So far all has been forgiving from those who he has need the most.

He stands 6' tall and has Hazel eyes most of the time. His Short Black hair. He wears a Black shirt with Black jeans most of the time. He openly has a Katana on his back that glows when pulled from its sheath.

His powers from his old life are Shadow, Fire, Earth, Memory and Healing Magic. His powers from being a vampre are superhuman Strength, Speed, and Senses.

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Galen C Lynch

Last five threads posted in:
LillyEmperium 10/11/17 Congrats
Mystic-husky 09/27/17 Wrapping her arms around his neck she smiles, while nodding brightly."Aye that I have, where have you been hiding." She asked softly
Mystic-husky 09/09/17 Opening the door she pulls her suitcase inside. Stepping inside she slowly move through the apt till finding him. Once she has him in her sights. Steps up behind him and covers his eyes. "Guess who." She whispers in his ear softly. "Miss me?"
Ronan Boru 07/18/17 Thought you like to meet the newest little member of the coven.  photo OrchidGaiaBoruBL3_zps6eocfvql.jpg Name: Orchid Gaia Boru DOB: 7/17/17 Time: 6:46 pm Length: 19 inches Weight 6 lbs 5 Ozs. Parents: Ronan Boru and Lilly Emperium
Galen C Lynch 07/02/17 Congrats and good luck with the gold robes.
Ronan Boru 07/02/17 * Ronan notice the new gold leader in Port and smiles.* Congrats on the gold robe may you wear them a long time and prosper. If in the future your member should need anything please let me know. I will help if I can.
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