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I am -Gabriel-. I protect the Innocent and render His Justice.
I am Gabriel De Angelo. I am His means to an end in this Purgatory.
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Born: October 08, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 7
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-Gabriel-'s Biography
These are a few facts about -Gabriel-

I make NO excuses for how I portray him
He won't be found 'out' there
He is not a friendly Archangel.
He is here for one purpose and that is his business.
He won't hesitate to tell the truth.
With that said, I am seeking someone to help me with my role playing skills.
-Gabriel-'s Friends ~ 
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Belinda Arch
Black Beast

Caitlyn Darrow

Lloyd R Darrow

Mona Marie

Amari Kohen

Sheridan J Mayfair

That Girl

Phantom Wraith

Last five threads posted in:
Soul Darklander 12/05/17 The second Angel she had come across one was friendly this one seemed more.. Shaking her head she gave him a slight nod of her head as she got her bike. "Thank you on both. If you ever need questions answered as to that curious question running through your head feel free to ask." With that she road off as he walked away.
Mona Marie 11/04/17 It wasn't uncommon for the Temptress to draw attention from members of the male persuasion, or female for that matter, in fact, she often fed on it. This particular specimen wasn't one she was familiar with. The spirits told her he was an angel of high rank, like another dear friend of hers. She couldn't help but to be curious about him, especially when that familiar scent filled her nostrils ... desire.

Mona slowly walked a full circle around him, a unique combination of predatory and curiosity. She hadn't fed in what felt like forever, but she would keep tight the reigns of control. Oh how tasty one of such power could be though. She bit the corner of her crimson painted lip, a soft purr rumbling in her throat.

"I wonder, angelic one, do I appear as weak to you?"
Her eyes blinked slowly before turning emerald pools to gaze deeply into his stormy hues, a coy grin stretching and enlightening her natural features.
"Or is this perhaps a guise, as you desire to offer yourself to me?"

Her tiny stature only getting a five-inch boost from her signature black stilettos that laced up her legs like ballet slippers. Manicured fingertips drummed together lightly as she considered this masculine creature before her.
Sheridan J Mayfair 11/03/17 I have been here before years ago but thank you for the welcome.
Phantom Wraith 10/16/17 He whistles in surprize as he sits upon a rooftop above the new Angel, "Now here is a real surprize. The Arch-angel of judgement stands before this sinner who has waged war through countless aeons, dimensions, and realities. Though I can smell it from you, a deep hatred of my even now want to slay me, but since I techniqually have never been mortal, so do I truly even fall under your god's realm of influence?" He grins in an almost ****y manner as his black cloak billows behind him as his wings spread forth and his eyes flash a bright green.
_Lucifer_ 10/13/17 ""My fall was of my own making. I have made piece with who and what I have become. All because I wouldn't bow to the humans but in doing so I have become almost equal to Our father. I am the god of the underworld, father of hell. These walking blood bags have two choices Gabe, Father or me!"

He chuckles softly at the irritated angel."You and your deceptions, to get to the top making your own brothers fall. Now coming back to kiss his arse. And save humanity." He turns to leave while pulling his jacket shut and buttoning the last buttons. Azure blues glare back over his shoulder. His voice a hiss. "Be warned,Gabriel. Hell is now open. Remove the flesh monkeys or we will. The demons are moving in and our fathers creations are moving out."
Belinda Arch 10/11/17 Unfinished business? Belinda growled in her head. He had another thing coming if he thought that he was going to harm Michael; he had already done enough in that regard. Though she was not one of the Archangels, she would stand firm beside her husband against any who intended ill for him. The celestial had a long way to go in regaining her former strength, but she had already been training her tail off, and would continue to do so for as long as it took.

"After what you did to Michael, do you honestly think that you even deserve so much as an audience with him? Yes, the girl was angry, how could she not be? Gabriel had grown power hungry, then betrayed Michael. "It's going to take a lot more than an apology to earn your way back into his good graces."

She began to wonder if it was Gabriel who had set Lucifer free again. It was Lucifer's job to punish the wicked, and if he was here, what was going on in Hell? Were the other five Archangels going to be walking amongst them? Were they bringing the Heaven's War to this realm? So many questions.

"Why would the Father charge you with my care? Why would I trust what you say? You are not a silver-tongued as your brother, but you have proven yourself to be anything but trustworthy."
_Lucifer_ 10/11/17 Lucifers azures almost sparkled knowing he was getting under his brother's skin. Oh, you can guarantee he would also be watching as well. Three Archs within one domain something was up with that. He had actually arrived not knowing of Gabe, tormenting Micheal was what his plan was. Getting under the skin of both heavenly brothers a must. And maybe even a demon-angel war, but who knows. Survival comes first. May the best Arch win or Fallen in his case. With a cheeky grin and a evil glint in his eye. The orbs face the stormy hues. "Say hello to the family Gab. I am sure you can find me if you wish." Was it a challenge, maybe, kinda sorta, Hell yeah!
Belinda Arch 10/11/17 The flaxen haired celestial narrowed her eyes, scrutinizing the male before her. She knew of him, his history, and how he had betrayed her husband. She was suspicious of his appearance to her, as well as his request of friendship. Had he made contact with her Archangel yet? Did he hope to use her as a pawn against Michael?

What were the odds of both the fallen brothers making their way here, only a week after her own return? The Father had sent her back to be at Michael's side to remind him what he was fighting for, now that he was on the path He wanted the Archangel to be on. This also made her question The Father's plan, the appearances of Gabriel, then Lucifer. That was a dangerous train of thought, and she shifted her focus to the intent of the angel before her.

The palest of ice blue pools looked around for Luci, half expecting them to be in cahoots and her own safety to be in question. "Why are you here, Gabriel?" Her question both sincere and precautionary. Belinda had grown during her time with The Father, not as timid, but still soft spoken.
_Lucifer_ 10/10/17 The voice unmistakable. Azure blues met with the grey and a light chuckle escaped. One out of the two down. So which would be his thorn, tread carefully Luci as brothers still over throw brothers around here. "I could say that for you as well, Gabe. Business actually. And yourself."
Athena Maximus 10/10/17 She had noticed there were quite a few new people in the realm. This one in particular caught her eye. When she was in heaven she had heard people speak of the mighty three, but no one had ever actually met them. She could feel his presence from a long ways away. Which made it super easy to find him. She smiled softly as she walked up to one of the newer members of the realm. “Hello there, I’m sorry to bug you. You look new to this place.” ‘This place’ was the nice term for the realm. She smiled brightly, and looked at him with her bright blue eyes as she stretched out her hand for him to shake. “I’m Athena, I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the realm.”
Christine Nightshade 10/09/17 Welcome to the realm
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