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Zaxton Vermillion 03/18/19 He smiles then bows, “thank you thank you though ones work is never done.”
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/17/19 He smirked "does Loki like trouble?" With that he should have answered her question.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/17/19 I can go for some spanish food! *Heads to the bridge*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/17/19 He started it up and took off. He ran around a few zombies and teased them. Then made his way into the city. Where you want to go? We can go to the Dominican Republic. It is across the bridge."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/17/19 Hopping on his new Harley he puts out a hand for her to get on so they could go to dinner. "So you ready to eat?!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/17/19 "I can live with that. I love how your name sounds just the way it is."
Lucifer Morningstar 03/17/19 ****, well she was in a better mood thankfully. And placing the meat suit in the freezer till he could get back he sends out a text. "Thanks Lyl your the best. Might have to show me how to change him over when I get back from Brazil. Luv you, you know that!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/17/19 How about we get some dinner? As far as shopping goes only for what we like promise?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/17/19 He chuckled "you hate shopping just as much as I do! So I know it was hard."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/17/19 "I just want you to be your. I don't want you to change anything. And the bike is great I love it. But you didn't have to."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/17/19 A brow raised and a grin made it's at one his lips. Walking over to her landing a kiss on her lips. "I love you baby! The bike is amazing but you more amazing."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/17/19 It has been another long night. This time he was the one crashed out till late. Waking up to find a box by his side and not his wife. Sitting up opening it and reading the note he got up changed and left with items in hand. Finding her waiting outside
Lucifer Morningstar 03/17/19 The box sat there on the table. It came from Lyl, not much more could be said. And although he was the keeper of hell. The thought of looking in that box worried him. Fluffy had been a Beagle before his time as a pitbull, what the heck had she sent him for the old dog?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/17/19 Nope there is so much to be said! *picks her up and drags her to the room (mail)*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/17/19 "No! I just want you to tell me what it is your thinking and feeling. Is that so hard?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 "Fuk everything! That you hate me love me. Whatever comes out your mouth and how you feel!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 "Dammit woman! Cut it out. Stop walking away and talk to me!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 Tracking her down it was time for him to show her another side of him she hasn't seen. Grabbing her hand he turned her around. "Look I am not Az. He may have done things however he did. But understand something. I love you and yes I may have asked Lucifer and Raven to be my parents cause I never had any. But you and them are friends especially you and Luci. That is why I asked them. If I knew it was a problem I wouldn't have."
Lucifer Morningstar 03/16/19 "Yeah I did and I know where I went and I know what I have done. Do you not think I have seen and been in those places that have rotted my soul,Lyl. Every one has their down, just gotta get back up. I never said once you Changed ever. But sure as hell taking it out on Jacob for what? For the fact I decided to be the kids dad.

Here take the keys to the so called shackle making me your father inlaw. I'll deal with being me and be around if Jake needs me or Raven. Happy hunting!
Lucifer Morningstar 03/16/19 "Hey be p1ssed at Azazel all you want, that wasn't me. I didn't send him back nor did I say break you. Sami so we didn't kill him, so friggen what Lyl. If we had someone else would have pulled you out and hot damn prolly landed your a$$ in something alot worst like harry potters body or something.

I get it you hate the fukken world. Sh!t Lyl I tried to go back to hell as well and that got screwed up as well. But I am here now. As for the talk I have fallen twice in one year. You want me to strick the fear of god into the world. Give me a hand with it!" He points at her chest.

"Wake up Lyl, I cant do this alone. You can be just as powerful and wicked at my side, and your teenage body can come with you."
Lucifer Morningstar 03/16/19 There she is the meanest little hellion ever created by god him self then even he got scared and sent her to hell.And as beautiful as it was to she her in her full glory.

He puts his hand up."Hey Lyl come now. Option on what? Jacob his your husband, and Crimson is your daughter. Whats wrong with Raven and I adopting Jake its not like I am making him move home with us and leaving you out. He does what he wants much like Bells does. He wanted parents and we obliged."
Lucifer Morningstar 03/16/19 He growls low and the then stops. Then looks at her and says fuk it and catchs up again."Guess what lady your fukking stuck with me you miserable little monster. Cause the way I see it you really haven't got a choice. So talk! Whats the problem Lylth?"
