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Viral Undead


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Izael 09/23/17 "Welcome to the realm whelp, perhaps I can see a use for you in our kingdom."

With a small, sinister smile on his decrepit yet still wholesome face. Izael planted his hands behind his tattered robes and lilted his head back and forth as if he was teasing her. Maybe, maybe Izael knew who she was, afterall, the lord of the viral was all knowing, especially with his servants.

"I am Izael, lord of the viral undead, plague of the realm."
Doctor Horrible 09/22/17 Welcome to the realm! I am the benevolent and humble DOCTOR HORRIBLE! If you need anything, feel free to send me a mail! Heck even a little bit of roleplay here and there won't hurt me ;)
Evaine Sterling 09/22/17 Welcome!
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