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Born: June 19, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 3
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Lennox Orlav 08/18/19 -thinks she talks too much-
-way too much-
Lennox Orlav 08/18/19 "Your 'kind introduction' was anything but. You, a complete stranger to me, walked up, attempted to put your hand on my shoulder and said 'hello.' That isn't an introduction by any standard. A greeting at best and I'm being generous."
Lennox Orlav 08/18/19 "No issue at all. Why would you think there was any?"
Lennox Orlav 08/18/19 "Sounds like a personal problem. You might want to work on that. Or not give a damn what other people think."
Lennox Orlav 08/18/19 -rolls his shoulder back-
"That's a good way to lose a hand."
Theodora Hawthorne 08/14/19 Theo jerked her chin away from the sudden, unwelcome contact. Amber eyes flashed in annoyance as they alighted upon the owner of the wandering appendage. Honestly, who just walked up and touched a stranger's face? Maybe she was on the spectrum.

"I think you might be the only one missing from the club, gal." The Southern turn to her words somehow made the sting of the comment seem less so. "You have some trouble making friends, or do people usually go for that line?"
Bishop 08/13/19 -wrinkles nose-
I'd rather not have the taste of disappointment in my mouth before I eat. You are free to do as you wish, though.
"I will get the runners."
Bishop 08/13/19 -readjusts clothing-
-offers arm loop-
"I know of a place full of fit young men for consumption. Shall we be off?"
Liam Moore 08/12/19 Liam watched her hand slide up his chest, tensed when the tattoo was touched. Brown hues looked back to her face only when she finished speaking. His hand reached up and grasped hers simply holding it. "Nothing wrong with being predictable, I prefer when people have all their cards on the table less surprises that way."
Bishop 08/12/19 -slowly starts to relax-
"A hunt you say?"
"I am a bit peckish. Why not?"
Bishop 08/12/19 -freezes at the lick-
-is in pure disgust-
-takes all of his willpower not to roundhouse kick her-
-helps support her despite the cringe-
"Greetings, mon gros pois. How are you fairing?"
Liam Moore 08/12/19 Looks down at her hand on his chest and just shakes his head.
"Why am I not surprised to hear that dear?"
Liam Moore 08/12/19 "Lucky for you I intend to do just that."
Liam Moore 08/12/19 "Do you though? I mean the whole point of the game was the ink though. Are you changing the game now?" Crosses arms over his chest.
"I'm not sure I like that"
Liam Moore 08/12/19 "As fun as that sounds, didn't you tell me earlier you didn't have any ink?"
"Get some and maybe get a few drinks into me and we can play that game."
Liam Moore 08/12/19 "Yeah well I suppose that makes two of us."
"It's not all so bad, some places hurt more than others. I actually have a few but we aren't gonna dive into that."
Liam Moore 08/12/19 Stares at wide eyed.
"Yeah not one of my smartest moves, but hey we were all young and stupid once right?"
Liam Moore 08/12/19
"Uhhh no not there though it probably would have been better there. It's the giant thing on my neck."
Pokes back.
"Pleasure to make your acquaintance I think."
Liam Moore 08/12/19 Lets out a sigh of relief.
"Oh thank god! Murder I can do! Let's just not bring up the matching tattoo thing ever."
"I'm Liam by the way."
Liam Moore 08/12/19 "I mean it's not that I'm a no toucher, just ya know not randomly and with someone I don't really know."
Looks very concerned.
"What do you mean? No one said anything about a cult, we don't have to get matching tattoos do we? I did that once wasn't great. Really don't recommend."
Liam Moore 08/12/19 Pulls back, stares at.
What do you mean cult? I totally heard the word cult.
And why are you touching my face?
I don't know where those hands have been.
Andy Codin 08/09/19 You're quite welcome
Seven 08/09/19 Yes.
Thank you.
Andy Codin 08/09/19 Congratulations on ranking up. You've shown us all how it should be done
Bodhi Jones 08/09/19 Thick brows furrow over a considerate gaze, even as it narrows in contemplation as she speaks. There is a darkness within her, clawing at her psyche and raking coals over her consciousness, the result leaving her apparently rattled. He could suggest perhaps the binges she clearly goes on might be the culprit, but it isn't his place, and she might not react so kindly.