Lucifer Morningstar 03/16/19 Scratchs his beard and glances at Jacob, while following after Lylith. Catching up he downs down at her. "Hey queen of mood swings I have a bottle of Jack, come sit and drink. Wait for me to get plastered then you can beat the living sh!t out of me. We haven't had a chance to talk with all this weirdness happening."
Raven D Morningstar 03/16/19 Why not?
Raven D Morningstar 03/16/19 Oi breath my darling! No one needs to die just yet. And if anything I will kill Luci. But not yet.
Raven D Morningstar 03/16/19 Lylith darling is everything okay? You seem to want to kill the world."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 "What is it?" The look on her face could have killed everyone around her.
Lucifer Morningstar 03/16/19 He stood leaning in the doorway from the kitchen watching. Hells bells the look on her face when Jake was talking to her was worth a million years of torment! His day offically.....
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 Looks at her. The look on her face was that one that he was in for it. First thought run! To frozen to move. "You OK?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 "K..ok.. Well the Morningstars have officially adopted me. That is what we was talking about in the kitchen."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 Pulling her in for a deep kiss. "Sweetness when have you known me to ever have tight screws?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 He laughed "yeah everything is good!" I am finally complete."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 He smiled looking at her. "Yeah everything is good!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 Everything was done signed and set. He headed off to find his wife only to find her cleaning. Getting a rag to help her clean up. "You good sweetness?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 He raised a brow and winked at her. "Get em beautiful!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 "Oh who was the poor soul?" He laughed he knew how she was and enjoyed it.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 He kissed her head hanging her coffee. Let out a small chuckle as she spoke to him. "Still? Thought we got it all?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/16/19 He could hear her footsteps nearing the kitchen. Perks of shifter. Grabbing another cup for her and pouring it as Mr Morningstar sat and drank his. "Morning beautiful!" He chuckled
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 So you deserve it! You are a fast one.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 Lead the way sweetness.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 Smiles "It's back in the room."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 Well I have fried chicken with fixins and chocolate cake to fix that!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 Smirks and pokes her nose "You miight be the crazy one but your beautiful
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 Did anyone ever tell you that you might be the weirdo of this relationship?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 And I quote "You nee to get your head examined" So yeah you have! *Burst out laughing
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 Kisses her head "Nope not at all! It felt like home. I hadn't slept like that in a good while."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 Grins and hands coffee "I thought you could have used it. You was playing till late with your toy."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/14/19 Chuckles "I am trying to give Loki so brotherly competition." Holds her close "How you doing today?"
Raven D Morningstar 03/12/19 Take your time. You will get there. It just gets harder.
Raven D Morningstar 03/12/19 Congrats on your ranking again! Keep up the good work you big old cupcake!
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/12/19 "Well I do!" Heads to her room dragging her mother with her.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/12/19 "Oh man!" Shaking his head "just the one that didn't feel pain on our day out."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/12/19 "Ha! You are right. Your daughter is a year younger then you and well not sure how old she is yet?"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/12/19 Places a finger over her lips "Shh don't say that!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/12/19 He chuckled touching her cheek softly as his thumb rubs it gently. "I love it. Ohh that!? Well consider it a wedding gift. A toy to play with."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/12/19 Laughs "you changed your name and took his? And here I thought that wouldn't be possible."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/12/19 Brings her a bag that has something moving in it dropping it he pulls her in and gives her a kiss. "Love the name change sweetness!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 I just might enjoy it *wiggles brows*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 "I do don't I? And just what would you like to eat? I just caught a craving for buffalo wings."
Raven D Morningstar 03/11/19 That wouldn't be a problem for me. He still thinks I don't know about him and Bells. *glares* still waiting if he will give me face time on that one.
Raven D Morningstar 03/11/19 Well at least this one you can put in a hamster cage like Loki so put it. Wuhahaha
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 Who said anything about backing out? I sure as hell am looking for the long haul.
