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Born: June 29, 2009 Forum Topics Started: 4
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 24
Affiliation: Solitude Mail Replies Sent: 9303
Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 752
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 Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
I went trick or treating at DemonKnight's Lair
Silver Goblet Commemorating Ringing in 2010 with
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Golden Goblet Commemorating Ringing in 2011 with
I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
Ruby hilted Sword commemorating the Bloodletting 5 Year Anniversary
I was arrested at a Halloween party at Mr Hyde's shack!, 2011
I visited the Realm Haunted House on Halloween 2012 and an Elder took all my candy!
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2012
Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
Hard boiled eggs that smell like Dracula - Easter 2017
Michael Arch's Biography

Michael Arch is, obviously, the Archangel Michael. I play him as such. Quite a few facts about him before you request a roleplay or send one his way.

-He is rarely seen in public.
-He is not so friendly. Just because he is an Angel, and even at that, an Archangel, he is not always going to be so nice. He does what he needs to so that he can grow stronger and will help those who wish to be helped.
-Aside from these two main points, I am always up for a roleplay. I encourage everyone and anyone who wishes to, but I really hate one liners. I apologize, and yes, I know some people don't mind it, but I do. So if you are a one liner, you better become a more than one liner if you wish to write with me, because honestly, it shows wanting to develop yourself furthermore. I am more than willing to even help you if you wish to be helped in your writing abilities.

Other than all that business, feel free to message me with ideas and or roleplay requests and I will be more than willing to write with you!

The Player behind Michael Arch

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Julliet Swan 06/22/17 The knock at the door wasn't exactly a surprise. She did invite company over after all. Perhaps the response was a bit quicker than she'd been expecting, but if there was anything she'd learned today -- perhaps she should cool it with her expectations. Julliet popped off the couch rather quickly once the round of knocks began.

She pulled the door open with excitement. There he was. After all this time. Without further hesitation, Julliet threw her arms around his neck and pulled her chest into his. "Thank you for coming." She stated directly into his ear, with little attempt to mask her joy. She knew well that Michael wasn't really one for affection, but she usually got her way and didn't anticipate anything different. More assumptions.

Her grip was tight around his large frame. His pleasant scent was everything that she remembered. After a few moments, Julliet hesitantly loosened her grip and slowly fell away from him. "Now, what can I get you to drink this evening?" Her eyes beamed up at him as she motioned to come further inside.
Julliet Swan 06/22/17 The angel's fingertips brushed along the length of her bar before leaning against the marbled top, scotch in hand. She took in a deep breath and just as she began to exhale, something caught her eye. Her brows lifted, rather perplexed, before approaching the foreign object set upon her couch. Julliet set her scotch down and lifted the scroll carefully, unraveling it curiously.

Her golden blonde locks were tossed around some as she looked around her home. There were no signs of forced entry, which made it all the more interesting. As her baby blues scanned the note, she fell upon the signature at the end. Michael. "Odd.." She murmured to herself, though she couldn't be all too surprised. The man surely had a way with keeping an extraordinarily clean path. Rather than beat around the bush, Julliet slid out her phone from a rear pocket and leaned back against the couch cushion.

Text Message
To: Michael
Come on back over if you're up for drinks. I've already gotten a head start.
Julliet Swan 06/20/17 The angel pursed her painted red lips as she looked over the Archangel's home thoroughly. There were no signs of passerbys anywhere and thankfully, that included Michael. A smirk tugged at either end of her mouth as she quickly leapt to his front door, where she would leave a post-it stuck to it that read,

Tag, you're it.

And then, without a trace, the angel was gone.
Camille Rameau 05/25/17 "I trust that you'll find Bloemfontein to be quite.. interesting. It's warm. Quiet. Safe." Camille, our often aloof angel did not generally find herself excited about things. Not things, nor people, nor places. But this? A sudden visitor with whom she found comfort and companionship... "I am looking forward to showing you around."

