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ďDon't mistake my kindness for weakness. I'll choke you with the same hand I fed you with.Ē
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"I like to burn my bridges while still standing on them... This way people know just how serious I am about my crazy."

And I was in the darkness, so darkness I became.
And let's be clear, I trust no one.

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Last five threads posted in:
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New YorkThe Lycan's Den
Created by Adara Doe
Summer 11/04/18 Seeing the posters around town, Summer nearly smacked her forehead with annoyance. Sh-t! Sheíd been remiss in welcoming Katherine to Azhi what, like, a hundred weeks ago? Space cadet. To punctuate her point, Summer stuck two prerolledís into an envelope, complete with note scribbled on a scrap of Curious George stationary (What! She found it in the junk drawer in the Azhi compound).

I saw your face all over town and that reminded me- I never sent a welcome to you! How impossibly rude of me. Please forgive the oversight- my manners are all self taught and well, sometimes I miss a few things. Now, onto the important stuff- inside the envelope youíll find two generously stuffed prerolledís. One strain is Pennywise- a personal favorite of mine when I donít want to get TOO silly, but want to chill. Then its opposite- the one with the light orange filter is Fire OG. Itís intense. And long lasting. Did I mention intense? Donít leave this one out around kids. Damn, thatíd be a waste.
Anyway, welcome!
Derek Norse 11/04/18
Mackenzie 11/04/18 KitKat
So I found a picture of us with some expensive jewelry.
We were so cute back then. And stupid. So, so stupid.
Derek Norse 10/30/18 Ghostie
It's not haunted. It's adorned.
I didn't know you were into toys.
Is that a fetish?
Derek Norse 10/26/18 Ghostie
I have them. Took them with me.
Safe keeping, and all.
I'm in my chair? Where are you?
Derek Norse 09/29/18 Derek smirks when the woman finally appears, easily catching her and holding her onto him as he steps further into the room. This filthy broad. Carelessly, he presses his face into her hair before sinking down into his La-Z-Boy recliner (no judgment, okay?). "You can smoke whatever you want, whenever you want," he mutters between kisses pressed to her cheek and chin.
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 KitKat
Okay, listen.
The door stuck.
And hellfire is super fast and super mean.
And I look like a peach.
I used to look like a hairless chihuahua.
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 KitKat
Nothing comes between our playtime.
Except for when I set fire to myself and lose all my hair.
She didnít mention that, though, did she... brat.
But yes, I do have a new toy.
Still in those early stages where you want to play with it all the time.
Derek Norse 09/21/18 Dropping his bag at the door to his cabin, Derek would walk further inside with heavy steps, glazed eyes surveying the space. Sniffing, he grins. "Fee, fie, foe, fum, I smell the scent of my ghosty woman."
Mackenzie 09/14/18 KitKat
Jasper is booked for a few months.
Ask him about his new toy.
Livia Vlcek 09/13/18 Canoe is getaway vehicle. *nods* Ok, good talk. I think we have our plan worked out.
Mackenzie 09/12/18 KitKat
You are? Come to the tunnels.
Iíll get Jasper.
You donít have that man candy with you?
Livia Vlcek 09/12/18 Bottle caps. *nods*
Mackenzie 09/10/18 KitKat
So next year, then?
Home is home, Kat. Still yours.
Haven't said yes, yet.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 KitKat
Depends. Depends on what you see.
The little green men arenít real.
You know I suck at communication.
Mackenzie 08/19/18 KitKat
May be going to Moscow.
Jasp on a mission.
Trying to get Tan in on it.
How's the lay? Still good?
Be nice to my Redcoat.
Plan to keep him.
This one is different.
Mackenzie 08/19/18 KitKat
I'm sorry. He just appeared.
It was a shock and I missed him.
I really missed him.
And we've just been catching up.
Forgive me? Please?
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 KitKat
Spaghetti Man? Donít tell me, I want to hear this in person.
My new crew is in Russia! Mack got me an in with her place, and I might be in love with the leader. Or just really turned on.
Send me your address when you get to where youíre going. Iíll send care packages, with love, from Moscow.
Got it, one make out session, regards from you.
Aaaand, briefly. I think he likes me.
I absolutely adore him.
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 KitKat
Ohhhh, whatís in Cali?
Iím off to Moscow, myself.
Hopefully dragging the wee Irish with me.
Soon, okay? Donít make me burn down California to find you.
Derek Norse 08/18/18 Boo.

Derek whips around. He'd heard the footsteps before he smelled her coming, and what he was gereted with was anything but disappointing. F-cking beautiful. The man wastes no time in scoopnig the woman up, pulling her tightly to his chest.