Raven D Morningstar 03/11/19 May you have a happy unholy union. They say the third or the fourth time is a charm. But try not to brake this one. Haha!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 Is it really. Thought we was just getting started *cheeky grins*
Angela Emperium 03/11/19 "Congrats my besties momma.. huge reception after we get back " Angel grins.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 "Huh..never thought about it. Now that you mention it nothing has change."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 Looking forward to it.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/11/19 If he asked auntie and risked the chance of being eaten. I think he was serious.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/11/19 "Damn it took you long enough mama! Congratulations!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 Smirks "and you do it so well!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 Kisses her deeply "you drive me crazy in a good way!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 Is there something wrong with wanting more?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 And how is that sweetness?
Loki Jones 03/11/19 "Naaaaaa he gets the full monty if you don't take him."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 I actually am happy. That hasn't changed. So tell you what.. We keep things the way they are and not speak of this again. *pulling her in kissing her nose*
Loki Jones 03/11/19 He laughs "Just remember it runs out in three days. I'll get his cage ready cause if you break his poor little heart, I am gonna have to nurse him back to health on my dresser, in my room and feed him sunflower seeds."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 You, me and happiness. But.. Meh I can go along with anything. *shrugs*
Loki Jones 03/11/19 Rolls eyes. "Just... just.... do it. Ya can kill him later if you want! Come on Buffalo wings it isn't hard to do. And if he drives you nuts I'll get you a hamster cage for him!."
Loki Jones 03/11/19 "Because you are you and he is him. And sh1t admit it your totally into him, as much as he is into your cranky a$$." Nods sagely!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 Buffalo sweetness. And don't think I don't know what your doing.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/11/19 Only one to feed something that could eat a village? Okay I will take the one and let you make up the rest to me later! *he grins*
Loki Jones 03/11/19 Stands far enough back she cant reach him. "Get it, Got it, dead." Grins evilly. "Now marry the damn rat would you!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Dam it woman! I will follow you till the ends of hell. If a room is that important I move into yours.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Only you would love to make me squirm. Wait so every time we are together either in your room or mine we not sharing?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Satisfaction brought him back! Are you trying to kill me before or after we are married. I would prefer once we have been married long enough and I did something stupid.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Misery loves company.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Hmm don't think so. It might have been that smack you just gave me. *he grins and gives her a wink*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19
Marry me?
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/10/19 I'm not a piece of meat. *she chuckled*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Hey your the moody teen. But your mine. So question is will you be my teenage homicidal emo beauty Queen always?
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/10/19 Uh..yeah.. *Shows her the ring* I'm his hamburger. *she lowered her head and spoke quietly*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Why wouldn't I? Your my homicidle queen with a touch of emo to boot." He laughed that last part may have coast him a smack.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/10/19 "Surprisingly no one huh..but I did get married!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Pulls her close kissing her "oh you think so huh?"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/10/19 Runs to her mother pouncing her and giggles. "He guess what?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Chuckles "I love you and your cooties. But I prefer them in kisses."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 "I'm not a piece of meat. Ok maybe for you. But did you have to lick me? Haha
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Pulls his hand away "um really lloth?!" Wipes his hand shaking his head. "I don't know how they planning it but.. I hear talk."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Shh! *covers her mouth* I hear they thinking of putting us in school.
Hela Jones 03/10/19 Congrats on ranking Lloth!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 "We so need to work out a schedule." Letting her down softly
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 "What you on the mood for? I do owe you at least a dinner for disappearing for a week."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 A grin grew as he walks them into his room. "Sweetness you hungry?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Scoops her up and carries her to his room "mind opening the door?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/10/19 Of course! Now if I jump in your arms will you catch me? *he laughed thinking more like she would drop him.*
Blake Prince 03/10/19 Go Lloth on your ranking. We gonna party coz of your ranking
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/09/19 He chuckled "I know take your time to get it right."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/09/19 Walks up behind her and kisses her cheek "congrats on ranking beautiful! Keep up the good work!"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/09/19 Gives a tight hug "not really just trying to cheer you up"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/09/19 I know just trying to push you. Luvs chu!
