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Born: December 11, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 6
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 32
Affiliation: Cirque de Perdus Mail Replies Sent: 85
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 17
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He is basically the Loch Ness Monster, but less sociable. Still always available for RP.
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Beau Theroux

Virelai Tylwyth

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Merida Campbell

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Jack Angiers 02/12/20 After settling in and sharing a drink or two with Beau, Jack then goes in search of his sanctuary mates. He could do this. The talking to other people thing. Coming across a face, he hasn’t met yet he wanders over to be all sociable-like.

“Hi, I’m trying to get around to meeting all the crew here. Name’s Jack – resident angel.” Jack sticks out his hand in greeting. See he can be friendly.
Tobias Morgan 02/05/20 "My definition of great need, or yours?" Ty is always one to mince words and seek out the advantage in any situation. He's a rotten example of his kind, although many are not the compassionate, upstanding citizens of Heaven most think them to be. No, his home is filled with worse than him.

Ty's bright blue eyes focus solely on the male before him. His gaze is intense to say the least. "Not all, no. Does my appearance please you?" He steps closer and lowers his voice. "I find myself curious how you know what I am."
Beau Theroux 01/28/20 With the sudden halt Beau turned to look at Julien, a questioning look in his visage that quickly transformed into wonder at the majestic creature that stood before him. Of all the animals he had the pleasure of meeting a stallion had never graced him with it's presence. A pretty man that turned into a pretty horse? Truly, Beau had died and pierced the veil.

For a moment he stood dumbfounded. Then, much like an excited child, he scampered over to his companion and heaved himself up, gently of course. The large man was practically vibrating with pure wonder. "Okay, this has to be the greatest thing to ever happen ever in the history of my life."
Beau Theroux 01/28/20 Evergreen eyes glanced down at his disheveled exterior realizing he allowed his excitement to overthrow his better judgement. "Huh. Yeah. It seems like it did...ANYWAYS!" A hand snatched at Julien's and the wolf began to tug the taller man in the direction he had ran from.

"I need a taste tester! Valentine's Day is comin' up and I got a reputation to uphold!"
Merida Campbell 01/28/20 Merida smiled while speaking "You don't owe me anything but maybe a couple of drinks sometime. By the way, I have loads of fun tormenting the guards." She gestures over shoulder at the guards that were all tied up with self stick wrap.
Merida Campbell 01/28/20 Merida jingled the keys after unlocking the dungeon door.

You managed to break out Julien Vaillancourt.
Beau Theroux 01/26/20 "Julieeeeeeeeen!"
-runs up to-
-is wearing an apron-
-possibly covered in flour-
Merida Campbell 01/19/20 Merida strolled through the dungeons very quietly as she tried to avoid the guards. She spies a familiar face that belong to the same Sanctuary that she was in. Taking a bobby pin from behind her ear, she began to work on the lock. Finally she hears that familiar click and she opened the door.

"Run.... your free!

"You managed to break out Julien Vaillancourt.
Liam Moore 12/17/19 Liam heard the males words but still they did not sit right with him. Back when he lost his person it was like pouring salt on the wound. It wasn't even until recently he started talking about it, though he supposed everyone was different.

"Ah the rust will come right off, it's not hard to be good at such things. Course I have a few perks to help me but that's neither here nor there." He would offer a small smile.

"Well Julien it is a pleasure to meet you."
Liam Moore 12/17/19 Well didn't he feel like as ass now, however the males words what he was doing. It hit a little close to home. "I apologize, I should not have asked. I know all too well how painful that can be, though I got my killer."

"If you need help in such things I'm good at killing. Ah truly you are gonna think I am so conceited."

Liam probably shouldn't brag at the fact he was good at murdering people but he couldn't help what he was. "I feel this is also a little late but I'm Liam."
Liam Moore 12/17/19 His smirk shifted to an amused sort of smile as the male responded to him. "Well I not to toot my own horn but I feel you will find everything about me pleasant. So tooty toot." Ah how he found himself so amusing.

Hazel eyes narrowed at the words hunting killers. "Now isn't that interesting do tell me why are you doing such things and how do you know someone is a killer?" His top teeth found his bottom lip as he chewed softly on it, just watching the male for a bit.

