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Born: December 19, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Hope Messinger's Biography
Name: Hope Messinger
Nickname: None
Parents: Unknown
Age: 6 years old
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Deep Brown
Height: 45 inches tall!
Weight: 45 pounds
Race: Angel
Special Abilities: Unknown
Occupation: Being a kid!
Weapons: Shield and Spear, Daggers
Small Derringer
Prized possessions: Mr. Humphrey(stuffed bunny)
Her Heavenly compass
Guardian: Livia Vlcek

The Heavenly Father told me I was very special to Him! He named me Hope Messinger. He gave me a compass to show me where I am supposed to go. It sent me to my new home called Azhi Dahaka! I am to learn the ways of this Realm. I am to live and grow to my utmost potential. The Heavenly Father gave me free will to live as the others do. His Will is my Will. I am Hope Messinger.
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Dexter Gein
Lang Ren


Livia Vlcek




Will Summers

Morgan Laramee


Dr Van Helsing

Santa Claus

Last five threads posted in:
Abigail Walker 01/21/19 Thank you very much! I sincerely appreciate it!
Malek 01/20/19 The sudden calm and quiet of the comfortable afternoon of drinking in solitude is broken by the shrill voice of the resident child pest. Malek can't say that he hates the girl and, in fact, thinks upon her as something to be protected within the Pack. The Pack always protects its young. Even the Beast knows that, though the Beast has a strange impulse to kill any offspring sired by anything other than it... that's not important to the topic at hand, really. Malek swivels his head slowly and stares with blank lack of comprehension on Hope.

Flirting? Cows? Cool?

He works his jaw over the words that don't seem to claw their way through the fuzzy stupor of abject intoxication. He can feel the twinge of a headache starting somewhere behind his iridescent eyes.

"Ah don' flir' w' cows...?" he says, trying to comprehend the direction of her speech. "An' pools'r gross. Every'n jus' needs't pee's soon's th' touch'm'n th' 'idden'from when th' do't so't's jus' fulla th' p*ss'f anythin'ts b'n n't."

Malek says far too many words. He doesn't like talking often but it's like his head is being hammered repetitively by the incessant questioning of the inquisitive little brat.

"'ey, y'seen m'boots?" He asks, wiggling his surprisingly normal looking and well maintained toes on the concrete beneath him. They had been next to his bed when he had gone to sleep, right? The only possible culprits were the pest... and Livia who, in retrospect, can occasionally be kinda bratty and pest-like too. Though she would have come up with a much more clever and, likely painful, prank to play than just stealing his footwear.
Albert Harris 01/20/19 "Thank you, little one."
Sabina Fairchild 01/19/19 Sabina had always been quite content on getting dirty. Why not, she studied history while not on assignment. Pretty much she would avoid answering her cell. Going through her mail, she had noticed that, her social graces was very lacking. Soft sigh escaped her lips while dusting the sand off her clothing. “Oh well, its time to be sociable.” Glancing around, she found her baskets that were completed but not as of today delivered to various people within Azhi.

She walked along the corridors, looking for the one named Hope. Stopping within her tracks, she cleared her voice “Please forgive the intrusion. Are you the one Liv calls Hope?” Her hand would lift the basket of select choice bubble gum, jelly bellies and chocolate kisses. She dropped her gaze wondering if she had forgotten the small velvet box that has charm bracelet but was pleased to see it was still there. “If you wish, please accept this basket as a welcome to the family. I wanted to apologize for my delay in welcoming you. Im Sabina.” That was corny, she thought to herself. Now she knew why, playing in the dirt was more her cup of tea.
Valentin Metzger 01/19/19 Danke. -pats the small girl on the head-
Ophir Jadu 01/19/19 Thank you sweetie. -Ophir smiles at the little girl-
Eloise Buchanan 01/19/19 "Thank you, sweety!"

Elle smiles at the pretty girl, then looks about and sets to work on the dungeons.
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 01/19/19 Cassie looked at the little one and smiled.

"Why thank you sweetheart. How are you doing?"

