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Cadence James
Killed: April 15, 2020 at 12:56 am EDT
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Carson James
Headless Journalist
Bloodletting Herald

Juniper Meadows

Last five threads posted in:
Juniper Meadows 03/17/20 Juniper was still trying to process the comment on her younger brothers, okay, more like she was deciding just how they may meet an unfortunate accident after a scathing conversation about keeping their mouths shut. Either way, she was preoccupied and nearly missed the rest of the conversation.

Well, she would have if the other woman’s fingers didn’t have her arms in a death grip.

June knew that a lot of the families from the original council still pushed their children into matches that afforded them more money or status; the Meadows were not the type, but she knew that Cadence could figure that out herself. There was no way she was going to broach that topic, not when the younger James sibling was clearly hearing wedding bells for her brother and JJ. Nope. Not gonna happen. Although…

”Well, you certainly would enjoy the shop and likely to meet the majority of the Meadows clan while there. The twins live above in the apartment but all of us are usually in and out of there during the day. I’m sure you can have a long conversation about your ideas for the wedding with my mother and the other Furies…”

Was she slightly more petty than most give her credit for? Yep.
Juniper Meadows 03/08/20 JJ knew she shouldn’t have asked the questions, especially when she had a sinking feeling that she was going to end up killing some of her brothers; but despite knowing already that it was likely someone had spilled the beans (though, not exactly the truth of it all), it wouldn’t stop the scowl from crossing over the angles of her face. The petite woman wasn’t exactly a talkative person anyway, so, it wouldn’t go against her nature to sip and listen; though, she was a lot different with her sister-in-laws and clearly, the misled woman beside her clearly thought she would become one, why on earth would Juniper take that away?

”Social media? Gossiping from a witch or ten, sure I could see that, but... not sure about the social media stuff. Though, to find me, you must have dug pretty deep. Have you ever considered going into law enforcement like your brother?”

June could relax now. The girl posed no real threat, especially if she knew the extent of those powers she so blatantly spoke of. Though, she’d have to take her into her confidences just to keep some of her own secrets quiet. There were things she needed to stay exactly the way they were, for her own sake.

”You need to keep that to yourself. Actually, all of it should stay locked away.” God forbid anyone find out the exact arrangement between herself and the Captain. Or the extent of her usual abilities. “You know, if you’re going to stay in New York a while, maybe you should meet the rest of the Meadows. I assume you know where the shop is since you’re so good at deducing. And don’t worry, we have time for a chat... Your brother will be with one or two of mine at a bar somewhere... Enjoy your wine and tell me all about yourself.”
Juniper Meadows 03/02/20 Ten minutes. It was all it really took and then she’d returned; flushed from heat, hair wrapped in a towel and in completely (seemingly) relaxed. Though, she never really was. Relaxed that is. Except when it came to one thing. Wine was the next best thing. Right.

”So, when did you get into New York and how on earth did you know where I lived?” Casual. Sure. It was even said with a smile while she was popping the cork on the red and letting it breathe; this was something JJ was fairly good at. Getting people to talk. The question was, once she got Cade to talk, would she shut up…

Handing the woman a glass, those speckled eyes locked on to her blue ones, so much like her brother’s even though his usually were laced with annoyance. “I won’t lie. I told Carson you’d be gone before he got here… so we’re going to continue this eventually. But while you’re here and enjoying a rather expensive wine, you can answer a few questions.” Yep, all cop now. “Like besides the first two, what makes you think that your brother and I are getting married?"
Juniper Meadows 02/26/20 June was hard-pressed to not like Cadence; she was so much like the impish twins that she found herself grinning before they exited the elevator and moved toward one of two condos on the floor. Normally, she’d not use her gifts but considering she had something stuck to her, it was a bit difficult to finagle her keys from the ever-present messenger bag slung over her petite frame. It was just a quick movement, door unlocked and they were moving through while she was detangling herself from the crazy person that had no idea the true relationship between June and Carson.

”Make yourself at home. I’m going to clean up. Eau de death is not something that goes with a good Pinot.” Luckily, JJ was fairly fast at this routine, plus having some little snoop in her apartment would have her rushing….

It totally had nothing to do with her wanting to get rid of Cadence before Carson stopped by.
Carson James 02/25/20 P.I.M.A.
I don't care if you're a girl. I'm kicking your ass.
Juniper Meadows 02/25/20 “Look, lady. I don’t know who the fuck you are…” Maybe she had been spending a little too much time with Carson lately, maybe this was just who she was after wading through the bullshit of murder that she chose to do, or maybe, the entire reason she was suddenly tapping her weapon on her side was because this crazy person started talking to her about blushes and creams and a wedding.

The eyes.

Well. Shit. Okay. That was a dead giveaway as to who her brother was. That’s perfect. She can’t shoot her. Not that June would…

She could think about it though.

A single finger would come up, signalling a holding pattern for the chatter that just wouldn’t stop and she’d fire off a text. If her night was about to be ruined, well, so was his. “Right. So. You want some wine?”

Another thing she had picked up from Carson’s bad behavior, not waiting for an answer because she was off to the elevator to at least get this chick blind drunk and then drop her off at Lou’s.
Juniper Meadows 02/25/20 It had been a very long day; all JJ wanted to do was get to her condo, relax with a bottle of wine, and wait for a certain someone. It was literally all she ever wanted to do lately; after work, that is. Unfortunately for her; someone’s best friend took precedence for a little while longer, though, she could see this as jealousy but considering his best friend was her own brother. She’d survive.

Well, she thought she would.
Until she heard her name. Not name. Lieutenant.
Oh. So much for relaxing.

Lean form ate up the space between the front desk and her method of escape in the form of the elevator while speckled orbs danced over the woman, wondering exactly what she was in for; praying it was something she could possibly foist off on some unsuspecting rookies. That were actually on duty. Unlike the brunette.

”Can I help you?”
Please, for the love of the Goddess. Say. No.
Carson James 02/22/20 P.I.M.A.
Go. Away.
Briahne Christiann 02/16/20 Welcome....maybe welcome back??? Regardless, if you need help, let us know, there's always someone around to assist.
Carson James 02/16/20 P.I.M.A
Go home, Cadence.

*didn't have to write any more than that. He had nothing to say to her.*
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