Angela Emperium 03/09/19 "Congrats so much on ranking!" Hands a bottle of bubbles over and just grins.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/09/19 Sweet ranking! Now catch up *wiggles it out*
Uriel Emperium 03/05/19 Opening his hand he looks at the seahorse and, though it wasn't really his style. Hazel eyes dart back up to Lloths. "Hey its awesome! Thank you, our getting a whole lot better at this you know!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/04/19 Cause I believe you can do better then he can.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/04/19 That's only cause I know you will love leather faces work *gives her a wink*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/04/19 What I do?! *chuckles and kisses her head*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/04/19 Sweetness *puts an arm around her shoulders and head to the room*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/03/19 Great! Horror it is!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/03/19 A grin grew "you can keep the junior mints. But who has the better TV?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/03/19 Brow raised as he watched her happy dance. "Let's grab some food watch a movie after your poster raid."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/03/19 He got busted. "Fine..but Er.." OK he had nothing to come back with. "You win!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 03/03/19 Walks behind her trying to hide the posters. "Thanks but your better looking then me."
Elessar 02/28/19 Thank you, miss.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/28/19 Makes a b-line to her room "That looks and smells great!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Snickers "you would enjoy hearing me scream like a girl."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Sweetness I want to live to feel a spanking not have to wait in hell for one.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 She took off like a bat out of hell good thing she couldn't see my face.

may have been a demon but man did he pray to the man above.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Then I just might have to take you up on that! But do I trust you driving is the question? *swinging his leg over*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Wait is that a promise!?! *gets dragged*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Five points for every near miss. Work the prize thing later.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Don't you think it easy taking it up to time square?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Sounds like a plan to me. *taking her hand* Wait where you leave your bike?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 I don't shop Bells is helping me with that. But anywhere that has food that can be eaten and not look like it is served for a toy plate.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Good! Speaking of food sound so good right now! Let's go get some.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 "Just let it be known your not going to get rid of me that easy."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 "Yeah but words also work. *Chuckles giving her another wink*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 "You have a way with words and I do to. Which means are we going to make this official or what??"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 He pulled away for a moment his brown eyes resting on hers a smile gave way on his lips as he spoke "feel better sweetness?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Seeing her with a smile on her face as she was leaving the building he took her by the arm pulling her into his on hand on her cheek as the other was in the smalls of her back planting a deep kiss on her lips.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 He said five and made it just in time to watch her hit the third floor and go back up again. There was no way he would make it up to the top. Shewould have to come down eventually.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Text:Sweetness
suited up?! Your crazy ass is going to jump? Meet you at the bottom. Be there in five!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 He got up and dressed picking up his phone while he did he shot a quick text to Lloth

Text:Sweetness Where the hell are you!?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Was cause you went and did it! But still want an us think of that. I will be in my room.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 I never said we couldn't. It was a us thing. *he sat with feet hanging out the window*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Reads the forward text then text her back.
Good to know. What you plan on doing about it?
He didn't want to push it at this point. Giving her space is what he thought best. Was he right not sure. The choice was hers now.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/21/19 Blah! Don't let Mr pouts stop you.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/21/19 Then go get him! Thinking the tables are turning this time around. I'm going to have to teach you this time.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/21/19 Maybe a couple of laughs and a good time. Ever think of that.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/21/19 Mom seriously! The enjoyment of a boyfriend and having friends to do things with. Let go of your grown up thoughts and live the teen life. Think this is why uncle Sammy bought you back this way. To lighten up!
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/21/19 Think of it as your second chance. This may be a better chance. Let go of the past and live it up! Have fun and enjoy life this time.
Uriel Emperium 02/21/19 Walks past her door then stops seeing it open slightly. He taps at the door frame. As the boys wander off to different places. An eye brow raises and he calls through. "Lloth you in there?" waits a moment then peeks around the corner. "Just wanted to say welcome."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/21/19 Lloth
Well suck it up! You know have to relive the best years of teenhood.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/21/19 Lloth

Have you taken a really long hard look at what you look like these days. Uncle Sammy did a number on you. So can't blame Rats for looking. And yes you are my mom but that is what is more awkward then you and Jake. Your as old as me now!!
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/21/19 *her phone chimes as she stood in at a coffee shop picking up coffee and food. Reading the text she put her cup down and swiftly begins typing.

