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Are you a lower level character looking to die? *Grins* I have a deal for you.

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Born: October 02, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 8 (House only: 8)
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 146 (House only: 8)
Affiliation: Ordre des Damnes Mail Replies Sent: 453
Home City: Port-au-Prince Mail Sent: 56
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09/16/21 at 6:21 pm
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Current Role Play: The Hardest Thing in Life to Learn- Which Bridge to Cross and Which Bridge to Burn
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Zahrah Mubarack

Katherine Murray

Virelai Tylwyth

Shannon Taylor



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Eleri Nenharma 08/14/21 "Thank you very much!"
Pheenyx 08/02/21 *looks at own creepy DP*
*sideways glances*
*shrugs and grins*
Thanks ^.^
Strahd Von Zarovich 08/01/21 Congratulations on PoTD!
Pheenyx 08/01/21 Congrats on POTD!
Zahrah Mubarack 01/01/21 The Realm was full of mysteries and tonight was proving no different in showing that. She didn't care how it happened or why, or hell, maybe she was even dreaming. Feeling the security of his arms around her waist and his breath against her neck was enough to push her past the point of caring.

She leaned back into him, allowing herself a momentary smile. She would oblige him in his request. She wouldn't argue, instead she turn her head slightly, pressing a kiss to his cheek. A voiceless declaration of love. Not much, but just enough.
Zahrah Mubarack 01/01/21 She closed her eyes and inhaled the crisp, night winter air through her lungs. A new year had come and all she could think about was him. Upon opening her eyelids, those emerald orbs she knew he'd grown to love looked towards the stars and she exhaled.

Happy New Year, my love.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/14/20 “Ah.” She giggled and twisted a lock of silver hair around her finger. “I too keep my friends close. Just in case they find they need me for something. And I have so few I can call friend.” She nodded seriously. “Well, you are a busy man. I have no doubt you will get there in no time. But be certain not to neglect your health. I would be terribly sad if you fell ill. Do try not push yourself too hard.”
Virelai Tylwyth 09/14/20 Vir turned, a slow grin curling her pink lips at the corners, rising up sharply. “Naberius, it is good to see you again, my friend.” Her eyes gleamed, moss green to gold, as she held out her arms and glanced down at herself. “You are so observant. I didn't think anyone would notice. I truly appreciate it.” She paused and lifted her gaze to meet his. “I'm positive you will be right there with me soon.”
Katherine Murray 09/06/20

It's a perfect likeness, innit?
Virelai Tylwyth 09/04/20 Virelai smiled, the twist of her lips bittersweet. "And you as well, it seems. Congratulations, it's a shame I hadn't seen sooner." She laughed and tapped her fingertip against her chin thoughtfully. "I was too eager to click perhaps, as I now have a long, long way to go before I get any further than this. But perhaps it was worth it. Just to see."
Elizabeth ORourke 08/27/20 *Liza 's azure hues as a man tipped his hat in greeting. She found herself smiling at him.* "Hallowed Dark Eve and Blessed Be." *She listened very cautiously to his words. He carried the mantle of leadership about his shoulder and his voiced emitted it when he spoke to her. The fallen ex angel, the damned Nephilim took courage in his kind words.* "I am Liza, Sire Naberius. I will contact Kat on those issues. Does that include a shadow cat that insists he is my familiar. A panther is running about corridors. What is here for anything else." *She pondered on the last statement.*
Virelai Tylwyth 08/27/20 Vir's eyes lit up at the familiar call, lips tilting into a smile. “Look who's come to congratulate me! Where have you been gathering dust?” Her grin widened slung her arm around the man's shoulder. “You know I almost feel bad for all the people that had to be distracted by my maybe-it's-Maybelline-like poster. But I am certain most everyone survived. How have you been?”
Zahrah Mubarack 04/02/20 *squeals with delight*
*pinches bum while he kisses*
Missed you more, handsome.
Zahrah Mubarack 03/26/20 Congratulations on ranking, darling!
Zahrah Mubarack 12/18/19 *sends very revealing picture message via her cell phone to Naberius*

*giggles and waits for response*
Zahrah Mubarack 12/08/19 Hm. The basement? That was interesting. She had no intentions of actually going there. Well, not until he said something. He should know better than to pique her interest like that!

I would never misbehave.. Unless if I do misbehave does that mean you will come home to scold me?
Zahrah Mubarack 12/08/19 She felt like a child when her phone chimed and she knew it was him. Her eyes scanned over the message. A few more hours? She wondered if there was any way to bring him back sooner.

A few more hours? I don't like the sounds of that. I think you should be here sooner than that...

An idea popped in her head, and she quickly snapped a photo of herself with an accentuated pout. Making sure to attach the picture to the message, she finally hit 'send'.
Zahrah Mubarack 12/08/19 She wasn't sure where he had run off to but she knew she hadn't heard from him for a few hours. He was missed immensely while away. Taking out her cell phone, she located his number and began typing a text to him.

