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Eleri Nenharma


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Born: June 21, 2021 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 31 (House only: 31)
Affiliation: Ordre des Damnes Mail Replies Sent: 295
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 62
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09/18/21 at 2:38 am
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Mae tân a gwaed yr un peth
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
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Eleri Nenharma's Biography
Name: Eleri Terfel-Jones
Dob: 21 June
Age: unknown
Pob: Pant Glas, Caernarfonshire, Wales
Race: Witch
SubSpecies: Fire Witch
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Status: Taken by Elessar Nenharma
Mate: Elessar
Daughter:Eibhlin Carwen Nenharma,br> Father: Phamton Wraith
Mother: Davina Sian Gryffth
Powers: Pyrokenisis (emerging), Healing abilities.
Languages: English, Welsh and some Gaelic (Scottish)
Occupation:Resident Intern and Holistic Apprentice

The Fire Witch, is a rare and dangerous creature, who can cause great healing or great destruction with a wave of their wand. They are easily identified with a few key characteristics and are found across the world in all races. The fire witches are either male or female, but the female are the most recognized by their beauty and temperament, so the collective is known by the female designation.

First, the fire witches hair is the color of flame, and when angered or upset, the thick mass of curls give off living sparks. More than one wild fire is attributed to a fire witch’s bad day.

Second, fire witches have an above average body temperature, feeling almost feverish in comparison to an average person.

Third, a fire witch’s temperament is fickle at best, swinging from a warm disposition to ranging inferno at the slightest provocation. Lastly and most dangerously, the fire witch is able to hold congress with flames as easily as a pet and is able to cause mass destruction in its manipulation. However, the fire witches are in possession of great healing arts and are known to go out of their way to help others in need when it suits them.

Historically, in the distant past many fire witches were hailed as saints or gods in primitive religions for their abilities to heal illness and diseases.

Still rare even today, many of the fire witches have learned to blend in the modern world by finding occupations which allow them to practice their skills under a modern guise.

Eleri Terfil-Jones was a Doctor and a surgeon at Unversity Medicial Center in New Orleans La. She is a calm, warm and compassionate person toward her few friends. Unlike most Fire Witches Eleri is even tempered and in control of her emotions. She has left her profession by her own choice since she met the man who has stolen her heart and who accepted her daughter as his own. .

Eleri has found her father Phantom Wraith and Eleassar the one who has quietly claimed her heart with his kind and gentle manner. Eleri feels there is something Elessar is still keeping silent about. Will she truly learn the one last secret he keeps hidden from her. Lin has an inkling but she too remains silent on the subject. A man will do anything to protect those he loves from afar. Will this Elessar claim his family in time.... ((OOC: Source used Fictspedia Wiki for Eleri Profile in the works))

All Correspondence will be considered IC unless marked OOC.
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Aithne Woodbine