I already knew or suspected. Was just waiting for one of both of you to tell me. Look I'm good with it. Dad was never around for the most part and Jacob never had anyone. You both did right by me time for you guys make right for each other.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 How do I owe you? Thought this was a us thing? *shakes his head and heads back to his room*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 How about we both tell her together?!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 True! Rock paper scissor?!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Just have to wait. And waiting sucks.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 Yeah and that is what scares me the most.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/21/19 *eats his food while she dressed* I'm not sure. But I haven't gotten any text. Which scares me.
Loki Jones 02/20/19 Stands in his doorway cell in hand and snaps pics of Jake going to Lloths room.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/20/19 Putting on some shorts he takes his tray and heads to her room knocking on the door.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/20/19 Finally waking up to a knock on the door. It had been a late night. Seeing the tray on the floor a smirk grew on his lips. Picking it up he took it inside and dug in.
Blake Prince 02/20/19 My pleasure
Blake Prince 02/20/19 Welcome to the family
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 Laughs "um that would be hard. They bunk together I think. Not into the whole third wheel thing."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 I only suggested it cause wasn't sure I had to share it with Loki.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 I never said anything like that! You taking that to a new level. *he shook his head laughing*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 Did you win? Really win? But no need for the key.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 Ugh fine..your own room but still need food. *grabs a cart and heads in*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 He busted out laughing "do you know how cute you look pouting that way?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 Actually your the one making the scene. *he dropped her catching her before she hit the floor*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 "Just stop that won't work. Unless you want to get dropped!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 Tosses her short but over his shoulder and heads to the local market "I will put you in the shopping cart if you run."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 To bad I need food! So we going shopping just for that.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 I'm thinking if we keep him fed her might not say a word.
Loki Jones 02/19/19 "Okay got it. Well guess not all of us are this generation teens then. Some being older then the dust on the dirt which includes me."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 Fakes heart attack at hurt words "she doesn't even belong to the coven"
Ravin 02/19/19 She shakes her head. "I'm just the Confidant here, Mystic is boss around here." she laughs softly. "But I am always around if she isn't."
Loki Jones 02/19/19 Eyes widen."Wtf is Twitter?" Like really out of hell only months. Hasn't even found Facebok yet.
Ravin 02/19/19 Hands over a small key. "This is to my stash its in my office. Don't tell.." purs a finger to her lips.
Loki Jones 02/19/19 Nods while still chewing, swallows! "24 hours and has wifi!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 He laughed "that was a cute punch. Ohh sorry did I let the cat out of the bag?"
Loki Jones 02/19/19 Bites inside of his cheek and thinks a moment. Pops a piece in his mouth. "Okay fine. Here, there is more anyway. Lloth the Friggen kitchen is joined on to a Restaurant!" This is probably one of the most exciting days ever for him. A room with his own key instead of a cage, a real shower, endless supply of food!
Angela Emperium 02/19/19 Tossing Lloth a set of keys she grins. "Go pick a room. We will have to go shopping later to pick up snacks. Welcome to the coven!"
Loki Jones 02/19/19 He smirks and waves hiding the plate of bacon."Welcome to the group home it seems."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 You can share a room with me! *he grinned giving her a wink*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 Ha! That works for me.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 "Well I don't know her. So therefore I win!" Sticks tongue out playfully.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/19/19 Nods "mhm..ok!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 Maaybe..but I love my life and the wife alone looks like she will eat me alive if I burn her kitchen!
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/19/19 Doubt that could happen. We have known each other far to long. What is going on?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19 Hey you didn't say what you wanted. And if you haven't noticed we are at the Morningstar house. I am not touching that kitchen.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/19/19 Why you ask that?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/19/19
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 Smirks "maybe cause you haven't found the right one yet."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 I was never in a cage. Just kept Bells fed and company. So what you think now?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 Anyone ever tell you how sexy you sound when you talk about killing people?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 Do you think if you threaten to poison me I won't let someone know? I love crazy and cranky but..I'm not stupid.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 Chance I am willing to take. But I doubt you will. Bells won't let you. Unless she does it first. Haha!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 You got it sweetness. You can cook.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 Well at least dinner then?!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 But after you have to kiss it and make it better.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 That sounds sexy is that a promise?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 Wasn't a challenge but you can take it as one baby cakes ;)
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 She don't even have a clue either. But you can try.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 Sweetness
Nothing to worry you beautiful little self over. We got this.:D
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/18/19 Sweetness
"Ugh fine..! Do you get to punch someone in the face under a bromance?"