Remi Rose 05/12/17 "Thank you, Michael." Her modestly downcast eyes would lift up to look upon the much taller Angel. She still wouldn't admit to him that she had his very own attractive poster by her bed at the compound. He would never know since it might not always be safe for him in Moscow and that right there was the only downside to it.

Honestly enjoyed casually running into him or not so casually meeting him at his own 'home'. It was as if they had some secret friendship. It was always interesting as well as drama free. "I'll see you again, soon, right?" Hope lingering in her tone.

Remi Rose 04/19/17 "Michael, I have something to admit to you." A look of worry littered her features as she stared towards the Angel. "Please don't be mad with me. You were just standing there so peacefully and I don't know what came over me. I started to go through your pockets.."

"And I found this.." Her entire demeanor turned playful.

You were successful in stealing $76.00 from Michael Arch.

"You think you could forgive me?"

Camille Rameau 04/17/17 Cami spots the towering Arch in her travels, and while she is not certain what he was doing out and about, she was sure that he hadn't spotted her. This was one of the only redeeming benefits of being as petite as she was- she was quiet. Hard to see. Easy to hide in and around the shadows. It gave her ample opportunity to... pounce.

He turns the corner, and so she follows. Quiet. Stealthy. Camille waits until they are away from the prying eyes before she crouches down and launches forward like a spring, sailing through the air until she makes contact with the man. At first, she jumps on his back, wrapping her limbs around him with all of her might and knocking him to the ground. She attributes the ease of this maneuver to the element of surprise - but she would take it. She's not sure if the sound that echoes is an 'oof' from the Angel or just the sound of his monstrous form hitting the ground, but once she's managed to get him on his back and pinned to the concrete she reveals herself as an ally, and not an enemy at all.

A small tap to the side of his cheek with the tips of her fingers would suffice instead of a full hit. Just enough to get her point across.

"You know, Michael. If you're going to be roaming the streets of the city, you should be more alert. You of all people are aware of the dangers lurking... And not just me."

You hit Michael Arch for 318 damage.
You won the encounter!

And then she grins. That painstakingly innocent grin that only Camille can muster.

Remi Rose 04/08/17 I've been looking for you, Michael..

Remi Rose 03/15/17 There was no surprise to his approach, she had seen him walking towards her. Though it did give her a jolt of excitement. The shape shifter would stare towards his hand just as he was producing a rose. Corners of her lips grew wider as she'd take the gift offered of her namesake. He really was great.

He'd reveal what the gift was for.

"Thank you. You were right. I do like this. A lot."

More than he would know. Wouldn't admit that just days before her, his poster had been thrown about the realm and she had snagged herself one. Possibly even put it on her wall within her room.

Athena Maximus 03/05/17 Congrats on POTD
Maya J Lawson 03/05/17 Congrats on PotD

W_Kat 03/05/17 Congrats on PotD!
Remi Rose 02/05/17 Couldn't imagine. Yes, she's known the man for a whole five minutes but could he possibly become irate? He just didn't come off as the type. Though he looked as if he had been around for some time or that the time he had been around wasn't always as simple and sweet as honey. He had a rugged appearance but it didn't scream predator. At least she didn't see it. It was short lived though and soon she was on her way again.

He'd grab her arm.

Typical animal intuition would be to attack but it wasn't aggressive. His grasp was heavy handed enough to stop her but not to leave a single mark. Remi would quickly look to him again, stopping right in place.

"No, no.. I was afraid I had possibly.. bothered you. I guess I really just thought too deep on your actions and words at the moment. You said you used those things as a stress reliever of sorts.. I just thought maybe I had made it less of a habit and more of a necessity for you. I'm sorry."

It was relieving though when he opened up and admitted that he needed just as she did. A friend. Some company. He was nice to talk to.. and even nicer to look at it. It really was a win, win.