"You're here now," is all he will say, "and I can assure you it's real."

Her hand rests on his cheek as if she commits his face to the memory of his name and its meaning. Bodhi won't draw away, though the touch leaves him with a marked sense of foreboding. She is adamant that she isn't a bad person, and the man is not one to argue... or agree. Again, it's simply not his place to judge in any capacity. "Rest, Elowen," he reasserts with a ghost of his usual grin. "Don't let the demons win."
Bodhi Jones 08/09/19 Her approach is announced long before her arrival is imminent, and Bodhi rises from the floor in a very fluid, cat-like motion. Any that paid witness to it might have been surprised, as he seems very languid in his usual movements, but meditation leaves him spry and relaxed, and his body thanks him for it. The soothing music is turned down, the chiming of bells dulled to a gentle ringing in the background, and he turns to greet Elowen amidst a cloud of incense, donning his signature smile.

She collapses into him and both hands rest gently on her upperarms, steadyingly. Three times she says his name, and he wonders humorously if she is trying to summon him. Alas, no, she seems to be poking fun, and he cants his head to the side, laughing softly. "It's a Hindu name, it means awakened, or enlightened." But she doesn't care, so set on her mission, and Bodhi plants his feet and becomes a stone in her grasp. "Maybe you should rest," he asserts gently, considering her rather disheveled state. "Besides, I don't drink or anything, so I can't imagine how fun I'd be."
EtaineNightBreed 08/08/19 Well done on your new rank!
Shadwyn Drake 08/08/19 Congrats on ranking!
Seven 08/08/19 It is going.
There is much to learn.
I have time.
Bishop 08/08/19 "We should get a bite to eat together some time. I can show you a few tricks for maximum gore, and minimum clean up."
Bishop 08/08/19 -nods along-
"Ah, yes, I am the same. If I am not coated in their blood I am not satisfied."
-pulls out list from pocket-
"Should help with most clothing. Not corduroy. But, really, corduroy is hideous as it is so the blood might be an improvement."
Bishop 08/08/19 -gives a stiff nod-
-is not used to this-
-returns hands to pockets-
"So, uh, Jameson said you had issues with getting your clothing stained. As a messy eater, I understand."
-looks off to the distance-
"In my years I have developed a cleaner just for blood stains... I can supply you with ingredients if you want."
Jameson Orlav 08/08/19 Bishop is a far more patient man than I.
-raises a brow-
People aren’t usually too keen on having their butts smacked.
-grumbles a little-
Unless the occasion warrants it.
Bishop 08/08/19 "For a long time I made it so I was never seen. I liked it that way. No work needed if nobody ever saw you."
-takes her hand-
"Now, I suppose I don't mind it. That arms distance continues to close a little more."
-places both hands on hers as a show of comfort-
"You have someone. A few someones, now."
Bishop 08/08/19 -inhales-
"A lot of us are on edge most of the time."
-purses lips-
"Yeah, when you spend most of your life keeping others at arms distance it's uncomfortable to have them so close."
"Just, maybe, give me a heads up before hand. Then I will be more receptive."
Bishop 08/08/19 -watches her-
-reaches out arms-
-gives a distant hug-
-immediately retracts arms-
"It is alright. I am learning to become less...frigid."
Jameson Orlav 08/08/19 -surprised gasp-
What the—
-grabs arm, growls a little-
Hands off the goods, kiddo. I get a little testy when people get feelsy before buying me dinner.
Bishop 08/08/19 "He touches me plenty."
-eyes go wide-
-clears throat-
"Ignore that. I am just... not used to friendly contact, is all. Being touched has never been my favorite. Jameson being the obvious exception."
Bishop 08/08/19 "You flatter me, mon gros pois."
-jumps a bit-
-looks surprised-
Bishop 08/08/19 "Really? I was scared it would make my @ss look fat."
Bishop 08/07/19 -regrets everything-
-stiffens at the sudden hug-
-is dragged away-
"Fresh, always fresh."
Bodhi Jones 08/07/19 Demons flit across the woman's face, seemingly brought on by his indelicacy. "Uh," he begins, but nothing suitable really comes to mind, so he falters into a state of silence. Whatever conclusion she manages to come to has him relaxing appreciatively, though he does shake his head.

