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Aubry Daniels 06/21/19 She blinked several times in confusion as the male in front of her called her name. After several moments it finally registered and she moved to hug her big brother. "Arik?"
Aubry Daniels 06/21/19 She had heard the buzz and it took several moments before it sank in as to what it was. Moving inside she went and washed the fish from her hands placing it inside the fridge. Once finished she made her way to the gate and opened it slightly.
Megara Tollermann 06/15/19 "The name is Megara. my friends call me Meg or at least they would if i had any." I spoke holding out my hand. "It is indeed a pleasure to be greeted by such a handsome face.
Megara Tollermann 06/15/19 Looking up at the face, I smile softly. "Thank you for the warm welcome. can i count on you to assist me if the time comes that i need help finding my way?"
Aubry Daniels 06/13/19 For once, in her 24 years of life, Aubry had gone of her own free will. Gone willingly, with no hesitation, no need to run. For once she had made a choice. A choice to start fresh. A choice to be her own person allowed to make her own decisions. A choice to follow someone who in just a short amount of time had already done far more for her then anyone ever had. That choice led her out of the city to a semi secluded sanctuary known as The Lycan's Den.
Aubry Daniels 06/12/19 Her scent trailed faintly through the the big apple and grew stronger just outside of town. Of course her scent was not the only one. Due to close proximity with Jay, his scent, lingered with hers and it trailed through the city and out.
Criss Angel_ 06/08/19 Thank You.
Avril Bajoliere 06/07/19 Avril smiled in amusement taking the man's hand for a shake. "Thank you for the welcome."
Ivory Hoshiko 06/05/19 He raises an eyebrow, “Ah here I was thinking only the ladies were interested in trying to steal my wallet.” he smirks “Unfortunate you didn’t find it this time. Better luck next time hmm?”
Aubry Daniels 06/02/19 She had made a promise to Jay, no more running and she intended to keep that promise. However that promise did not include leaving herself in the open and easily attainable. She had followed Jay with no hesitation to a quiet, cozy cabin, tucked into the solitude of the woods. So far she had no complaints about where he had brought her.
Aubry Daniels 05/29/19 She had smelt him the moment he stepped in New York. A familiar and yet distant smell. A scent she had not been around for 12 years. But that wasn't possible. Arik had been away at school when she ran away. There was no way he would be able to find her, unless. Was it possible he had been helping Axel this whole time? Her own brother. Not that she expected more. After all her father was helping Axel too so why wouldn't her brother?
Jewel Valari 05/26/19 Most have that same goal. Good luck.
LionaCaravaggio 05/26/19 You managed to break out Arik Daniels. Move your blooming arse!
LionaCaravaggio 05/25/19 Sandie thrust a basket of assorted goods(gift cards, bottled water, snacks and a small envelope of cash). "If you need anything just give me a howl. Here's my card and a burner cell in case you need some one to bail your tail...I mean you out of the dungeon." Sandie needed to re acquaint herself on were folk in general. "There's a were bear I need to greet as well."
Jewel Valari 05/25/19 Welcome to the Realm. Stay awhile.
WildKat 05/25/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Kira Garrett 05/25/19 Welcome to the Realm.
LionaCaravaggio 05/25/19 Sandie's nose twitched a bit as she greeted the new blood. "Welcome to the Pound...I mean the Realm." Sandie smiled in a mischievous manner at the man. "If you need anything, just bark. I mean please ask."
Amari Preston 05/25/19 Welcome!
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