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Kira Garrett


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Kira Garrett 05/28/19 Narrowing her eyes, Kira presses her finger sharply to Kade’s cheek. “Hurry back, you sh*t head. I’ve been working on wedding details. I’d like to run them past you before I start sprouting gray hair. Plus, I kind of miss you.”
Jameson Orlav 05/24/19 -squints-
Kira Garrett 05/12/19 Kira nodded her head, grinning. “So I’m thinking we go a little more causal for attire. You and I? We aren’t formal people. And it’s going to be on the beach, so it’s not exactly a “suit and tie” venue. I was thinking maybe navy and emerald for color scheme?”
Kira Garrett 05/12/19 "It will be, whenever it happens." Kira smiled sweetly. She returned his kiss happily. "Thank you for the glow, you know it's all your doing."
Kira Garrett 05/12/19 "You won't let me have this be a surprise, will you? You are such a brat." Kade did have a point, she had even noticed the glow her skin had lately. She had been attributing it to being happy, but maybe something else was going on?
Kira Garrett 05/12/19 "Do you really think that's something that I would drop in casual conversation? Oh, no. I have a plan." Her words came out in a light song.
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 Kira nodded her head as she gently pinched his cheeks. "You're the biggest bad ass I know, honey. Anyone would be a fool to mess with you." Releasing his cheeks, she shook her head. "Well, you won't be able to control a mama bear, you know. They are fiercely protective over their young."
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 Kira couldn't help but roll her eyes. "You are ridiculous, there will most likely never be a reason for you to cleanse anything like that, okay? If the need arises, you have my blessing." She presses her lips to his cheek. "Well just remember, you have me in your back pocket for backup. Plus, who would ever think that sweet and innocent us would ever hurt anyone?"
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 Her lips brushed over his skin as she spoke. "Lover, I've been killing people since long before you were even a thought in your ancestor's mind. Kicking some ass is minor in comparison to what I'm capable of doing. But I'm glad that I'm all sunshine and rainbows in your eyes. Let's be honest though, you'd kick someone's ass for looking at me wrong."
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 She pressed her lips to his forehead. "Thank you for thinking about my feelings. That's extremely considerate of you." She rested her head in the crook of his neck. "It's a good thing for you that most of the guys I've slept with are probably dead by now. Pre memory loss booty calls." Her lips gently found their way to the flesh on his neck. "I love you and your teasing ass too.
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 She placed her palms on his face, sighing softly. "Kade, it's part of your past. Why would I get mad? I'm not going to just you or get hurt about what you did before me. Because guess what? It was before me." She crossed her arms, leaning back from him. "Well, as the one who has been keeping you so occupied, I can't be too mad, now can I? You forget how understanding I can be." Her smile was sickly sweet. "I know you like to play games, so batter up." She let out a chortle at her own horrible joke.
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 She turned her head to the side, grinning widely. "Tatiana? She sounds hot. Maybe I should just get the names and numbers of everyone on your list and work my way through them too? Give your brother and everyone else the Kira experience?" She raised her eyebrows, laughing. "You and I both know that you're the only one for me. I'm your girl, through and through. You're stuck with me."
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 "On second thought, give me that list so I can start calling their names during sex. I think that'll be super hot. Don't you agree?" Kira leaned forward, a playful smirk on her face. "You know, I might just have to trade you in for that brother of yours if you come back to me too bruised. Maybe I'll have to see how identical you boys really are." A sweet smiled plastered its way across her lips as she winked.
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 "I hate you. You are ridiculous." Kira shakes her head as she giggles at the thought. Okay, he had a point. That would be weird. Leave it to him to take her word literally, even if he was joking. "You're the love of my life, Kade Thorne. I'd go to the ends of the earth and back for you. I just want to see you happy and only slightly beaten."
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 She rolled her eyes heavily, scoffing softly. "Keep that list to yourself. I'll just thank them every time I reap the benefits." Kira bit her lip, trying to stifle a giggle. Shaking her head, she released her lip. "Well, you succeed, you big softie. I hope I make you feel warm and fuzzy too, you know."
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 "I never said that! I just meant that you are a liberated man who draws other liberated spirits to you, darling. There's nothing wrong with that. And, you know that I have never once complained. I should send a thank you card to everyone before me." Kira smirked widely. She wrapped her arms securely around his neck, lovingly pressing her lips to his. "You know exactly what to say to me. Thank you."
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 Kira raised an eyebrow. "Most of the girls? And here I thought you had slept your way through the entire female population of the realm. I guess I was wrong." She gave him a wink before pressing her lips to his. "You know, I can be outgoing. When I want. I guess I'm still coming into who I am. A certain someone has definitely helped me out with that. Thank you for pushing me. I love you, Thorne."
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 "Kade, it really doesn't bother me. I know that you have a past. You know that I'm not the jealous type. Be friends with whoever you want. I just want you to be happy." Gently standing on her toes, Kira pressed a delicate kiss to his lips. "I'm glad one of us isn't a loner. I think most of the girls I know you've actually introduced us in someway. It's kind of sad." A soft chuckle left her lips.
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 She rolled her eyes softly. "What we talked about is our business. We had an open and honest conversation. We realized that no man is more important than friendship, sorry sweetie. We're in a good place. And she didn't tell me specifics, but I can assume from the way our conversation started." She brushed her thumbs across his cheeks. "You know that I respect that you have a past and I'm not going to pry. My only request is that if it's me, it's only me."
Kira Garrett 05/11/19 "Don't worry, I'll take care of it. She will be handsomely taken care of. A girl has to look after her friends, you know." Kira wrapped her arms around the man who she loved so dearly. How was it possible for him to be so sweet to her? "You already know her, actually. It's Ahmalie. We go back. From before. After everything happened, we reconnected and have been putting a lot of time into our friendship."
Kira Garrett 05/08/19 Kira wrapped her arms around his neck, brushing her fingers gently through his hair. “I have an old friend who offered to make my dress. It’s still in the early stages, but isn’t that thoughtful?” Her smile grew as she looked into her fiancé’s eyes.
Kira Garrett 05/07/19 A wide grin spread across Kira's face. "So, I've been working on rounding up a group of gals to give me their opinions on dresses, right? Well, I found the perfect solution thanks to an old friend."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 05/06/19 See what happens when I walk with you? You got caught first! *Laughs evilly*
Averly Godfrey 05/05/19 "I have to admit, it pleases me greatly to know your heart is broken over little old me." Her white teeth flashing in yet another smile, Averly clicked her tongue as she observed Kade once more. It was blatantly obvious that another kind of change was brought his way, one that a haircut couldn't have inspired.

