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Seraphina Morning Star


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Born: November 02, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 1
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 2564
Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 81
In Union With: Lucifer Morning Star Last Login:
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10/18/18 at 7:27 pm
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 My Minion Raiding party broke your nose

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Lucifer Morning Star

Cici Wraith
Black Beast

Caitlyn Darrow


Tiber Loche




Raze Wraith



Devilish One

Last five threads posted in:
Marcus Cain 10/18/18 "Thanks for the welcome."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "I look at it the way it was meant to be looked at. And now that both the bossman and my previous husband are birdies I have to learn to at least pretend to tolerate them."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "She adopted a child did she not? She sh*ts rainbows and unicorns as well now too. Adopted a child makes you all sorts of fuzzy inside. Or so they say."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "We can't all come back with upgrades and new fluffy wings. After all it would be quite sickening world if we were all nice and perky."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "I see you have noticed that Azazel has returned as well. Seems he has become a birdy like the rest of you."
_Aurora_ 10/17/18 Butterball
"I said we needed to talk! But she is the sweetest thing ever! So sue me :P"
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "Thanks."
_Aurora_ 10/17/18 HappyOne
"Did you pop yet or you look like you still carrying two beach balls? Will stop by soon enough need to talk!"
Lucifer Morning Star 10/16/18 After his letters to and from Mrs Wraith. He goes home to their house.
Cici Wraith 10/16/18 She kisses Sera's cheek softly. "Of course. I will let you catch up with your husband but then we must catch up as well."
Cici Wraith 10/16/18 "I am to inform you, that your lustrous husband has returned." The pixie witch rolls her eyes in sarcasm as she speaks. "He is awairong your return."
Lucifer Morning Star 10/15/18 Three dozen roses would arrive, with a note attached. "love you and miss you."
W_Kat 09/11/18 Congrats on PotD!
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 She nods. "You know me. It dims for a moment briefly before it shines again. Lunch soon. But go. Don't want you in trouble."
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 Cici chewed on her lip briefly. She couldn't have been in a daze that long that she missed a lot of stuff could she. She nods softly. "Then lets do lunch."
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 "You will let me know when it gets closer right? I am still the one you want there?" So much had changed in the time Sera had been gone that she wasn't sure of much of anything anymore.
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 "How much longer?" She asks before putting her hand on her friends belly. "Where have you been? You have been taking care of yourself right?"
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 Cici can't contain herself as a familiar face pops up. She runs and remembering her almost sister's condition throws her arms around Sera crushing her to her softly. Way not normal for Cici to do but things change. "Sera, oh my goodness. Look at you." She exclaims.
W_Kat 07/24/18 Congrats on PotD!
Camille 06/14/18
Lucifer Morning Star 02/14/18 He knows he's been gone a couple days. But Sera knew he would be gone for a couple days at a time here and there. It just came down to keeping demons of the worst in the only place suited for them. But he Always promised to make sure to come home to her. Laying the roses on the table and the bottle of wine on the counter. He then then found his wife. Slipping up behind her he wraps his arms around her waist, while whispering softly into her ear. "Happy valentines darlin."
Lucifer Morning Star 02/14/18 Sees the messages between her and her friend and snickers softly. He then steps up behind her and places a soft kiss to her neck then her lawline. "Yes... but this Keeper has promised that he would always come back." He whispers softly into her ear.
Lucifer Morning Star 02/06/18 Shots are fired, then the sound bodies hitting the floor. Keys jingle and foots steps can be heard along wit whistling. He tips the keys on the cell door and chuckles lightly. "You know love thats the second time today."

You managed to break out Seraphina Morning Star.
Lucifer Morning Star 02/06/18 Steps out of the cell and puts his hand out to his wife. "Quickly now, before they come back" (You managed to breakout Seraphina Morning Star!)
Lucifer Morning Star 02/03/18 Text: >:)
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