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Yule's Biography
(OOC: Images found on google. I do not own any of them.

Feel free to steal from me any time, but I'd appreciate it if you'd attack me while I'm offline.

I've come to write, so if you are interested in creating an RP drop me an OOC line and we'll hash something out, or just throw a starter at me. I like to write at least a couple of paragraphs if I can. All communications will be considered IC unless otherwise stated.

This is a work in progress biography for Yule's character. A short introduction of sorts. I do not know how to make a pretty bio, so this will have to do I'm afraid. I know it's a little bit of a mess right now. But it will likely change or grow as her story changes and progresses.)

It began with innocence.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away – or so the cliché goes – there was a child, an innocent babe who wasted her days away within her tiny little world. That world was comprised of a cradle and plush blankets, a small stuffed wolf that smelled of peppermint, and the light that drifted in from her open window – sometimes warm and yellow and sometimes cold and blue.

At the center of her world there was a woman, all soft skin and round eyes, who carried the scent of nearly burnt caramel and fresh dough. She was called mother and day or night, she was always there, looking down at the child or holding her tenderly. And beside the woman there was a man made up of sharp angles and hands that could swallow the world. But those hands were always gentle. He smelled of tobacco and old books and the little girl knew him as father.

From the moment she was born until the night of her first birthday, the little girl learned to smile and to laugh. She was taught love and kindness and safety. Her hurts were kissed away and she was cared for. And so the little girl was happy.

Continued into agony.

Then one night – the night of her birth one year later –, during the harsh and heavy winter, that happy little girl...disappeared. Her warm and safe bed was left empty and cold and no matter how frantically her parents searched for her, they could not find their child.

The night wore on, stretching into eternity, until the first rays of predawn light lit the skies. Just as the parents were losing hope, the weeping mother came back to the child's room and there, sleeping within her crib – as if she had never been anywhere else – was their little girl. Overjoyed the mother fell to her knees, clutching her lost child and vowed to never let anything like this happen again.

And ended in tragedy.

But even as she whispered her fervent promises against the child's soft skin, the child grew cold and still as stone. She did not cry out or make the small, gurgling sounds that children make. She did not squirm, her chest did not rise and fall. The warmth of the mother's body wrapped around her, seeping into her frozen little form. And then, like ice heated by the rays of the sun, the little girl – or at least, what appeared to be she – melted away, becoming a puddle in her mother's hands.

And the little girl's parents never saw their child again.

Or perhaps, that is how it began.

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Mercedes Ortiz 09/15/19 Mercedes settled herself at the table in her new room. She marveled at the kindness of others. She brought the note with broken red seals on it. She had been figuring out a way to be viable. The treasured note came out of nowhere when her need had been greatest.
The note she penned to Yule was on a clean crisp piece of white paper. The note read.
~Thank you for your kindness! I put your gift to good use. It was a gift I never expected and I will pass on it to others. Thank you again. Mercedes Dominique Valencia-Ortiz~
Nicolas Marceau 09/15/19 Twice. Twice she had managed to break him out of jail and he hadn't even had the manners to say thank you. Well, not this time. He gave her a wide grin as he slid between her and the door of the cell, tipping an imaginary hat towards her. His cajun cadence came out thick and low as he made a show of his gratitude. "Thank you, Mon Cherie. I dare say you've saved my sorry rear end more times than I can repay."
Walking backwards at a quick pace, his smile broadened. Ever smiling. Ever jovial. Until, of course, he wasn't. "I do think we should move quick, though. I'd really hate for you to have to save me a third."
Harlowe mac-Lir 09/15/19 ~Harlie was locked in a cell. Again. And she wasn't happy about it. She ran her fingers through her hair and blew out a frustrated breath as she paced back and forth in the space that was entirely too small. Even smaller than the tiny apartment she was currently renting. Despite the fact that she wasn't fully closed in, she felt her breath quicken as panic seller up within her.
Sinking down onto a cot, she stared straight ahead with wide eyes as she fought the claustrophobia for control. As words spoken to her broke through the panic, she blinked slowly once. Twice. And then she focused on the familiar face peering in at her from the other side of the bars. Jumping up, she crossed the small space to stand across from the other woman. A relieved breath left her as she placed her hands on the bars and watched her rescuer work her magic on the lock keeping her in.~

My hero...ine. I owe you one. Or several, now.
Josie Collins 09/14/19 -stares at the newcomer-
-long enough it would probably be uncomfortable-
I'm supposed to welcome new people to the coven.
-sticks nose back in book-
Shadwyn Drake 09/12/19 Welcome to Wahnsinn! We are glad you are here!
Elowen Jocosta 09/12/19 The woman ran her fingers through her hair and Wen’s eyes lit up in excitement. So many people were put off by her unannounced touching so it was always thrilling when someone reciprocated. The brunette touched people for a few different reasons, the biggest reason was due to the mental state that her mind was in. She had been fecked with and some days her brain couldn’t discern between reality and hallucination. The feel of another being beneath her fingertips helped tether her to the world, grounding her in a way that nothing else was able to do.

The second reason for her unwelcomed touching was simply a craving for affection and the comfort that it brought her. Unfortunately, there were not many people in the realm who were so free with their affections. The fact that Yule not only accepted her advances but returned the favor brought an even brighter smile to her face. She was going to like this girl, at least she hoped that she would. She didn’t believe that Bishop or Jameson would let anyone in walls of their coven that would be harmful to the other members.

