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Jericho Tenkrovi


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Born: February 01, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Geoffrey Drake

Derek Gordon

Crimson Belladonna

Paige Morrows


Last five threads posted in:
Liliana 02/19/19 "It will be nice to have you bunch staying with us. The house is empty with just Xander and I" smiling she waved at him heading home.
Liliana 02/18/19 "So your one of Paige's boyfriends? I'm Liliana it's nice to meet you." She smiled.
Derek Gordon 02/17/19 With Paige having gotten between the middle of them he wrapped a arm around her waist to. Kissing back her and Jer. "Hello luvs."
Paige Morrows 02/17/19 She smiled feeling very content and snuggled into his arms.
Paige Morrows 02/17/19 Blushing not used to hearing that she smiled. "Hi baby, I just wanted to surprise you."
Paige Morrows 02/17/19 She grinned and popped up behind him. Knowing she was quiet no way he had heard her. Wrapping her arms around his waist she hugged tight.
Derek Gordon 02/14/19 Finding the Valentines he smiled. Thinking about the plans he had for them this evening. Writing a message to him it said. Hotel Lobby 8pm
Derek Gordon 02/14/19 "Not today." He said with a smile. "I don't see it happening tomorrow either."
Derek Gordon 02/14/19 Kissing back he smiled. "You know I'm getting pretty used to this." He wrapped his arms around him. "Not getting rid of me I hope you are fine with that."
Derek Gordon 02/14/19 With a groan he walked a little closer. Wrapped his arms around the others waist and then plopped the sucker out of his mouth just long enough to kiss him deeply. With a smile he offered the sucker back.
Derek Gordon 02/14/19 A blush spread across his face, pretty sure his whole body. "I must admit I'm pretty happy with what I'm seeing as well." Oh that tease..
Derek Gordon 02/14/19 Walking up to him he grinned. "Oh and what else would that be?"
Derek Gordon 02/14/19 "Enjoying those are you?" He grinned.
Crimson Belladonna 02/13/19 Enjoy! Hehe
Crimson Belladonna 02/13/19 She walks to her friend and leaves him sweet blood treats. "Don't forget to share!" She giggled and skipped off.
Derek Gordon 02/13/19 He walked through the realm and dropped off a basket filled with sweets and goodies. The card said: Have a good day."
Geoffrey Drake 02/09/19 Pleased to meet you,Jericho!
Geoffrey Drake 02/09/19 "If you are seeking a coven. Talk to Mystic-husky." Guy approached the man "I am Guy or Geoffrey Fawkes. "
Flahme 02/03/19 Walking through the streets of Paris scenting the smells of human, animal, and food as she passed by various shops, another scent became unique among the others. One she knew intimately. Demon, she could always scent her own kind. She looked about and spotted where it emanated from and walked towards the man. She looked him over quizzically and as she got close enough, caught his eyes, then let her own change from green to red then back again. She remembered what it was like to be new to this world.

"Welcome to the Realm. I'm Flahme and though I am still feeling my way here, if you need help just ask."
Crimson Belladonna 02/02/19 Welcomes to da realm!
Raven D Morningstar 02/02/19 Welcome to the realm! Should you need help please ask!
Lenali Prince 02/01/19 On behalf of the Venus Club welcome to the realm.when you visit, your first round of drinks are on me.
Wisteria Collins 02/01/19 Welcome!
Maeve 02/01/19 Welcome to the realm, and good luck.
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