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Cirque de Perdus
You Will Be Found.

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Chiara Maxx 04/05/20 -clings to-
Now you're stuck with me.
Chiara Maxx 02/16/20 Been staring at the man, so as he trailed off it was very noticable. Tilted her head at the name he had mentioned; hadn't heard it before. Must of been someone he missed, family perhaps? Who's to say? She wasn't about to ask. Not that she didn't care but it was possibly in bad interest to go there while intoxicated.

Glanced into his jar, fully breathing in the percentage of alcohol that the liquid before her held. "Whow." Quick shake of her head, she grinned. "Well, that's excellent to know!" Clinked her mason with his own. "Cheers, dear."

Zacarias 02/15/20 Leaves him a bucket of lollipops just because.
Zacarias 02/09/20 Smiles. "Yer welcome."
Zacarias 02/09/20 "Congrats on POTD." Hands him a lollipop.
Merida Campbell 02/09/20 Pen and poster in hand, Merida ran up to Beau all giddy like "Beau... Beau... Beau" Jumping up and down like a child on Christmas morning all happy like. She holds out the poster and pen "May I have your autograph purdy please? Congratulations on being PotD!"
Tobias Morgan 02/06/20 Beaudoin
A few inches taller than me.
Welsh sounds sophisticated and snobbish. You'll recognize it when you hear it.
More like... Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
Not really. Don't get scrappy with him. I just want a break from his judgment.
Chiara Maxx 02/05/20 "You did a good job at this moony thingy! I can drink this all the time!" Glances into the mason jar still lingering within her grasp, frowns. "I have.. none left." Pouted as she stared back towards the much taller man before her. "Beau.. I'm sorry.." Lower lip begins to wobble. She didn't want to upset him. Really liked him and her position within the sanctuary.
Tobias Morgan 02/05/20 Beaudoin
If you run across a tallish man wandering about, semi-good looking, and he asks for me with a Welsh accent, you haven't seen me.
Tobias Morgan 01/29/20 A secret gem, you say?
It won't stay a secret if you keep sharing.
I promise not to tell.
Tobias Morgan 01/28/20 I'm always interested in making new friends.
*another grin*
You haven't lived until you've had a beignet from Cafe Du Monde, dear Beaudoin. Care to be my first? To share some with, of course.
Tobias Morgan 01/28/20 Poetic and all encompassing. I like it.
*takes hand*
I think that can be arranged.
*shakes hand*
Tobias Morgan. Ty.
Chiara Maxx 01/09/20 Staggered towards the man. "Beau!" Chiara hollared with a slur. "Hope you don't mind.." as she approached him, closing the gap between them as she slumped forward against him unknowing of her actual closeness. "You have the best juice, ever." Slurring her words as she tapped her index against his chest. "Wow. I can really see your face near mine." Awkwardly touched his face before her own. "I hope you don't mind.. but I found these amaaaaaazing mason jars with fruity drink juice inside. Smelt like pie." Paused. "Mmm.. pie." Looked around the room for a possible apple pie just laying about.
Chiara Maxx 12/15/19 Nodded with a bit of a laugh. "Definitely." She'd snicker. Watched as he stroked his beard, having not one of her own to stroke, she'd toy with her hair awkwardly. "Heh. I am like a lost child." Thought a moment. "Would you be my tour guide of the Realm?" Playfully offered up her arm for him to take as he would show her about as if it were some small town. If only. "I have to ask.. have you ever been labled the friendliest about the Realm? If not, it really is a loss. You should have a badge and all. How else would we know to seek you out?"
Chiara Maxx 12/15/19 "Oh, yes. I was right. I heard that distinct creole twang in your voice." Smiled widely. Enjoyed being right even if it was with her own thoughts. "I bet it draws a lot of attention." Granted, he seemed to draw her in simply with his pleasant and kind nature. Chiara had a very positive personality. Was quick to compliment another. Distracted with his query of how she was holding up so far. Lifting her hand to her chin as she'd nibble on the edge of a finger. "Well, honestly.. not bad but I feel so lost. I do, kind of need some help. Guidance even. Got a bit of 'lost puppy' syndrome." Wasn't her best alone.
Chiara Maxx 12/14/19 Stared. Couldn't help herself. It was quite awkward to glance away from another. Was very interested in anything he had to say. He had a draw -- in more than just his voice. "That's an interesting name." Didn't exactly have a name which ran under 'ordinary'. "Beau. Yes, very nice to meet you. Where do you stem from?" Gave his larger grip a bit of a squeeze back before releasing and dropping back to her side. Head tilted with inquiry, questioning if her assumptions were correct.
Chiara Maxx 12/13/19 Steele blue orbs peer up towards the friendly man infront of her. Half a smile crept out the corner of her lips. "Really? That's so nice of you. I'm Chiara, by the way." Offered up a hand as she reached out towards him.
Chiara Maxx 12/13/19 Oh, thanks. I appreciate that.
Virelai Tylwyth 12/12/19 Vir turned this way and that, holding up her arms so the long sleeves draped and swished with her movements. She grinned up at her friend and pushed the long white hair from her forehead. "Nearly as good as you do, love. Now we match." Her laughter sparked like fireworks from her lips, the warmth in it at odds with her usual cold demenor.
Merida Campbell 11/14/19 Merida casually walks up to her fearless leader, Beau. She holds out the "Wanted Poster" aka POTD. With a sweet smile on her face she would ask "May I have your autograph, purdy please with sugar on top? By the way, Congratulations for making the most wanted list!"
Liam Dromeo 11/10/19 Thanks mate. Nice to be back. Taking some time to work out the kinks and remember my way around. Nice to meetcha!
Langley 11/05/19 The humanoid feline peered at the much taller male with a slight frown upon her lips as she regarded him carefully, pondering from a moment before she's invading personal space and threading fingers through his, her other hand clasping the hand she had captured. Giving a tug to capture his attention, she offers a faint smile to the bearded man followed by another tug.

