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When She Says I'm Cute
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Christine Nightshade 06/06/17 Thank you Declan for the warm welcome. She takes his card and smiles
Katarina Valentine 05/23/17 Katarina laughed as she rubbed her nose. "And what is this secret tat you want to tell me"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled as she stifled a yawn. "You can sleep in the guest room...I think im going to head to lack of sleep has caught up to me"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled as she leaned back against the arm of the couch. "Probably late morning early noon"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina laughed out loud as she listened to him. "You sound like you're having fun in there" she called out as she continued sipping her wine.
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina laughed and looked up at him. "Pack for me...I'm too comfortable and don't want to get up"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled and nods. "It would be nice to get away for awhile and I know your mother would be happy to see me...she says so in all of her letters"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina shakes her head and sips her wine. "Definitely not's too time consuming"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled as she nodded. "Yes you did...I was cooking sushi and talking about I was unlucky in my love life and you were like 'for crying out loud woman I keep giving you all these I have to make a sign'...And then we had our first kiss after that"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina laughed and playfully shoved him. "Oh hush know you're intimidating and scary...You chased me down the day we met because I tickled your sides"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina chuckled and returned the hug. "Take the whole loaf and no I don't think your dad is fat...That was all kind of intimidating to be honest"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled as she pointed towards the kitchen. "Have still it...she sent two loaves last time and there's one left"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled as she took a sip of her wine. "I would never tell them something you're not ready for them to know...Your mom sends me food too...She says I'm too thin but that's because I go running every day"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled as she ate more popcorn. "Your mom sends me letters from time to time saying that even though we aren't together anymore that I've still got family over there but I haven't responded for fear of upsetting anyone"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina laughed as she shook her head. "I think your brother had a crush on me,but he quickly got over it when your mom threatened to take away his four-wheeler...He was like 'No one and I mean no one is worth my four-wheeler'... your mom just laughed when he ran off to protect it"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled as she took another sip of wine. "Yeah I remember screaming because I had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing only a towel...She covers her eyes and turns her head before saying 'just checking that you didn't die of alcohol poisoning...You want chocolate sauce on your pancakes'...and ten you threw your pillows her"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina laughed as she she pulled a knee to her chest. "And then your mom marched over to him and told him to go dunk his head in an ice bucket because she was having fun and that the kids weren't paying attention because they were playing... That was hilarious"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina snorted as she took a bite of popcorn. "It was still caffeine we just added Jack Daniels to was your mother's way of getting me over being shy around your family"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled as she shook her head. "No we always drank caffeinated beverages" she responded as she took a sip of her wine.
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled as she sat down. "I've met her briefly when I congratulated her on y'all's engagement but I didn't want to make her uncomfortable so I left her alone after that"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled as she pulled the popcorn out of the microwave and opened the bag. "I'm fine...Just having you here to keep me company helps" she responded as she poured the popcorn into the bowl. She sprinkled salt over the popcorn and carried it over to the couch.
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina nodded and handed him the wine glasses. "There you go...The popcorn will be ready in just a few minutes"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled as she placed a bag of popcorn in the microwave. She got it started and poured two glasses of wine. "Put one of The Fast and The Furious movies in" she said as she pulled a bowl out of the cabinet.
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled and walked over to her cabinet for a couple of wine glasses. "You put a movie in and I'll make some popcorn...Just not the movie from the basket"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina nodded as she stood up. "That's when you know that it's time to take it off...I'll do you first" she responded as she began to gently remove his mask. Once she had removed his mask she cleaned the excess mud off. "Now feel your skin" she said as she began removing her own mask.
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled and opened the bottle of wine. "A manicure is basically a massage for your hands...You also have your cuticles shaped...A pedicure is basically a foot massage...You soak your feet and then someone massages your feet and gets rid of the dead skin on the bottom step of your feet...Nail polish is voluntary"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina laughed as she shook her head. "The mud mask helps keep your skin soft...I can give you a pedicure and manicure but I won't paint your nails...That's were I draw the line... We'll nix the foot mask because I don't like having gunky stuff on my feet"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina giggled as she sat down beside him. "Don't worry you only have to keep it on for twenty minutes...I won't torture you with the other stuff...Yo can share the wine and cookies though"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina snickered as she rose to her feet and walked over to her friend with the basket. She sat the basket on the island and opened it so that she could pull out all of the items. Katarina grabbed the mud mask and mixed it according to the directions. "Let's make you pretty" she responded before applying the mud mask to her friends face. When she finished with him she applied the mask to her own face.