Where are you? You're missing all the fun...
Andrea Ostergaard 12/06/19 "Hard to say... either that or tripping over myself. Who knew that was a crime?" That isn't the whole story, of course, but she doesn't intend on telling a perfect stranger. Yet.
Andrea Ostergaard 12/06/19 "So... what are you in for?"
Virelai Tylwyth 10/19/19 Virelai caught sight of a familiar figure exiting the dungeon's dark catacombs and altered her stride to follow. Her footfalls were silent and quick despite the boots she wore and she reached him quickly, her cool fingers wrapping around his forearm. “Hello, again.” Vir's lips curled into a devious smile, eyes alight with mischief. “You should come play with us in the dungeons.” Amusement curled her lips further, widening her grin. “I promise to rescue you, if you get caught.”
Matt Boru 10/16/19 Congrats on the rank.
Shannon Taylor 10/15/19 Moving silently through the dark, damp hall Shannon turns her head and looks by one of the cells just as the man turns. He looks familiar, and she pauses just long enough to slip the tools into the lock and hear the soft click. She whispers softly "Fancy meeting you here... " as she leads the way back to the Coven.

You managed to break out Naberius Reum.

Shannon Taylor 10/14/19 It was difficult keeping up with all the new names and faces as they were all working to rebuild and reclaim their home. This one stood out however, and with a shy smile she met the man and extended a plant stained hand. “Hi welcome, I am Shannon. I’m sure everyone has offered assistance already. I’m usually in my room - south end of the hall there, or up on the roof tending to plants. Feel free to stop and say hello if you’re bored, have any questions, or just to pass the time” she gave a small curtsy and nod of her head in greetings “
Virelai Tylwyth 10/13/19 The moment Yule had the man's attention she was not sure that she should have attempted to get it. There was a scent to him, lingering, fading, the scent of rage. She had nó trouble picking up on those things and knew they frequently perfumed her own skin, though usually it was mixed with blood and death and whatever other trouble she had gotten herself into at the moment. She wasn't one to back away from those things, in fact she quite liked them. But she didn't see a point in getting into a fight over something as small as a kiss.

Although, that certainly would have made things more interesting. Her lips curled at the thought, tugging at the corners. One kiss down, two to go, and here he was agreeing to be the second to help her fulfill the rediculous and delightful dare her friend had challanged her to. She had to give credit where credit was due, he was pretty and she wouldn't mind having something to commemorate the encounter. After all, she did so love pretty things.

“I do appreciate your assistance.” She grinned a little wider, eyes gleaming golden and bright for just a moment, filled with mischeif. “By your leave, then.” She lifted the phone into position and then followed suit, lifting herself onto the tips of her toes. Her cool red lips pressed to his, tested the taste of him. So much information could be gathered from the contact of skin. And he was brimming with something dark and delicious, though she couldn't quite put her finger ón what it was. Curiosity would be the bane of her existence she was certain. But at least it would be fun.

With a click and a flash from the lovely magic looking glass, she captured the moment of their connection, brief though it was. As she lowered herself flat onto her feet, she smiled up at him, laughter of shattered glass and silver trailing from her lips before she spoke. “I assure you,” She siad after a breath of thought, “Any silver coin I give you would be worth well more than the paper mortals are always exchanging for goods and services. But if I should find myself in need again, I'll happily pay double that.” She checked to make sure the image instilled on the phone was good enough and then slid it into her pocket and pulled out a silver coin. “I did promise after all, hopefully that will be enough for your troubles.”
Virelai Tylwyth 10/13/19 Yule's fingers swept the silver hair back from her forehead and glanced around the room. True enough, the dare she had been issued siad the first three guys she saw, but she had standards at least. From her seat it was almost impossible to really get a good look at anyone there, however, and she was growing impatient. Adrenaline pumping and maybe helpfully fueled by a bit of liquor – okay, more than a bit – she slid off her seat and walked up to the first person to pass in front of her.

Her gloved hand reached out, cold to the touch even beneath the fabric to snag the man's arm. “Excuse mé, silver coin for a moment of your time?” Her lips quirked up at the corners, green eyes gleaming as she tilted her head to the side. “I'm in need of some assistance. A friend of mine set me up with a rather crafty little dare and I was wondering if I might get you to play along for a moment.” She inhaled, clicked her tongue once, and then continued. “I need to kiss some strangers. And take a photo on this strange device,” She held up her phone, the device in question, “As proof, apparently. Would you mind if I gave you a peck and snagged a photograph? Won't take but a moment and then I'll be out of your hair.”
Ramiel 10/12/19 Flinging his bag over his shoulder headed out on his mission. He spots the man who was announced. Blue orbs dart from him to wars the women waiting. "Hey." He says walking toward Lyl but looking over at him. "Welcome to Carpe. Been here maybe a day a head of you so not much help here. Unless you need some one killed." He gives the man a nod
Lucifer Morningstar 10/12/19 He stood out side the offices while the coven buzzed with life today. As the new guy finished up and left to do what ever it was his plans were for the rest of the day he. Lucifer stops. "Welcome to the coven and don't drink the water.There is more crazy then most places"
Raven D Morningstar 10/11/19 Hey Welcome finally! If your in need seek out meself or Ava
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/11/19 Bro if you want to play in the cells..Make sure you have a spear key.
You managed to break out Naberius Reum
Raven D Morningstar 10/02/19 Welcome to the realm! I am Raven a mentor for lost demons. Should you need any help please feel free to ask.
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