"You smell so good. Like strawberry kush..."
Derek Norse 08/17/18 Ghostie
I don't see you.
Derek Norse 08/17/18 Ghostie
Go to... 420 Me Street.
Derek Norse 08/17/18 Ghostie
Conversation is overrated, especially where we're involved.
You can do the ghost thing, then?
Knew you were a ghost.
Derek Norse 08/17/18 Ghostie are you getting to Cali?
Derek Norse 08/17/18 Ghostie
If you are getting on a plane, you need clothes.
Derek Norse 08/17/18 Ghostie
Well.. no. But almost.
Just get up and get your sh-t.
You're coming to Cali.
Derek Norse 08/17/18 Ghostie
You should definitely look out the bedroom window.
Jasper Thompson 08/14/18 -laughs heartily-
Good, then this reunion doesnít have to be awkwardly one-sided.
Drinks? Drinks. Letís get drinks.
Jasper Thompson 08/14/18 -stares back-
-waggles brows-
Miss me?
Derek Norse 07/21/18 Ghostie
I miss more than just your face. Just saying.
Derek Norse 06/11/18 Ghostie
Have I told you how much I appreciate you?
There are no real wild horses. Somewhere, yes.
But I don't have any. I have employees named Steve and Bob.
I call them all Steve or Bob.
No idea what their real names are.
Once I'm done with all this legal stuff, we can do whatever you want.
Derek Norse 06/09/18 Ghostie
Just got shut down by the DEA for like, four hours.
Think they'll ever learn?
Wild horses can't keep my weed from my Ghostie.
Derek Norse 05/19/18 Ghostie
How are you doing, gorgeous?
Mackenzie 05/03/18 KitKat
Pretty? Define pretty. I need details.
Shag him yet?
He any good?
I'm not sure there are wild hamsters.
Actually. That's a good question.
Where do hamsters come from?
Derek Norse 05/03/18 Ghostie
But pets.
Am I not enough?
I'm like a pet.
Where do you want to go?
Mackenzie 05/03/18 KitKat
That is exactly how that goes.
You made a friend?
Tiber is the scruffy one, right?
One of the ones I was yelling at, at the bar?
What is the important question?
Mackenzie 05/03/18 KitKat
Well, brunettes do have more fun.
But that's not a good reason.
Am still in New York.
Technically not gone.
Derek Norse 05/02/18 Ghostie
Sure, we have Sonic. I think itís in the underwear drawer.
Derek Norse 04/21/18 Ghostie
Youíre like, really pretty.
Derek Norse 04/17/18 Ghostie
I will gladly bask in your appreciation.
Tiber Loche 04/14/18
Tiber Loche 04/04/18 K-Town
... Yes. It turns out Tiberius requires a monthly injection. Permanently. I think I'm going to need to check out the cabin they were staying in. Thanks for the heads up.
Tiber Loche 04/03/18 K-Town
Tiberius is... Preoccupied. Where's this psycho compound? Is she in her right mind? She was just here a few months ago and she seemed happy...
Tiber Loche 04/03/18 K-Town
That -IS- very strange. It was never like her to turn her phone off or ignore her friends. What about that phase of hers. What's his name? Fabio?
Tiber Loche 04/03/18 K-Town
I only care about Gidget's happiness. If you make him happy, it can be our little secret.

K-Town Can you be more specific about Quinn...?
Derek Norse 04/02/18 "He probably is. Broski hasn't had a lot of luck in the lady department. It only makes sense that he'd want to try something different. And let's be honest, there is no better man that me." Derek sinks down beside Katherine, perfectly content. This is great. Better than great. This is surely puppy love.

"He's probably extra mad because he can't get naked. You know, 'cause of the twins. But I can. You can. We can do whatever we want, and he's stuck in his tightie whities." Chuckling, Derek takes a sip of the beer in hand, considering just how great his life really is.
Tiber Loche 04/02/18 K-Town
Don't mind him. He's just salty because I didn't take him to Uganda. Can you keep him busy for, like, ever? I have to unpack and he's the WORST.

Don't tell him I said that. I'll miss him in five minutes.
Derek Norse 04/02/18 Derek blinks, staring at Katherine as if she'd just bestowed upon him the sweetest of gifts. This woman, he swears, is really just him... but female. And possibly, hotter. It's a hard feat, but it is possible. Without a so much as a second thought, he pulls out his phone. But not before giving her explicit instructions.

