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Elouise Warrock
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Dark Embracer
Born: January 30, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 0 (House only: 0)
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Home City: London Mail Sent: 453
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Camille is trash but she made my bio.
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
Best RP June 2016
Savage Secret Santa - Christmas 2016
Best Couple Costume ~ Masquerade 2016
White chocolate Otter Pops - Easter 2017
2017 Summer Bloodies - Biggest Addict
2017 Summer Bloodies - Realm Lush
Best RP October 2017

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Mackenzie 01/01/19 -cat calls-
Lucius Dalca 09/29/17 Text: Elouise
Very true!
So far it has his attention but we will see...
Lucius Dalca 09/29/17 Text: Elouise
And he likes Ratatouille! Now on to Monsters Inc.
Lucius Dalca 09/26/17 Text: Elouise
I am still passing over the hang over... Holy ****, its been a while.. I am hungry too.
Lucius Dalca 09/23/17 Text: Elouise
Aren't you quick!
I'll think about it.... >_> Of course I will! :P We will be waiting for you here.
Lucius Dalca 09/23/17 Text: Elouise
LOL so messed up.
Awwwww alrightie. Do you need a ride though?
Lucius Dalca 09/23/17 Text: Elouise
You got drunk with Logan???
Okay not that drunk then.. You need a ride?
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 Text: Elouise
Excellent. I'll let Autumn know.
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 Text: Elouise
I can understand that. Not a great deal of babies do from what I've heard. I got calming spells though *coughs*
Don't tell Autumn I said that.
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 Text: Elouise
Much better! :D You got transport in London?
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 Text: Elouise
You know it :D
Why so long, brah???
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 Text: Elouise
Awwww so cute. I wonder if he will recognize me. We haven't seen each other since Moscow.
How soon is soon?
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 Text: Elouse
Awww hows my adopted nephew doing? I wanna see him!
I am the cool uncle got dammit!
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 Text: Elouise
There better be some ferrero rocher in that b*tch... >_>
Thank you though! I love candy but Autumn is more of a baker. Cookies are her sweet of choice.
Lucius Dalca 09/16/17 Lucius watched Autumn bouncing off to get food and clothes with a devious grin before checking his phone on the side arm of the couch.

Text: Elouise
There is??? What kinda of candy, punk... >_>
Summer 08/27/17 Elouise
It's gonna be yabai.
Does Logan have an outfit? He needs to be stitched for his first night at the club.
Summer 08/26/17 Elouise
I've not seen many babies in clubs, but that doesn't mean we can't be trendsetters. Japanese are odd ducks and they love things that are kawaii. So like, that should mean Logan is allowed in without question.
Summer 08/26/17 Elouise
YES. It's been ages since I've been to Tokyo. Sounds absolutely perfect.
Summer 08/26/17 Elouise
Say when and where. I'll be there with my finest 'going out' attire. Spoiler: It ain't much. The good news is drinks will be free all night long.
Summer 08/25/17 Elouise
B!tch who you tellin!
...oh, me. You're telling me, that's why you texted. Umm fvck yes? It's actually been a hot minute since I had such a good time I forgot what happened.
Lucius Dalca 08/18/17 Lucius was all but happy to take Logan into his arms and cuddle the tiny baby, "Such a handsome boy" He chuckled softly before answering Elouise, "Moana is a great movie! But why are you showing my newphew the Shining???" His eyes narrowed down at Elouise slightly before laughing again, "Thank you though for the room, Ill take it! We aren't moving from London though we just figured since we are going to be visiting Romania a lot then why not have a house there too, ya know? You can come and visit any time too. Its a bit warmer than Moscow." He paused then grin slightly.

"What snacks??"
Lucius Dalca 08/17/17 Lucius smiled when Elouise came out with Logan and hugged her back, "She is still in Romania with my folks. She wanted to do more house shopping but asked me to give you a hug and a kiss for Logan for her, which reminds me." He leaned over to give Logan a small kiss on the top of his head, "Hows is my adopted nephew doing??" He smiled wider at the baby then looked back up at Elouise, "I like Moscow. I heard of your invitation and decided to represent the coven. You got a room for me to stay in?"
Lucius Dalca 08/17/17 Text: Elouise
I am not just going to come out to Moscow and not visit! Comonnnnnnn

He texts her as he waits for the buzzer to make the sound the door is unlocked.
Lucius Dalca 08/17/17 Text: Elouise
Yo!! Im outside your place. Let me in :P
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