She continued to smile at her.
Ronan Boru 01/19/19 thank you.
Ciaran_M_Boru 01/19/19 THank you little one.
Crimson Belladonna 01/17/19 Bells had come back from her vacation. She had bought somethings for for those that were kind to her with money she had saved. Her last visit was to Hope. She wrapped up the gift as best she could and headed to her sanctuary. She placed the box in a mailbox in front of it with a note attached in her childish writing. "Hope I found this on my travel and thought of you. It plays music and has angel wings. Hopes chu like it.
Morgan Laramee 01/15/19 Thank you! I found Livia and she gave me her number and everything!
*holds out some cleaning products*
I know you're probably selling these as well, but I've added a little oomph to mine. Wanna buy? Return on investment is massive- trust me.
Morgan Laramee 01/15/19 That sounds awesome! *blushes, wondering how she hadn't realised hots meant meals* I will find this Livia person!
Morgan Laramee 01/15/19 *flabbergasted that everyone's suddenly talking about three hots*
Uh, thanks!
Genesis 01/15/19 ~Genesis smiled down at the little angel~
"Of course we will take Dex. You know, me and Dex have a special bond. I don't like when I have to leave him when I have to go do a job, but I feel better knowing you are looking out for him." ~She looked at the cookies and Kool-Aid~
"Might want to ease up on the cookies a bit. Don't want Dex getting flabby in the tummy." ~She chuckled, smooched Hope on the head and turned to find out just where the elusive Dexter was getting himself into at the moment~
Genesis 01/15/19 ~passes Hope in the halls. Stops and turns around, gently tapping the girl on the shoulder. She turns the little lady to face her and smiles as she scrutinizes her. She looks her up and down. She sniffs her here and there around her head and shoulders. Finally Genesis gives a nod.~
"Young lady, I believe you are about to have a little growth spurt. Nothing out of the normal for one your age. But...we'll probably need to take you shopping soon. We'll grab Livia when the time comes. And Summer and Will and ...well...maybe just everyone...have a family-like outing. We'll even drag Malek with us."
~She turned and chuckled at the thought, but she didn't think there was anything the crew wouldn't do for their tiniest member.~
Art Specks 01/13/19 Thank you
ShawnD 01/11/19 Of course, he knew that what he must do, thy will must be done indeed. He sensed the young girl, a fellow angel who knew her position, she was very smart too from the looks of it. The problem was it was always sad seeing her among the ranks as she was a child. Death can sometimes be so cruel and yet, no one regardless of age or gender cannot run from it. Did it bother him being the only angel in this realm? Not really. It was always good to know that someone like you was out there. "Yes. Indeed" He was an Archangel, a warrior, he murdered and killed, the worse part he felt no remorse for it. Sometimes, when someone as young, it kind of did upset him, just a little, but he knew what he has to do. He was here for the sinners that must be put down, the one thing he was thankful for was the girl before he did not run away or was intimidated of his presence due to what his mission here was.
ShawnD 01/11/19 The jewelry was indeed an exquisite piece, he clutched the item to his chest in an expression of the gift she presented to him. He felt a strong connection to her as if they have a common ground, the Father, those words echoed. "I am here to patrol Earth actually" No, no. He never explained his duties in full as to not frighten the girl about his position here. It may seem as if, the thought of his job was enough to scare a pet dog. "Thank you. I will be sure to cherish it" He smiled sweetly.
ShawnD 01/11/19 He appreciated the warm welcome from a fellow crew member, the sentimental thought left him to feel like this place was active than his last home "I do thank you, miss"
HingleMcCringleberry 01/10/19 Here's the autograph you requested. Hingle McCringleberry
Don't let me find that thing on eBay!
Anyssa 01/10/19 ~rubbing her head on the girls hand Nessa turned back. Giving the girl a hug back smiled~
"You are very welcome. I hope one day I have a little girl just like you. Your so adorable and polite. And please call me Nessa."
Ashlyn Starling 01/10/19 Ashlyn tilted her head before a smile came across her face as she nodded to the girl. "If course I'll help you out. I'd gladly give him a home." She plucked a strand of of her hair, wincing slightly before handing it over to the girl. "Here's you a strand of Lycan hair."
Anyssa 01/10/19 ~Nessa looked at the little girl she was so adorable getting to eye level with the tyke she shook her head as she gave the child an answer.~
" Sure why not let me turn so you can get some clippings. okay? By the way I am Nessa."
~Giving the child a smile her eye gave her a wink just before she turned.~
Smith 01/10/19 "Of course, for such a noble offering..." A green glow appears in Smith's outstretched hand. Materializing, one piece at a time, like a jigsaw puzzle, a wooden steak - oozing sap - appears. "I warn you, I'm not a good cook."
Ravin 01/10/19 Taking the dental gel from the little girl she gave it a bite. Making sure it was a perfect indent and then handed it back. "I hope that will help, I am a little curios what it is for but that is your secret. Be careful running around though."
Lyla Monroe 01/10/19 She shook her head softly. One she didn't quite understand what the girl was asking. For two Lyla didn't speak as a rule of thumb and she certainly wasn't anything like "normal slayers."
Shadwyn Drake 01/09/19 Drake chuckled a bit and he surrendered his eating utensil to the girl called Hope. "Good luck little one!"
Mystic-husky 01/09/19 She chuckles softly."We arnt but its a good one. And one day you may find a use for it."
Cici Wraith 01/09/19 "I will tell you what. You keep your dolls and take this. Just be careful with it. One your size and too much of this is a bad thing." She smiles and hands the girl a small vial.
Mystic-husky 01/09/19 She turns to find a little one tugging at her and smiles. She listens and then tips her head softly. "A potion lass. Hmm let me see." She ruffles through her inner pocket and pulls out a emerald green bottle. She looks at her again and then grins. "You know to be careful with this yes? This will make monkeys fly little one. So use it sparingly or you may end up with a army of them."She hands the bottle over to her. Dear gods if she unleashs flying monkeys into the realm.
Cici Wraith 01/09/19 She looks down at the small girl as she speaks softly. "What kind of potion is it you need little one?"
The Xenomorph 01/09/19
Jack Whitechapel 01/09/19 The boy looked up when the girl approached. He had traded with her once before. A frog. He had given her his favorite cricket before it had worn out and stopped singing. It was a fair trade. Jack brightened at the word and moved forward, his eyes scanned over the offerings. Slowly, he looked from cat to the mice, from the mice to the... piece of cloth? He didn't care much about whatever it was.

