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Born: October 30, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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RealmCrash Into Me
Created by Edward Brollachan
ParisWho... or what goes there? - Part II
Created by Edward Brollachan
Alice Barbour 02/16/19 *giggles*
"What a cute puppy!"
Edward Brollachan 02/14/19
vamp_goku 02/09/19 Goku gives a bow with a small grin as well.
"My apologies for not welcoming you to the coven, if there is anything you need or would like please let me know. Again welcome to the family."
Averly Amoret 02/05/19 "What would be the fun in that?" With a playful wink Averly's lips turned upwards into a pleasant grin. "Thanks for the breakout."
Edward Brollachan 02/03/19 "Anns do chridhe, mo chridhe..."
Iva Herrera 01/29/19 Kyla
Tell me about it. 90 some years of this crap and I'm about done with it. I can't imagine how you must feel.
Perhaps I shall rip my uterus out and fling it at the next brat who walks past me. Like I want one of those?? Please.
I am off to expressly defy Luisa. I'll tell you all about it when I get back. Don't want you to be compromised with her. :D
Insert innocent angel emoji here? Would that even be believable for a nanosecond?
Iva Herrera 01/29/19 Kyla
Riding the cotton pony?
I'm at the airport otherwise you know I would. I'll catch you in 28 days or so for the next round.
Edward Brollachan 01/28/19 Ruh roh...

Has a case of cabernet sauvignon and 5 pounds of Lindor chocolate truffles delivered to Kyla's suite

...and as an afterthought, three cartons of tampons
Wisteria Collins 01/23/19 *smiles shyly*
Thank you. I am Wiss."
Ravin 01/20/19 Thanks for the welcome
Marius Steel 01/20/19 True
Marius Steel 01/20/19 I can tell we will be friends
Marius Steel 01/20/19 Sounds pleasantly devious
Marius Steel 01/20/19 Thanks, glitter bombs last forever though
Livia Vlcek 01/19/19 *contemplates what the woman shares*
*devious grin* Sounds like it could be fun..
*stands* I will let you keep my two dollars.. for now.. but I will be back.
*shifty eyes, reaches down for one last round of tickle torture time*
*tickles with wild abandon*
Crimson Belladonna 01/19/19 Nods "Aye I will do so!"
Crimson Belladonna 01/19/19 Dank you!
Livia Vlcek 01/18/19 *is quicker, faster*
*continues the tickling*
*grins* All is fair in love and war..
*relentless* Besides.. I want to hear you scream.
*slow wink*
Livia Vlcek 01/18/19 *notices the squirming*
*shifty eyes, tickles* You sure, Milacek?
*challenge accepted*
Livia Vlcek 01/18/19 *goes down? Oh my..*
*gives a slow, scarred smile* Hello yourself..
*straddles, makes grabby hands at all of the woman's pockets* I hope you don't mind but you did say, 'Come and get it'.
Livia Vlcek 01/18/19 *attempts to tackle*
Livia Vlcek 01/18/19 *stops, shakes fist* I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS.
Genesis 01/15/19 ~smiles~
"Not a problem at all. Thanks for considering though!"
Dita Morgenstern 01/15/19 [returns to her room for ..something.]
[immediately forgets what that something is because of the poster on her wall.]
[slams her bedroom door ..does not leave.. for days.]
Genesis 01/11/19 "My name is Genesis. I am looking for that particular potion and when I put my feelers out these for one who could possibly do such a potion, your name came up."
~She gave a nod and rocked back on her feet. The rules of the treasure hunt meant she couldn't tell the witch it was for the treasure hunt but it also meant she could ask for any spell she wished if the pretty lady would do it for her.~
Genesis 01/10/19 "Hello Kyla" ~shoves out her hand in greeting~ "I am here to ask you a huge favor. I am in need a of potion, you see. One that will make someone temporarily blind. Maybe stupid, if such a think is possible with certain you like to give it a go?" ~waggles her brows at the fun of it all~
Iva Herrera 01/08/19 Kyla
Fancy face, I sweet talked my way out. No money spent.
Iva Herrera 01/07/19 Quick question- how did you get a video of me dancing naked by the fire???
I demand royalties if you posted it publically.
Chamberlain 01/07/19 ``Whimpers``
Hhmmmm! Gelfling essence I will take.
Iva Herrera 01/06/19 Kyla
I’m back in New York for a bit, visiting Luisa even though she’s on my sh-t list. Also doing some research. I found this while taking a breather from researching demons. It made me think of you.

