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Born: October 24, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 3
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 44
Affiliation: Carpe Noctem Mail Replies Sent: 102
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 24
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12/05/19 at 10:46 pm
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Tu ne laisseras pas une sorcière vivre. Ah, des histoires bibliques et pourtant, je suis toujours debout parmi vous. Laissez le bon temps rouler.
(( All info on bio is OOC and all Moods are IC only. You do not know any of it unless Mayfair tells you it IC. Do not attack me when I am online and I will return the same favor . Steal til your black hearts are content anytime.))
Sheridan _J Mayfair's Biography
Original Start Date: September 06, 2009
Name: Sheridan Julien Mayfair
DOB: 30 October 1979
Place of birth: New Orleans La
Age: 39
Race: witch
marital status: Single
Languages spoken:English,French,Spanish,Creole
Children: Nia Mayfair (Daughter)
Powers (if any): Weather manipulation, Spirit command and vision, telepathy and telekenisis

Family History:

I was born and raised in New Orleans. My name is Sheridan Julien Mayfair. I am the great grand son of Julien Mayfair. I am 39 years old & I was born October 30, 1979 @ 852 pm. I am the first male witch in the Mayfair family since Julien. I have some knowledge of Voodoo and the loas thanks to my godmother being a voodoo high priestess.I have learned growing up to respect them. Even the foul mouthed ones and the darker one. All of my gifts are very strong. I have a screech owl named Helios , as my familar. Unlike the rest of my family I have Blue eyes instead of the known Green and my hair is dark brown instead of the red. I'm about as different as anyone of my other Mayfair relations & I like it that way.

I was raised by my grand mother Stella Mayfair after my parents died when I was 10. My father, Sean Lacy I am told came home in a drunk rage and stabbed my mother, Antha Marie Mayfair 13 times during a fight they were having about his drinking. I was upstairs in bed sleeping and heard none of it til the police came and I heard a gun fire. Apparently my father thought they were demons of some sort and charged at one of the officers with the knife so he fired and one shot killed my father in self defense. It was one of the only times the spirit of my great grandfather Julien made himself appear to someone outside the family. He told the detective that I was awake and up stairs and who he needed to call. I til this day think that is the only reason I didn't end up in foster care as a child.My one stress release was and still is playing the violin. At 18 much to my grandmother's protesting and finally giving in I joined the US Army, special be exact.I spent 10 years in the military came home and got my crinimal justice degree from LSU in 3 years instead of 4 by doubling up on the course load and credits my jr. year. From graduation till 2 years ago I was with the NOLA PD as a homicide Det.Now I am a Federal special agent (NCIS-NOLA).

At least that was the story I was told when I was younger. I know now that was all lies. The truth was this: At 17 years old, my mother ran away to New York and supported herself by selling rare gold coins. Then she met Sean Lacy, an artist and married him. She became a writer and sold a poem the The New Yorker and one to a Parisian magazine. After falling pregnant, My father was killed in a car accident, and she became hysterical. Carlotta, my mother's aunt had finally won custody of her and committed her to St. Ann's Asylum. Not long after, she recovered and realized that she had inherited the legacy and started to write again. She gave birth to her only child, me. Carlotta through frustration, tried to make my mother blind so she could no longer see Lasher and give him power. She pushed my mother out of the third-floor window to her death and then told everyone that she was insane and jumped.

I have been gone for 2 years doing an undercover operation with NCIS overseas that I can not talk about. I used to be the hopeless romantic but time has changed that since I was last home to my beloved and eternal city of New Orleans . I heard what was going on while I was gone in the city and with family .
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Isis Dracul

Raven D Morningstar


Marah Whitmoore

Matt Boru


Ronan Boru



-Mona Marie-

Shadwyn Drake

Marie Saint-Juste

Maman Brigitte

Sarah Sanderson

Last five threads posted in:
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Created by Sheridan _J Mayfair
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Created by Marah
New OrleansCome feel the rain
Created by Sheridan _J Mayfair
NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
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Nickolas_Knight 12/02/19 "Oh this place never changes I know my way around the face may be new but the soul of the Realm will always be here. Thank you for the offer though Mr. Mayfair. I am Nickolas Knight."
Nickolas_Knight 12/02/19 "Thank you."
Marie Saint-Juste 11/30/19 A wide grin transforms Marie's face from smoldering to mildly mischievous. "Well, hell, honey, I didn't know you worked with my family's kind of magic too... Good to see a guy not afraid to branch out."

She winks. "Actually, that's how I got into cigars in the first place. Good old goddamn Loa."
Marie Saint-Juste 11/30/19 Marie shrugs and puts both cigars back inside her jacket. "Can't fault you for being healthy. Nice to meet you, Sheridan. I'm Marie."
Marie Saint-Juste 11/30/19 "Thank you, stranger. Don't suppose you'd care to share a smoke?" Marie pulls two fat cigars from the inside breast pocket of her ratty leather jacket. "Last two Cubans?"
Maman Brigitte 10/31/19 Thank you for the kind welcome, as well as many apologies in the delay of my reply!
Isis Dracul 10/28/19 The fire of anger glowed in her eyes. They had trust issues on both sides. She would be damned if he blamed it all on her. And what was he claiming poverty for? Money was never an issue. How dare he try and make her feel bad. "I really think you need to think long and hard about the next words you plan on saying to me. Words can be a fatal weapon." If he wanted any chance to reconcile he would back off. If not he would see just how much a woman scorned could hurt a man.
Mystic-husky 10/28/19 She was silent as she approached. She smiles and then taps his shoulder softly. "Welcome back and welcome to the coven. Sorry I missed your arrival."
Marah Whitmoore 10/27/19 +Marah sqenches her nose at him sticking out her tongue. She knew he was messing with her.+

"Very funny Mayfair. Give them a chance they will be here soon. ALOT has been going on the past couple of months."
-Mona Marie- 10/26/19 "Go ahead and run off again, Sher. It's what you do best, isn't it?" The witch smirked, almost cruelly. He had come to her in the manner he chose, and she dished back the same as she received. If there was anyone who would be honest, even painfully so, it was family. "Just remember, you came to me spouting venom and filth."

She spun a full circle on her toes, offering a dismissive wave to the man she had once respected and adored. He was behaving no better than a gutter rat, and would continue to be treated as such until his attitude changed. "When you get a clue as to the reality in which you now find yourself, come talk to me." She returned his words, mocking him.

Without another word, Mona turned on her toes to leave, her stride smooth and graceful, like a ballerina sweeping across a stage. It was time to find where Isis had gotten herself off to again.
-Mona Marie- 10/26/19 Corners of crimson painted pout curled upwards in amusement at the sound of a voice she'd know anywhere. It seemed the Gods had seen fit to return her cousin. The witch was curious as to why, but that wasn't something she wanted to focus on, though it seemed all chickens were coming home to roost.

"My old ways, Cousin? I have no idea what you mean." Coy grin reached emerald pools as she turned on her toes to face the Mayfair who was more fond of chasing trouble in foreign lands when he got bored. She looked him over from top to bottom, he was definitely worse for wear. Some people just don't age well. "You get credit for taking me by surprise, yes."
Isis Dracul 10/25/19 Isis sat watching the moon in the sky while she drank from the Jim Beam bottle. One slow sip after another. A dark cloud stopped covering the globe in the sky. As this happened her hand shook slightly. The bottle fell from it crashing on the nameplate of the headstone she was perched on. If her heart still beat it would have stopped. Her gaze fell to the pieces of glass and the name enblazened there. .....(Sheridan)
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