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Daragh MacLeod
Killed: February 23, 2018 at 07:40 am EST
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Last five threads posted in:
Weston Norse 01/26/18 You are f*cking beautiful.
Mackenzie 11/26/17 You're an utter piece of sh-t.
Ronan Boru 11/14/17 Congrats on POTD. If you were family I ave to ask lad what you did to be realm's most wanted. * The PIRA witch smiles a bit.*
Ronan Boru 10/07/17 Welcome to the realm. If you should need anything let me know. I'm Ronan Brou.
Jamie Fraser 10/07/17 Welcome to the realm.
Mackenzie 10/07/17 "I wasn't strong enough then, but you can bet your bottom f-cking dollar that I can lay you flat, now." She refuses to give him the name, never allowing him that satisfaction of being able to taunt her with it. His words sting nearly as much as his actions had, and she has to work to keep the pain to herself.

It isn't that hard. She's used to it.

"Go f-ck yourself, Darry." Taking a step back, she puts her hands up in frustration before taking her retreat. Today, she'd be the bigger person. Tomorrow, she might just smash his face into a wall.

Mackenzie 10/07/17 "Oh, please. As if Liam was smart enough to plan that out. Stop acting as if you did me any favors. You just couldn't stand the thought of your baby sister running off with a Papist." A twisted little smirk appears, and she wraps her fist around the collar of his shirt as she leans up to whisper. "Guess who converted, wee Darry."

The release of his shirt is highlighted with a shove, her smirk turning to a brief sneer. "How did it feel to get beaten, Benedict? I still remember the look on your pathetic face. You were my favorite."
Mackenzie 10/07/17 "Balderdash? Jesus. You're still so far up Pa's ass you've left his f-cking corpse ravaged." She shows zero signs of backing down, and that is normal. Mackenzie is nothing if not temperamental and aggressive. His threats go in one ear and out the other, and she finds herself just about ready to rip him apart.

"You could have stopped it all from happening, but you just had to side with Liam. Coward." The last word is barely a hiss, and Mackenzie's gaze narrows as he rebuts on her continued alignments.

Stepping up to the man, she stares up at him, glare unyielding. "Mackenzie. And I learned from the f-cking best, didn't I?"
Mackenzie 10/07/17 "F-ck you, Daragh. I don't know who saw fit to give a scut like you all of eternity, but you can see yourself right f-cking out before I finish the goddamn job." Mackenzie isn't about to back down. Once, she'd been closest with Daragh. That changed quickly enough in a matter of minutes years and years ago. "The f-ck do you want."
Mackenzie 10/07/17 She had been minding her own f-cking business when the air shifted around her. There is no mistaking the fresh soul in the Realm that is her world, and he is not welcome here. She had been happy knowing that certain people went to their grave, as they deserved. In fact, Mackenzie had put them there. That leads us to today.

It is with a swift step and an icy gaze that she marches up to the man, fists clenched before the left raises to throw a hook square at his jaw.
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