He poked first the mice. One by one. Next, the cat. And the cloth-covered item. A frown.

"Broken," he said, indicating the gathered corpses. Slowly he pulled out a mid-sized cats-eye marble and held it in his palm. He pinched it between his thumb and finger. He crouched down and held the marble up in front of the cat's face. "Trade. Eye," Jack said in that soft, sweet voice, pointing to the cat's dead eye that stared blankly into nothing. He then sat on his heels and waited patiently for the girl to get it for him.
Raze Wraith 01/09/19 He nods before simply handing the camera over, “I already made a copy so you take it.” With that he simply vanished to help the fox mother with the fox kit.
Raze Wraith 01/09/19 He smiles and lowers his hood before patting the little girl on the head gently, “I can help her Hope. Let’s just take the photo and then go help her...I’m worried about here is she’s been out in the human realm.”
Raze Wraith 01/09/19 He nods and picks the fox kit up and puts her on his shoulder before looking at the girl, “I’m Phantom youngling, and what would your name be?” He then has a camera rise from his shadow and float out to face them as he hands her a vial of blood and a black marble.
Raze Wraith 01/09/19 He blinked and looked down at the tiny girl as he tilted his head, “Hmm...if you need my blood and a marble, then all I ask, is do you know this young one’s name?” He kneels and pets the fox as he smiles gently and looks at the girl.
Belinda Arch 01/09/19 The flaxen haired celestial looked adoringly at the small girl, her face flushing a soft pink. It had been a long road, doing The Father's work while trying to help her husband get back onto his mission and into Father's good graces, so this fellow angelic child was exactly the breath of fresh air Belinda needed.

"No trade is needed, dear one. Keep what you have of your mother." Her own petite fingers mindlessly toyed with the sapphire jeweled peac0ck pin in her hair, one of the few remanents left of her mortal life, a gift from her father. "It will be my honor to help you."

Wings of snow white spread wide before curling around her where she could easily reach them. She stroked lightly at the softest of feathers from the underside of her right wing, and plucked the single feather that was requested. Her wings rustled as the shook before tucking away again. Belinda dropped lightly to one knee so she could be closer to the girl's eye level. Holding the item between her thumb and forefinger she offered it the child. "Promise me you won't be giving this to a voodoo witch." She winked playfully at the girl, hoping she would understand that she was only teasing.
Sgrunn 01/09/19 The massive female had seen the she-cub romping around a time or two within this... 'Sanctuary' as the Alpha female had tried to explain, and so the former Val'kyr merely watched, a faint smile upon her lips now and again at the child's antics. With a slight cant of her head, the female took note of the coverings the child wore and started to ponder, watching the she-cub closely before approaching and crouching enough to lightly pat the girl's head.

The language barrier was a b_tch, so Sigrun chose to act rather than speak. Actions taken with the girl are gentle, slow so as to not frighten the little slip of a being, and she lightly pats the girl's head once more before standing and silently wandering off.

Perhaps Hope would like a warmer cloak.
Liliana 01/09/19 Thank you so much for the welcome.
Malek 01/09/19 Hearing the familiar voice of the Pack's resident precocious little bra... kid, Malek looks back over his rounded shoulder at her. He feels his pants shifting against the tug of her tiny fingers ripping fruitlessly at the gum that had somehow gotten stuck to his hindquarters. Staring comically down at the offensive wad of dried stuff, the few pieces of lint, pebbles, and stray hairs sticking out of it, Malek grimaces in disgust. Where the hell had THAT come from?

He reaches down and grips the wad with his fingers and, with a sharp tug, rips it from the denim where it tenaciously clings. He pulls the wad up to his nose and sniffs it a few times.

Where had he caught a passenger? Oh well.

Examining the tiny blue hairs from the pants clinging to the surface, Malek decides he can't give Hope a dirty, nasty piece of gum. SOOO, he pops it in his mouth, chews mightily on it a number of times, and tries his very best to separate the crud from it. Satisfied, he spits it into his palm, grips it with thumb and forefinger, and hands the slimy wad to the child.