"That's kind of you, but you're more than welcome to join me in my silent observation anytime. I'm boring, not unfriendly."
Jameson Orlav 08/07/19 -crinkles nose-
Tequila, bleh.
You'll find whisky and gin in my cabinet, but that's all I can offer.
Check Gray Taylor's room.
Gray Taylor 08/06/19 Gray couldn’t quite believe his ears. Staring down at the woman, he quirks a brow as she ambles on. “Quite the opposite,” he mutters, equal parts amused and concerned. Concerned for his own safety, at least. And Bodhi’s. He’d heard the man could be found here, and now he rather wonders at the information. “Do many murderers you know make themselves so known?”
Bishop 08/06/19 "Yes, that could be a hassle. However, when it works, it works. I don't know how to explain it."
-goes for another taste-
-tosses it over shoulder-
"Hmmm I think Jameson has some tequila I could borrow. Why not? I'm feeling adventurous."
Bishop 08/06/19 "Madness seems to be a quality most have these days, non? "
"I hardly think that will deter suitors."
--drinks a slushee-
-wrinkles nose-
"Ick, disgusting. How can humans drink this?"
Gray Taylor 08/06/19 “Hm,” he would let out a quiet hum of dissatisfaction. A stormy, perhaps even disappointed, gaze would glance about before looking at the woman once more. “If you do, let him know Gray is looking for him.”
Bishop 08/06/19 -watches her-
"I wouldn't be so sure. I thought that as well, look at me now."
-wrinkles nose-
-shakes head-
"This one is of my own collection. I made my point last time.
Bishop 08/06/19 -offers a bottle-
"Enjoying the new eye candy, gros pois?"
-arches a brow-
Gray Taylor 08/06/19 Gray stares. He stares in an unsettling way. A hand touches to his chest, and the man noticeably stiffens before lifting his own to pluck it from him. Without missing a beat, an obnoxiously charming smile quirks at his lips. “Have you seen Mr. Jones, recently?”
Jameson Orlav 08/06/19 He grinned, "There is a trick." Jameson quipped. "Eat fast. Stop paying so much attention to the corpse in your arms." The vampire offered a little tip of his head. "They are, after all, merely a means for feasting." And he waves a hand. "That is what you meant, yes?"
Bodhi Jones 08/06/19 The fact is, Bodhi lives anything but a boring life, though not by his choice. He is an enforcer, of a sort, to a force that is unseen and all powerful. And, truthfully, it's exhausting, something made all the more apparent by the bags under his eyes and the yawn he suppresses, even now. Still, you'd be hard-pressed to find him in a state of negativity; he just doesn't have it in him, and thank goodness for that.

"Oh, I don't get bored. I just tend to be rather... mundane to most. That's all." Thank goodness for that, too. "You can think of me as the silent observer. Or at least, that's what I'll maintain until forced otherwise." He passes her a wink, but has no way of knowing if she even noticed, as enticed with her own fingernails as she is.
Bodhi Jones 08/05/19 Consider me thoroughly welcomed.
Though I can't promise you won't get bored of running into me.
I lead a rather dull existence, if I do say so myself.
puffs up, seemingly proud
Bodhi Jones 08/05/19 Hallo, then.