"Roll a blunt."
Derek Norse 04/02/18 "Tiber has conjoined twins in his pants." Derek looks at his personal Aphrodite, solemn as he shares this information. "And lice. Very sad."
Tiber Loche 04/02/18 K-Town
It's a code. For Bros. I don't know all the specifics. I think we're just making it up as we go.
I'm not sure about the diseases, but I know that I officially DON'T have them. Which is great.
Tiber Loche 04/02/18 K-Town
Fine. I'll spare his life.
Mostly because we're bros and there's a code.
Or something.
I guess he's not the absolute WORST.
Is he at least sharing the good ganja?

My gift to you is this paper they gave me when I re-entered the U.S.
It officially states that I do not have Malaria, Leprosy or West Nile Virus.
Tiber Loche 04/02/18 K-Town
I had a doctors appointment.
In Uganda. Don't ask.
A new friend? Who's a male? And you LIVE with him???
Is he blackmailing you? I'll kick his ass.
Tiber Loche 04/02/18 K-Town
Who wore it better?
1 File Attached:
Derek Norse 03/31/18 "I got a Tinder match." Derek holds the phone up, peeking in her direction. "It's a thing. On the phone. You meet people with it. ...What is so funny?"
Derek Norse 03/31/18 Derek's head pivots, neck cracking in it's wake, the moment the word naked is uttered. "You were naked in there?! And you didn't invite me? You wound me."

Pushing himself up, he walks to the bedroom, careful to not look at her. "I will have you know how unfair that is."
Derek Norse 03/31/18 "TINDEEEERRRRRR!"

Derek's gleeful bellow can be heard from at least a mile away moments after the sharp alert of his phone sounded off.
Derek Norse 03/28/18 Lady Roomie
Under the pillow.
What's xoxo?
Mackenzie 03/17/18 KitKat
I wonder what it would take to dye blood green?
Derek Norse 03/15/18 High Ghost Friend
The cat is sad because it misses Broski.
It was a misunderstanding. Trust me.
Is the Chinchilla caged?
And yes. I am.

High Ghost Friend
F-ck. Okay. Be home tomorrow.
Derek Norse 03/15/18 High Ghost Friend
You should give him back to Broski.
Let him use his place as a litter box.
Button down? Don't have many of those.
Probably looks better than you.

High Ghost Friend
Probably definitely.
Derek Norse 03/15/18 High Ghost Friend
What? No. Cat out. No cat.
They smell bad, and they're rude.
Which shirt?
Derek Norse 03/15/18 High Ghost Friend
wtf is a Chinkilla?
What happened with the wine?
There's a cat?
...where is the litter box?
Derek Norse 03/15/18 High Ghost Friend
How's the stash?
Any left?
Left side is still my side.
Wait. Do you drool? Are my pillows okay?
Derek Norse 03/13/18 High Ghost Friend
They're kind of like reality TV, but naked.
My farm is everything. Burning comes later.
I'm in New Orleans.
Okay. But I prefer the left side of the bed.
Derek Norse 03/13/18 High Ghost Friend
I love my brother. It's great.
I get to make him miserable and he has to still love me.
The Da Vinci Load? Inrearendence Day?
Inspect Her Gadget is my favorite.
Smoke all you want. I have a farm.
Just to be clear... you're moving in?
Derek Norse 03/13/18 High Ghost Friend
Tell me something I don't already know.
Eating Wes's food and walking around his place naked.
I hot boxed his bedroom, too.
He'll kick me out by the end of the week.
His uniform stinks.
How's the stash?
Livia Vlcek 03/13/18 *cackles at the window*
*tried to get dice*
Livia Vlcek 03/13/18 *leaves Kat cookies and porn...acuz best mom ever*
Derek Norse 03/13/18 Ghost Friend
F-ck yea.
Fake weed plant on the table.
Pull it up. Goods are underneath.
Bong is on the bedside table.
Rip it good.
Mackenzie 02/06/18 KitKat
Santa is a great man.
He recently took up exercise.
Mackenzie 02/06/18 KitKat
I'm being serious.
Sol is a total adult.
Unless you want to talk to Atticus.
He believes in Santa still. So.
Mackenzie 02/06/18 KitKat
Well, by today's standard, I'm not wrong.
I go to Solomon when I need an adult.
He's thirty something, after all.
Mackenzie 02/05/18 KitKat
I'm an eternal child.
Gideon Abernathy 02/05/18 -blinks-
-very confused-
-probably not confused enough, though?-
This takes me back to my stripper days...
Victor Lockheed 02/03/18 Where you goin'??
Victor Lockheed 02/03/18 You know.
If you're trying to turn me on.. it's working.
Shayden Rayne 10/28/14 *strolls through and paints the roses red...*
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