"C'mon, Beau. You and I are getting drinks, and I'm not taking No for an answer at the moment. You can ream my arse later if you want, but right now, I don't feel like drinking alone and... Again I may get my arse kicked later on for assuming this but, I don't think you want to, either." At times she could be very perceptive, other times she had no issues in regards to boundaries. This was a mixture of them both.
Virelai Tylwyth 10/29/19 The wolf had spun in circles and Vir crowed with laughter, her head tilting back. When she finally let go and stood where he could see her she grinned sharply at him. “Knowledge is indeed power. I must say I am quite jealous. I was certain I was catching up.” At his question, Vi thumped her fist against her own chest. “I am still trying to acclimate to this body. Gaining strength now that I have come this far has certainly been time consuming. I am a patient hunter to be sure, but less so a patient student it seems.” Who would have thought increasing her own strength past this point would be so difficult. Still. “Best not get too comfortable. I will catch up soon enough. And then we will spar together, in earnest.”
Virelai Tylwyth 10/27/19 “Beauuuoooooo!” What began as a cheerful call of the man's name ended in a howl rising high and long into the night, ending only when Vir's body collided with the large man. As she leaped to wrap her arms around his shoulders from behind, suspending herself there, she knocked her head softly against his. “Congratulations. You are almost too strong.” She laughed.

The contact was brief as she dropped back down, clasping her hands behind her back and stepping to the side to look up at his face. “I am fashionably late, of course. But not too late I hope.”
Aelin Galathynius 10/24/19 Thank you for the welcome!
Gabe Marlowe 10/19/19 Thanks, dude!
Katherine Murray 10/19/19 YES, WE BOTH... *coughs* have. I do like sweets. All sweets. ALL OF THEM! -blinks-

-might have danced a little when taking the bag-
Katherine Murray 10/19/19 HEY BEAU, I'M KATHERINE!
-excitement is infectious-
-is bouncing too-
The Preacher 10/19/19 "Sounds wonderful and delicious. Just yell and I might just make an appearance"
The Preacher 10/19/19 "Tis very true. So few and far between." shakes the gents hand. "Well I'll be around if you need anything or I can help in any way."
The Preacher 10/19/19 "I believe that would be true now, but its not always good to be the new kid on the block either...... Thanks for the welcome to the club."
Virelai Tylwyth 10/19/19 The wolf next, the one who was not bound by her father's possessiveness. One with as pure a soul as she had ever seen or known. From her own tainted point of view, not one compared to this bright and brilliant creature. This spirit knew what she was asking of him was dangerous, would be painful. But despite that she still had to ask, there was no other way. She did not know why she needed him, only that she did in order to get back the body that belonged to her. “Beau Theroux.” The ghostly creature whispered, searching the Aether for this man who had promised to help her.