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina chuckled softly as she looked at her friend. "His name is Aiden Nightshade...He's a werewolf and he's got empathic abilities so he always manages to find me when I'm feeling down"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled as she ran her fingers through her dark curls. "I know and I'm glad you've got someone new in your life...I know I don't have to worry as much because I know she'll take care of you...I'm really happy for you...I'm glad I still have you in my life as a friend"
Caitlyn Darrow 05/22/17 Blue-green hues glance from the basket of orange juice to Declan with a long standing grin. "One glass a day keeps the beast at bay!" she chimed joyously. Her head bobs when he says her name, "Caitlyn is my name. Caitlyn No- Darrow. Caitlyn Darrow. What is your name?" the words exceptionally hyper rattled off with almost no breath of air between. "Busy? Welltherearemysonsandmyhusbandandthedogs so I would say yes! Goodbusy what about you?"
Katarina Valentine 05/22/17 Katarina smiled slightly as she sat down on the couch. "I'll be fine Declan...I may not have any family left but I'll be ok...You don't have to waste your money on me...I made a new friend last week and he seems to find me whenever I'm feeling down...I think you'd like him"
Caitlyn Darrow 05/20/17 Her orange juice senses were tingling. With the mention of her name, her body swerved in the direction of Declan. A slight tilt of her head to acknowledge her name, and then a belted out squeal of pure delight. The redhead bounced in her spot happily as she grasped onto the basket. "Orange juice is the best! Isn't it?! Thank you soo much!" Blue-green hues blink rapidly as they refocus on the kind man in front of her. "Have we met before? Hi!"
Katarina Valentine 05/19/17 Katarina giggled as she accepted the gifts. "A mud mask helps keep your skin moisturized and helps pull out the dirty oils" she responded as she carried the gifts over to the coffee table. "As for the late hour visit don't worry...I don't get much sleep lately so it wasn't a problem for you to drop by"
Katarina Valentine 05/19/17 Katarina looked up from the book she was reading when she heard a knock on her front door. She rose to her feet and placed the book on the coffee table after marking her spot. She walked over to the door and pulled it open to find Declan standing in front of her. "Hi Declan...It's nice to see you...Come on in"
Katarina Valentine 05/10/17 Katarina smiled as she looked at him. "I understand...I've been working through some things too...My cousin died recently so I've been working through that"
Pride 05/10/17 Thank you.
Katarina Valentine 05/05/17 Katarina walked up to her friend with a crystalized red rose and smiled. "Congratulations on your engagement...I hope your union is long and filled with happiness"
Ryuugo Mikoto 04/13/17 "I will keep that in mind." I said. "Though I do have some family here but no harm meeting new people."
Ryuugo Mikoto 04/12/17 I chuckled at his comment. "Well she is a beauty." I said. "And thanks for the welcome. Though with everyone here sending me greetings and willing to help seems I should make a list."
W_Kat 03/21/17 You managed to break out Declan Black.
Katarina Valentine 03/07/17 Katarina smiled and returned the kiss as she ran her fingers through his hair.
Katarina Valentine 03/07/17 Katarina smiled and locked her arms around his neck as she looked at him. "I like the sound of that"
Katarina Valentine 03/07/17 Katarina nodded and lagged as she leaned against the island. "Oh most definitely...If she didn't like you you'd know it"
Katarina Valentine 03/07/17 Katarina smiled and watched as Mira walked straight to Declan. "She likes you"
Katarina Valentine 03/06/17 Katarina smiled as she shook her head and popped another fry into her mouth. "I'm just giving you a hard time...If you feel more comfortable going home that's fine" she responded as she propped her chin on her fist. Less than a minute later she heard scratching at the back door. She rose to her feet and walked over to open it allowing Mira inside.
Katarina Valentine 03/05/17 Katarina giggled as she took a bite of her steak. "I'm just trying to be hospitable...I mean you ruined your suit chasing me so it's only fair that I let you stay here"
Katarina Valentine 03/04/17 A laugh slipped from her lips as she fixed herself a plate of food. "If that's what you want to do then you can meet her tomorrow" Katarina stated as she sat down and popped a fry in her mouth.
Katarina Valentine 03/04/17 Katarina laughed as she finished up the food. "Well you can't exactly wear a ruined suite" she responded as she fixed him a plate of food and placed it in front of him.