“I’m glad to have you around. There are some pretty amazing people in Wahnsinn, but I’m a little biased. Be nice to Josie, stay out of Liam’s bed, and don’t touch Gray, he’s a grump when it comes that.” A soft laugh musically spilled over her pink lips as she moved her hand from the woman’s shoulder to cup her face. Wen’s cool fingers rested against Yule’s skin as she stared into her eyes with her own warm brown orbs. “I do hope you stick around.”
EtaineNightBreed 09/12/19 Welcome to the coven! Need anything just ask!
Elowen Jocosta 09/12/19 -smiles-
-puts hand on shoulder-
-smiles wider-
"Welcome to the coven, I'm Wen."
Kenna Callaghan 09/05/19 Looking at the letter, Kenna almost smiled. Almost. She appreciated those who helped out newbies, like herself.
Manannán mac-Lir 09/03/19 "Yule! You are a marvel."

"Oh, and if you see a petite red-head with a fiery temper and clear blue eyes, do take good care of her."

Manannán smiled again and left the holding cell with speed.
Harlowe mac-Lir 09/03/19 ~From her seated position on a lumpy cot within the dungeon cell, Harlie glared resentfully at the metal bars caging her in. Though she hadn't tried, she felt confident she could melt the iron with just a flick of her wrist. But that would draw too much attention. And she had no desire to answer any of the questions that would undoubtedly be the result of that attention.
F*ckin' Manny. This was all his fault.
As her thoughts dwelled on the circumstances that brought her to her current predicament and she silently seethed, she felt the tips of her fingers tingle with warmth. She curled her hands into fists and lifted her head when she heard someone approach. Tilting her head, she watched curiously as a woman fiddled with the lock on the cell door. And then the woman was using some kind of magic to break the lock.
~Her lips formed a slow smile as the woman swung the door open. Meeting her gaze, she jumped up from the cot and strode though the doorway. Before she could say or do anything, the woman was retreating. She watched her for a moment before calling out softly to her.~

Thank you!
Manannán mac-Lir 09/03/19 Thrilled to see someone smashing open the lock for him once more, he makes the woman a courtly bow.

“Thank you, lady. The accommodation is somewhat lacking, I agree, though I admit to using my incarceration as a place to reflect on my most recent…failings. One day I hope to be back to full strength so I may not come here in the first place.”

“But in the meantime, I thank you for the escape route provided. Keep up the excellent work! Oh, and the name is Manannán. How might I address you?”
Kellie_Auber 09/02/19 Receiving the note, my green eyes flicker briefly. This was how people were welcomed now. Had I truly been gone that long that the Realm had changed drastically? Opening the note in which I had received I took the offered gift and slipped into my cloak. Not sure my words would be heard anyway I shrugged small shoulders and whispered "Thank you." into the breezing winds.
Manannán mac-Lir 09/01/19 As Manannán stared up at the empty apartment windows, he sighed realising Harlie, his wife, was not here, hadn't been here for some time. Before he took another step, he felt rather than saw something drop nearby. Bending to retrieve the envelope, he opened the paper and read.

A slow smile spread over his face, and he accepted the gift from one called Yule. Using his magic, he took a moment to write a letter of thanks back.

With a few ancient words uttered under his breath, Manannán used a spell to send the message directly back from whence it came. He hoped to at least surprise the sender as well as thank them.
Ashlyn Starling 08/30/19 She hummed lightly as she shook hands with Yule, a soft smile on her lips and a laugh once their hands were released. She placed her hand back her pocket and grinned. "I don't mind getting caught every once in a while but always is a bit too much. The guards need to cut back on the security and lighten up." "I suppose we shall though seeing a familiar face isn't that bad and hopefully our cells will be close together so we can make a plan on escaping." She laughed soflty and grinned, nodding. "Yeah."
Ashlyn Starling 08/30/19 Ashlyn followed along side the woman, a small sigh escaping her as she was glad to be free. Running a hand through her hair, she placed her hair up in a ponytail as she hummed lightly. She laughed softly and nodded in a agreement, placing her hands in her pocket. "That is true though I always seem to get caught when I try to bust others out. I must have bad luck or something." She shook her head and grinned. Ashlyn raised an eyebrow before she grinned and nodded as she looked at fhe other woman. She loved baking, it was her favorite thing to do. "Yes, I do." She always bake too many cookies or muffins and would give a welcome basket to newcomers. She was happy to have a bakery shop so she could at least bring someone else some happiness. She glanced at the woman and smiled as she shook her hand, nodding. "We did. It's nice to meet you, Yule. I'm Ashlyn."
Ashlyn Starling 08/30/19 Ashlyn watched as the woman fiddled with the lock, knowing full well how troublesome those locks can be. The guards really know how to catch jailbreakers and that is to old and rusted locks that take fooorever to unlock. A smile broke into her face when the woman got the lock unlocked and laughed softly, shaking her head as she got out of the jail cell. "Ahh, no worries. Those locks are definitely something and hard to get unlocked. I've been there countless of times and always round up in jell. Thank you, I appreciate it."
Ashlyn Starling 08/23/19 She let out a soft giggled and nodded as she smiled at the woman with a soft hum. "You're very welcome. I love to bake and sometimes I tend to make more than I need to so why not give them to others. I do hope you enjoy the and if you want any kind of sweets, just let me know. My card is in the basket."
Ashlyn Starling 08/23/19 She laughed softly and smiled as she held the basket towards the woman. "I bake a lot so maybe that's it."
Ashlyn Starling 08/23/19 Ashlyn walked up to the newcomer with a basket of homemade cookies and a soft smile. "Sorry about the late welcome but welcome to the realm. I hope you enjoy your stay as well as have fun."
Liam Moore 08/22/19 "Welcome to the realm."
Jameson Orlav 08/22/19 Welcome, welcome.
Daxx- 08/22/19 Daxx bowed his head and smiled. "Tis a pleasure to meet you and I hope your stay in the Realm is a great one. If you should need anything please feel free to ask and I will see what I can do."
Daxx- 08/22/19

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
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