"My needs? I have many, though I fear none are as interesting as yours."
Liam Moore 12/16/19 Liam clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth before smirking.
"I don't believe I would have offered had I not been willing to do anything. But I do see your point, say you were to ask for my heart well I couldn't give you that. I need it...I think."
Nervous awkward laugh.
"So anything within reason. And this is the part where you ask me whats within reason and this is the part where I tell you that you should just ask and we will find out."
Liam Moore 12/16/19 Liam would give a light shrug of his shoulders.
"Well most just ask me where something is located, a tour or merely mumble an uninterested thank you my way before we part ways."
Smile may have grown just a smidge.
"Besides I have yet to come across something I can't do."
Vexa 12/15/19 She finds herself playing in the dungeons of New Orleans. Alone, in the dark. Miles from home, maybe miles from anywhere really. Who was to say. Not that Shirin is afraid. The dank, dark places are always the most interesting. Especially when one finds someone with such blanch hair. White? Silver? The lack of light distorts many things, doesn't it?

They are locked away, behind corroded bars of steel, too far to get a good look. Just the hair she can make out between slivers of shadow. And so, the girl does what she normally did- attempts to free the imprisoned. She fails, of course but it does not stop her from trying once more. Dark gaze narrowed in concentration, fingers dexterous with a pick made of discarded bone, a click is heard. The second time is always the charm. No matter anyone says.

She motions towards the door but doesn't speak. Shirin is mute but surely they heard her at work?

You managed to break out Julien Vaillancourt.
Liam Moore 12/13/19 "You are welcome, need anything feel free to ask yours truly."
Offers a smile.
"I have been told I am very helpful"
Virelai Tylwyth 12/13/19 “Julien.” She rolled the name across her tongue and smiled faintly. She would not say it was a lie either, that name certainly described him well. But she wondered if that softness was only an outward appearance, an illusion. Glamour that distracted from the sharpness of his teeth and the glint of his eyes. Yes, that was very possible. A piece of him but not the whole of him. Still, she was not one to judge given her own quirks.

He bowed, with the elegance of one raised to do so, an ingrained movement that looked both cold and graceful at once. In response, one of her legs, toes pointed, swept back behind the other, her left arm pressing lightly against her abdomen while the right extended out to the side. If she had been wearing a skirt as she bent, it would have made for a pretty curtsy. But as it was, the gold glitter in her eyes gleamed and she did not lower her head as she bent forward slightly, instead choosing to meet his gaze. She did not know him and while status had been something she learned of she had never been near enough those like her to bend to those formalities. Besides, for all they knew these two might stand on equal footing. One day perhaps.

“Anything is subjective.” It was one of her favorite mortal words. A slip of the tongue so easily said. “A bit of tit for tat as they say. But I am sure you understand.” Everything was equal exchange. Well, either that or a favorable one, which Vir much preferred when it was favorable to her. Still, the hatred for her father led to contempt of her own kind and the laws they lived by, the things that bound them. So though her instincts drove her to seek the advantage, she did try to remain fair when she could. “I am looking forward to it. I imagine we will run into one another again.” Sooner or later at least.
Beau Theroux 12/12/19 The touch of the other male upon his jaw garnered little to no reaction. Physical interaction hardly ever effected Beau who found comfort in it, though others may not. Even as the other male spoke a radiant grin remained unmoved on his face.

"Fae, huh? Can't say this is my first run in with your kind." Maybe he had a fae magnet on somewhere? "Hows 'bout you come t'my bar, have a drink, eat some of the sweets I just so happened to have made, and we can see whether or not I want this trouble you claim to be, hm?" Everygreen hues watched his counterpart with a curious intrigue. Really, Virelai was his only example of fae to go off of and boy did she love sweets. Whether that was a common characteristic between them or not he'd soon find out. "What d'ya say?"
Virelai Tylwyth 12/12/19 Centuries old, he and reborn in some way, no, returned from death's door. Tidbits of information given freely. How interesting. How familiar it felt, how it resonated with the story she had begun to tell not so long ago. She wondered if tragedy lurked within his as well. It would not surprise her given how common it was among those freshly blooded beings who were able to see this world for what it was. Those in some way sidestepped from where the mindlessness of mortal man stood.

He was taller than she by a good foot at least and as she tilted her head to meet his eyes, her hair slithered in luminous strands of white down her back. Her hand rested against her chest and she wondered if that heavy thump, just the one, was a sympathetic response or one that was excited to see how far this one would go. Her lips pulled into a grin, this time one she did not hide.

