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Born: April 14, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 4
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Lucifer Morning Star



Seraphina Morning Star

Last five threads posted in:
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RealmLight vs Dark
Created by Circe Du Pont
W_Kat 05/17/18 Congrats on PotD!
Lylith 05/17/18 Congratz on realm's most wanted darling. I won't ask what you did.
Raven 05/17/18 Looks at the most wanted poster. "Geez really Congratz on making PoD!"
Pandora 05/16/18 She smiled softly walking up to him. “Congrats on your unholy union!” Before smirking and throwing confetti over the top of him.
Seraphina Morning Star 05/14/18 With the likes of you to. You may enjoy it. *she laughed holding her belly*
Seraphina Morning Star 05/14/18 Congratulations may you unholy union be a long one.
Raphael Aingell 05/13/18 "Go to your woman, Azazel. Be assured she will be on the mend." Rafe's deep chocolate hues glanced over him. "Thank Lucifer not me."
Aurora 05/13/18 "You want her back! Then I suggest you play nice with the witch. She is the only one who can!"
Amitiel Jones 05/13/18 Mitch Jones shook his head as his wings emerged his back. "Lucifer's mental cases? You have wasted my time. Amenadial maybe waiting to strike any time. I warn you for thelast time." Mitch could only warn, observe or comment but he refused to join in their drama, bullsh!t or bullcrap. He was following his orders from Father. He could help Seraphina if she asked him. He disappeared from Azazel's sight. "I hope hell's a warmer place than here."
Amitiel Jones 05/13/18 Mitch Jones had watched the whole mess between demons,angels and a single witch who had Azazel on the run. "Never saw such a scene since you got your ass out of Heaven. I am glad Seraphina's smarter than the pair of you jackanapes."
Circe Du Pont 05/13/18 She laughed as he hung up. Demons were so touchy. She had simply done as she was asked just as he had done. All because of loyalty.
Aurora 05/13/18 Aurora walks in with wrath on her face walking to Az grabbing his collar from his jacket and tossing him across the room. "Threats will not get her back! That witch is will die first!"
Circe Du Pont 05/13/18 "Marital or not, obviously she doesn't feel as he does or she wouldn't have come for me. I've learned fear only hinders your other abilities. You should try it sometime."
Circe Du Pont 05/13/18 If he was trying to scare her it wouldn't work. She had died once already protecting yet another child and she wouldn't hesitate to do so again. "That is her call. Not mine."
Circe Du Pont 05/13/18 "You won't get an exact location but you're free to try. I'll keep you off the path as long as I live until Sera says otherwise."
Circe Du Pont 05/13/18 "Tell the big man she will contact him when she os ready. Send the female demon again and I'll kill her." Cici was firm on her eviction and wasn't about to back down from anyone.
Lylith 05/13/18 *There was only person she might be able to reach in both her weakened state and ethereal form. Reaching out to him, her voice whispered against his skin* She's in the woods. Between London and Paris. As close as I can get you guys. I'm sorry.
Amenadiel 05/10/18 That was a face worth seeing. Good good, not on the list but payback was a good enough reason this time he would watch and learn. No way was Azazel sending him back this time. He has gone toe to toe with the demon and underestimated him once before. This one he would be watching,
Raven 05/09/18 Taking a seat a smirk pulled at her lips "Yeah was called home by dear ol dad, He needed to rant about me using his ride." Putting a stick to her lips and lighting it. "Figure it was a ploy to get me away."
Lylith 05/09/18 It was cute getting Luci to try to take the fall this time. But count it Az. 2 times I have watched your end and 2 times not a single goodbye. *She has every right to be pissy and it wasn't so much that she was pissy as hurt. Yes even cold hearted demons could hurt. *
Lylith 05/09/18 *Leaning next to his ear, she whispers* I'm not giving you the silent treatment. You'll hear what I have to say soon enough.
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