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Marcus Cain


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Deal With It.
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Born: October 16, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 0
Affiliation: Elysium Mail Replies Sent: 46
Home City: Los Angeles Mail Sent: 1
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01/21/19 at 10:59 pm
Current Mood: Grumpy  Grumpy 
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 My Minion Raiding party broke your nose

Marcus Cain's Biography
~Profile in the works! Visit my blog for Marcus' past profile~
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Beau Theroux

Eden Kennedy

Winter Summers

Sam Jenkins

Last five threads posted in:
Sam Jenkins 01/21/19 Nice to meet you, Marcus. Iím Sam.
*extends a hand*
Mechanic extraordinare.
Sam Jenkins 01/21/19 *crosses her arms*
*tries to look serious as well*
I -do- like hidey holes. And whiskey. If you decide to share, of course.
Sam Jenkins 01/21/19 Oh, yeah. I can see how that might intimidate someone. I mean, not me, but some people.
If you ever want to shoot the sh*t, drink some beers, or go on a ride...let me know. Iím not really into people-y stuff either.
Sam Jenkins 01/21/19 *gives a wide smile*
What!? That was the first thing I thought of. Cute and cuddly until it rips your hand off. Whatís with the eyes anyways?
Sam Jenkins 01/21/19 Uneasy? Really? You seem like a kitten to me. I mean, a large, manly, bearded kitten...
Sam Jenkins 01/21/19 Thanks for the welcome. Next time I see Beau, Iíll have to look for the tire marks on his back from when you threw him under the bus.
Winter Summers 12/16/18

"You'll actually hang out with me!? I'm so excited! Let's go! And as for the subject of Beau and the gawking we will discuss after a few drinks!"
Winter Summers 12/16/18 Winter smirks as he approaches the male. "Hey Mr. Grumpygills come come we shall drink and feast in my room. I need a buddy and I know you adore me! Come on! I got all the best snacks and all the booze you could ask for. Plus we can gawk at the male across the way! It will be a great time don't you dare say no!"

"Or we can gawk at each other either way it's a win good sir!"
Winter Summers 10/23/18 Winter watched with a small amount of amusement as the male removed his sunglasses. The male was correct his gaze was a bit unsettling but Winter had seen much worse. "Not particularly handsome, my sister has a worse one then you." Makes a face. "Had a worse one then you." He would eventually let it sink in that Spring was gone.

"I mean no offense when I say this but it shows. You are like a statue! And I'm gonna be honest I'm finding it a little hard to carry this conversation! But where there is a will there's a way and I always have a will! May I suggest smiling more that might help soothe things just don't do that creepy forced smile. No one likes it."
_Aurora_ 10/19/18 "Reeeeally!? I have been called other names but never evil. ' Shrugs
Amari Preston 10/18/18 You managed to break out Marcus Cain. I BROKE OUT THE SANCTUARY GROUCH! Wow!!!!" Amari throws confetti on Marcus Cain and smirks at him.
_Aurora_ 10/18/18 Umm that's evil. *rolls eyes and shrugs* More for me then!
Winter Summers 10/17/18 Winter's icy blue eyes watched the male, noticing the tense and then he relaxed? It confused Winter but he wouldn't question it. "Is that so? Well that sounds like people just being p*ssies." Winter would shrug his shoulders then. "Here I thought you were just being mysterious. The eyes tend to give a lot away when it comes to people."

A brow would arch as the other male corrected himself. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you Marcus, and you are welcome. And not to come off as rude or crude anything of the sort but I am great with people so you wanna work on your people skill. I am your guy no offense you just seem not so great at this?" Offers a small smile.
_Aurora_ 10/17/18 -raise brow- Welcome grumpy. Here have candy..on second thought take the this bourbon to might help to.
Sofia Johanneson 10/16/18 Nods her head as she hears the name. "Oh you're NEW-new. I saw your name go up on the board. We're all still feeling our way around, so don't worry we dn't have a huge head start on you. If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask."
Amari Preston 10/16/18 Welcome to the Realm! Welcome to the Sanctuary as well!
Winter Summers 10/16/18 Winter was merrily strolling through the sanctuary, spots the new member. Stares, just f*cking stares. "F*ck me you are huge, though sunglasses inside is so semi killing what you are doing for me. But like DAMN" He then goes silent.

What was he doing here again? "Oh uh! Winter Summers, if you need anything and I mean anything please come find me."
_Aurora_ 10/16/18 "Welcome to the Realm!"
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