"You have a social life outside of working and being with your family? Color me impressed." A wicked expression had twisted her sweet smile as Averly run idle fingers through her blonde locks. "I'm only joking with you. I've been up to the usual, being a recluse. Though, I did take your advice and I purchased a Volkswagen."
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 She hummed softly as they kissed. “I like the sound of that. But maybe clean up faster? It’s going to be a long night.” Kira glanced at the car, grinning widely. “Yeah, I actually really enjoy it. I’m not as paranoid about driving it. I think I definitely found my go-to when I want to borrow one of your cars. And sweetie, it’s yours so by default it’s already mine.”
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 Kira pressed her lips to Kade’s, a fever behind the kiss. “I don’t need a list. I just need you to meet me at home so we can celebrate this engagement probably, understood?” Her fingers trailed down his chest as her teeth nipped st his bottom lip. “Wedding talk can wait until tomorrow. I have to assemble my girls.”
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 Kira threw her hand over her heart. “You were with people before you were with me? Oh no, my delicate heart can’t handle it!” She rolled her eyes playfully. “Truthfully, it wouldn’t be awkward for me. They were the past. And I should probably thank them for their contributions because I have greatly benefited.” A knowing smirk crossed the blondes lips. “I love you too, dork. I’ll chat with Raven and get her thoughts on being involved, okay? Pinky swear.”
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 “So I have my panel of experts?” Kira smirked. She couldn’t help but wonder if Kade would want his mother to be involved in the dress process. Glancing at her phone, she started a mass text informing the ladies that she was seeking their help for a wedding dress. “I can talk to her. We still are getting to know each other, so i don’t want her to feel obligated. I do have someone else in mind, but I need to chat with her about it too. Unfortunately, my circle hasn’t quite grown like yours has.”
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 "So, what you're saying is that we're going to take baby steps?" A dorky grin graced Kira's face as she made the joke. She pressed a kiss to his lips, reaching for her phone. "I need some girls to go with me to start looking at dresses. Could you call in some reinforcements for me?"
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 She narrowed her gaze at Kade. "Oh, so we're waiting to have our wedding until our child who isn't conceived can walk? So are we shoot for about two years down the road? Because I just meant that I might be pregnant, but if you want to wait then that's what we'll do." The pair was playing hardball, seeing who would crack first. Kira, for once, wanted to beat Kade at their game.
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 "Hey, I was offering you the cheap solution. Now, I have to get a dress, find bridesmaids and get dresses for them, book a venue and caterer. But, you're right. It's all about the experience." Kira couldn't help but grin. She should've known that he wouldn't let her off the hook that easily. "But, baby Thorne may end up being in attendance depending on how long planning takes."
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 "If you think that was crazy, what I'm about to say is going to sound insane." Sitting up on her knees, a lopsided smile found its way onto Kira's face. "Let's do it. Yeah, let's have a baby. Let's do it all. Forget a wedding, let's elope." She placed her hands on his cheeks, her smile growing wider as she waited for his response. "I know that you said no courthouse, so we could just go to Vegas. Find an Elvis and keep moving forward."
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 Kira's small hand found its way to Kade's cheek as she smiled. "Well, the jokes on you because I'm already ready. Let's get a puppy and have a baby. Let's go from just the two of us to a whole zoo of Thornes. Hell, maybe I'll be able to bribe your brother to come over and help me when your sister is busy. Maybe, you'll be able to start a babysitting company to go along with being a mechanic." Her blue eyes had a twinkle, she wanted a baby with Kade.
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 Kira smiled brightly at his comment. Good, she wanted him around. "Well I'll be a full time dog mom who cleans the house and maybe does yoga or something? I don't know, it was just the first thing that came to mind when I thought of not working." Her chuckle was light. "If you remember right, that is the very quality that prompted me to approach you. And guess what? You proved me wrong."
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 "Well, hopefully you'll be sticking around this time?" The blonde hadn't meant for it to come out as a question. "Man, I really need to find a hobby or something. Being a housewife is great and all, but I'll only be able to tell you about so much cleaning." A wicked gleam flashed in Kira's eyes. "Don't ask about or listen to any stories about Hawaii, got it." Kira nuzzled her face against his cheek, grinning softly. "You're my favorite d*uche, though."
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 Kira batted her eyelashes, grinning widely. "I'm a lucky girl? Well, I had a feeling that I was lucky, but I'm glad someone else agrees." She presses her lips to his cheek, nuzzling her nose against where her lips just were. "I can't wait to meet her. Maybe she'll be able to tell me all about how much of a d*uche you were back in the day." She giggled softly. "I'm kidding, I don't care about who you were. All I care about is our future."
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 Her bottom lip found its way between her teeth as she mulled over the question in her mind. "Do you think that she'll like me?" Whoever Taylor was, she was obviously important to Kade. Therefore, she was important to Kira. Whoever she was, she had known Kade for far longer than the blonde had.
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 "You aren't doing it for me. You're doing it for us, for our future. I've told you this a hundred times, I don't care about the money. I only care about you." Kira lovingly placed her lips on his, pouring her heart into the gesture. "I love you too. I can and always will forgive you. As long as you can forgive me for being a little irrational and jumping to conclusions." She held him close, stroking her thumbs across his back.
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 Kira's fingers found his jaw as her jaw grew firm. "Don't you dare shrug this off. We are talking about this. I want you to do what will make you happy. If you want to do this, then do it. I want you to do whatever you feel is best." Closing her eyes, Kira took a deep breath. She slowly opened her eyes, blue eyes pleading. "Do it. Because I'm scared of what I would have to do without you. What our future little Thrones would do without you. I'm not good at this. Hell, I was never destined to find someone. My whole purpose in life was to bring death. I'm not supposed to know love. But then you came along. Tell her that you'll do it."
Andy Codin 05/05/19 Well, I was just being a friend, myself. I do admit I had hoped for more, but I wasn't pushing anything. You know the old story. Anything worth having is worth waiting for
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 Her eyes found his. "So I'm just supposed to start planning a wedding?" Her voice was beginning to find its teasing tone once again. "Do you want to do it? Do you want to go legal?" Kira's words came out as a whisper. He was asking her opinion, but this wasn't her decision to make. It was his, and she had to support whatever he chose. "If I tell you no, then I'm your crazy girlfriend who would rather risk you getting shot doing an illegal job rather than have you do something legitimate. That's not who I am, and we both know it. At the end of the day, this is solely up to you."
Andy Codin 05/05/19 * i shake my head * No, not at all. We were just talking. Nothing else had happened. I haven't seen her lately, anyway. So I'll stay out of the way. She can be your wolf,and I won't bother either of you
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 She closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath. "You just spring this on me, not giving me details. I want you to be safe. If you want to go legal, I will support you either way. But what am I supposed to do? Kade, I love you and I don't want to lose you. But what do you want me to do?" Her voice cracked. "I try not to push for information, I know that there are some things that I just can't know. I've accepted that. So tell me, what do you want me to do?" Her eyes opened, gaze moving towards the ring on her finger.
Andy Codin 05/05/19 * i nod my head as i take the hand,and give a shake * I think I know this mutual friend. Tho she may be a better friend to you than she is to me. But I haven't seen her in a while. I thought she just lost interest in me, and took more interest in someone else
Kira Garrett 05/05/19 A faint scoff left Kira's lips as she looked away from him. "You know, it feels like every time that I break through one wall, another one comes up in its place. I know that you have your secrets, I understand and respect that. But do you how it feels to constantly be in the dark?" She took a sharp inhale. "If you're talking to me, then you've already made up your mind about it. Just do me a favor? Don't mention transparency in your vows." The woman couldn't help the hurt in her voice. They had just gotten engaged and he chose now to have this conversation?
Andy Codin 05/05/19 * i turn and look at the stranger beside me,and wonder what he could possibly want with me. i can sense his power, and think it would be in my best interest to stay polite. so i just raise an eyebrow as i look at him * Yes?
Kira Garrett 05/04/19 Kira’s head tilted in confusion. She waiting for him to continue, but all she received in response was a nervous look. “And what exactly is this job?” Her tone was slow and meticulous. How long had it been since Kade had been given the offer? And what details was he skirting around?
Averly Godfrey 05/04/19 I see you judging me with those eyes of yours.

