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RealmWhen the hunter becomes the hunted
Created by Samil
Lyria Montoya 12/06/18 Hearing the honking of a car horn going off annoyingly in front of the sanctuary. She spoke a few choice words in spanish as she headed down the driveway. Thank goodness most the members were away for the day. Making her way to the end to see him standing there a smile crossed her lips. Opening the gate to walk and speak as he stopped her. She listened to his words as her cheeks flushed.
-Raphael- 12/06/18 Raphael slipped Jr a fresh plate of pancakes, bacon and eggs. "Ms. Montoya seemed excitable but you'd best be courting and slipping that ring on her hand or her paw. I said padre and she was real warmed up to the idea. You'd better mark your territory pronto."
-Raphael- 12/05/18 Raphael pulled Jr.'s ear a bit and set down a container of flea powder on top of his pancakes. The container was grounded into his pancakes. "I reck'n you'd be using this, hun. I am checking this pup. Choice of angel, slayer, but a wolf. Hope she knows where to bite you. If'n she don't bite you in the ass or elsewhere." Raphael swatted him on the back of his head. She didn't let him see her smile as she left her brother's house. "Things was a mite easier in my day."
-Raphael- 12/03/18 "Just making sure. Cuz you stick it in the wrong place. You're gonna have all hell break. Personally I 'll reserve you a cage and all you get is a canary to sing too." Raphael was calm and collected in her speech. "Just making sure. Your daddy did some poking once and got you and Ana. Seeing you have to make sure Ana aint bothered by any of them."
-Raphael- 12/03/18 Raphael tapped Jr on his shoulder. "Your daddy have that Birds and Bees talk with you yet? If'n he hasn't. I 'm gonna jam you in a one of them belts and make sure you don't screw up. If you are serious, settle on one and keep them pants zipped. Don't you get that pen ascrawling where it don't belong."
Seraphina Morning Star 12/03/18 "Your sister does have point." Looking over at Ana with the swifter. "Just behave or Ana won't be the only one cracking the wipe around here." Giving him a kiss on his head and starts the dishes.
Seraphina Morning Star 12/03/18 "Josie and Lucian. Oh really?! I don't think so sweetheart. Your not going to be chasing the angel girls up there. That will make you fall faster then your dear dad."
Jr Morning Star 12/03/18 Archs an eyebrow between fork fulls."What cousins, thought we only had one?" Looks at Ana an sticks out his tongue. "If I have to train to become a archangel.... I am not going up there being a virgin!"
Seraphina Morning Star 12/03/18 "In the process of that but food for you first!" Let's out a laugh as Ana cracks him on the back side and gives him a stern talking."oh really is that so! No more kids you two are good and your two cousins." Brings over a plate with all the asked for. "Take until Raph's gift and use them right."
Luciana Morning Star 12/03/18 *Ana handed Jr a brown paper bag. Her red cheeks and wry look told him enough as she shoved the bag in his hands.* "This one twirls, glows and vibrates. It's called the 'Darth Invader'." *She taped her brother on the head,*
Raven_D 12/03/18 Burst out laughing "serves you right for being an nosey body. Ugh another one I have to look up to. Going to have to carry a stool."
Raven_D 12/03/18 Well look at what the cat dragged in! Your old enough now you owe me a new light saber!
Lyria Montoya 12/03/18 Taking her hand and placing it at her side. She laughed at the look on his face trying to understand her. "Muy bien..very good..!" She would leave him to figure his place here. "Go now. I have to make dinero eh money." Giving him a smile she turns on her heels "We meet again! Yes?!"
Seraphina Morning Star 12/03/18 Turns her head as he call her. Blue orbs land on him "yes?!" Thinks for a moment "yes I am had to pick up something I forgot." Fully turning. "Yes well I fell." She sighed softly. "But it changes nothing!"
-Raphael- 12/03/18 "I reckon you're not in short pants, Jr. Did your daddy give you the lecture on the birds and the bees? Don't be doing what your daddy done. Keep them pants zipped and outta them inkwells. If'm your daddy didn't inform you. I am telling you. Behave yourself and if you can't. Well just don't!" Raphael hands him a box of a condoms. "No them's for you if you need'm They make great water balloons as well." Raphael heads off shaking her head.
Luciana Morning Star 12/03/18 *Ana knew her brother's nature was one of conflict and confusion. Her heart wept for him, her face remained serene as she hugged him gently. One of her many challenges was her brother and The Father required that task of her.* "I will not see you fall, Jr. Always two steps from hell and two steps short of Heaven. I am your sister and you are my saving grace."
