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[Original Date: October 15, 2017]
Mail   ~   Attack   ~   Steal
Born: January 05, 2021 Forum Topics Started: 1 (House only: 0)
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 2 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: Spitiyura Mail Replies Sent: 72
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 16
In Union With: Not in Union Last Login:
Currently Online:
04/20/21 at 8:48 pm
Current Mood: Contemplative 
[Originally Remi Rose]
[Original "Birth": February 02, 2017]

[Looking for others to write with. Send a message and we can figure it out!]
[Need DP 1's! I will trade my BM for your DPs]

Remi's Biography

This ROSE is all but THORNS now.

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Michael A
Master Slayer

Elizabeth Hawkins

Dexter Gein


Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
RealmBittersweet Memories
Created by Remi
Michael A 04/02/21 Cerulean hues met hers. They had a certain look to them as they always had. A look of almost all knowing, yet a humble presence brought along with it. A smile tugged at the corner of his lips and he gave a nod. His gaze never left hers as his lips began moving, that strangely soothing voice leaving them so effortlessly.

"Hello Remi."

He had obviously changed significantly since the last time they had seen one another. Scars covered a majority of his exposed skin, and he had looked a bit more war-torn than usual. It had truly been a battle, and one he knew was far from over.
Genesis 03/13/21 OH Remi, sweetums. I will do all your drinking for you, and then I will drink all the coffee!!! You come find me and we'll trade some secrets.
Genesis 03/09/21 Hello Remi, its great to meet you. I'm Genesis, but my friends call me Gen! Perhaps we can meet up for a drink sometime, or even sit in the crew house, we have a very well stocked bar.
Jade Crock 03/08/21 Thank you for the welcome
Genesis 03/08/21 Welcome to the crew! If you need anything, my door is always open! :]
Elizabeth Hawkins 03/08/21 Welcome to the crew!
Neva Guillory 02/25/21 Thanks
Sienna Parker 02/11/21 "I will keep that in mind. I am Sienna. Nice to meet you Miss Remi."
Sienna Parker 02/11/21 Thank you!
Elizabeth Hawkins 01/05/21 Welcome to the Realm,
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