“Beautiful.” The word was a soft exclamation laced with that excitement, one in response to both the man and his words. There was no end to the interesting people who came and went from this world, but she hoped at least, that this one would stick around for a while. The woman extended her hand to him then, carelessly perhaps, but without hesitation. “I look forward to it. You may call me Vir. If you ever have any need for anything come find me. I may be able to offer my assistance.” It was an invitation, an offer of – if not friendship – companionship, even if only as acquaintances. It was almost comforting to find someone who was not afraid of that dance of madness.
The Preacher 12/12/19 *Nods*
Always around to help a fellow out in need.
Virelai Tylwyth 12/12/19 There was something about this man. Vir looked upon him, eyes drifting from face to shoulder, down chest, to hips, to legs to feet. A meandering gaze that could be mistaken for interest when in fact it was analytical. If put into a single word, she would say she found him most curious. Like looking into a long ago mirror. A cold gloved hand rose up and touched her own cheek as she remembered the recovery of her lost body. So perhaps that mirror was not so long ago, after all.

He took the envelope and her moss green eyes gleamed golden for the briefest moment. She watched his face intently before shuttering those orbs with her lashes, shadowing them. Nothing was free as far as her kind were concerned, at least that was the way of it in her experience. Her hand shifted, covering the laughter forming on her lips at his question. Maybe there was more to the mirror than she initially thought. But she would assume nothing. Only observe and decide once she knew for certain.

Though she had made no verbal bargain with him, his acceptance of the envelope said quite a lot in that small moment. It was a deal of sorts. Or rather. She spoke, her voice a ripple across cold, dark waters. “It is an investment, you could say. An investment in your journey, in the story you will weave of your life.” Much like placing a bet on a creature becoming a source of entertainment, even if only in watching, she thought and then continued. “I like interesting things. And you certainly look interesting. Everyone can use a helping hand from time to time, no?” That statement alone, coming from her lips, brought no end of amusement. Still, it wasn't a lie. After all, lying was something she could not do.
The Preacher 12/12/19 *Clears throat.*
Must be careful around this place.
You managed to break out Julien Vaillancourt.
Briahne Christiann 12/12/19 Hello Hello, looks like you have a following already, that's very cool. Welcome to the Realm, settle in and get that imagination going. If you need any help with anything, please reach out, we're happy to assist.
Liam Moore 12/12/19 "Welcome to the realm"
Virelai Tylwyth 12/12/19 Vir stepped through the darkness, moved with a sense of unseeing, the steps of a predator shifting through the shadows on instinct. She held a black book in her hand, leather cracked from age, and ran her fingers down a freshly inked page. There were symbols, swirling lines of text written in small, elegant script. Symbols that represented the new and old arrivals to the Realm. The fresh blood calling.

It had been some time since she had gone out to greet them. It had been some time since she had gone out at all. But the time was right at last. The man she approached was connected to her little black book, an arrival. She closed the book when she saw him and clipped it into the pocket of her leather jacket before making her way closer.

Smiling, lips curled in a cold twist, eyes glinting with amusement, she reached out her hand and handed the man an envelope. “Welcome to the Madness.” A new greeting, an appropriate one, but still with that same cryptic pull. Some people chose to ignore it, move on. After all, a stranger handing them an envelope out of the blue was odd enough. But there was always the possibility of kindred calling to kind and curiosity winning out against rationality. These small possibilities, these ties of fate, these unusual occurrences, were the things Vir lived for. She enjoyed the stirring chaos they could create.
Azzamon 12/12/19

*The smell of petrichor fills the room. A female demon appears.*

Well, well, well. haven't seen yer kind in a while.

*The demon muses in a Southern Drawl.*

I hope you'll stick around, sweetheart.

*She winks before becoming nothing but smoke.*

Beau Theroux 12/12/19 The man leaned forward, a bright grin on his visage. "I don't fancy restrictions, so I try not to put'em on anythin'." Of course, he knew full well the trouble such actions could put him in but he was a gambling man. "Now, I ain't no god or nothin' so my abilities are limited, but I can assist where possible."
Beau Theroux 12/12/19 "And it's only the start! The weirdness has only just begun. If ya need anythin' feel free to find me in New Orleans. My crew and I are always willin' to help out."
Beau Theroux 12/12/19 "Welcome to the Realm!"
Emily Celtos 12/12/19 Welcome to the realm
Ronan Boru 12/11/19 Welcome to the realm
Delilah Palmer 12/11/19 Welcome!
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