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Melanie Justicano
Killed: October 20, 2020 at 01:18 pm EDT
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Born: July 29, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 6 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 7
Home City: Transylvania Mail Sent: 3
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Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
New YorkLand of Dreams Amusement park.
Created by Pazuzu
New YorkJewl of the Sea Manor
Created by Murmur
Pazuzu 08/30/20 " Oh i know you will my little firecracker now what do you wish for us to do? Romantic dinner? Amusement park? Anything you wish you shall have."
Pazuzu 08/30/20 With a grin " She toke it well welcome to to the family i promised her. I'd make you an honest woman and give her lots of grandchildren." He lean in with a wicked grin " I did say i plan to keep you for all of eternity."
Pazuzu 08/30/20 "Well Darling i am home to stay with you. I shall find us a place to enjoy." He smiles and give her a kiss.
Pazuzu 08/28/20 He doesnt even say a word and crushes his lips to hers " Now that my sexy Queen." He grins " I guess i should talk to sis about coming over to cove huh?"
Pazuzu 08/28/20 Pazuzu grin wickedly " And this is why you are mine and only mine. If any others try to take you away i may have to go on a killing spree and cut some balls off." He laughs standing there with her giving her a boop on the nose.
Pazuzu 08/28/20 Pazuzu gives her a kiss on the cheek " Call me a smooth opartor." He chuckled " Plus when i see someone i want i plan to do anything and everything to get them. I plan to keep you till the end of time."
Pazuzu 08/28/20 Pazuzu grins looking at her " Oh sweet cakes i did miss you. Now did you miss me?" Grabbing her pulling her close to him " Promise me your'll never leave this poor king hanging." He grined down at her.
Cassandra Malinov 08/16/20 Cassie hugs her daughter close with a smile. "I love you my darling."
Pazuzu 08/03/20 Congratz on POTD My darling *kisses the top of her hand.*
Saphire Justicano 08/03/20 Congrats on ptod little sister.
Pazuzu 07/31/20 He smiles seeing her reaction " Then i look forward to seeing you till then." He give her a wink and then vanishes to do something before heading to her sister.
Pazuzu 07/31/20 He nods " I will be heading that way soon enough." He take her hand and give the top a kiss " I will see you seen then." He smiles warmly.
Pazuzu 07/31/20 " Well my dear i look forward to see more of you."
Pazuzu 07/31/20 He grin wickedly " Oh we are playing hard to get... I like this and i love a challenge. Long with that sassiness you and i are going to be great friends."
Pazuzu 07/31/20 Smirks " Is that right? You sound like my kinda girl."
Pazuzu 07/31/20 He chuckled " What would think so and i'm sure you got the men going gaga over you."
Pazuzu 07/31/20 " Well Hello Pretty lady welcome home."
Briahne Christiann 07/30/20 Welcome back, I think? Anyway, if you have any question questions, please ask them. One way or another they'll get answered.
Saphire Justicano 07/30/20 "Glad you made it little iv been waiting for you. We need to catch up hunt me down."
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