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Pericles Galanos
Killed: December 31, 1969 at 07:00 pm EST
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Born: June 27, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 3
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Home City: Transylvania Mail Sent: 48
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Better die standing than live kneeling.
~ Pericles
Karma's a b!tch at payback!

Pericles Galanos's Biography
Full Name: Pericles Galanos
Nickname: Peri
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Etchnicity: Greek
Birth date: Unknown
Place of Birth: Arcadia,Greece
Height: 6ft1inch
Weight: 200 pounds
Hair: Black, short cropped
Eyes: Blue -gray
Race: Witch/Wolf Hybrid
Status: Married to Arteries Hunter

The Background of Pericles:
LYKAON (Lycaon) was an early king of Arkadia who lived in the time before the Great Deluge. He sought to test the divinity of Zeus by serving the god a slaughtered child--either his son Nyktimos (Nyctimus), his grandson Arkas (Arcas), or a Molossian captive. Zeus was furious and overturning the table, destroyed the fifty sons of Lykaon with lightning-bolts, and transformed the king into a wolf.

I was born a son of slaves in the household of King Lycaon of Arkadia. It was said I was the fifty first son of the king or one of his sons. B@stards are not acknowledged and slaves only add to the wealth of their masters.

Zeus found me in a crude basket beside my mother who died in child birth. He had destroyed most of the King's sons. He spared two of us the youngest legal heir Nyktimos and me. He frowned at me when I looked up into his eyes and grasped a finger that poked the clothes I lay swaddled in. I grasped his finger and hold on to it. He granted me my life and he gave me into the care of Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt.
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WildKat 06/28/18 Feeling a hand on her buttocks, turning swiftly around, fangs instantly emerged from hiding. Letting out a growl, her hand went to her backside as she plucked the note and coupons. Reading it, eyes narrowing, fangs slipping back up as her lips pursed together. She was ready to rip someone's head from their shoulders. Slipping the small documents in her front pocket of her black denims, her head swiveled but saw no one. Was she losing it? Most likely not. "Creepy, happy, individual is around. One way or another, I'll get you."
WildKat 06/27/18 Her arms came up, trying to protect her face from getting a paper cut. "Yes, yes, I know..stop...stop doing that. I quite frankly don't like wearing coffee!!" Finally able to take a look at the cup, her brows furrowed as her eyes landed back on the happy person. "This isn't Dunkin' Donuts! I Dunkin' Donuts...not a fan of this one but I do Thank You very much. No..I know about the fliers. I was simply redecorating and admiring my work. Spies..I'm telling you, it's spies. D A N G E R O U S! I wasn't even that loud!! Ugh..they're sooo rude. But Thanks again..and did you say date? Ahhh...I like dunkin' donuts." Kat turned around slowly and walked away from the happy person. Thankfully her nose was still intact.
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