"'ere, all clean," he says with an exaggerated wink.
Dexter Gein 01/08/19 Dexter’s ear phones were blasting tunes from New Order. His dwindling cleaning supplies began to annoy him. He hadn’t grasped that his home away from home had become an embarrassing hot mess. In the last few months he has come to realize that he missed and longed for the days of wearing suits and maintaining a healthy life. His life seemed so organized until he started picking up the bottle.

He gathered his wallet, sunglasses and keys and headed out. Upon opening the door, he noticed a pitcher of grape Kool-Aid and plate full of cookies. He quickly picked them up and placed them both on his desk. Double chocolate chip with cinnamon cookies! These are my absolute favorite. The note attached to the set was from Hope.

”Welcome home. Please accept my apologies for running away.” Hope,

This innocent child is doing her best and I keep pushing her away as if she’s an annoyance to me. Dexter took a bite of one of the cookies. The chocolate just melted in his mouth, yet all he could taste was the cinnamon. Holy cow, these are delicious!

He headed out for more cleaning supplies. With key fob in hand, he started the engine and unlocked the doors. Dexter sat comfortably in the driver’s seat and twisted his body to grab the seat belt. He thought about the cookies and Kool-Aid and how big of an ass he’s been concerning Hope. He turned the car off and hasted up to her room. He knocked on the door, the door opened, and he picked up the child and gave her a spinning hug. I’m off to the store. Wanna go?
-Uriel- 01/07/19 Holding his batman stuffy he tips his head slightly, looking at the smaller girl. "Thank you miss."
Lyla Monroe 01/07/19 Thank You!
Anakin Drake 01/06/19 Thank you
Genesis 01/03/19 "Thank you for the gift sweetie. Me and Dexter sure to appreciate it. You are such a thoughtful lil one."
~smooched her on the top of her head with a smile~
Livia Vlcek 01/03/19 "Milacek.. wait.. You were assisting a liquor store man in a hold up? Why were you robbing people?" Livia eyed the bottle of Wild Turkey. She knew a few people that would enjoy it. But as the gun was placed upon the table, a single brow raised. In Sydney it was difficult to acquire a firearm and a person's age was a factor. Taking the gun, Livia dropped the magazine into awaiting palm and set it upon the table. Immediately after, the slide was locked back and the single bullet that rest in the chamber found a spot on the table next to the magazine.

"First rule, you do not pull this gun unless you are going to use it. Second rule, it is never pointed so carelessly when you do remove it. It is either pointed at the person you are trained on or it is pointed up or down. We are never casual about firearms.."

The Slayer was not pleased that a child Hope's age possessed a gun but it was maybe best to train her in gun safety since she somehow acquired one. A stern look crossed scarred visage. She was not angry at the small girl but concerned. But better to have one and not need it than to need it and not have it. Right? That is what Livia would tell herself. The Czech woman knelt so that she could gaze deeply into Hope's rich brown eyes. "We do not need to be vigilantes Hope, ok? We need to remain somewhat hidden from society even if we have a few government officials in our pocket here in Sydney. Next time you run into trouble, or trouble runs into you, call me. I will be there."

Slender arms embraced the small girl and squeezed gently. The Slayer had always felt the need to protect children due to her upbringing. "I do not know what I would do if something happened to you."
Malek 01/03/19 The sound of crashing doors can be heard as Malek makes his way through the dungeons after a familiar scent, yet again. He glares at the tiny girl, eyes hard and feral.

"Ou'. Now. Y'gotta keep y'ass fr'm gettin' nabbed..."

You managed to break out Hope Messinger.
Malek 01/03/19 The sound of crashing doors can be heard as Malek makes his way through the dungeons after a familiar scent, yet again. He glares at the tiny girl, eyes hard and feral.

"Ou'. Now. Y'gotta keep y'ass fr'm gettin' nabbed..."

You managed to break out Hope Messinger.
Yoshima 01/03/19 He squirms under the angelic child's demanding gaze.

In retrospect, should've eaten her upon first glance, eh? That way, wouldn’t be dealing with the consequences. He took the flyer from her small hands, flipping it over.

He sighed. Slowly stooped down, knees bent. Tries. Really hard. How was he…? There wasn’t even a conversation about the birds and the bees yet…No. None of that.

"I play pretend to get paid. I pretend I like someone to get money. It's...wait. Where did you find this?”