Last five threads posted in:
Elessar 09/05/21 "THank you. I would appreciate it immensely." Elessar replies warmly as a warm smile crosses his face quickly showing her some of the things he felt towards her.
Phantom_ 08/16/21 He merely blinks from the small seat he was currently sitting on while watching people below him throwing water ballons at each other, "Oh...odd, I haven't moved from here in nearly a week, how...never mind, past actions and all that. No to the new kit, she needs to finish training her current one, but...if you were to be the one who took it and she just happened to get put in charge of watching the little thing, that's not my business now is it?" He autographed the little animal's things and grins as he looks back at the water ballon war, "What is the purpose of this game?!"
Celeste Donovan 08/14/21 Hold up a wanted sign " You two what is your father teaching you now? Lord i am going to have to have a word with him on getting our children in to trouble... As well as trying to teach our grandbabies out to blows up things."
Naberius Reum 08/14/21 Congratulations on Profile of the Day!
Phantom_ 08/14/21 He hugged his daughter and looked at the flyer, "Who the hell keeps taking these pictures?! I swear I hunt them down and ten new ones pop up! At least they took a good one of my child." He grins before shrugging, "Also, no...I would never do that to one of my children...well...maybe Cabel, but he enjoys the attention too much so I wouldn't."
Strahd Von Zarovich 08/14/21 Congrats on PotD!
Strahd Von Zarovich 07/28/21 Yes I did!
Cas Briar 07/19/21 Thank you, it's an interesting place I find myself in.
Elessar 07/16/21 "I do what I believe is necessary for the good of others. ANd sometimes, I suffer for it. But, in this point, I have gained a friend." Elessar says queitly as he gently moves his hand towards her as an offer for what she wishes to do to it as he smiles gently.
Elessar 07/16/21 Smiling gently, Elessar says quietly, "I hope you know some of what I have faced now. I just hope you have more understanding of my many battles that have been faced, and many souls that were saved because of my actions."
Elessar 07/16/21 Reaching out slowly, Elessar touches her on the shoulder gently, while trying to avoid touching her heavily, then says quietly, "Thank you. I tend to ask if I could touch because of a courtesy to them." Smiling warmly, he continues, "You need not ask for permission to enter my personal bubble, unless it is to do harm..."
Elessar 07/16/21 "I might just take you up on your offer." Elessar replies with a warm smile, then asks gently, "I was curious if I would be allowed to enter your bubble of privacy and touch your shoulder."
Elessar 07/15/21 "My shoulder is better." Elessar replies as he shows her his shoulder and it appears to have healed with no scar whatsoever, then continues quietly, "How are you doing?"
Elessar 07/14/21 "Thank you." ELessar says, placing the bow and quiver on like an experienced archer, he says quietly, "I will teach you how to use the sword and help you learn to do with sweeping quickness." Looking quickly, he then says quietly, "I will help you learn to be balanced with weapons and magic."
Phantom_ 07/14/21 “You know I’m always in some kind of mischief. This time though it’s nothing illegal, just a small bit of fun and pranking some annoying people who decided they were going to be rude. I seriously wish others would realize, I don’t tend to react well when my loved ones are insulted or bullied.”
Elessar 07/13/21 Seeing the language on the sword start glowing, Elessar starts reading the language out loud, and it translates itself into a common language, saying, "The bearer of this sword controls powers beyond what is seen or known." Pulling out a solid covered book, Elessar offers it to her as his voice intones softly and quietly, then says gently, "In this book, the full translation for all words on the sheath and sword blade is in it, and full pronunciation as well. It brings the sword to life and allows you to wield it as if it was nothing more than a wound up magazine."
Elessar 07/13/21 With the sword and sheath placing itself into his hands, Elessar looks up at Eleri as he says quietly, "The sword has a spell inscribed onto it. It takes time to learn the language for it to react." Looking back to the sheath, he speaks softly the words on it, continuing what seems to be a spell, Elessar's eyes roll up into the back of his head as the sword seems to take on a life of it's own, comes out of the sheath, and places itself point down in front of Eleri, offering itself to her.
Elessar 07/13/21 Seeing the sword in it's sheath, Elessar asks warmly, "DO you prefer me to remove it while it is at your side, or do you wish to offer it and the sheath to me?" Stepping forward, he examines the sheath closely as he starts to speak the ancient language written on the sheath as what seems strands of power starts surrounding them.
Elessar 07/12/21 "Thank you. I will change the shirt shortly." Elessar says quietly, then says quietly as he proceeds to destroy the dagger and arrow shaft quickly as he continues speaking, "I appreciate that you are willing and able to help heal me."
Phantom_ 07/12/21 "Ah, we all have a bit of fire in us. Don't be too hard on her though, it's good in this world to have a strong sense of self and to know your limits. Besides, humanity isn't the easiest of races to be around, and you all have already mastered that trick. I'm still burning down lawyer offices for fun, and beat up police when they try putting cuffs on me...only Celeste is allowed to do that."
Elessar 07/12/21 "you can choose either one, you have my permission for either one." Elessar says warmly, then continues, "I have no preference either way."
Elessar 07/11/21 "You asking for permission to dress my wound or offer to heal me is refreshing. Yes, you may." Elessar says quietly, as he looks at her with a smile crossing his face.
Elessar 07/10/21 Not recognizing the arrow shaft or blade as his, Elessar says quietly, "Neither are mine, as my blade is marked with symbols that are precious to me, and the arrow is made is from different wood." Feeling the metal coming out of his wound, Elessar says, "Thank you. I plan on getting rest and food."
Elessar 07/08/21 Showing the wound on his shoulder that appears to be deep but not bleeding much, Elessar says quietly, "Here. I am not sure, it was done by stealth."
Elessar 07/07/21 Hearing her voice, Elessar turned his head as he says, "I need a little help, got a small wound that is difficult to heal."
Elessar 07/07/21 Thank you.
Daxx- 07/05/21 Thank you our fearless leader made it for me.
Osiris_Emperium 07/04/21 Thanks
Sir Stephen 07/03/21 Thank you! Love your profile.
Phantom_ 07/02/21 He smiles before waving a hand over the signature, making it his true one before he pulls her into a hug, "Silly girl, you told me how the foxes are, not my child. I have to say you take a strange manner of priorities."
Phantom_ 07/02/21 He smiles as the kits find their stolen trinkets gone and in his hands as he gently hands them back to her, save the certificate, “I…never got to see that time of your life, nor was I there for you as I should have been. Hell, this isn’t even my handwriting, but someone wanted you to know…and I’m happy they did. How are you holding up, aside from being robbed by the kits here?”
Phantom_ 07/02/21 He was just laying in some grass when he was surrounded by four little ones with their mouths holding odd things, or wearing them, as he blinks and then spots Eleri, “So…care to explain why they are robbing you, or is this one of this fun activities that children usually do? Your siblings mostly just take shiny things, like some kind of bandit, or raccoons!”
Phantom_ 06/27/21 He grins more and shakes his head before tossing her a key, "Use that in any doorway, even one without a door, and you can bring them to my lands to run and play. Besides, your siblings would probably adore meeting their big sister."
Phantom_ 06/27/21 He blinks at her before chuckling, "All foxes have some skill with a type of fire, but most are natural illusionists. Good to see you still having fun around these lands. How have you been?" He hands the two requested kits over and looks at the small group of foxes around her, "You sure you need more? They look like they have already claimed you as theirs."
Zarion 06/24/21 Thanks. Kinda toasty this direction, or is it me?
Sophie St Clair 06/23/21 Thank you. Very kind of you.
Katherine Pierce- 06/23/21 Katherine gave a giggle as she back flipped into the air after she saw the fire bolt from the woman's tiny hand. Raising an eyebrow as another shot out before vanishing from sight. Leaving a note behind "I will replace what is broke my dear"
Ronan -R Boru 06/22/21 "Plesure Eleri. I am Ronan Boru. If you need anything please feel free to ask and if I or any in my blood can help you we will." * The Kindred Vampire witch smiles softly*
Ronan -R Boru 06/22/21 Welcome to the realm.
Daxx- 06/22/21 "Welcome to the Realm and Welcome to the Coven.*
Tatijana Jadu 06/22/21 "I never mentioned any men miss. Enjoy your day." @ Jana could see the pain in her eyes and she shook her head as the girl walks off.@
Tatijana Jadu 06/22/21 Welcome to the realm . If you need help just ask there are man here who can help you. @Jana smiles softly at the new girl.@
Josie Janson 06/22/21 Welcome to the crew
Sophie St Clair 06/22/21 Welcome to the Realm.
Dr Van Helsing 06/22/21 Love the profile!
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