Incubus 02/17/19 Welcome is welcome, when welcoming, I suppose. *grins*
Incubus 02/17/19 Didn't you open with that?
Incubus 02/17/19 Thanks for the kind welcome.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/17/19 Sweetness
Na! We going to do this together. Even if it means I have to suck it up and work with ass hat!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/17/19 We will just have to wait and see!
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/17/19 Lloth
****! What the hell they doing there?! OK keep me posted thanks!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/17/19 You don't know me! I might surprise you.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/17/19 Yes ma'am! I will try to keep up lol.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/17/19 Yeah..yeah if you think so! We will see after our fun time!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/17/19 Me whimp out?! NEVER!! Should be there in like twenty minutes. Still want that drink after. 😉
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/17/19 Na..! I'm good I'm pretty normal. After this trip may need a few drinks. You game?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/17/19 Haha! You would be the first! I would have to think about it.;)
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/16/19 That would be fun to see!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/16/19 Sweetnessmaybe true. Ever seen her tantrum?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/16/19 Sweetness
that may be so but I have known her a long time. She might surprise you.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/16/19 Sweetness
Aww is that how you look in the morning?! I'm from hell that don't scare me. I seen Paz in her true form. That is scary😂!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/16/19 Opens up and reads the text and looks at the pic a smirk showed on his lips.
Sweet stuff
Now that is a pic a real man would love.😍
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/16/19 Unknown
Hold up! Who you calling old you old bat! Not my fault they decide to drive!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/16/19 unknown #
this is Bella friend Jake. She said we are a few minutes away.
Raven D Morningstar 02/16/19 Raven had forgotten how grumpy teens could be. And add her attitude for who she already was on top of it. That was a recipe for the end of the world right there. **** how do I answer that one?
Raven D Morningstar 02/16/19 Tire. But maybe this is to help her relate. Go see the witch Cici. She might have something to get you back.
Raven D Morningstar 02/16/19 Hey consider it lucky. We don't all get a chance to relive our younger years.
Raven D Morningstar 02/16/19 You looking lovely as ever young Jedi! *a grin crossed Ravens dark lips* who put you in that meat suit? Cause I definitely know that wasn't by choice.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/15/19 Lloth

Be there soon crossing into the city now!
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/14/19 Lloth
Sorry it was a road trip gone detoured! Just kill something to waste time"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/14/19 Lloth
On our way. Will be there in 18 hours."
Lucifer Morningstar 02/14/19 "Who the hell is gonna come for ya?" He nods and drinks his coffee. Then looks at bells "You okay kid?"
Lucifer Morningstar 02/14/19 He had to close his eyes as she spoke and a shiver went through him. Opening them slowly he looks at her. "Coffee Lilith. "He asked simply and breathed out. "Hey new skin kid, least it fits." He grins.
Lucifer Morningstar 02/14/19 Okay so one little kid turned teenager, One budgie bird who looking guilty of sin. Do I look like God on judgment day? And One sketchy one, looking like she needs to run. Holding his cup one finger points at her. "Okay, sooo you are? Not sure what they told you but normally they are not all actin weird, so just for reference I don't actually bite."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/13/19 Ya ya! On meh ways!
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/13/19 He last time you saw me I was 3. Lol
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/13/19 "Ha! Have I ever let you down?
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/13/19 Will be there soon with a few others.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/13/19 Awesomeness! Leaving NOLA now.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/13/19 Perfect! I do have to admit your wearing that new skin suit very well. Haha! Then meet me at my aunts house. I will text you cords.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/13/19 Going on a road trip to New York. Still have your ride?
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/13/19 Smiling she knew the girl wasn't the hugging type but bells did it anyway. "Thanks! Good to see you back!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/11/19 Welcome to the realm!
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/11/19 Walks up to her friend and waves. "It's me Bells. I'm not 3 anymore."
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