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Born: April 11, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 2
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It started as butterflies, but now it just hurts
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Realmemerging from the harbor
Created by Bo Dika
Created by Bo Dika
RealmFresh Blood
Created by Heinrich Luneberg
Jenny B Jenkins 04/19/18 Jenny stares down at her tangle of string and eggs and rat's bones. It's not possible...Her eyes roll back in her head as she looks deeper, shoulders twitching. Her mouth opens in a low groan. She sees red hair and blood, sees blood dripping down the slender bones of a woman's wrist. Familiar as the back of her own hand. It's can't be...But the tangle never lies, not about the future. Jenny lets her head fall back, and screams.
Bo Dika 04/16/18 I will find her again...I will.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/18 “I’ll have you know, I’m everyone’s type,” she teases, now refusing to let go of Bo’s hand. Soleil is a self-proclaimed charmer. Over the years, she’d learned how to talk her way into and out of every kind of situation known to man. Drugs, booze, a couch to crash on, a under-the-counter cash. Name it, she probably acquired it, at some point in time, all by virtue of opening her charming, little mouth. Of course, Rhiannon, her wife, knows better - she’s really the only person who can see through Soleil’s ruse.

“Anyways, if you need anything, text me. I know the city’s ins and outs.” Soleil scribbles her number on the back of an old receipt; Bo seemed to be new to the area, and as a social creature, Soleil just couldn’t help but offer her acquaintance.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/18 Bo.

Soleil scrutinizes the outstretched hand for a moment, considering whether or not to acknowledge the greeting. Afterall, this woman had just tried to steal from her. But she’s never been known to turn down social interaction, so, true to form, she takes ahold of Bo’s hand.

“Soleil Whitaker. Hope things start looking up for you,” she responds, shrugging, “I’d suggest grabbing a drink. But, my wife threatened to kill that last woman I talked to, so…”

A quiet laugh gets caught in the back of her throat. The latter half of her greeting had been a joke. Sort of. She hopes that Bo doesn’t get too caught up on it.
Soleil Whitaker 04/11/18 Mountain View

Soleil is so taken aback by the stranger's even stranger response that she almost laughs. She's seen and heard some weird sh*t in her life, but this was so blatantly, in-her-face honest that, at first, she thinks it's a joke. But, seeing the woman's earnest expression, Soleil gets the hint. The frantic apology had softened her resolve some, but she's still skeptical.

"You woke up at the bottom of the harbor, huh?" she scoffs, crossing her arms over her chest, "Guess you're having a worse day than I am."
Eleri Draven 04/11/18 Welcome, welcome! Do enjoy your stay. ^_^
Soleil Whitaker 04/11/18 SW

Bo Dika just failed at stealing money from you!

To put it politely, Soleil is having a day. At breakfast, Wilson had refused his scrambled eggs, and threw a tantrum, thereafter. Logan, after wailing for the good majority of the night, vomited all over his bassinet. And to make matters even worse, she had dropped her coffee not even 5 steps from Abraco’s front door.

So, when a woman she’s never seen before follows her across the subway platform, and has the f*cking audacity to pickpocket her, Soleil all but snaps. "You'd have half a mind to keep your goddamn hands to yourself," she barks, spinning around to face the offender, "It's barely 1 o'clock, and I've just about had it with all varieties of bullsh*t."
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