Fancy meeting you here.
Seven 07/30/19 *studies*
I understand.
Thank you.
Bishop 07/30/19 -allows her to finish his snacks-
-may have planned this-
"Thank you. She really is not so bad. Teach her a thing or two. Take her out on the town sometime. Soon she will warm up to you."
Seven 07/30/19 The Bishop is what to you?
Bishop 07/30/19 "She is not used to you, Wen. Remember how you felt when everything was overwhelming? When you felt crowded, scared?"
-licks another finger-
"That is her mindset. It would mean a lot to me if you were patient with her, gros pois."
-glances at her-
"She is new to all of this."
Seven 07/30/19 *stares at*
*starts to reach behind her back*
The Bishop is... your friend?
Bishop 07/30/19 -licks blood off of fingers-
"Give her a chance, gros pois. She is but a child. Why, I believe we are her first opportunity at recreational social interaction."
-clicks tongue-
"Why, what happened?"
Seven 07/30/19 *straightens*
*is calm*
Who is mon petit pois?
Seven 07/30/19 I have no problem.
*begins to crouch*
No one touches me.
Seven 07/30/19 *dips away*
You do not touch me.
*furrows brows*
Yes, the Bishop brought me home.
I am... home.
Bishop 07/30/19
-realizes how drunk she is-
"You know, I think we have capes back at the coven."
-leads her-
"Let's go find you one."
Bishop 07/30/19 -watches-
-is mildly amused-
"Yes, yes, we tremble in fear of your greatness."
-reaches out-
"Up you go, Big Pea."
Bishop 07/30/19 -deadpans-
"That escalated quickly."
"Women are not typically my flavor of fun but with enough wine, maybe. I will keep your offer in mind."
"Big pea. Not fat. Graisse means fat."
Bishop 07/30/19 -takes a quick drink-
-looks disgusted-
-passes it back-
"I do believe it's a full on fetish."
-recalls a specific night-
-clears throat-
"I have been called worse so I suppose I am fine with it, gros pois."
Bishop 07/30/19 -snorts-
"I think he'd like me cooked rare. He likes them bloody."
-finds himself amusing-
-arches a finely groomed brow-
"I haven't been called that since I was a child some sixty five years ago."
-reaches out hand-
-wants a swig-
Bishop 07/30/19 -eye twitch-
"Dear Elowen, I would rather you gouge out my eyes and set me ablaze than call me that."
"Bishop will suffice."
Bishop 07/30/19 -stares at-
-offers bottle-
"Straight from Jameson's stash. If he asks, you got it from me."
Jameson Orlav 07/30/19 Who keeps giving you alcohol!!
Bishop 07/22/19 "I could say the same about you."
"I haven't a clue. She simply decided to stalk me. And is very blatant about it."
Jameson Orlav 07/19/19 *grins*
Tell me you didn't break into my stash?
Bishop 07/18/19 "Unfortunately. She's not very stealthy, either."
-crosses arms-
"And who are you?"
WildKat 07/18/19 "Stop that!"Image and video hosting by TinyPic
WildKat 07/18/19 *takes a step back**eyes carefully*raises a brow*"Ew"
WildKat 07/18/19 "Niiiice! Oh blood a bad thing?"
WildKat 07/18/19 *stares*"Did you just meet you?"
Bishop 07/17/19 -side eyes-
-arches a brow-
"You're not going to stalk me as well, are you?"
WildKat 07/16/19 "Congrats on your new rank!"
Jameson Orlav 07/15/19 That... Is so rude. I can be a panda if I want to be a panda.
Jameson Orlav 07/15/19
Odette 07/08/19 "Who the f-ck.."
Shadwyn Drake 06/30/19 Welcome to the coven!
WildKat 06/28/19 "Oh boy. Not good, not good at all.." Image and video hosting by TinyPic
WildKat 06/27/19 "Welcome to the Coven and why are you keeping all the heads?!"
WildKat 06/24/19 You managed to break out Elowen Jocosta.
Gavin McGrath 06/23/19 "Ya know, I never really asked. People jus' kinda started sayin' it so I followed suit. If it's a drug cult, someone's holdin' out on me."
Hela Jones 06/20/19 Welcome to the realm!
Kira Garrett 06/20/19 Welcome to the Realm
Averly Amoret 06/20/19 Welcome to the Realm
Eloise Buchanan 06/20/19 ~Elle flashes a tiny bit of fang as she smiles at the new person who appeared in the realm~
I'm Elle, welcome to this place.
LillyEmperium 06/19/19 Welcome to the realm
Gavin McGrath 06/19/19 "Welcome t'the Realm, lass."
Jewel 06/19/19 Welcome to the Realm. Enjoy your stay.
Melinoe 06/19/19 Melinoë skips over to the newcomer, a broad grin on her face. “Hiya! Welcome to the Realm! Enjoy your stay, sweets!”
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