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NeighborhoodDungeon Breaks
Created by River Song
Gabriel De Angelo 12/31/17 Gabriel- laid a bouquet of wildflowers on the doorstep of Bel's residence. The Angelic had not been able to trace the elusive Belinda Arch nor had he made contact with his brother Michael. ~I have tried... but she is so elusive and Michael is no where to be seen. The temptations of this purgatory wear on this mortal frame that enclose me." He had not fallen into temptation thanks to his vessel of one Gabriel De Angelo. He smiled sarcastically as if his other 'half' had deliberately meet other females of the various races. He would never lower himself to seek out another nor would he take a 'wife'. IF he had a choice and only if the Father sanctioned it. Belinda would be a practical choice for him. But he knew she would not consider him even worthy to walk beside or his brother Michael. The wildflowers he has set on the doorstep were like her and her ways. His sarcastic smile softened as his bluish- grey hues glanced upon them. He left no message but the first letter of his name Gabriel. He walked off quickly not even looking over his shoulder if Bel wanted to find him. She would have to seek him out if she wished to talk to him.
vamp_goku 12/25/17 Marry X-Mas and happy holidays!
Mona Marie 12/19/17 I don't think they could have chosen a more suitable model to broadcast across the realm. Congratulations, Sugar.
Sheridan J Mayfair 12/19/17 Congrats on POTD
Sheridan J Mayfair 11/04/17 ~The Mayfair witch watched the girl. She looked liked the angel that helped with the fire all those years ago but he had heard she vanished .So he was unsure if it was her or not. He would wait and see or he would ask Mona if she was depended on how fast he wanted answers.~
Michael Arch 10/15/17 The Immortal felt her presence long before she had found her way to him. Her return was evident and Michael had felt it for quite some time. The reality came to him just as soft as her fingertips upon his elbow.

Cerulean hues turned to make eye contact with the one whom he had given his all to at one time in his life. His expression had not softened nor did the piercing gaze that fell upon her. Without breaking this eye contact, his mouth opened and he would speak.

"It has been a while since you vanished on me, Belinda."

The sheer difference in size of the two was more than evident now, yet it was as if they were both at eye level whilst he spoke.

"And as time has come and gone, here you are. Though with that time, has come change. Things are not the same and as the world evolves every day, as do I."

Taking a step away from the woman whom he had seen as his everything for as long as he could remember with his time in this place, Michael could feel the air thicken, though his demeanor did not change.

"I have a few things to attend to, though I hope to see you grow in strength once again very quickly. I will be around."

And just as she had seemingly appeared, he slipped into nothingness and all that was left was a strangely comforting warm breeze.
Gabriel De Angelo 10/12/17 He didn't wince as she spoke her mind freely and he was slighly amused by her spite and spunk. Michael Arch had chosen his wife wisely or was it by mere good luck.

"After what I did I honestly believe Michael would sign my death warrant. He would personally deliver me to Lucifer. Michael doesn't do the apology routine and neither do I."

The Angelic stood his ground and The Father didn't mince His Words with him after he'd been properly stripped of his rank as an Archangel. "Let me suffice to say I am not an Archangel. I am a common Celestial. Gabriel DeAngelo. Golden tongued perhaps but fool's gold mostly."

He was facing a spunky and spritely Celestial who had grown strong in the short time since her return. He wouldn't flatter her with any admiration, flattery and or soothe her ruffled feathers.

Maybe another approach was needed and he had to swallow what male pride he had left and try to escape her shrewish tongue. "The Father works in mysterious ways and His wonders must be performed. HE gave me my orders, Miss Belinda Arch to protect you, join the fight the fight with Michael and send Lucifer's arse back to his Realm. I was given NO choice in the matter. Lucy is up to no good and he will strike ones Michael holds in his protection."

"I am to give you this scroll and so far I am the only other "Archangel' technicially I am not one and what powers and abilities I possess are minimal. I will protect whomever Michael holds in his protection. Heaven's war is fought everywhere Miss Belinda."

"Again you hit the nail on the head. I am not trustworthy in your eyes. I will watch over you from a distance then. Michael would be wise NOT to trust me or nor you as well."

-Gabriel- had spoken his words and he turned to go. "I am -Gabriel-,The Father's Messenger and I have made the initial contact with you. Go to Michael and tell him, if you wish. He turned his back completely on Belinda Arch. He walked away with his shoulders squared and if she could his face. But she wouldn't see the single tear threatening to escape. He dashed it away from his hardened facial features. He'd find some way to carry out his duties and watch over Belinda.
Gabriel De Angelo 10/11/17 The narrowing eyes of the blonde haired Angelic did not bother him. He knew he was under her scrutiny. She knew of him, his part in betraying his fellow Angelic and he knew his fellow Archangel Michael. How the mighty have fallen before him and he himself had fallen from The Father's grace. He hadn't made contact with Michael and he had more sense than to make a pawn of Belinda. It was a bitter pill when The Father had uncovered his complicity in the banishment of Michael. What he had come to do made his guilt more apparent.

He knew Belinda had returned nearly a week before him and the Father had sent her on her way back to Michael. He had been warned under threat of hell fire and eternal damnation should anything deter Belinda from her return. The banishment to where Michael dwelt was a better than being cast down to Hell and a fractious friendship with Lucifer. He had to make sure Michael was on the right track and then join him as well. How he did that the Father didn't care to be enliifhtened. Just you do it or else! Lucifer was a complete surprise and he hoped that Devil would mind his damned business. Lucifer would find a pitchfork stuck some place on his anatomy.

Pools of icy blue looked around for another presence. His usual bluish-grey hues flashed to a gunmetal grey. ~Damn you Lucifer! and damn you back to hell!~ br>
Belinda's question was direct and honest. -Gabriel- didn't have to beat the bush around her.

"Unfinished business. Atonement and to join whatever path The Father wants me on. End result depends on Michael, Miss Belinda. And when Michael is not here to guard you safely."
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