Averly would always be scrutinizing and analyzing others under her watchful eye. It was a habit that was hard to break, and one of her better qualities. A smirk replaced the grin that had once lit up her face, and her thunderous blue eyes sparkled with curiosity of her own. Kade was always quick to put himself in first place, a trait of his she found amusing, and albeit a bit charming.

"You know me well, Kade. I'll never say it, because I was taught not to lie." Casting a playful wink in his direction she perked up as a result from their playful banter. "What have you been up to lately?"
Averly Godfrey 05/04/19 Her eyes flicking up to meet the russet hues that bore into her, Averly reciprocated his smile with a grin of her own. Kade looked refreshed, different somehow, his sudden scruff vastly different from the last time they had spoke. Averly was intrigued as to what would have caused such a sudden change, but true to the introvert she was, she would hold her tongue instead of pry into his life.

"Kind of miss me? Can't say that I blame you, I am marvelous after all."
Kira Garrett 05/04/19 Mocking his tone, Kira grinned. "You're one of a kind." A giggle left her lips. "Kade, at this point, you should realize that anything from you is more than enough. Material items are nice, but I don't need them. I just need you. Always and forever."
Kira Garrett 05/03/19 Kira rolled her eyes, patting his chest. “The ring is perfect. Bigger isn’t always better, you know. What if you did get me a giant ring and someone saw it and decided to rob me? Or worse, what if I misplaced it in a car engine?” She has a playful gleam in her eyes as she teases the man.
Kira Garrett 05/03/19 Kira grinned, brushing her fingers across his jaw. “We’re one hell of a couple, aren’t we? But I really should probably learn how to fight, who knows? It might come in handy one day.” She laud next to Kade on the blanket, resting her left hand on his chest. “Have I told you how great of a job you did with picking out this ring? Because it’s absolutely perfect.”
Crimson Belladonna Jones 05/03/19 Next time try not to get caught *opening his cell*
You managed to break out Kade Thorne.
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 Kira placed a hand on her forehead, pretending to faint. "My hero. I'm glad that I have you to keep me safe. Thank you, Kade." Sitting up, she rolled her eyes knowing that he was saying that to make her feel better. "I'm glad you see me and my bad ass self for who I am. I'd hate for you to think that your future wife was tough." She couldn't hold back the giggle at her own words. "Okay, yeah. I'm not a bad ass. That's you in this relationship. I'm the cute, friendly one."
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 Kira batted her eyes at the man, a flirtatious smile crossing her face. "Lover, I'm tougher than I look. I could hold my own if I needed to. You're lucky that you're on my good side. You know what happens when people cross me. I call you." Her chuckle was light and musical. "What do you mean? I'm not bad ass? I thought I was." A small pout formed on her lips. "Thank you for the iPhone 101. I like being a part of the modern world."
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 Wiping the tip of her nose, Kira playfully glared at the man. "Are you looking to end this engagement right out of the gate? Because those are fighting words. You're lucky that you're so damn cute." She pressed a finger to his chest, attempting to pull off an intimidating face.
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 Kira giggled as he once again mentioned their unborn, not even forming child. "Well, thank you for the permission but I think my nicotine days are behind me anyways. And I promise that our future little bun will be well taken care of." Turning her head so she could press her lips to his, she smiled softly. "I love you too. I love how thoughtful you are, how you continue to surprise me, how you look at me. Hell, I just love everything about you. Even if you do suck at doing laundry."
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 Kira rolled her eyes, a grin on her face. "Nicotine is bad for pregnancy, yes. But I'm a social smoker. I've cut back since I've adjusted to the realm. Thank you for the concern, darling." Thinking for a moment, Kira couldn't remember the last time she had smoked a cigarette. She made a soft hum in the back of her throat, she hadn't even had the urge to smoke within the past month or so.
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 "Yeah, I don't even drink occasionally. I prefer nicotine over alcohol any day." Kira took another small sip of the drink. It didn't taste bad, but it just wasn't her speed. "Well, you better get used to it, you'll be hearing it for a long time. And the only person I'm remotely famous for is you, dork. Hardly anyone else knows who I am." She rolled her eyes, leaning further into his embrace.
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 Gesturing towards the champagne, Kira offers a smile smile. "As much as I appreciate the gesture, I'm not a big fan of drinking. This in particular isn't bad, but it's not a habit of mine." She leaned forward, pressing her lips to his cheek. "Have I told you how much I like the sound of Kira Thorne? Because I really do like it." Kira grinned widely, glancing down at her ring.
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 "Okay, so you really did think of everything. Color me impressed." Kira took a sip of the champagne, feeling the cool liquid flow down her throat. She rested her head against his shoulder, signing happily. "You did make it special, extremely special. But, you really do make everything special. It's one of your many charms. I love you too, Kade Thorne."
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 Kira narrowed her eyes at the man. "You little sh*t. I can't believe that you've kept this a secret for so long! You're lucky I didn't look through your phone." Leaning back, Kira's hair falling around her loosely. "I love you so much. This is incredible. I can't believe that we're engaged!" She extended her hand for a flute.
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 She wrapped her arms around his neck, matching his kisses with equal passion. Kira pulled her face away to stare at the ring. It was opal, just like she had told him she preferred. Bringing a hand to his face, she rested her palm against his cheek. "I love you too. How long have you been planning this? Because this certainly wasn't a last minute idea."
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 As Kade spoke, tears began to flow freely down Kira's face. She began to speak when he dropped to one knee. Her eyes widened, finally realizing what this was. Seeing the ring, let out a surprised whimper. He was proposing? He had gone through all of this to ask her to marry him? Wiping the tears from her eyes, she pulled him up. Her lips found his as she began to nod her head. "Yes, of course I will marry you. I love you so much."
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 A soft gasp left Kira's lips as the pair stepped into the clearing. She glanced around at the small lights hanging from the branches before resting her eyes on Kade. "You did this for me?" Her voice was quiet, tears working their way into her vision. "I love you too, this is beautiful. Thank you."
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 She knew that the man was attractive, but seeing him in a full suit? Her jaw dropped as she raked her eyes over him. "Kade, you look incredible. Wow, I feel underdressed." She giggled, taking his hand. "I'll follow you anywhere."