Luciana Morning Star 12/03/18 *Ana snuck behind her brother and gave him a crack on his backside.* "That's for leaving me behind big brother. You're lucky that demon didn't lock your sweet ass in a cage...You don't flirt with the help down there. Keeping those buns out of the fire is my job. Looking after you is a chore dad should take over." *Ana smiled at her brother gently. Checking out the female demons wasnot a good idea for Jr. and she intended to attempt to keep him out of mischief. "Wipe that smirk off of that pretty face. Next time you will be swinging like a caged canary."
Lyria Montoya 12/03/18 A brow raised as her cheeks flushed. Giving a nod with a small smile. Thinking of the right words to say. " find things work? Good..good! I teach her if you need help?!" Dropping her head slightly as another smile crossed her lips.
Lyria Montoya 12/03/18 "Jiji!" She laughed "aye noise is should be. Em..I give more lesson." Smiling as he asked putting out a hand shaking it side to side."Muy bien.. Good y vos? Mean you?"
Seraphina Morning Star 12/03/18 "Sit! I am sure she will pop up. And just maybe as old as you are. Right..time is different in both heaven and hell."
Seraphina Morning Star 12/03/18 She laughed watching him twirl. Pulls him close and walks with him to the kitchen. "In time they will be knocking on the door. But what was it that they forgot to mention?" Shaking her head "How was your sister? She came back with you?"
Lyria Montoya 12/03/18 Lyria nodded her head as he twirled the sticks. "Dale eh! Going to have show los nuevo skills!"
Seraphina Morning Star 12/03/18 Smiles as she hugs him tightly. "Dear Lord you have gotten so tall and look just like your dad at your age!" Pulling away gently to get a good look at him. "You hungry? When you get in? Don't be breaking any girls heart!" Yea she sounded like a true mom. So what!
Seraphina Morning Star 12/03/18 Walking up to her son after his trip to hell. It has been a while since she had seen him last. Her eyes widen. "Your not to old to give your mom a hug?"
-Raphael- 12/03/18 Raphael looked at Jr. "I reckon you're the mimi me alright. Them brown eyes and them brown so be is special. Cuz we both got them." Raphael nodded her approval. "Reckon you need some schooling."
Lyria Montoya 11/23/18 The small woman skips up to her friend. Giving him a smile she hands him a pair of drum sticks. "" Thinking the words in english "remember I teach you play?!"
Luciana Morning Star 11/22/18 *Ana looked at her brother as he laid his head down and he giggles. She nods and smiled at him.* "Can't mess with her. Daddy tole me she was the only female Archangel." *She had a potty mouth but she needed to be careful around Father.* "Them tests hard." *Her brother hops off of the bed and pulls out a box from under his bed. He drags the box across the floor to her bed. He opens and she peers at the gift. Her eyes widen with joy.* "Keppler! I saw Daddy's keppler unders... Thank you! I shot a bad man called Samil. I think he's gonna get me." *Ana looked at her brother and a devious gleam was in her vibrant blue eye.* "Jr, you got Keppler too? I got an idea!"
Luciana Morning Star 11/22/18 *Ana looked at the brown feathers first for Jr." "One will do the job says it will protect and conkel you. Brown's rare but Arc hav'm. Auntie Raph has'm." *Ana looked at the white wings and stared at them.* "White's regular. Means I gotta a hard job. Mean's I can be Ser'phim or His Warrior. He picks my job when I'm trained."
Luciana Morning Star 11/22/18 *Ana looked up from a book on angel's wings and she was intent on finding a way to help Jr. Jr crawled up upside her and poked her with a white feather. She smiled at him and poked him back.* "Look at the feathers! Brown is rare. That's a gotz already. Harder to come out. But protective and Arch wings too!" *Ana passed the book to Jr.*
Lucifer Mourningstar 11/21/18 He chuckle when the boy goes through all the "gotz" That Luciana had received. "Lucifer listen to me. She may have hers now, but you will get yours as well. You have to crawl before you walk, then walk before you run and so on. Archangels are not born, they are created with work. Just like your one wing, it has meaning. Right now get use to it. It will shield and protect you, they are not just for flying. If you where to fall and you will at some point it will roll with you." He looks at him and puts him down "Lets walk for a while okay."
Lucifer Mourningstar 11/21/18 He knew it would come. But one never knows what it will endure. Watching the twins They worked well together most times. Ana bouncy and out spoken, Lucifer laidback and a bit of a wanderer. The boy was feeling it today. Ana received gift and was roaring to go. Jr on the other hand was gifted the gift of problem solving. He walks up and sits beside him pushing the glasses down so he could see his eyes. "Mom said you had a rough morning." He hands hi a tissue for his lip. but then daps it himself. "You will get use to them." Seeing the one wing he looks back at him. "I can help with this as well if you let me. We dont even need to tell Mom and Luciana if you want."
Luciana Morning Star 11/21/18 "I got tested by Father.. Wings come out. I tole Him to help you. He said that your test. Now do it Jr. Make Father see and daddy proud of you!" * Ana hugs her brother.* "Auntie Raphael had a funny wing and daddy helped her!"
