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Imogen Moreau


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07/27/18 at 12:13 pm
Someone design me a pretty bio kthnx
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 2018 Summer Bloodies - Best New Character
Imogen Moreau's Biography
Imogen Moreau was raised to kill. Her father had been a slayer before his untimely death when she was fifteen, and her mother had run back alley surgeries for those whose injuries would raise too many questions in the ER waiting room.

They’d moved often, living out of one small shoulder bag apiece, and took jobs when they could to pay for food and low-end motel rooms. They’d lived in America and France, England and Italy. They’d travelled in the direction of vampire outbreaks and run only when injury made it too hard to continue the fight.

Imogen had been trained in the skills of her father’s trade, originally for self protection and ultimately for the income. she could wield a knife like the best of them, and had travelled in her teens to learn martial arts from close family friends. Her tongue could work a variety of languages and her fingers, a variety of locks. And when her father died, she took the responsibility to continue the family trade for the sake of herself and her mother.

At twenty-one, they were semi-settled in New York, her mother running surgery for a sanctuary while Imogen took easy jobs to pay the bills. And at twenty-four, a vampire attack on the sanctuary left all those within the walls as empty corpses, and Imogen an orphan.

Imogen Moreau
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ContestsSummer Bloodies Campaign
Created by Cersei Lannister
Summer 06/13/18 Summer chuckled as she watched the woman gather her things as she unleashed her opinion. Giving a little shrug, she glanced around with a mockingly thoughtful look on her face. “Oh, I don’t know. It’s kind of nice. It grows on you after a while.” Her maple hued eyes met the woman’s, face contorting in a repulsed expression. “Like, it actually feels like it is seeping into your pores after a while.” Giving a click of her tongue, she furrowed her brow and said, “Yea, you’re right. This place blows.”
Laughing, she let the door slam behind her and glanced down at the shopping bags in each hand. Giving a thoughtful nod, she noted, “While I don’t mind going toe to toe with those grimy rat- ******* guards, I’d hate to get my haul dirty. Lead the way!”
Summer 06/12/18 It was a mild-weathered day in New York, much to Summer’s chagrin. She’d left Sydney late last month to follow her eponymous season across the globe, only to find herself experiencing weather that was damned near identical to what it was back home. Go figure. To mollify her annoyance, she set out to do some shopping in the city that never sleeps. Having spent over a weeks wages on all sorts of goodies, she decided to call it a day. Cutting through an alley, Summer took a shortcut to her hotel. It wasn’t the safest, but it was the quickest. It lead her through the dungeons, a place she scurried through before the grunting guards caught sight of her and tossed her in the clink with the other ne’er-do-wells. Stopping short, she saw a new face behind bars. Clicking her tongue, she slowed her pace and sauntered to the door. Looking in, she didn’t say a word as she pulled a pin from her hair. Able to do this bit in her sleep, the Angel sprung the lock with one swift flick of her wrist. Kicking open the door, the iron bars slammed against the wall loudly. She cringed inwardly, realizing that was probably a bit foolish as it very likely alerted the guards. Oh well. Dramatic effect was worth it, definitely.
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