Katarina Valentine 03/04/17 Katarina laughed as she looked at him. "Oh I'm sure you'll be meeting Mira soon...She never sleeps away from me so we should be home soon"
Katarina Valentine 03/03/17 Katarina smiled as she flipped the steaks over before cutting up the potatoes. "I have a wolf named Mira and a dragon named Miroku...Mira roams the forest when she's not here and Miroku lives in a cave not far from my home away from home"
Katarina Valentine 03/03/17 Katarina shook her head and gestured towards the chair at the island. "Just sit and relax...I've got this". She placed the steaks I'm a sizzling pan and began peeling some potatoes in order to make homemade fries.
Katarina Valentine 03/03/17 Katarina sat the steaks down and rinsed her hands before walking back into her bedroom. She returned a few minutes later with a pair of mental pajama pants and a black muscle shirt. "Here these once belonged to my father...He can't use them anymore so you can wear them while I clean up your suit"
Katarina Valentine 03/02/17 "You're the one who chose to wear a suite" Katarina called out as she walked over to her fridge. She pulled some steaks out and began seasoning them.
Katarina Valentine 03/02/17 Katarina smiled and entered the apartment ahead of him. "I'm going to change and then I'll start dinner" she responded before walking into her bedroom. She quickly changed into a pair of pajama pants, a black t-shirt and a hoodie before walking into her kitchen.
Katarina Valentine 03/02/17 Katarina chuckled and began leading I'm to her apartment which stops a few feet from them. When she reached her apartment she unlocked the door and held it open. "After you"
Katarina Valentine 03/02/17 "Well maybe you'll remember not to in the future...Come on I'll fix you dinner for now...I'm starving" she responded as she looked into his eyes.
Katarina Valentine 03/02/17 A smile formed on her lips as she continued massaging his calf. "How is your leg feeling"
Katarina Valentine 03/02/17 Katarina laughed as she looked at him. "Hey I said calf massage...If you want a full body massage and we'll have to go somewhere else"
W_Kat 03/02/17 You managed to break out Declan Black. RUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNN
Katarina Valentine 03/02/17 Katarina laughed and spoke her head. "How about this...I'll finish massaging your leg and then you can buy me dinner"
Katarina Valentine 03/02/17 Katarina smiled and knelt down beside him. She grabbed his leg and began massaging his calf muscle. "Yeah they hurt like hell"
Katarina Valentine 03/02/17 Katarina comes to a halt and looks back at him. She bit her bottom lip and began walking back towards him. She knew that there was a chance that she was walking into a trap but if there was a chance that he truly was hurt she wanted to help. 'Can vampires pull a muscle' she thought to herself. "Are you OK"
Katarina Valentine 03/02/17 A laugh escaped her lips as she continued running. She hadn't felt this playful in a long time. "Sounds like fun" she called out as she leapt over a fallen tree limb.
Katarina Valentine 03/02/17 Katarina watched him silently from her perch on the tree branch she currently occupied. As she stared at him she felt her playful side emerge. She jumped silently to the ground and snuck up silently behind him. Katarina grabbed his side's and danced away laughing. "Welcome to the realm...Catch me if you can". She then spun around and took off running.
Athena Maximus 03/01/17 She looked at him curiously. "A dog huh?" She gently leaned in close to his ear wanting to tease him one last time before she left. "Looks like I found me a new B!tch." She kissed his cheek softly before pulling away. She couldn't help but smirk one last time. "Don't keep me waiting long. I get a little anxious when I'm left waiting." She winked at him playfully before starting to walk away. "See ya soon handsome."
Athena Maximus 03/01/17 A smile spread wide across her face. She loved it when people teased her back. She thought about it "I don't know." She slowly looked him up and down. "I would have to clear time out of my busy schedule." She jokingly looked at a watch she didn't have on her wrist. "Looks like I might have to pencil you in sometime." She smirked devilishly as she looked him over with her bright blue eyes. "Let's play a little game. We can go grab food..." she giggled with excitement. "But you have to find me first!"
Athena Maximus 03/01/17 She smiled softly walking up to one of the newest members of the realm. She looked at him curiously as she approached him. "Excuse me? Did you know which way is the mental institute?" She knew she would probably get an odd response from him. She loved teasing new people that entered in the realm. "Just kidding! You're in it!" She giggled softly before continuing on. "Welcome to the realm! I hope you enjoy your stay."
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