He glanced behind his shoulder. Nervous. Did someone plant the kid here? This was nowhere near Vegas, where she could have easily plucked it from some godforsaken gutter.
Malek 01/02/19 Malek turns and furrows his brow the moment he sees Hope approaching. He had busted her out of jail and told her to be good. He had escorted her to a safe place. Isn't that the extent of necessity for dealing with children? Now she's asking him about lap dances, of all things. Why the hell would she ask about such a thing? And, more importantly, why would she ask HIM of all people about it? His first instinct in this situation is to simply solve the problem. If this person on the flier is dead, it is less likely that Malek will have to answer uncomfortable questions about them. And...

The Beast's hackles suddenly rise.
Malek suddenly tenses

"Firs'... wheah'd't come from?" Malek asks, indicating the paper thrust his direction by what he can only describe as a large toddler. "Y'don' need'uh lap dance, kid'n when'ya d' need'n, y'gon' be'lot oldah'n no' pay'f't." The larger male creases his brow again.

"Wai', y'go' uh gun? Does't shoo' real bull'ts? 'F't does'ts big'nuff f'ya." Malek doesn't like guns much, but, hey, who knows about the girl. Maybe she does need one. Why not? Liv carries the damn things often enough. Hell, she's shot him with them enough times as well. At least once, which is plenty enough to be shot, yeah?

The Beast bares its glistening teeth in Malek's mind.
Malek holds his calm through effort.
The Beast demands blood.
Malek agrees... but suppresses the monstrosity within him.

"Bu' firs' y'takin' me't th' pers'n 'o gave tha't'ya. Now," Malek says, nodding toward the paper with a surprising calm considering the situation. A cigarette is grabbed. A cigarette is lit. A large swig is taken from the ever-present bottle of Wild Turkey. Hard eyes maintain their hold on this diminutive child.
Livia Vlcek 01/02/19 Gun. Online classes. Hacking. Piano Lessons? Strippers. Yea, Livia can't even right now. She can barely even on good days. A nervous laugh, the Slayer gave the folded up flyer back to Hope and nudged her towards Malek.

"You know who would be a really good person to ask about all this? Malek. Malek will know what to do. Just show him that flyer with the nude man and um.. mention the gun stuff. I.. I need to go look up schools. You sure you want to go to a private school? I mean, we don't need to ship you off to one.." Livia contemplates it all and guesses that online school is good enough? "Just be sure to do your homework. I hear that homework counts for like 90 percent of your grade these days or something."

To be honest, Livia has no clue. She never had a formal education. And look how she turned out. A PERFECT ANGEL.
Livia Vlcek 01/02/19 So Hope, the child has the uncanny ability to run into Livia with the strangest questions at the most unfortunate times. Eyes burning and bleary from lack of sleep and maybe too much tequila, the Slayer blinks to focus on the flyer.. holy sh*t.. and the question blurted out. After already running the gauntlet of questions that Livia doesn't want to answer. Gods.. where was Jacks or Malek when she needed them? Or even Jacob.. Jacob always had the best answers.

"Strippers?" Livia looks down and grabs the flyer, immediately shoving it in her knapsack. She'd find the person that handed a child the flyer and 'explain' how this person needs to pay more attention to who they are passing flyers to. "They're dancers.."

Lie to her Livi.
I can't..
Just this once, Livi.
I can't.

"They're entertainers that dance and take their clothes off for money." Just be cool. Nonchalant. It's a valid profession.. some of these girls work hard. "Am I supposed to enroll you in school? That's what kids do right? Go to school? Learn things like math and spelling.. play with other kids at recess? I think we need to find an elementary school. Where did you want to go to school at? Paris? London? The U.S.. no, not the U.S. and we'll scratch Moscow off that list too. So your options are Paris or London because that's really the only places that I think I can handle living on a daily basis."
Dexter Gein 12/31/18 A clean close shave and a hot shower was all he need to recoup after his binge. The flames on the two vanilla candles he lit to drown out the horrid smell danced as the wind sang it’s refreshing melody. The damn voices in his head just wouldn’t shut the hell up. He needed to be around Gen. It was the only way to make them stop. Dexter opened the door to his home away from home. Just before stepping out he noticed a really old stuffed animal at this door step. He read the note and let out a sigh and his shoulders dropped. I really need to give that kid a break. Dexter stepped back into his room and opened the door to the walk-in closet. He withdrew a large box marked Reagan Marie from the far corner of the closet. Reagan's smell came rushing out of the box when he opened it. Dexter dropped to his knees and breathed in as much of it as he could before placing Mr. Humphrey in the box and sealing it back up. My little angel was 5. I just can’t go through it again.
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~~voice 1: ”Kill the child”
~~voice 2: ”No innocence”
~~voice 1: ”Kill”
Yoshima 12/28/18 The red sweater and pants were so...cheerful. Yoshi normally eats Angels, but this little one may be granted an exception today. He was warmer, and maybe his heart grew three more sizes that day too. He smiled. Hoped he didn't have chunks of human flesh stuck in his teeth.