A hand tightened on the man's arm, connected to him through the ever-dark. “I need you to come here.” The image of the Red Lily door and Feu/Glace filled the darkness for a moment, would fill his mind with the knowledge of it. “I need you to fulfill your promise. Make haste. I am out of time I cannot explain. Plea- please hurry!” The connection faded away, dissolved in her hands, and he vanished from her sight. Or perhaps, she vanished from him. She knew he would come, had to believe he would if she was to live. That need to survive seemed very important, just then. And while she detested relying on others, she had no choice but to do this. It was the only way she might live to see herself returned to her body. She only hoped she was making the right choice in calling.
Sofia Johanneson 10/18/19 She found her old crew-mate now sporting the gold and smiled and swooped in him like a hummingbird looking for nectar. "Look I finally made it back in Azhi! Congrats on the Gold! I heard there was some festive happenings in New Orleans tomorrow, and there might even be snacks?!? I don't suppose there might be candy corn? I have been hunting for these for a week now. You would think with all the Halloween candy out these little treasures would be more popular. I don't need a lot actually, one would do nicely."
Virelai Tylwyth 10/09/19 It was an accident really. Yule hadn't expected to be successful in slipping the bills out of the man's pocket. And the amount he had been carrying ón him in cash was impressive. Who carried that kind of money around anyway? She hadn't known the man long, but he had an infectious personality and was hard not to like, even for a wolf.

Now, Yule wasn't one to harbor a guilty conscious and usually, she wouldn't even blink an eye at something like this. But Beau was different. Yule liked Beau. Maybe she was envious of him in a way. His humanity kept him together, hers tore her apart. But she liked him all the same. Therefore she couldn't exactly just hand the wad of cash back to him. She didn't want to see the way he might look at her, what emotions might flicker across his face. So she came up with a plan.

It took some careful observation, a bit of help from the cooks she employed, and half a dozen attempts before had something she was pretty certain was edible. Red velvet cake, which she learned was chocolate dyed red, and chocolate frosting. She was confident that this one didn't have any – didn't have much much – eggshell in it. And maybe it was a little burnt, but the frosting covered that up well enough even if it was a little...lopsided.

Ugh. Yule rested her arms on the kitchen's metal countertop and hung her head, blowing air from between her lips. Who knew baking was such a complicated thing? There was nothing she could do about it now, though. She was out of ingredients and long out of patience. She took a piping bag full of red frosting and – though a bit clumsier than her usual artful scrawl – wrote the words My apologies. across the cake.

At last, she took the stack of bills, wrapped it in an envelope, and sealed it with red wax and a spider lily stamp. She put the cake in a scarlet box, set the envelope on top and picked them up. Yes, she could just send it with a letter but that might just upset the giant more. And she didn't want that. So instead, she went off in search of him.
Livia Vlcek 09/24/19 *totally unloaded on one* Wha?
*can't hear but catches the end of his sentence.. good thing she can read lips* Ano, I'll be around Beau. Thanks for stopping by.
Livia Vlcek 09/24/19 *a sweep of her arm* Feel free to wander around the city and sweet talk the 'beasties'.
*grins* I'm sure they'll enjoy your company moreso than mine.
*blinks* I almost forgot to tell you the password to the beastie club.. that could have been woah bad. You ready?
*leans in close* It's.. password.
*shrugs* They're unoriginal, I know. And not safe at all. Reckless, if you will.
Livia Vlcek 09/24/19 Awww, my hero! *grins* I haven't seen my doppelganger though.. guess my face is too ugly to repeat?
*she laughs* Well, they can try to take Sydney but see, I've been here for a long time and well, the snakes, the pointers and crocs really grew accustomed to my presence and the little gifts I leave for them.
*clears throat* They're fed quite well, actually.
*cants head* So.. if you are this put off by them.. I should be worried?
Livia Vlcek 09/24/19 *cants head* I can't remember the last time I was in New York or New Orleans.
*tries to recall* So these shadow things.. what's their m.o? I mean, I did a lot of day drinking in Mexico.. a lot of night drinking too.. nevermind that..
*her voice drifts off, she's lost in thought for a few moments*
*takes a drag off her cigarette and focuses on Beau* You're so sweet, coming to our rescue. *she grins* Sooooo.. what do I need to know about them? I'm sure I have enough bullets, no?
Livia Vlcek 09/24/19 *lowers her sunglasses to the tip of her nose* Shadow things?
*puzzled* Has Addison been playing with her voodoo dolls again?!
*squints from the bright light that backlights Beau* Could.. could you trade me places? This light does nothing for you.
Adara Litvinova 09/21/19 Beau
In Jerusalem.
Keep your head down.
They're everywhere.
Langley 08/18/19 *might have nipped his lower lip in the process*
*pops another praline into her mouth, munching happily on it*
"A man that can cook. Jackpot! I still call dibs on you, Bearded Beauty!"
Langley 08/18/19 *watches him being shady*
*quirks a freshly shaped eyebrow*
*blinks at the confectionary goodness being handed to her*
*tries one*
*eyes slip half-closed and she rumbles a rather delighted purr*
"You had me at whiskey, Bearded Beauty. As for Adz, bih's gunna need to not attempt it because I will turn something of hers into a scratching post."