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 Kira gave herself a mental pat on the back as she easily found the cliff. She had always taken great pride in her eye for details. Parking the car, Kira glanced around for Kade as she exited. "Kade? Are you here?" She called out before falling silent as she noticed the sun was setting. It was absolutely breathtaking. Kira remembered the last time that they had been at the cliff and smiled widely.
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 "What the hell is he up to?" Kira mumbled to herself. Rolling her eyes, she headed upstairs to the bathroom so she could do her hair and makeup. Her golden locks were soon curled as her face had a light dusting of makeup. She pulled on a knee length floral dress and checked the time. Remembering that the cliff was 10 minutes away, she decided that she better leave and headed to the car.
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 Kira scrunched up her nose, making a face. "Oh, no. You're stuck with me for life. No take backs." She brought her eyebrows together in confusion before nodding her head. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I can find my way back to the cliff. And formal? You're lucky I just went shopping or else I would've shown up in joggers and a hoodie." She grinned, giving him a sweet kiss before grabbing the keys. "I guess I'll go start getting ready and I'll see you soon, babe."
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 She nodded her head, smiling. "Oh yeah, I'm definitely Kade's girl. Through and through." She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing a kiss to his lips. "I love you."
Kira Garrett 05/02/19 Kira grinned widely, walking up to her boyfriend. "So you're spoken for, huh? Lucky girl."
Kira Garrett 05/01/19 Kira sighed, nodding her head. "Go to work so you can miss me. I'll be right here, doing the laundry that you're too lazy to do. You're lucky that I love you so much."
Kira Garrett 05/01/19 She put the card in her back pocket as she pressed a tender kiss to his lips. "To the first trip of many. We have our whole lives to look forward to, married or not. I'm your, Kade Thorne. Mind, body, and soul. I belong to you now and always." A warm smile graced the blondes face. "I love you, endlessly."
Kira Garrett 05/01/19 Kira held her palm out, grinning mischievously. "Card please? You know, you really should just get me one of my own. Since it will be our honeymoon, I think I'll get some new clothes. You plan the trip and I'll shop to my hearts content. I promise that I'll get something that you'll love." She knew that no matter what she wore, Kade would find her beautiful. But she still wanted to get something new, something that would maybe cause his jaw to drop a little.
Kira Garrett 05/01/19 Listening to what he said, Kira nodded her head, deep in thought. "If we do Tokyo, I could finally see some street racing which would be fun. But Bali or New Zealand would be gorgeous, especially this time of year." She let out a sigh, shrugging her shoulders. "Any of those places sound wonderful. I would be completely okay with a surprise trip. I can't remember anywhere I've been besides nearby states. So, as annoying as this is, you pick. You know I'm not picky."
Kira Garrett 05/01/19 Kira couldn't contain the happy sigh that left her lips. "Okay, okay. Get your plan in order. I'll be patient." Kade had a plan? She couldn't help but wonder how long he had been thinking about marrying her. The thought made her absolutely giddy with excitement. "We could go to Sydney or Tokyo? We have the ocean in your backyard, so why not go international?" In full disclosure, Kira couldn't care less, she just wanted to spend time with the man she loved.
Kira Garrett 05/01/19 Kira couldn't help the giggle that left her lips. He was already thinking of baby names? Man, she was slacking. "It's a deal. We'll look over everything and come to a decision together." It took every ounce of her self restraint to not demand to be married now. She was ready to start their lives as husband and wife together. "Well, a honeymoon sounds like a great pre-baby trip." She couldn't help but drop the obvious hint. "I'm sure we could find somewhere to go and leave whenever we wanted." Again, she left the hint slyly flow from her lips.
Kira Garrett 05/01/19 Kira moved her head from his shoulder, giving him a small glare. "Well, forget the tux then. Apparently I'm an animal who has no restraint." Her eyes narrowed a bit more, before a grin was back on her face. "Maybe we'll just let your sister do all the baby research and I can look over her notes? I'm sure she'll be through. Plus, we have a built in babysitter with her, so it's a win-win." She moved her head back to its place in the crook of his neck.
Kira Garrett 05/01/19 Pressing her lips to his cheek, Kira smirked against his skin. "You would just look so attractive in a tux. I probably wouldn't be able to keep my hands to myself." She wrapped her arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder. "What a coincidence. I would love a bunch of little yous. We can look more into names when the time comes. I'm sure we'll get loads of ideas from your family." A smile firmly placed itself on Kira's face as she thought about their potential future children.
Kira Garrett 05/01/19 "I'm just saying, I look great in white. And you in a tux? Man, I would pay money to see that." Kira smirked, scrunched her nose as he poked it. She loved how affectionate he was with her. Brushing her fingers through his hair, she giggled. "So we're going to go with K names, huh? Well, as long as they're as cute as their daddy, I don't care what they're named. Man, those little sh*ts are going to be so spoiled, both with love and material items. You're going to have a household of spoiled brats, can you handle that love?"
Kira Garrett 05/01/19 Kira smirked, "I'm the cutest damn wanna be gym rat there is, baby." Feeling the kiss on her neck, Kira turned around to face him. She leaned up, pressing her lips tenderly to his. "I love you too, Kade." Like always, a wide grin was plastered on her face. How was it possible for one person to make her so happy? Kira gave a small shrug. "I mean, expect for the legal stuff, we essentially are, I guess. I won't lie, Kira Thorne has a nice ring to it." Her lips found Kade's once again as she brushed them lovingly against his.
Kira Garrett 05/01/19 A warm smiled worked its way onto Kira’s face as she reached above and behind her head to rest her palms on Kade’s neck. “I only look good today, huh? What about every other day, mister?” Her tone was light, and playful. He could compliment her looks everyday, but it would still bring a flush to her cheeks.
Kira Garrett 04/28/19 She scrunched her nose at the thought of a hybrid. Where would the mods go? Kade had gotten her used to fast cars. “I will definitely pass on the hybrid. It’s not really my style, anyways. But I pinky promise, you will get all the back rubs and smooches when I get home.” The petite blonde gave him a tender kiss before turning to leave.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/28/19 Then welcome to the dictionary! Ha!
Azazel-_ 04/28/19 Still in his hazmat suit he shoves out a gloved hand and tips his head. "not sure wither to welcome you or warn you. But just for sh!ts and giggles. Welcome to Noctem."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/28/19 Welcome to the coven! See you decided to join us! Good Hela showed you to the straightjacket.
Kira Garrett 04/28/19 Grabbing the card from his fingers, grinning. “I think I’ll find something that needs some work so you can teach me how to work on my own car.” Kira slid the card into her pocket. “Hell, maybe I’ll even stop and pick out some new clothes? I’ll behave myself and I won’t spend that much.”
Lucifer Morningstar 04/28/19 While he watched a smoke hung from his lips. Deep brown eyes scanned over him from a distance as Hela and the others one by one welcomed him. When they where through he then made his way pulling the cancer stick from his lips and gives a soft chuckle.