Seraphina Morning Star 11/21/18 Running to the scream of her son. "What is it?!" Seeing black eyes and a spinning child. Stoping him in his tracks and turning him around. "You got a wing!" Curious she looks at it. "Um your other still not out."
Luciana Morning Star 11/21/18 *Ana looked at her brother's back. She frowned at the place where his other wing needed to be. She tapped the spot on his back.* "You come out and do your job! A Morning Star needs his wings. You 'll have it out, Jr!"
_Aurora_ 11/21/18 Looking at them reminded Aurora of her and Sera. Aurora always the fighter and protector of Sera. Luciana no different. "Your other one will grow in soon enough. But your sister is helping you till it does."
Luciana Morning Star 11/21/18 *Ana landed near her brother. Her small hand touched his busted lip gently. A small warm glow fixed his lip. She handed him a small sword, the other half of the angelswings necklace. And grasped his hand.* "Up you go!" She looked at his wing and nodded at him.* You can do it! "
_Aurora_ 11/21/18 The look of frustration made Aurora laugh. "First where are your parents?!" The question was asked as she made her way to a very red faced nephew. Helping him fix himself she noticed his dark wings. "Ahh your wings got you stuck sweetie?"
Luciana Morning Star 11/21/18 *Ana looks at Jr somberly. Her vibrant blue eyes look at him.* "Did that scary man talk to you yet? He gave me presents. Daddy won't like it. I got a necklace, feather pen, a scroll and two swords!" *Her childlike features hardened slightly.* "You touch my stuff. I will kick your @ss!"
Luciana Morning Star 11/21/18 *Ana watches her daddy correct Jr. She picks up a small pail of warm soapy water and a sponge. Fluffy trots behind her with a clean towel.* "Jr, what did you do? We scub the car daddy!" *Ana's pearly white wings unfurled and she dumped her pail on the hood of daddy's car.* She tosses the pail and nearly hits her daddy.* Oopsie doopsie..."
Lucifer Mourningstar 11/21/18 Hearing Sera in his head he runs and stops dead."No no no no. Not the car!" Face palms."5,4,3,2,1..... Breath Luci." A very stern Looking daddy looks at the boy. Then gets a bucket of water. Walking up behind him he pours the water over the kid. "Now JR this is how we wash the car." Hands him a sponge and pulls him down. Then wipes the soap off his face.
_Aurora_ 11/21/18 Your the stinker raising trouble?
Seraphina Morning Star 11/21/18 *bending down giving him a once over* Oh my... *trying to clean him off to no avail* you little prince need a bath. You smell like uncle Az on after a rough night. *taking him to get cleaned up a brow raised* What kind of toy?
Castiel 11/21/18 Amazon. Every angel buys their trench coat on Amazon.
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *Ana follows Auntie Raven. Jr is being pulled by his leg. She carries Fluffy in her arms. She runs to keep up. She barely feels her feet on the ground. A small pair of funny white things are on her small back. She feels a bit frightened as she follows Auntie Rav and Jr. home.* "Auntie Rav! Jr wants one of those toys!"
Raven_D 11/20/18 Walking into her house Raven finds fluff on her couch. She squinted at the dog. "Fluff who you with?" Looking at the dog as he just laid back. Rave went in search quietly around the first floor. Hearing jumping and moving coming from the ceiling that lead to her room she tip toed up the stairs into the bedroom. Finding the brat jumping around playing Darth Vader She leaped taking his wand. "Harry Potter you know what this is for?" She begins to chase him with it till he trips and Rave grabs him by the leg. "I'm dropping you off to your mother!"
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *Jr was a sneak! She giggled as she looked at his teddy bear. She had put a gps in his shoe so she could keep an eye on him. She catches up to him at Auntie Rave's house. She looks at the doggie door. That was not her style! She merely shot a fire bot and fried the lock and the whole door open. She walked in the house that was dark. She heard a funny yell and she saw Jr dancing with a pulsating wand.* "WOW Jr! What's that?"
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *Ana nods at her brother. She kept her hand in his hand. * "I don wanna know... does he wear funny panties?" *She grabs a few bananas off the table.* "Do you wanna nana?"
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *She looked at her brother with wide eyes of wonder. She bite her lower lip.* "We'd better go now... YOU sure made a mess of it!" *She smirked at Jr.* "He can't touch us...can he?"
Lylith_ 11/20/18 It was a good thing Lyl wasn't home or the young boy may have found himself hauled up by the scruff of his shirt. Though it would be quite amusing to have seen his face and she was quite upset that she would miss it, but she had bigger fish to fry. And currently she had a damn tranq dart in her neck was fixing to go out like a light.
Seraphina Morning Star 11/20/18 She hugs her little prince "Hi my little prince!"
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