"Thanks, kiddo."
Malek 12/27/18 "Sec'n m'stake," Malek says as they exit the 'danger zone'. He continues the journey through the city without further comment, leaving the young girl at the nearest Ahzi safehouse.

"Run'lon'," he says before turning and disappearing into the night. Someone is likely to have their world enter a state of pain. The Beast is in need of some sport.
Malek 12/27/18 Malek doesn't even slow in his walk, just keeps a wary eye out for further guards or enemies of any sort. He is in full on Pack mode, playing Alpha, enforcer as he stares around and prepares to fight and destroy anything that steps to threaten him or his charge.

>The Beast coils within Malek's mind, twisting and writhing as it seeks control.
Malek suppresses the Monster within him.

"Course Ah do," he says slowly. But'y ain' earnt'th righ't use'th' kin' lang'ge."
Malek 12/26/18 The burly male starts to walk out, illustrating the fallen guards on the way through by stepping over their fallen bodies. He pauses and turns, eyes narrowing as he stares at the tiny girl. "Kids don' talk like tha'," he admonishes firmly.
Malek 12/26/18 Far less subtle about it, Malek simply kicks in the dungeon door, feeling the massive jarring impact through his leg as the heavy, reinforced thing barely pops the bolt from its seat and swings open on rusty hinges. Just returning the favor. Plus, kids don't need to be in jails!
Genesis 12/26/18 ~Genesis had already popped into Dexters room, but Hope seemed a little impatient, saying what needed to be said, leaving her gifts and scampering to her room. Genesis felt bad. Poor kiddo. So much to adjust to, with such a crazy bunch of grown ups.~
Genesis 12/26/18 ~passed by Hope waiting in the hall with Kool Aid and what appeared to be aspirin and cigars. She quirked a brow at the little girl~
"Whats up, buttercup? Are you waiting for Dexter? You want me to go get him for you?"
Jack Whitechapel 12/25/18 Silence. Silence was the best friend to two children when the female approached. The boy watched her eliminate the gap between the two of them. Curiosity brimmed in his onyx, ageless eyes. The gift was presented with what Jack viewed as trepidation. The girl walked away. The tiny boy stared down at the gift. He stared back up at the girl. Down at the gift. Back up at the girl. Curiosity. Confusion.


Jack reached into his coat and rummaged around. A moment later he pulled out a cricket. It was still alive, proven by the fact that its twin antennae moved rapidly.

Jack mimicked within millimeters the distance Hope had stood before him. He crouched carefully and set the insect on the ground before her. He turned and made his way back to his original spot and stopped.

His broad smile did not reach his eyes.
Dexter Gein 12/25/18 The sounds of tiny footsteps invaded his ears. Dexter turned to see the small child holding a pitcher. Desperately failing to manage a throbbing headache and unable to gather his thoughts in his drunken trance, he struggled to hear her words. ”Mr. Gein…My Father…Love….” She ran out of the kitchen before he could muster the words to ask her to repeat. He picked up the pitcher and drank the entire content. He set the pitcher on the counter and let out a violent loud and nasty belch. The vibration from the burp only caused the headache to worsen. I hate tropical punch. Dexter walked slowly back to his room rubbing his head and scratching his left buttocks. ”What did she say?”
Dexter Gein 12/25/18
Hope Messinger 12/25/18
Dexter Gein 12/25/18 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Dexter Gein 12/25/18 Dexter awoke from a drunken stupor, longing for a tall cold glass of Kool-Aid. Struggling to maintain his balance, he opened the room window to let out the thick smell of booze and cigar smoke. He slowly stumbled his way through the sanctuary halls. In his condition, he found it rather difficult to negotiate around the toy obstacles which cluttered the marble floors. He really need to brush his teeth and shower before he left the quietness of his room, but the only thing he could think about was the tall cold thirst quenching taste of Kool-Aid he planned to down. In the kitchen, he open the lower cabinet door and reached in blindly and grabbed the empty container of Kool-Aid. Oh, you have to be kidding me!! This was full yesterday. After further investigation, he noticed tiny finger prints inside the container. Gee, I wonder who did this?
Crimson Belladonna 12/25/18 Surprised by the bear in her hand Bella smiled. She had something for the angel girl. As she turned to retrieve it from her bag she was gone. "Merry Christmas! I wills gives chu chur prezzie when I finds chu." She knew she would run into her again. She hugged the bear and skipped off.
Livia Vlcek 12/25/18 "Awww.. thank you sweetpea." Livia scoops Hope up from the ground, probably against her will but the Slayer does not care.. one bit. It's Christmas. It's her favorite holiday. Livia hugs the small girl tight. "Merry Christmas!"
Hope Messinger 12/25/18
HingleMcCringleberry 12/24/18 Ans a Merry Christmas to you as well young lady!
Santa Claus 12/23/18 Mmmm cookies!
Jack Whitechapel 12/21/18 The boy stood at a distance and stared at the girl. His pale face was placid. His dark eyes were focused. His tiny body was rigid. He watched for three minutes. Perhaps four. Without a spoken bit of communication, the tiny mortician turned on his heel and walked away.