Remi Rose 02/04/17 Calm him? From? As he had put it, he was eerily calm. To the point she wondered if he were human.. Probably not. Shrugged internally. So, if he smoked to calm himself and he just lit one up.. Did that mean she bothered him?! Oh, no. This couldn't happen! How could she adjust within the Realm like this? This was bad, very very bad.

"Do you day that you become bothered.. often?" Had noticed it wasn't a new pack.

Remi would pause in her movement, staring as Michael spoke. Cringed a little. Not at his words. He was actually nice, oddly. She was right. It was her. She made him uncomfortable. Hadn't tried, really. Most people enjoyed her. This was different.

"Honestly? A friend. I'm sorry, really! I'll just get out of your hair.. I'll just go this way or something. Yeahhhh.." Sighs heavily. That was quite defeating.

Remi Rose 02/04/17 Eyeing each movements as he stuck one of those cancer sticks between his lips, mimicking a small inhale but with simply oxygen before letting out an exaggerated huff of air. "Do you do that often, Michael?" Referring to his smoking. Wasn't about to give him any spiel about the dangers or so on. Simply wondered. Wondered about him.

Casted a glance on over her shoulder in the direction of Domino's. At least she knew where it was now. She'd be back! But for now.. She was occupied. Perhaps he wouldn't mind her company much.

Remi Rose 02/02/17 It was obvious with the warmth of his smile he didn't always give one freely, which made the expression all that more important. His response to her made it easy for her to keep her toothy smile. He'd turn and she'd go in the direction he had pointed her in but before the distance between them became too large she'd turn and run back towards him. Halting beside him in a bit of a slide to catch her balance.

"Hey! You really helped me.. and I was kinda rude. My name is Remi. I'm glad I ran into you. Hopefully we can run into one another again sometime?"

Remi Rose 02/02/17 It seemed hopeless. The welcoming committee was lacking. She had gotten quite close to obtaining the number from a fellow ginger who spoke of oranges on pizza but the lady had disappeared before those digits had been exchanged. Shouldn't they have pamphlets?

About to sulk right there in front of the man as he said no but he knew where it was. It was like asking for a quarter but getting a whole dollar. Sighed with relief. Not quite a human but had to eat.

"Oh, you're a godsend, really." Twisted her vision back towards him from the directions he had been physically pointing out for her. Lifted a hand to grasp against his forearm, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Thank you."

Remi Rose 02/02/17 "Hey!" She'd call after the man. Scurried on after him. "Excuse me!"

Softly pants a moment before she'd stare slightly up towards the man before her. "Please, oh please.. Tell me you know the number to Domino's?" Pleads.

Remi Rose 02/02/17 "Thank you! Very nice of you."
Camille Rameau 01/10/17 It is a feeling that hits her with the static of a hundred raging storms. Camille's pale, freckled skin feels as though it might ignite all at once and set aflame her entire body. This heaviness; it is a weight that bears tremendously upon her entire soul. Whence stopped in her tracks, a cold, harsh breath exits from her chest as though it were seeking an escape.


It is what she had done. Managed to evade all of those bad things that awaited her in heaven with her future captors. This feeling... This feeling had been gone so long that now it reappears and Cami's entire body falls numb.

The Angel shivers. A hot flash of fear forcing it's way up her spine. She sees no one. She hears no one, and yet... She knows.

He is here.

Livia Vlcek 10/02/13 Well look at you all fancy in Gold. *smiles* Congratulations Michael, on opening your own home. It looks as if your dreams have come to fruition.
Livia Vlcek 09/22/13 Look at you Mr. Fancypants plastered on the front page. *smiles* You making your sweet angel Bel put up missing posters for you? *shakes head* For shame...for shame.
Livia Vlcek 09/14/13 *looks at kool-aid in hands*
*watches Michael run off*
*grumbles as she wanders off in search of her Reaper*
Livia Vlcek 09/14/13 *stares blankly* That was my kool-aid...
Livia Vlcek 09/14/13 Congratulations on your newest achievement! Gabriel! *high fives*
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