"Man, you have no idea what you have walked into. Welcome to the funny farm. Be-careful of the zoo in the training grounds, and stay away from the left hall its filled to the brim with always hungry teen witchs and demons."

He grins. "I am Lucifer and before you ask, yes that lucifer."
Geoffrey Drake 04/28/19 Welcome to the coven!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/28/19 Welcome to Crape petting zoo is out back just stay away from Bruce he will eat you.
Kira Garrett 04/28/19 She hugged him back tightly, still pouting. "You're the one turning me into a monster. I'm becoming a spoiled brat because of a certain someone. But fine, I guess I'll go get myself a necklace. And maybe a new watch too? We'll see what catches my eye." Kira pulled back from his embrace to offer him a lopsided smirk.
Kira Garrett 04/28/19 Kira's lip popped out in a pout. "My boyfriend won't go and pick out a necklace for me? I am just so neglected and not cared for." She buried her face in his neck, sniffling dramatically. "Plus, I'd want it to say 'boss b*tch. Suits me better."
Kira Garrett 04/28/19 "I don't see any necklace, you're slacking, sweets." She smirked as she glanced down at her neck. Kade was ridiculous, but she absolutely adored it. She couldn't even imagine what else he had up his sleeve for her.
Kira Garrett 04/28/19 She rolled her eyes as he lifted her. "I don't know, I think you're the prettiest accessory in my possession. You look so good on my arm." She wrapped her arms around his neck and tenderly pressed her lips to his.
Kira Garrett 04/28/19 "Baby, you can't fool me. You're wrapped around my finger every bit as much as I am around yours. You can't bullsh*t a bullsh*tter." Kira grinned devilishly.
Kira Garrett 04/28/19 Kira grins widely, "Hate to break it to you, Thorne, but you already are. At least towards a certain girl."
Kira Garrett 04/27/19
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/27/19 "Ha!" She burst out laughing "I can explain weird." Pulls out a dictornery and looks it up "well there you go my coven is the meaning of weird."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/26/19 She laughed "And just exactly what do you consider weird?"
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Hopping down from Kade's back, Kira looks around the neighborhood. "Well thank you for having me. You know, I'm having a great time with you. Now can I please change? I think it's time to get into some dry clothes. Even though sopping wet is a cute look on you."
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Kira giggles as she hops onto his back, wrapping her legs around his hips. "You are the sweetest guy. But from this vantage point, I can kiss you anytime I want, so it's a win-win." Leaning forward, she presses a kiss to his neck. "See? It's not that bad, right?"
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 "I'm not going to steal your sweatshirt! I'm just going to borrow it for so long that you forget that it's yours. Kade? Will you give me a piggyback ride?" She popped out her bottom lip and gave him puppy dog eyes. "Pretty please? You'll be the sweetest guy in the entire realm."
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Kira bursts into a fit of giggles, "Sweets, you are possibly the biggest dork I have ever met. But I am a sucker for a man who makes me laugh. You're just ticking all of the boxes, mister. What am I going to do with you now?" Raising their joined hands, she presses soft kisses to each of his knuckles. "Now let's go so I can steal one of your sweatshirts for the night."
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 "Ah, so you pulled me into the water so you could lure me back to your place? I see your plan, Kade." She mockingly pointed a finger at him before placing her hand in his. Kira grabbed her shoes, "Trust me, I wasn't going to forget these bad boys. I happen to be quite fond of them, so it would've been impossible for me to forget them. Plus, they look so cute on me. It goes with the look."
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Grinning widely, she intertwines their fingers. "Good, because I like you too. Can we go somewhere and warm up? I'm starting to turn into a raisin, and I'm not sure how cute that'll look." She giggles and stands, offering her hand to help the man stand.
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Letting out a sigh, "I haven't been stalking you. Thanks for making me feel like a creep." Kira rolls her eyes, shoving his chest lightly. "You're lucky you're so cute, because I don't think I'd sit in the ocean soaking wet for anyone else."
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 She pinches Kade's cheeks, "You can't fool me. I know you have feelings. You just don't wear your emotions on your sleeve." She leans down, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. "You don't have to be anyone other than who you are with me. I'm not expecting you to be someone you aren't. You can be brooding and reserved. It's kind of hot." She grins and pecks his lips once again.
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Positioning herself so she was sitting on his lap she placed her hands on his cheeks. "Oh my god, you are so sensitive. I take it back." She rolled her eyes playfully before continuing, "There is no one like you in the entire realm."
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Kira rolled her eyes, "Well if the shoe fits." She lets out a small giggle before placing a gentle kiss on his cheek. "All of that being said, I like you. Quite a bit, so far."
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Thinking for a moment, she rested her forehead against his. "I think that you're guarded. It's hard for you to let people in. But I think part of you might want to let someone in. I think that when you find someone that you want to let in, you'll surprise them. There's a lot more to you than what meets the eye." She brushes her fingers through his hair.
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Grinning, Kira pulled back from Kade. She brushed her fingers across his cheek, sighing contently. "That was something else, Kade. You're not what I expected, you know that?"
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 As their lips met, Kira brought her hands to rest on his chest. When she first met Kade, this was certainly not the man she was expecting to see. The person underneath the cool, playful exterior was warm and kind. And was a wonderful kisser.
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Playfully hitting his chest, she scoffs. "I never once said to tackle me! I think someone was looking for a reason to get close enough to kiss my cheek. I can't say that I'm complaining, though. You don't need a reason for that." Feeling rather bold, Kira positions a chaste kiss on the corner of his lips and grins.
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Leaning up, she presses a kiss to his cheek. "So, let's avoid the awkward first date syndrome and call this the first one, deal? Because I would like to do this again. Maybe not the whole 'fall into the ocean in the middle of night' thing, but I guess I wouldn't hate if this exact scenario had a replay."
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Kira shakes her head, "You don't have to stop. But if you don't see me as a little sister, what do you see me as? You don't have to answer that, that was rude. I'm sorry. We can just lay here in the water, looking at the stars." Feeling a shiver move its was through her body, Kira scoots the slightest bit closer to Kade.
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 "You're quite the charmer, you know that, right? A girl might get the wrong impression if you keep this up." Kira rested her head on his shoulder, wrapping her arm around his once again. The lull of the waves helped calm her racing heartbeat from the chaste kiss he had placed on her cheek. Kade was making it harder and harder for her to keep her guard up. He was like this with other girls, right?