Addison 12/21/18 *Addison skipped through the halls of Azhi looking for Hope. When she found the child she smiled brightly.*
"Hope! Just who I was lookin' for. I made you a present. These are voodoo worry dolls. When you are worried or cant sleep, you tell them your worries and thoughts and put them under your pillow. They will keep your secrets and worries. Good voodoo, not like some of the bad that I do."
*She placed the dolls in the childs hand.*
"You will be the most protected and cared for kiddo in the Realm here in Azhi!!"
Summer 12/20/18 Poking her head in, Summer’s gaze dropped lower, not expecting the new recruit to be so...short? No. Not short, per se. Young. Or rather, young looking. Around these parts, there was no telling. Her smile was tentative at first, not having much experience with the younger set. It was then bolstered when she remembered she had been, in fact, young once herself. While it felt like nearly a lifetime ago, it warmed her heart to think that maybe Hope would have a better outcome, what with being taken into the Azhi compound. Nothing would harm her here. Yes, that perked Summer’s smile up considerably. “Hello and welcome! I’m Summer. I’m around the compound this part of the year. I head out come winter. I’m glad to be around now to have met you in person!”
Genesis 12/20/18 ~Genesis felt a wave of heat wash over her. Help give bottles away for Christmas. She didn't really celebrate the holiday. Any holidays, really. She didn't know what to do. could she let a child down?~
"I'll help you. Mind you, I don't know what I am doing much. Not very crafty or artistic. But we could clean these up. Make some home made bows for them. It cant be that hard."
She smiled to Hope, giving her a firm nod.
"And don't you worry about Dexter. He wont stay mad long, he just looks scary sometimes."
~She gave a small chuckle to Hope to easy her some.~
Malek 12/20/18 Eventually comes across the basket and frowns, head canting. He had just given away a bottle... and shortly thereafter he receives a group of them. Maybe this Karma thing is real.

Wait, if he regifts ALL of these bottles will he get a basket for each given away!?
Genesis 12/20/18 ~Watched the small person inquisitively. She had never been around a child before. Dexter had more experience than she did. He was a dad long ago. So Genesis resolved to change her experience with little people. She moved toward Hope and smiled down at her.~
"Hello, Hope. I see everyone is helping you a lot. I dont know how to help you. You are little and small and look like you would break easily. Is there anything you might need my help with? Anything too heavy for you to lift as you get all moved in?"
~She questioned and observed, studied.~
Livia Vlcek 12/20/18 "You're taking Hugo back?" Livia is obviously confused. More by the drunk familiar than Hope's words. "Hugo.. " Livia nudges the sleeping familiar. "Hey buddy, you need to be awake to protect her.." The thing mumbles but doesn't wake. "Yes, adults like their bathrooms very clean." She nods as if that will convince the small girl. "Maybe we need to get you a new familiar? Unless a few cups of coffee will fix this one up, I'm not sure he'll do much good for you in a fight."
Dexter Gein 12/20/18 Observing the inquisitive glances into his room, he did his best to scoot items around. He could almost kick himself in the ass for leaving his door open. ”No soda pop today, thanks. Maybe next time.”
Livia Vlcek 12/20/18 Livia blinks. Like twice. Pale eyes attempt to process what is happening.. the Slayer had only just risen from sleep and the sight of little Hope carrying a bottle of vodka with 'Hugo' in tow.. was almost too much. "Ohhh that's so sweet of them.." Livia wrests the bottle of vodka from Hope's hand. "Mommy needed that to get level.. I mean, to clean the bathroom.." She gives a kind smile. "It's a great sanitiser."
Will Summers 12/20/18 The scent of sadness, however brief it was, was acrid to the female's senses and, unable to help herself, the woman gently picks the small child up and rumbles a soft crooning sound.

"Y'know.. I have a little one, m'self. She'd be just about your age, but I had to give her to a better family t'make sure she'd be safe." Another gentle smile for the little girl and Will is softly stroking her small back soothingly.

"Who says you're too old for Mr. Humphrey? You point them out and I'll bite them for you, yeah?" Maybe this would put a smile back on Hope's face.
Winter Summers 12/20/18 Winter bent down a bit so he was eye level with the small child, his smiling never leaving his face. Though upon hearing the sweet girl curse his eyes went wide and he couldn't stop himself from chuckling a little. "Aye that was indeed the word but perhaps we shouldn't say that. But don't worry I wont tell."

Winter's brow rose a little as he heard the name. "Will Summers? Have you met my sister Willow then? She is quiet the character that one. I have a lot of sisters honestly it can be rather confusing." There wasn't as many as there was before but still a decent amount, thanks to their family breeding like rabbits.

