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Danielle Corvinus


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Born: May 25, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 15
Affiliation: Valar Morghulis Mail Replies Sent: 46
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 10
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Danielle Corvinus's Biography
First Breakout 5-29-17
First steal 6=3-17

Name: Danielle Renae Davis Corvinus
Parents: Admiral Daniel Davis & Sarah Warren
Birth Place : New Orleans La.
Birthday : March 13,1993
Age: 24
Hair : Dark Brown
Eyes : Brown,Blue when she starts to shift, and golden brown when she is in her werewolf form.
Nicknames: Dani, little witch, little wolf.
Marital Status: Married Casey Corvinus ( May 30,2017 )
Children : A daughter Karah 5 1/2 years old.
Race : Born Witch turned wolf at the age of 16
Sire: Casey Corvinus
Powers: Hearing, senses,vision of the wolf. Fire, Teleportation, Telekinesis,Time manipulation from her witch powers
Weakness: Silver and wolfbane

Danielle is a descendant of the one and only Mary Warren from the infamous 1692 witch trials. During those trials her family fled Salem heading west where they eventually ended up in a French city in the Louisiana Territory called New Orleans in the central of the country. Centuries passed and they trials calmed down. Here the Warrens settled into their new environment and became a pit of the polar community .Her Grand mother who was named after her ancestor Mary Warren Continues to live in this city along with her daughter Sarah.

Sarah met ,fell in love and after they graduated college married Daniel Davis who is now an Admiral in the Navy based out of New Orleans. They ended up having 3 children Daniel Jr, Erick, and Danielle. They were close friends with the family Corvinus. This is where Danielle's story begins.

Danielle grew up with Casey Corvinus but he always saw her as a kid till she reached the age of 13. The feelings of the two grew all the way through High School . When Dani was 15 Casey finally got the nerve to ask her father to date her. One night at the lake Casey scratched Dani neither thought much of it. After Casey Graduated and before he left to go off to College in Iowa State. Dani was devastated and one thing led to another and unknown to both at that time Danielle became pregnant with Casey's child. Weeks after Casey left Roman who he left in charge assumed that Dani was his as well and made advances on her that was when the wolf that was dormant came out. Roman turned Claire Watson, Dani's rival for Casey shortly after Casey left.Dani came close to killing the girl after a heated fight. Her father who didn't know how to deal with this turned to his niece that he knew that she could help her. So he send her away to Melanie who took her in and placed her in school for her senior year. While she was in the school she found out she was pregnant, Scared she turned to her cousin Melanie telling her about her predicament.

Mel told her to call Casey . Doing as she was told she called Casey but when a strange female voice answered and her telling Dani that Casey was to much occupied to come to the phone Dani hung up in tears. She however kept the child and on June 7th she gave birth to a 6lb 4oz baby girl who she named after her and Casey's mom Karah Jamie Davis. After she graduated she moved to New York and worked in a high society club waitress. She has been there ever since. Now at the age of 24 her daughter not quite 6 yet she lives in a Manhattan apartment. She still has no idea if she will ever see Casey again. But she does have one part of him their beautiful daughter Karah.
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