*grins and winks before, without warning, the brunette is leaning in and up on her toes before pressing a kiss to his lips.*
"Keep me well supplied and I will reward you in delightful ways."
Oh lord...
Langley 08/18/19 *eyes*
*curiosity piqued.*
*prowls closer*
"You beckoned, Bearded Beauty?"
Merida Campbell 08/18/19 Merida's shined when she heard that Beau would take on the challenge of a specific design. She leaped up, hugging his neck while placing a kiss upon his cheek. She stepped back after unwrapping her arms about his shoulders "Um, I shouldn't have done that." Glancing around then back to Beau, her cheeks flushed a bit "Maybe in a design like a bracelet or gantlet on my bow arm." Her right hand moved to clasp over her left wrist.
Merida Campbell 08/17/19 She tilt her head down, looking at the ground then back up to the sky, while thinking "Besides practicing medicine, archery and getting to that point of comfortably numb from drinking myself into a blinding stupert and cannot forget I love explosives." Merida was wondering if she made any sense at all on what she was speaking.
Merida Campbell 08/17/19 Like a kid in a candy store, Merida stepped closer. She would lean in and down a bit as her fingertips brushed along his flesh while studying the beauty within the art "Aaaamazzzzing." She glanced up "Any ideas? I know they gave me the name -Braveheart-". Standing back up "Per chance, will you help me in picking something out? I trust your judgement."
Adara Litvinova 08/17/19 -is in heaven-
-calls out-
You're my favorite!
-calls out again-
Don't tell Tiber, I said that!
Merida Campbell 08/17/19 Her lips moved forming the word -WOW - yet the sound didn't come out. "Oh my, Um would you help me pick out something? I feel more at ease since you know about skin art. Maybe since you did do" She paused while looking over his form wondering what part or parts that he did do."Very interesting, which pieces of art did you do. I would really would like to see. Pleassssssseeee?"
Merida Campbell 08/17/19 Her eyes went wide while listening to Beau speak. She watched his movements and was about to lift her hand up to touch the beautiful artwork. She pulled her hand back "The work is so amazing. Does or did it hurt?" Softly sighing "I do want one. If you have time, would you be able to point the direction. Not now but sometime later?"
Merida Campbell 08/16/19 Bringing her right hand up to her forehead, she ran her fingertips through her long auburn tresses, somewhat pushing her hair out of her face. Smiling as she spoke "I'm pretty much wanting to get one, the question is what type and where. I really do admire your sleeves. I'm guessing you have more?" Merida did like talking to Beau since he was true to himself, more like genuine.
Langley 08/16/19 *eyes.*
*then.. proceeds to lick his cheek.*
"I've licked you, this means I'm callin' dibs!"
Merida Campbell 08/15/19 Looks within Beau's direction. She rubs her eyes seeing its the dude with the awesome sleeves. "Welcome to the Den. If you need medical help, I am Merida. She smiles as her hands adjust her scrubs. "Maybe one day you can point out the various stories behind the beautiful work."
Langley 08/15/19 *manhandles that tall drink of bearded beauty, taking him to see Addy.*
*may or may not have 'accidentally' groped his arms.*
Langley 08/15/19 *stares for a few moments more before allowing a bit of a grin to form across her lips*
"Alright then, Beau. It just so happens that I'm on my way back to The Den after my usual nightly prowls." Nightly prowls? Oh dear lord help us all!
*takes his hand, winks, and proceeds to drag him, I mean guide him in the direction of where she knows Adara was.*
Langley 08/12/19 "Oh, a Zesty Beau."
*gives a slight shrug of the shoulders before digging for her phone and firing off a quick text.*

"Why ya lookin for Adara?"
*eyes him.*
Langley 08/12/19 *takes note of a faint flush, but the beard did cover it a bit.*