"Though between us Willow totally got the better name. Winter is just not a solid name! Great season though. Neither here nor there it's a pleasure to meet you Hope." He reached into his leather jacket and pulled out a spare candy cane.

"Care for one? I know you aren't suppose to take things from strangers but we know each others names so we aren't really strangers plus it's blueberry flavor which is amazing if you ask me."
Dexter Gein 12/20/18 Welcome aboard.
Addison 12/20/18 ~Addison beamed, knealing down to the child~
"Well, thank you so much, lil one. I will be sure to keep you both safe with a nice voodoo protection spell."
~She nodded, and took just a bit of fluff from the stuffed animal, before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a sparkly unicorn band aid and placing on the bunny.~ "There, no ouchies."
Winter Summers 12/19/18 Winter was out and about tis the season to be cherrful, and giving whatever it is everyone always said. His icy blue eyes land on the child. Oh boy he was not great with kids. "Um.." He removes the candy cane from his mouth. "Welcome to the realm I guess? Place is rather sh-" Stops himself from cursing which is rather impressive for him. "Crappy. need anything don't be afraid to ask me I suppose. Names Winter Summers."

Offers the small child a smile.
Genesis 12/19/18 ~smiled to the little one~
"Thank you very much. And thank you for the balloon!"
Malek 12/19/18 The lycan huffs a laugh, nodding his head very slowly once as he releases the girl's delicate hand. "Coul' be, yeh," he says gruffly. "Jus' lemm' kno'f y'nee' som'thin' 'urt."
Addison 12/19/18 *The odd little psycho studies the small little newest member of the crew curiously for a moment from behind a potted plant. She moves slowly as to not frighten it.*

"Hello little person. Names Hope, right? I am Addison. I do bad things. To everyone. I will try not to scare you too much."

*Patted the lil one on the head, stealing a strand of hair for a voodoo doll*
Will Summers 12/19/18 The darkly crowned female offered a soft smile to the tyke, a fondness within those vibrant blue eyes of hers.

"Welcome to Azhi, little dove." Will is normally a crass and blunt gal, but put a child infront of her and she becomes a less vile individual, gentle and calm.

"Hope, yeah? Ahm Will... Well, it's Willow, so you can call meh either. " The female lightly pats the girl's head, offering her another smile.
Malek 12/19/18 The large man accepts the tiny hand in his gnarled, thick fingered one. Gently, he presses his thumb into her palm in a representation of a polite handshake before offering a distant, slightly confused... "Uh... thanks..."
Helka 12/19/18 Welcome to the realm.
If things are a little confusing, please don't hesitate to mail the Admins through the mail drop down link at the top.
Genesis 12/19/18 Welcome to the crew Hope. If you need anything, just give me a holler!
Malek 12/19/18 The stocky, scarred lycan approaches slowly, eyes focused on the tiny creature. He hates people, for the most part. Is caustic and rude to most of them. Children, though? Children are to be protected, yes?

"'Ey, Ah'm Malek," he says, carefully measuring his tone so as to not be more frightening than necessary. "Any'n fu… uh... mess's w'ya jus' tell'me an' Ah'll 'urt'm f'ya."
Livia Vlcek 12/19/18 Livia kneels to look at the little girl and smiles softly. Hopefully she wouldn't be too frightened by the Slayer's scarred face. "Hi Hope.. I'm Livia." She offers her hand. "Let's get you something to eat and find a room for you at the house. Would you like that?"
Livia Vlcek 12/19/18 Livia takes the offered piece of paper and gazes at it briefly. "Well, you found a big person. And a home, well, a Sanctuary is a place that.." The Slayer stopped in thought. "We offer weary travelers a place to rest their head, food to eat and keep them safe from those that might try to do them harm."
Livia Vlcek 12/19/18 Livia's minding her own business when a small voice sounds out. The Slayer stops, looks around then down. A small girl. Suitcase. Stuffed bunny. Cerulean pools widen. Hadn't she just been joking with Jacks about finding a child and asking if she could keep it, like the baby was a pet? "Ahoj.. I am a big person. Are you lost sweetpea? Did you need a home?"
Mystic-husky 12/19/18 "Welcome to the realm. Its pleasure to have you here." The small witch, bows respectfully."If you shall need help in any way, please feel free to contact me at anytime."
Crimson Belladonna 12/19/18 She waved bye to the girl and disappear.
Crimson Belladonna 12/19/18 "Oh! Bigger den meh!" Sits and pulls out her doll. "Chu lost? No worries somones finds chu?"
Crimson Belladonna 12/19/18 Runs into the new girl "Hewo! Chur kidz like meh!" Holds up 3 fingers. "I ish two."
HingleMcCringleberry 12/19/18 The Rhinos love you!
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