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Kira erupted into a fit of giggles as water surrounded the pair. She pushed the wet hair from his face and grinned widely. "You know that I'm a siren, right? Being here in the water? This is where I'm really myself. It's where I'm happy." The blonde laid down in the water, letting the waves envelop her.
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Kade hanging back and giving her a head start. She stopped, crossing her arms. “Please don’t tell me you’re going to be one of those guys who gives the girl the lead to make her feel better.” She turned back around and kicked off her shoes, making her way into the water. Kira stopped when the water was ankle high, sighing as she heard the current move around her.
Kira Garrett 04/23/19 “I know! And that’s what makes it that much more embarrassing!” Kira giggles. Feeling his hand cover hers, the woman lets out a gentle sigh. She glances up at him, mischief in her eyes. “Bet you can’t catch me,” she challenges and removes her arm from his as she begins to sprint down the beach. Her feet glide across the sand with ease.
Kira Garrett 04/22/19 A bashful grin planted itself on Kira's face. "Ye-yeah. I'd like that. God, I don't think I've ever blushed this much in my entire life," the blonde chuckles. She was always on the colder side, so it was refreshing to feel the warmth radiating off of Kade's body.
Kira Garrett 04/22/19 As he poked her lip, Kira's face flushed red. She tentatively wrapped her arm around his, glancing up at the man. "Is this okay? I don't want to invade your space..." The words trailed off before she gave her head a slight shake. "Anyways, I would love if you would teach me some basics! As long as I can call you when I have questions?"
Kira Garrett 04/21/19 Kira grinned, looking up at the man. "Yeah, I would actually really like that. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two. But then I won't need your help if something goes wrong mechanically. Are you trying to get rid of me already?" She batted her eyelashes and stuck out her bottom lip at him, before letting out a soft giggle.
Kira Garrett 04/21/19 Watching the man from the corner of her eye, she bumps her hip against his own, “That’s interesting. I’ve never been able to understand that sort of stuff. I tried to fix my car once, I gave up within like 15 minutes. There are so many little pieces! It gets so confusing,” she giggles.
Kira Garrett 04/19/19 She nods her head, “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind strolling the beach. It’d be nice to get to know you too,” Kira’s face flushes briefly. “So tell me something interesting about yourself.” She begins to walk, putting her hands in the back pockets of her jeans.
Kira Garrett 04/19/19 “Well, my schedule’s always open if you want to see a fresh face. Plus i wouldn’t mind seeing you around,” Kira shrugs, a wide smile plastered on her face. Wow, way to make a great impression, Kira. Be a little weirder.
Kira Garrett 04/19/19 Her smile widens as she extends her hand to the man. “It’s wonderful to meet you, Kade. I’m glad you found the time to pencil me into your busy schedule of wooing women.” Kira shots him a wink.
Kira Garrett 04/18/19 Kira eyes the man with a loose grin on her face. "So you're the one who has all the ladies in the Realm in an uproar, huh? Well it's wonderful to finally cross paths with you. I'm Kira."
Aubry Daniels 04/16/19 "If I allowed you take me to dinner you would run the other way. I would eat you out of the house at home. Though it would make for an interesting event. " She allows her eyes to Leanne his face briefly. "Great friends make great relationships. Or so I have heard." She shrugs lightly as she watches him.
Aubry Daniels 04/16/19 "Type? Not sure I have one actually. I'm not exactly Miss popular. Though if I had to choose a type he would have to be funny, and keep up with me. I like shenanigans. He also had to be able to handle my back handed compliments and be able to out eat me." She chuckled softly.
Aubry Daniels 04/16/19 "Then perhaps I shoukd go on a hunt. A hunt to find Kade an attractive, sexy female wolf who he can cuddle and sleep with, and yet who he can have invigorating conversations with. Someone he can get along with and have an understanding. That is quite a long list but I shall do my best to find the wolf that fits that criteria for you." It was evident in her banter that she was teasing him but it was all in good fun.
Aubry Daniels 04/16/19 "In what way then? As in the way of pets or food? I can assure you I make a lousy pet. My manners are less than admirable, I love to sleep all the time, and find myself cuddling at the worse times. As for food I am not sure I would taste very good. I am slightly rotten. Or at least to my core I am."
Aubry Daniels 04/16/19 "Not to avoid heart ache or break no. I simply don't open up to people so that information could never be used against me." She puts a hand up. "Yes it can be a lonely life but some of us wolves prefer it that way. Means no strings to keep you somewhere."
Liana Ankov 04/16/19 "Well nice, it can go up on my bedroom wall then." she laughed. "Perhaps a reminder.." blows him a kiss before heading off.
Liana Ankov 04/16/19 "Realms most wanted suits you pretty good." She grinned holding up a poster. "Wanna sign it for me or am I rolling it up and putting it away?"
Aubry Daniels 04/16/19 "So in a nutshell I shoukd refrain from getting to close to the female population as most may be walking around with a grudge and hurt feelings. Pity really. Though I suppose if one makes themselves easily and readily available then heartbreak soon follows." She smiles again her green eyes dancing with mischief. "Aren't most families a little crazy with a few skeletons in the closet? Are you the black sheep or is that this twin I hear of?"
Aubry Daniels 04/16/19 A slow and soft laugh bubbled up and escaped her lips. "You mean the females and their attentions? Not to state the obvious but have you recently looked in the mirror. Females will be drawn to you like a moth to flame. It is simply your job to weed the attentions of those you find lacking in one way or another." She pauses as her mind seems to process his words. "I suppose family and friends are reason enough to return if one is blessed to have them."
Aubry Daniels 04/16/19 That struck her as quite interesting but her face remained nuetralized. Perhaps he had a lover he couldn't leave beyond and that was why he always returned. None of her business however. "Though as true as it may be not everyone tries to eat you when they first lay eyes on you. At least not here and not yet. So I will take that as a plus side to things. I always wondered why people returned over and over again to a place they didn't care much for."
Aubry Daniels 04/16/19 Seemed he was quite the charmer. That would explain the sleu of femmes drroling over him. As he kissed her knuckles a single brow raised. Not so much in question but more of a statement. Once his hands found their way back into his pockets she spoke once more. "Probably for the same reason most come. To start fresh. To start over in a place where no one knows you or chooses to judge the moment they set eyes upon you. And what of yourself? What brought you?"
Aubry Daniels 04/16/19 Green eyes looked to the male who had stopped to welcome her. A slow and soft smile played upon full lips. Extending a hand she spoke softly. "I am Aubry. A pleasure to make your acquaintance Kade. Thank you for the welcome and the offer of help. Both are much appreciated."
WildKat 04/16/19 You're Welcome.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/16/19 She laughed "It's one of those if I tell you I would have to kill you kinda things?"
-Mona Marie- 04/16/19 How she did love a taste of home! Emerald pools sparkled with delight at another local, one corner of her mouth curling upward. Her grip was light, a soft touch by choice. Her choice in garment was by design, and she had a flair for getting attention. Mona was raised in the Garden District, but wandered The Quarter and Bayous of her own volition, often looking for some kind of trouble to get into.