Iva Herrera 01/06/19 Group Text: Kyla, Alice, Dita, Maycee, Parissa, Eloise, Dessa
You guys, this ad just popped up on my laptop. Should I click it?? I mean…six single demons are in my area!!!!!!
{screenshot attached}
Alice Barbour 01/06/19 Empty boxes in empty boxes, like Russian Nesting dolls... of which she had several. Most of her things had found homes on shelves and in glass front cabinets, on tables and on her small desk. But one thing she was still short of was clothes. She had precisely two 'wilderness' outfits and three sundresses. And there were other things she was in scant supply of.

When she heard the lilting sweet voice of Miss Kyla she turned and blushed, "Oh thank you, Miss Kyla! I have most of my things now, but I need some.." she blushed deeply and then giggles, "I only have three pairs of underwear. Maybe we could do some shopping at like Victoria's Secret? Do they have one here?"
Alice Barbour 01/06/19 ~The tiny redhead had been busying herself in her new room, making things just so. It was sparse at the moment but held great promise for becoming her nest where she would feel safe within the walls of Miss Dessa's protection.~

"Oh! Miss Kyla! I didn't see you! ~giggles~ I'm...I'm okays. I just need to, Iunno... go shopping? Most of my things are back in Tokyo, including my clothes and stuffies."
Alice Barbour 01/03/19 ~Blushes deep crimson~
~Suddenly kisses Kyla's cheek and runs off to find her new room in her new home~
Alice Barbour 01/03/19 ~Excited at first~

"Oh, that would be wonderful!"

~Then slightly crestfallen~

"Noes, I has two left feet and trip and stumble, like alla time"
Alice Barbour 01/03/19 ~Eyes wide, smiles brightly~

~Likes Kyla~

"Oooh, I'd like that! Do you really think my hair would curl like yours?"
Alice Barbour 01/03/19 ~Smiles shyly~
~giggles at alla glitter~
"Hi Kyla. I love your hair! I wish I had curly hair like that! It's so pretty!"
Maycee Thomas 01/03/19
Winter Summers 01/02/19 Winter's eyes went wide and he placed his hand upon his heart, as to look offended. "Sasquatch? And do pray tell who is a Sasquatch!? And you thought I wanted you to take me on a date ha!"

Winter eyes the small woman before him. "I could use a coffee and if you think I'm not ordering extra everything you straight up crazy! Calling me names and admitting to stealing my money. What about the thread hm?" Makes a tsk tsk noise.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well Kyla, Winter Summers is the name. God awful I am well aware! But come let us get that coffee before the chill in my bones get worse!" Shamelessly links arms with the woman making sure she is away from the road side of the sidewalk. He did have some manners.
Winter Summers 12/31/18 Winter's arms crossed over his broad chest and he give her the look. "Really? A thread? On all my pants it's funny I can't seem to recall that being there at all."

"You are just the nicest aren't you. Just so we are clear tiny if you do manage to yoink my money you obviously owe me a drink. It's in the rule book. Ask anyone they will tell you all about it. Simple facts."
Edward Brollachan 12/31/18
Dita Morgenstern 12/31/18 [runs into room to pack her things quickly.]
[sees the newest art supplies ..dumps them into her bag.]
[leaves the country before a very angry Scottish vampire can strangle her.]
[draws a heart on Kyla's door.]
Estelle Kingston 12/30/18 Thank you very much.
Winter Summers 12/28/18 Winter's hand snaps back and grab's the intruders wrist, he turns his icy gaze holding the much smaller woman's. "Now Darling I've found your hand in my pocket a lot recently." He released her wrist looking her over.

