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Born: July 17, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 14 (House only: 4)
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Death claims us all.
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Celeste Donovan

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TransylvaniaMalinov Castle
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NeighborhoodNight Club Insomnia
Created by Marah
Anomaly 08/15/21 Leans up on her tip toes and whispers something softly in his ear. Settling back down with a grin of her own.
Anomaly 08/12/21 Smirks. "You dun even know what I'm thinking Angel boy."
Anomaly 08/11/21 Thinks about it a long moment chewing on her lip slightly.
Anomaly 08/11/21 Chuckles a little more and leans up to kiss him again softly. "What shall we do to day, superman?" Winks.
Anomaly 08/11/21 Chuckles leaning back in his arms slightly. "It is a little early for that step. But I'll defenitly have to think about it."
Anomaly 08/11/21 Laughs. "How about right here." Reaches up and taps the center of his forehead. "In big letters and a fancy font." Smirks teasing.
Anomaly 08/11/21 Blushes brightly. "Matching tattoos and everything?" Winks teasing him a little.
Anomaly 08/11/21 Purrs kising him back once more. "You sure you wanna keep me?"
Anomaly 08/11/21 "And I stole one back." Smiles. "I'd say we're even."
Anomaly 08/11/21 Tilts head a little. "Why would I slap you?"
Anomaly 08/10/21 Chuckles softly kissing him back clasping her hands at the back of his neck.
Anomaly 08/10/21 Sneaks up behind him hopping on to his back.
Anomaly 08/10/21 Smiles more as she continues to eat what he made for her. "I may just have to keep you." winks.
Anomaly 08/10/21 "This is the best thing I've eaten in..." Thinks about it. "...Well a long time." Smiles and takes another bite.
Anomaly 08/10/21 Smiles as he sets the plate down. "Mmm... looking yummy." Looks up at him. "Going to eat with me?" picks one up carefully and takes a bite. "Oh my.. mm..."
Anomaly 08/10/21 Takes the glass and takes a sip. "Mmmm..." Moves to find a seat were she can sip her drink and watch him cook.
Anomaly 08/10/21 Leans up on her tip toes a little bit. "Cherry vodka?"
Anomaly 08/10/21 Thinks a moment twirling a little of her blue hair around her finger. "Chili tacos."
Anomaly 08/10/21 Lets out a squeak as he picks her up and taps her butt before putting her down again. Giving off a cute huff as she straightens her clothes. "Well for that you owe me dinner."
Anomaly 08/10/21 Chuckles softly. "Is that so mister?" Tilts her head looking up at him.
Anomaly 08/10/21 Raises hands to cover her cheeks after he kisses one. "I am not."
Anomaly 08/10/21 cheeks turn a brighter shade of pink, eyes meeting his. "Is that so?"
Anomaly 08/10/21 Smiles more lightly poking his chest. "Such a flirt." Winks.
Anomaly 08/10/21 Blushes brightly and smiles back. "Thank you."
Mateo 02/12/21 See new guy gives a nod "Sup bro! Uh.. Welcome to the Frat I guess." Pauses for a minute then waves finger. Shakes head and walks.
Quinn Whitmoore 09/10/20 "Oh I want him dead alright this is twice he fooled us. He has that ascendant and you know what that means. ALEX... Prison World. We're screwed if he frees him and they join forces .He told Marah we were fighting. Greer I truly hate that man."
Quinn Whitmoore 09/10/20 *She see the roses blushing. She knew her husband had been busy lately but do had she. She didn't want him to know of the danger her uncle could cause. And siphoning that magic Barrier in the woods was going to drain nit her but Rafe as well. Who they needed was little sister Skylar. At least she had the ascendant that held Alex captive. Sending him a note knowing it would get to him no matter where he was she wrote.* " Don't worry about me my Sexy handsome Angel of death. I am a very understanding wife. Take care and don't let that brother of yours talk you into staying longer than you have to."
Athena_Maximus 09/07/20 She smiled softly at her coven mate. “Thank you for the welcome! It’s great to be here!”
Quinn Whitmoore 09/01/20 *she returns his kiss* "My handsome Angel of Death, if my uncle finally died this time promise me you will take him to your brother the King of Hell. Mazakeen told me alot and I think that is where he will never escape "
Marah Whitmoore 09/01/20 Congrats on making the realms most popular brother in law.
Quinn Whitmoore 09/01/20 I saw your handsome face on the billboards babe. Congratulations on making profile of the day.
Ezra Ivy 09/01/20 Always getting yourself in to trouble congratulate!
Murmur 09/01/20 Big bro what did you do? Congratz on most wanted keep it up!
Quinn Whitmoore 08/21/20 "Its beautiful babe I love it. You know so much has happened I totally for got about us planning a wedding. I cant wait to do it right. Rafes and Marahs was perfect this time and the cakes.But she did look beautiful in mothers dress"
Quinn Whitmoore 08/07/20 "Oh baby I can hardly wait. And you will feel things as well."
Quinn Whitmoore 08/06/20 *she hugs him back squeezing his butt cheeks*

"Mmmmm nice and firm judt the way I like it sexy. So what is this suprise"

*she smiles up at him blinking her eye lashes*
Quinn Whitmoore 08/03/20 "Peekabo I know I saw you. Now where did you go?"
*her eyes roll from let to right*
Quinn Whitmoore 07/30/20 " Well glad you think like that babe. Cause that is what i like from my man."
Quinn Whitmoore 07/30/20 "Ababababa. W..well I can dream walk babe. Its one of my many many talents. I day dream of you as well of my night dreams. I think im ready for another obe of those kisses. But are you up for it my fallen angel?"
Calico 07/19/20 She stopped and looked at the fruits then at the note. Before heading back to her cave to eat the strange fruits she was given. Cali let out a loud roar.
Calico 07/19/20 Cali dropped a deer carcass upon the doorstep and vanished into the night leaving a note behind "ye be enjoy to dah meat "
Murmur 07/19/20 Welcome Brother i hope you are behaving yourself...
Calico 07/18/20 Dropping her axe to the side of her and held out her hand "I nay been here long mahself just a short few moons....I be calico, please to meet ye Azreal"
Raven D Morningstar 07/18/20 Welcome to the realm!
Calico 07/18/20 Cali slowly stood up and smirked at the male as she ran her fingers through her white hair. "Thank ye veryily much male" she was unusual for many around the realm " I nay seen ye around here before"
Calico 07/18/20 A soft rustling of leaves as a young woman running after a deer through the forest. She roared as her inner lioness escaped her, pouncing on the animal.
Briahne Christiann 07/17/20 Welcome back, need any help, just ask.
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