"Mmm. Likewise. So tell me, Kade, what brings you to this circus?"

The witch glanced to the around them pointedly, a muffled chuckle deep in her chest. Deep auburn red locks would dance softly, loosely piled on the back of her head and held in place by a pair of chopsticks, despite a lack of wind. There were spirits about, always in NOLA, and they liked to vie for her attention. She, however, was far more stubborn than they were, and at the moment, this tasty morsel was of more interest.
WildKat 04/16/19 Congrats on PotD!
Averly Godfrey 04/16/19 Congrats on Profile of the Day.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/16/19 She gave him a smirk "What is the difference between them?"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/16/19 "If that is the case should come and hang with me and my squad when they all get back! we do enjoy finding trouble."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/16/19 "Np bro! Huh good question." he shrugged "I just roll with it. With the crew I roll with never had time to settle into something."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/16/19 Realm most wanted congratulations!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/16/19 He smirked Yeah I have a family here." A brow raised as he gave a chuckle "I am not offended. You be surprise at the cars my mom has. a whole lot full if you into that kin of thing." Ordering another round "Cheers! congtras on making POD!"
-Mona Marie- 04/15/19 Click of stiletto heels reverberate off nearby walls, a call announcing the approach of The Scarlet Temptress. A woman small of frame, but bounding with vibrant energy. As she closes distance, a faint scent of jasmine and freshly turned earth wafts around her, the scent of Her city. Manicured fingertips rest upon her hips, nails lightly drumming at the black satin of her tightly fitted corset. Crimson painted pout curls upward in a devious smirk.