"Oh, did I make such a tall drink of bearded beauty fluster a bit? "

*grins a bit, teasing him before tossing the finished cig aside, stumping it out with her boot and shaking his hand.*

"Tabatha Langley, Tab, Tabz, Adara's baby momma. That bih works, too. Call me Tabbie and, beautiful beard or not, I will get even. "

*winks, joking with him. Or, was she joking?*
Langley 08/12/19 *raises an eyebrow, fingers grasping the filter of her cig as she exhales.*
"Yes, and what a welcome it is, you tall drink of bearded beauty. I'd ask your name but I think Bearded Beauty is better."
Merida Campbell 07/04/19 With Merida's hands slipped into her back pockets and a nod of her head as she spoke "Thank you."
Livia Vlcek 07/04/19 *nods with a laugh* I figured we could use a responsible adult around here.
*watches as he leaves* Have a good night Beau.
Livia Vlcek 07/01/19 *grins* Really, at your bar? Doubly the reason to stop by then.
*salutes* I'll be seeing you, Beau.
Don Collier 07/01/19 Gotta love a promotion. Congrats!
Raises a shot glass of Kentucky bourbon.
Livia Vlcek 07/01/19 *nods, a far off, dreamy look in her eye* You did well. Came back stronger than ever.
*grins* Yes, yes, back to work..
*shifty eyes* Importing these gummy bears, that is.
*cracks a whip*
Livia Vlcek 07/01/19 *hands clasp at her chest, eyes glistening, still dramatic* Beaudoin.. I.. I've missed you.
*makes grabby hands for the gummies* So you met Enrique then. Good man.
*tears open bag, pops a few gummy bears* You're a god damn angel. Welcome home.
Livia Vlcek 07/01/19 *eyes glisten*
*dramatic* Beau? Is.. that you?
Don Collier 06/30/19 A smile and chuffed chuckle followed, as he eschewed mentioning that Livia had hired him for his combat experience, to set an example for the younger members of the crew. The term 'sanctuary' seemed an odd word to him for what he had assumed was a private, paramilitary organization operating globally out of Sydney.
"I may have to take you up on that drink."
Don Collier 06/30/19 He remembered the young man from the day he had left the warehouse. A gregarious face and demeanor, and colorful with his tattoos and full beard, he hadn't seemed to question or be concerned about Don's confusion.
"I'm learning my way around okay. Helps to have a girl who knows Paris, as well as Liv, Genesis, Dexter assisting settling into the Team. And now yourself, a friendly face, thanks."
Don Collier 05/30/19 I nodded, and rubbed my chin reflectively. I needed to shave, but I didn't know where my kit was. The tattooed man held out his hand, and I took it.

Thanks Beau. I'm Don Collier. Once I figure out what's going on, if I can find my way to New Orleans, I'll be sure to stop in.
Don Collier 05/29/19 Thanks. New Orleans, you say? Got it.

What is this Realm people keep talking about?
Livia Vlcek 03/31/19 *blinks* We have coyotes here?
*sobs internally but smiles and finger guns* Will do pardner..
Livia Vlcek 03/25/19 *nods head* Ohhh that's right.. I remember you saying that about the bar.
*grins* We're surrounded by them but more importantly, there's one in the library.
*points* That way..
Belinda Arch 03/24/19 Flaxen tressed angel's gaze returned to Beau, genuine surprise spread across facial features. "A tent?!" Her voice rising in pitch. "In Australia?!" Another octave. "You do know that everything here wants to kill you, right?!" Had this man really never seen Crocodile Hunter? Dainty hand pressed across her heart, a remnant of human habit, as if to slow one's heartbeat. "I wouldn't want to intrude on your plans, but thank you. I'm sure I'll figure it out. Or run into someone else who has been here a bit longer than we have."
Belinda Arch 03/24/19 The petite celestial's cheeks flushed a deep pink. "Thanks, Beau." Pale ice blue pools darted downward, opalescent painted toe digging into the floor. "Familiar faces are nice", she agreed amicably. "Any clue where there might be an empty room?" Her question earnest in intention, she would need to find a place to settle in while she learned the ways of her new sanctuary home.
Livia Vlcek 03/24/19 *shudders* I'm not a fan of any of them. Hence why I do not normally stay in Sydney.
*blinks* Your mother was a smart woman..
Livia Vlcek 03/24/19 *laughs* I am teasing. But seriously, keep the phone on you. Better than us microchipping you. *shifty eyes*

