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Esper Valari


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Born: July 27, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 4
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 234
Home City: Los Angeles Mail Sent: 30
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08/18/18 at 2:20 pm
Biography in blog.


08/03/18: You were successful! You managed to get away with $557.00.

08/03/18: You killed the Little Girl! You gained 32 Agility and most of your Hit Points. You received $7.00 in Blood Money.

08/04/18: 1000th Dungeon Break!

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Jewel Saxton

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AdonisOMaera 08/03/18 *gives a warm gratuitous grin *
''Thanks!I appreciate it!"
Devin Landry 07/28/18 -pauses in step-
Why, thank you.
Devin Landry 07/28/18 No..
-dances around-
Devin Landry 07/28/18 Troubled child for the win!
Devin Landry 07/28/18 -raises brow-
Troubled child? Man?
Whichever you prefer.
Devin Landry 07/28/18 -searches pockets-
-shows that they are empty-
I wish I could give you something..
..I've never wanted to drug a man more than right this moment.
Devin Landry 07/28/18 I think you need a drink.. or ten..
Possibly a sedative.
Devin Landry 07/28/18 Perhaps? Does that bother you?
Summer 07/27/18 Out on her evening walk, the angel noticed a new face. Stopping, her eyes narrowed. How come she always saw new people in the evening? Maybe because that's the only time she's out wandering? Yea, probably that. Giving a little huff of a sigh at her inner dialogue, she gave a warm smile to the man. Without slowing her easy stride, she said, "Hello, sir. I hope your evening is going well."
Devin Landry 07/27/18 Welcome.
Iodine Violet 07/27/18 Babbo, the blue Cane Corso that travels with Aria, fixates grey gaze upon the stranger. His raised hand and the bottle it holds. He doesn't growl or bark, he simply steps between the two and leans against his owner. "Right, okay!"

Iodine stumbles backwards slightly from the sheer weight of Babbo. This one didn't seem interested in conversation or tattoos, which is totally understandable. Maybe he just needed some time to get his bearings. The neighborhood was a little crazy at this time of night. She takes her leave and casually looks over her shoulder, doggo in tow. "Have a good night man!"
Iodine Violet 07/27/18 So the first guy she approached hadn't been too difficult to speak to, he was actually.. polite. Maybe this going out and meeting people thing was a good way to network. She'd already found a hit-man after a few hours work. Iodine extends a gloved hand and offers the next person she sees a card to the tattoo shop she is employed at. "Hi! Welcome to the neighborhood! I'm Iodine and we've got a special going on at the shop. 40 percent off tattoos and piercings! Give us a call if you're interested!"
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/27/18 Welcome.
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