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Born: January 11, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Last five threads posted in:
Esper Valari 01/13/19

Spencer McHale 01/12/19 "No problem, man. I would help the best I could if you need advice or something else."

Spencer nodded and chuckled before he turned on his heels and headed away.
Taylor M Black 01/12/19 ‘Well you can’t be at my house every single day so sometimes I have to eat whatever’s left over from the two monsters living in my house.’ She laughed as she got home and went about her day
Spencer McHale 01/12/19 Spencer approached the male, letting a soft smile spread across his lips as he waved. "Welcome to the area. I'm new too so if you have questions I can direct you to someone else like Taylor or Livia."
Taylor M Black 01/12/19 ‘Cold Mac and cheese and a half eaten cookie. Already ahead of you.’ She laughed as she drove home, shaking her head, the dude knew her so well by now.
Taylor M Black 01/12/19 When Taylor went to leave for work she laughed softly at the rose on her windshield before approaching it slowly, bringing it to her nose and taking in a deep breath. "Just full of surprises, aren't you?" She climbed into her car before texting Josh. 'Thank you.'
Raven D Morningstar 01/11/19 Welcome to the Realm! I'm Raven a demon mentor. Should you have question or need help feel free to ask. Enjoy your stay and happy hunting.
Morgana le Fay 01/11/19 Welcome to the realm of Bloodletting. I am Morgana, one of the elders here. If at anytime you need help feel free to contact us. We can be found around the realm in different cities. Or from your mail tab above. Or under the Help an links tab at the Admin directory. Again Welcome!
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