*grimaces* It was supposed to be London a long time ago.. that didn't pan out so Sydney it was. And yes, everything in Sydney, is deadly. *winks* I tried to get someone to take all the pointers, spiders and snakes, even the crocs.. they refused. *sad face*
Genesis 03/24/19 Welcome to Azhi!
Livia Vlcek 03/23/19 It was the money, wasn't it.. *grins and hands over a cell phone* Take that and keep it on you.
Eden Kennedy 01/13/19 Beau:
Maybe you should just order whatever you're baking. I'm not really sure I have the money to replace an entire kitchen...
Edward Brollachan 11/26/18 He had spotted the man wandering in Paris; Eden had spoken of of him in a positive manner, so imagine the surprise of the Scot when he saw the posters.

"I wasna aware ye were missin'..."

Livia Vlcek 10/18/18 *looks back over her shoulder* I might do that...I miss the beignets.
*walks into a light post*
*curses self*
*stumbles off to find an ice pack*
Livia Vlcek 10/18/18 *might have stolen the money*
*nods* Gives you a goal, no?
*small salute, smiles* Be seeing you.
*staggers off*
Livia Vlcek 10/18/18 *grins* I'm just saying, I don't mind.
*pats pocket* Keep trying!
Livia Vlcek 10/17/18 *gives the man the once over*
*lopsided grin* You should keep trying. I might have twenty large just waiting for you to steal it.
Beau Theroux just failed at stealing money from you!
Sofia Johanneson 10/16/18 Pffffffffft she laughed."You sound just like my brothers. They gave up thinking that after a while too. There's a reason I was family scout, ya know." She wrinkled her nose for effect, giving a little sniff. He smelled like snacks.
Raven D Morningstar 10/15/18 Grins "You a better musical or bartender?" Hands over a business card Guilty Pleasures. "Come by if you want a job."
Kenia Shani 10/14/18 You managed to break out Beau Theroux.

Try being a bit more sneaky next time so that you don't get caught.
Sofia Johanneson 10/12/18 Fia chuckled at his response. It had been a while since she had been in any race that she had not won, be it on her bike, or in her paws. She was pretty sure her crew-mate was of a ‘kindred spirit’ and she wondered just how many of her kind were walking the halls of her new home.

Hunter’s Moon is on October 24th, if you know of any others who might be interested, it might be a good night to do a little countryside exploring?” She left it as a suggestion, but could already feel herself tingle at the thought of a crisp autumn night and running beside a new pack.

Eden Kennedy 10/11/18 *blinks

"Lies, Atticus isn't even anywhere around here. It was you!"
Nathaniel Tallios 10/11/18 -chuckles a bit-
You know, you're quite cute when your flustered. But I won't pull on your leg for too long. Busy men and all of that fun jazz.
Eden Kennedy 10/11/18 Eden stares at Beau for a second, what the heck was he doing?

"Um, there are 20 other people besides me who can put up fake spider webs, I have to do some more paper work. Halloween wasn't her holiday, no holiday was her holiday actually. These days Eden was all business all the time.

"I bet you could get that one girl, Sav to help you with this. She seems like she might enjoy putting up Halloween decorations." Eden didn't know how to take his next comment, was he saying she looked dead. She stared at him trying to determine his intentions. Just like always she overthought everything! "Um.. I think maybe I'll skip the make up... thanks though."
Eden Kennedy 10/11/18 *blinks*

Okay then...weird.
Sofia Johanneson 10/10/18 She smiled at the mention of nature. It had been too long since she was in her native Oregon and running through the dense forests. She doubted she was going to find anything like that in Paris, but she knew it wouldn't be long before she needed to see stars and the wide open spaces a city just could not give. She gave a nod of her head, returning the infectious smile.

"I promise when I'm ready to run I will give you a shout. I can't be in a city too long before I need to get out and run. It will nice to have some company. " she added with a teasing wink "if you can keep up."

Nathaniel Tallios 10/10/18 -smiles and gives you a quick look over-
"Definitely good to know. I'd hope you remember me from now on. I might call on a favor in the future. Or maybe just call ya in general."
-gives you a wink-
Sofia Johanneson 10/10/18 He seemed very friendly, and it was nice to finally meet someone in this new place she was calling ‘Home”. Fia thought hard on the question… “what did she need…..” A few things sprang immediately to mind, but she decided to bite her tongue, at least until she got to know people a little better. She raised an eyebrow in a bemused smile as she watched him work his note card. Was he keeping score?