Kyla just failed at stealing money from you!

"Tell me do you so desperately need my money? Do you just wanna feel me up?" He couldn't blame her if it was that one. "Or did you just want my attention?" Again couldn't find himself blaming her if that was the case. He smiled at the tiny girl.
AdonisOMaera 12/28/18 Once again, Adonis finds himself nodding along; thoroughly enjoying listening to her speak. "Yes I will be sure to ask, I think i'm settling in pretty good but i'll be keeping it in mind." he chuckles and then looks pleased when she accepts his number, believe it or not he looks forward to that drink. Adonis is almost willing to bet that she has some interesting stories to tell.

When it comes time to split, Adonis understands but he can't help the twinge of sadness that sinks it's teeth into his stomach. He isn't clingy he just hates seeing someone walk away, he couldn't tell you why but it always seemed to bug him just a teeny bit. Regardless, he is still waving with that warm smile when she turns to bid him adieu. "Yes, Talk to you soon. Thank-you~" he calls after her before he too turns and continues the meet and greet.
AdonisOMaera 12/28/18 Returning the bright smile, he nods several times in agreement. "There are a good set of people coming to greet me, i'm already starting to feel at home." Quite a large statement coming from someone like Adonis but he doesn't think much of it. A metaphorical lightbulb goes off as he digs his hand into his pocket and pulls out an old receipt as well as a pen.

"I have a feeling I'll be a little while but I'd like to have a sit down with you. Here is my number, shoot me a text whenever." stormy blues meet hers and he offers his phone number to her.
AdonisOMaera 12/28/18 "Me too, It's good pretty great so far. Here's to hoping, eh?" he chuckles and gives her hand a few gentle shakes before letting go...small hands, easy to accidentally crush.

Adonis bashfully covers his lips as he smiles behind his hand, looking off to the side as he attempts to hide the small dusting of rose on his cheeks. "Well you're quite pretty yourself Kyla, so I'll take the compliment highly. And Adonis is just fine by me." he chuckles.
AdonisOMaera 12/28/18
"Well I wouldn't say bad luck, more like mediocre luck that has landed me in some less than wonderful situations..." Adonis rubs the back of his neck as he relives the whole haunted mansion situation.

Adonis chuckles as he agrees that a box would be a good investment for her, he doesn't say that though as he knows that small often equals mighty.

"Pleasure's all mine Kyla, I'm Adonis but most just call me Pretty." he gives an enchanted smile as he offers up his hand.
AdonisOMaera 12/28/18 *chuckles sweetly* Why thank-you,I can always use some good luck.
Synetta 12/24/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Iva Herrera 12/24/18 Kyla
They've been reading alright. Things are coming to light. Things I'd rather say in person.
Let's just say the ability to read the cards doesn't come from "our gut" as Luisa has insisted.
Maycee Thomas 12/10/18 You know what they say...

Well behaved women rarely make history.

I’m just trying to make history! Or money. Mostly money.
Maycee Thomas 12/10/18 I mean...a free room, some gruel...what more could a girl ask for?
Eloise Buchanan 12/09/18 Thanks! Lord above, all that red hair is glorious.
Maycee Thomas 12/09/18 C’est une langue que je ne parle pas. I’m just going to assume it means something good.
Iva Herrera 12/09/18 Sure. Of course.
“Well behaved”
Maycee Thomas 12/09/18 And thank you for the welcome!
Iva Herrera 12/08/18 Kyla
To my favorite button-pusher:
Iva Herrera 12/03/18 Sending a message just prior to take off, Iva squirmed in her seat with excitement at seeing Kyla after so long.
Kyla, our covenmate Edward is reportedly sending a limo to pick me up at the airport. Can you catch a ride in that and meet me? I cannot wait to see you!!! Prepare for a bonecrushing hug.
Iva Herrera 12/02/18 Kyla
You are in that coven in Paris?
I am on my way.
Luisa is staying in the city. She’s not ready for Paris.
A century has passed and she still can’t face it.
Edward Brollachan 12/02/18 A voice, soft with an Irish lilt, seemed to address him. He looked down... and down to a mass of copper curls and freckled face. Kyla...