"Well, don't you look delicious enough to eat?"

The witch had never truly eaten anyone, though it wasn’t beyond her to sample the goods. Maybe just a taste of her lips? One could quickly become intoxicated by such a notion. Instead, the woman offered a hand in proper greeting.

”I’m Mona, and I’m sure it’s a pleasure. If not now, then it certainly will be.”

The woman’s voice was as sweet and smooth as warm honey, and it rolled off her tongue in a distinctly Cajun accent, indicative of her New Orleans upbringing.
EtaineNightBreed 04/15/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/14/19 Nods "She got it from my mom. She has a whole garage full. But forget that lets drink!"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/14/19 "Ha! Yeah that would be her. Buckets of fun and bat **** crazy." Walking into the bar he waves to the bartender for two drinks.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/13/19 A laugh escapes him as they head to the nearest bar. "There are a few of us. I have two bros but they on a mission. We the young ones around here. Did you happen to come across a chick with a car?"
Averly Godfrey 04/13/19 Kade
Whiskey in your coffee it is.
I'll message you the address to my house if you're up for it.
Also, know anything about cars?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/13/19 "Nuff said bro! You good for a drink?" Shoos the girls. "Welcome to the meat market!" He laughed. "Not to many guys around."
Averly Godfrey 04/13/19 Kade
What do you think about coffee?
Or whiskey.
Or, whiskey in your coffee?
Beverage of your choice on me?
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/13/19 She grinned as she heard him speak "Oh I am sure we will meet again." Pulling out a paper she wrote her name and the address to her coven "You can find me and the rest of the rest of my crew here." Handing him the paper she took off to find her friends.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 04/13/19 Walking by all the noise of the girls going on "So your the hottie that got the girls talking." He laughed "Welcome to the realm brother! If you need help or just repellent ask for Jake I find some!"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/13/19 Walking to her car Bells glances at the new face. She grins and waves "Welcome to the realm!" she said as she got it and started up her Shelby rolling by him "Hope to see you around!"
Jameson Orlav 04/12/19 *toddles about, accidentally drops a severed head at the strangers feet*
Uh, yo, think you can get that for me? My arms are kind off full.
Averly Godfrey 04/12/19 "I'm positive you won't disappoint."

Her simple statement came loaded with many meanings behind it, but mostly she was certain that he was at least capable of participating in a conversation. Hard to come by these days, she had quickly realized. Although, it was mostly due to the fact she was an introvert. The fact that Averly had provided him with a way to reach her was a surprise in itself, and she would be expecting him to surprise her some more.

"I actually arrived without a phone, but it seems I've acquired one just in time." Taking back the device, she typed out a quick message to the number he had added and sent it off. "There, now you've got my number as well. I look forward to seeing how you fare, so don't run too far. I expect we'll be meeting up again soon."
Averly Godfrey 04/12/19 Everything deep down under.

A mischievous grin slowly spread across Averly's lips, the teasing tone behind those words accompanied by the wetting of his lips humored her deeply. The dark and sensual parts of her psyche brushed off their cobwebs and were front and center on her mind. Their banter was deeply entertaining to the witch, and she was curious if he was as confident now as he was in a more relaxed setting.

"At least you can say you're a genuine flirt. Let's see if it you can back up your humble opinion on yourself. Consider me intrigued." Slipping out her cellphone from her back pocket, she quickly unlocked it and opened up her contacts. Holding it out for him to grasp, she offered it up. "Feel free to add your contact information. I know you've just arrived, but hopefully you've come with some way to contact you. Or our next conversation may be hard to come by."
Averly Godfrey 04/12/19 Beautiful and unique? He was really laying it on thick, causing another laugh to bubble out from her. The outgoing, bright and happy blonde femme was usually not her role. However, the man in front of her was becoming increasingly more entertaining. Averly would take the bait, no matter how many bells rang in warning inside of her mind.

"How presumptuous of you, Kade. I'm simply indulging you in the same behavior you've brought upon first." With the hand he had freed from his grasp, Averly pushed back the wild mane of blonde curls framing her face. A small smile danced across her features briefly before she continued. "However, if you wanted to actually get to know me. I suppose I wouldn't say no."
Raven D Morningstar 04/12/19 Well that shouldn't be a problem hun. Just give me a shout! Names Raven.
Averly Godfrey 04/12/19 "What can I say? I'm a charming gal." A soft laugh escaped her before the feeling of his hand wrapped around her petite one. Averly hid her shock with well as he lifted her hand to meet his lips. However, the kiss he placed there brought warmth to the apples of her cheeks.

"Enchanté, Kade. You seem to be quite the charming creature yourself."
Averly Godfrey 04/12/19 Lovely lady.

Averly was unable to hide the smirk that worked its way across her face as the words reverberated in her ears. Although she would describe herself as lovely, it usually wasn't the choice of words one would usually use to describe the young witch.

"I knew what you meant, and I was only joking. Light-hearted banter is still foreign to me." With a few steps forward, Averly offered her hand in greeting. Although she had already greeted him formally, providing her name would be necessary information should he actually want to see her anytime within the near future. "I'm Averly."
Raven D Morningstar 04/12/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Averly Godfrey 04/12/19 A smile curving up the corners of her full lips, Averly took a moment to study him before offering up her response.

"Are you asking me, or yourself if you will see me around? Or are you simply unsure whether or not you're looking forward to us potentially crossing paths?" The slight twitch of her lips and gleam in her eye was the only indication the young witch was attempting to use humor, as her facial expression remained as stoic and cold as ever.
Averly Godfrey 04/12/19 Welcome to the Realm, youngblood.
Sarah Sanderson 04/12/19 Welcome to Bloodletting. My name is Morgana, and we are glad to see you here. If at any time you need assistance please feel free to use the drop down tab of your mail, you'll find a tab saying "Mail the admins" You can contact us through it. Again welcome to Bloodletting and have fun!
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