With a slight cant to her heard she softly added. I will keep that in mind. Short of a gym and/or sparring partner and a good long ride out in the hillside, I think I’m good. Thanks.

Nathaniel Tallios 10/10/18 -chuckles and pats your shoulder-
"Don't stress about it too much. You'll get the names down soon enough. Just gjve it time. I'm sure you'll have me remembered within in days."
Grace McKenna 10/10/18 Her initial instinct when approached was to bite first, drain, and ask questions later. But she wasn't that person anymore, not since the world went dark and she woke up changed. Everything she knew was gone. Some habits die hard though, so instead, she bit her own lower lip hard. Her eyes followed his gaze to the papers in his hand, and that left her with more questions than answers. What was on those papers? What did he know of her? What of her secrets had been discovered?

"Yes?" Her brow arched in question when he verified her name. Best not to think about those questions now. Hesitantly she extended her hand to meet his"I would say it's a pleasure, but that remains to be seen."That may have been more harsh than she intended, but in her defence, it had been a long while since she had pleasant company, aside from a very large black wolf she met in the mountains.
Sofia Johanneson 10/08/18 Lost in thought, she was unprepared and almost walked smack into her new crew-mate. He appeared before her, his voice breaking through the conversation she was having with herself. "Why, yes, be impressed with-yourself. My friends call me fia however."

Smiles and extends her hand to shake in proper greeting.

Nathaniel Tallios 10/08/18 -looks at you with a tilted head and confused before the introduction-
Oh! So you're Beau. Ok, good to know. Well thanks for the introduction then... if it was a little odd.
-shakes your hand-
But odd is good. Odd is preferred.
Summer 04/26/18 The man’s unwavering smile let Summer continue on as though he hadn’t had an internal struggle after her mistaking ‘maw maw’ for mum. She didn’t know him well enough at all to pick up on any slight tells, plus, there was much distraction by way of the bar. At his beckoning for boudin, her stomach growled once more. Honestly, it was as if she hadn’t eaten in days. Wait, what day was it? Hell, time was slipping past her again. Giving her head a little shake, she resolved to worry about it later.

Following suit, she hopped on a bar stool, but kept her sandals on- for the time being at least. Her eyes widened at his explanation. “A circus troupe? An honest to god circus troupe?” Her tone was thick with amazement and a little bit of envy. Oh, how her life may have been different had she been able to run away with a circus like this one. Not that she had much complaints about her life presently. She was about to ask if he’d ever traveled with them when a robust feminine voice broke through the din of the bar.

Looking on and listening in with amusement, Summer smiled, whiskey colored eyes twinkling with mirth as she took in the exchange. He didn’t even need to introduce her- any woman who calls a grown man by his full and proper name is likely someone of familial authority. Maw-maw indeed. Their exchange had Summer chuckling, even though she did try to bite it back upon seeing his tinted cheeks. Perking up upon hearing him mention her as a customer, she nodded enthusiastically, breaking into a grin. “I hear you have the best boudin around!” Laughing, she nodded resolutely at the woman’s offer for assistance. Her amusement continued at the second smack to his head, then felt a pang of longing when she kissed his forehead. It was such a sweet and familiar gesture, one that any grandchild should experience no matter the age. The longing nearly took her breath away.

She too was masterful at keeping her face in a pleasant mask. Giving a smile, she nodded and chuckled. “I put two and two together. She seems like quite a handful. But a loving one. You’re a lucky man, Mister Beaudoin. I’m Summer, by the way.” She beamed a sunny grin at him.
Summer 04/12/18 "'The Rompin' Rougarou'" she murmured in a soft voice upon reading the sign, about to give the man a closer look when he opened the door for her. The idle and curious question on her tongue dissipated, his introduction of the place enough to derail her thoughts. A wide grin and delight lit her entire face. Giving his arm a playful swat, she said with surprise, "This is yours and your mum's! Brilliant!" Her hybrid British-Australian accent coming in thick. Looking around, her eyes slowly adjusted to the dimmer light inside, the Bayou sun shining bright outside.
It wasn't uncommon to walk down the street in a city any given day and happen upon one or two atypical people, whatever the definition of that may be. What was uncommon was entering a bar mostly filled with people who were atypical, with the societal standard of 'typical' people being in the minority. Despite that, Summer noticed that the energy of the place was that of ease. Of comfort. Like everyone here belonged. The sensation was like a firm hug, or the warmth one feels after laying in the sun all afternoon. Simultaneously soothing and a little intense, but in all the right ways. As he'd said, they were extended family. Summer knew as well as anyone that blood counted for something, but didn't account for all. Chosen family very frequently ended up being just as important -or even more important- than blood family. Her grin softened into a warmer, welcoming smile as they approached the bar. The smells, the sounds, the fact that her stomach growled loud enough to rival that of the strings, it was a feast for the senses and she didn't even have a plate of the renowned food or a drink yet. "I never mind a rowdy bunch. They're just visiting? Where from?"
Adara Litvinova 04/10/18 "Adara or Addie, if you please." A toothy grin would spread, he made her laugh and his offer proved to be from a generous nature, and for the angel in wolf's clothing (ha) that was all she needed to hear to make an offer of the same.