"Aye, I had business in New York last night. And met a charmin' Hispanic lass about yea high..."

He held a hand over her had a few inches

"I invited her t'come t'Paris... I believe she said her name was Ivelisse..."
Iva Herrera 12/02/18 Tía Kyla
I’m sorry I haven’t called or texted in a while. Things have been kind of strange around here lately. As you may remember, the anniversary of papá’s death was a little over a month ago. Ever since then...well, Luisa’s been a nutcase. Moreso than usual. The cards seem to be reading right. It feels like that story Luisa told about our souls is coming to fruition. Freaky sh-t, Kyla.
The weirdest part? I am into it. It feels right. Like everything is finally lining up.
Speaking of, I met some guy on the street earlier. Get this-he hands me his card and says his coven is in Paris Paris, Kyla. Like, where my parents met. Where our souls were bargained. Like, what are the chances, right?
Okay, now I’m tripping out. Where are you? Maybe we can meet for lunch or something. This seems too heavy for an epically long text, sorrynotsorry.
Edward Brollachan 11/20/18 "Go raibh maith agat, Kyla."
"Boogie on, Reggae woman?"
Dita Morgenstern 11/17/18 [small smile.] The monkeys are the worst. [waves.] Have a good evening Kyla.
Dita Morgenstern 11/17/18 [nods.] They are nice though. [smiles meekly.] You're probably busy and the animals need feeding so I'll take my leave. But if you need anything, my room is upstairs at the end of the left hall. Last one on the right.
Julian Montgomery 11/17/18 So, it's a regular zoo around here. Nice. Do wolves eat Skittles? I love them.
Julian Montgomery 11/17/18 Nice to meet you, Kyla. I'm Julian Montgomery.
Edward Brollachan 11/16/18 His Irish was rusty, but he could still understand her; her accent was very old, not like the modern Irish of the last 100 years, but more Caladonian. This surprised him.
"Tha mi às an Eilean Sgitheanach, anns na h-Eileanan Siar. A small valley at the end o'Loch Brittle. Agus thusa? Càit a bheil thu ann an Èirinn?"
Bree Ravencroft 11/16/18 Welcome to the zoo. Please mind the monkeys. They will sometimes fling stuff around.
Edward Brollachan 11/16/18 'Irish... she is Irish.' Cold lips purse in bemusement, then curl slightly into a subtle smile. Greet or eat?
"Tha mi toilichte coinneachadh riut cuideachd, Kyla.
Dita Morgenstern 11/15/18 The pleasure is mine. [meek smile.] And actual animals. There's a ledger in the kitchen of all that reside in the large atrium. Bojangles and Mattias do wander the house though. They sleep in my room. [probably should explain who the two are.] Bojangles is the tiger and Mattias is the wolf.
Dita Morgenstern 11/15/18 [quietly approaches.] Welcome to the Menagerie. If you need any help or if any of the animals are bothering you, please let me know.
[fiddles with the hem of her shirt.] I'm Dita. I take care of the animals here.
Marah 11/15/18 +smiles+

" My names Marah and I would like to welcome you to The Menagerie.If you should need anything please look me up."
Edward Brollachan 11/15/18 Another new Menagerian... the coven was becoming a proverbial zoo. None-the-less the Scot made a point to always greet new members.
"Fàilte gu Menagerie, lass. I am Edward, at yo'r service"
Parisa Tournier 11/15/18 "Yay I'm not the 'new person' anymore! er um I mean.. Hi and Welcome!" -smiles-
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