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WTB living, breathing voodoo dolls. Must be deathly afraid of needles and dentists. Little brothers and sisters acceptable donations. Will pay with love potions and sticky notes decorated with poorly drawn stars.

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write with me; i double-dog dare you.

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Zaynah Mubarak 11/01/18 It is not something she likes to do.. projecting her voice into a person's head but sometimes it is necessary. For instance, when she is in serpent form or when she is whispering to those she wants to corrupt. But this.. this is a fellow coven mate that has asked for something. A wish. Would the woman be willing to trade for this voodoo doll she asks for? The smile upon her face darkens and again, she send her voice to Wednesday.

What will you trade for this voodoo doll? A balance must be kept..
Zaynah Mubarak 10/31/18 The Djinn, although she has her own 'apartment' within Seventh Circle, prefers to sleep in the small Lemarchand's box in her possession. Safe. Quiet. It gives her comfort during the healing process. So imagine her surprise when a loud knock at the door sounds out. Footsteps scurrying away. The Unnamed's curiousity is piqued, of course. With a chime, the box opens and out springs a miasma of grit and cinder that spirits its way to the door. An implosion, Zaynah's form stands before the door and opens it. A note. Jadeite irises scan the words. Thing. Oh yes, that is what the Djinn is being referred to now, since Elixandra's arrival. But a voodoo doll to practice on? A wry smile curls the corners of rubied pout and Zaynah sends a voice to Elixandra's mind.

A voodoo doll.. is this what you wish?
Gray Taylor 10/20/18 "Annie. Gray." He is nothing short of amused by the woman and the way she fidgets. At first, he had wondered if he would survive in a Coven full of women, but this is a stark reminder that he does, indeed, love women. And, leaning just slightly, he lowers his voice to speak to the woman. "Very convincing smile, but... not at all necessary."

With that, he takes a step back before retreating. He's starting to enjoy it here.
Zaynah Mubarak 10/15/18 Fingers laced behind her back, the Unnamed stares as a single finger pokes her shoulder. Twice. Bits of ashen flesh, still healing from her recent arrival, drift slowly to the ground while jadeite eyes resembling crackled quartz remain fixated on 'Annie', the movement beneath her garments. A raven brow arches. The woman is odd with her black pools and poking. And then she is scurrying away, quickly. Is this how mortals now treat gods? Arrogant, just a little. Maybe the Djinn not welcoming enough. She ponders this thought; maybe it is her current form and how she appears a living statue. Hmm. "A pleasure to meet you.. Annie." it is a velvet call down the hall way, tinged with the devious grin that rests upon her face. "Be seeing you."
Gray Taylor 10/15/18 Lockheed is apparently a very busy man, but he is quickly coming to realize that he is being surrounded by estrogen. Three new women in his life, far too fast. He can do this. He can definitely handle this. He's already had the misfortune of understanding that he shouldn't assume things.

Upon sighting the young woman, he is on his very best behavior, greeting her with a Cheshire grin and a charming inflection, "Are you Elixandra?"
Zaynah Mubarak 10/15/18 A disturbance in the force. The Unnamed's head cants sharply to the left. Someone new in the Seventh Circle and their presence beckons her. Exploding into a miasma of grit, the Djinn seeks out the newest one and finds her. An implosion, the 'human' form of Zaynah appears, blanched cinders for skin, steps towards the woman. "Welcome to the Seventh Circle." She croons, argentine pout curling into devious grin. "I am Zay-nah."
Dessa Chambers 10/06/18 Welcome to the Realm!
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