"I'll keep that in mind. And if you're ever in New York, come find us at The Lycan's Den. Drinks, food, and place to lay your head if you're inclined."
Summer 04/09/18 An eyebrow arched up, her dark eyes twinkled. “How do you think I got all this money?” She fanned the cash once more and laughed, finally tucking the wad into her back pocket. Adopting a horrified expression, she shook her head rapidly. “No, no, just kidding. I’ve no interest in angering a Voodoo Queen. Or princess. Hell, any on the voodoo hierarchy. While I am interested in all New Orleans culture has to offer, it’s a hard pass on the voodoo curse!” She snickered as they walked. As they approached what Summer took to be the bar (although it might not have, but the smell of fresh food wafting out had her thinking it was), she considered. “I’ve always thought I could hold my own, but maybe I could use a gris-gris bag? Hmm.”
Summer 04/09/18 “Holy crap, you must be an angel!” She murmured without a bit of irony, putting a hop to her step to follow him. Talented as she may be, determining who -or rather, what a person might be was not a skill she possessed. Plus, she generally ran on the assumption that most people were garden variety mortal humans. As such, she was largely teasing, rambling as she walked along side of him, “An angel-or given our location, a loa of some sort? There’s no other way to explain being mugged and then lead to Louisiana’s best boudin balls.” She paused, stopping and thinking with exaggeration. “Hmm, or maybe it was just one of those ‘right place, right time’ kind of things. Nah. That’s way too logical.” She laughed and quickly caught back up with him.
Adara Litvinova 04/09/18 It was probably the quickest nudge she's ever had, so taking her by surprise was an understatement; still, even with arched brows, Addie had to laugh and hand over some cash. "Have a few on me. Wouldn't want you dropping dead of dehydration, now would we?"
Adara Litvinova 04/09/18 Welcome to the realm! Just give a nudge if you ever need anything!
Summer 04/08/18 Looking quite intrigued, she gave a slow nod. “You don’t say? It just so happens I love quaint, little old bars. And best liquor? Say no more. I insist you must show me this place.” Pausing, she looked at him, quite serious. “I have to ask- how’s their food? I could really put down some dirty rice or boudin balls right about now.” At the mere mention of food, of good food, her stomach growled audibly. Sheepish, she said, “I do crave some good food after a long flight.”
Summer 04/08/18 His dropped jaw caused her to laugh further. Raising a brow, she gave a thoughtful frown, fanning the stack of cash. Humid air wafted past her face, a climate and sensation she didn’t mind at all. It was one of the reasons she came to this city, after all. That and the Southern hospitality. Giving him an agreeable look, she said, “That sounds mighty thoughtful of you. But since you didn’t snatch the money, does that mean there’ll be no apology drink? Hmm.” She twisted her lips in mock concentration.
Looking at him like a lightbulb just went on in her head, she said in a conspiratorial tone, “You know, this money isn’t gonna spend itself. And those drinks aren’t going to drink themselves. And perhaps you might be successful if you were properly hydrated.” She said all of this as though they were facts, plain as day.
Summer 04/08/18 She let out a good-natured laugh. “Smooth. I like it.” Her whiskey-colored eyes twinkled with amusement. “If you’d have 'admired the assets’ from the other pocket, you’d have hit pay dirt.” Fishing out a handful of bills, she held them up like a fan. “Should you have been so lucky, what did you have planned for such a bounty?” Her head tilted to the side, giving a toothsome grin.
Summer 04/08/18 She'd only just arrived in town when felt the familiar sensation of someone groping around in her pockets. Oh New Orleans, never change. the angel thought with a snicker.
Turning, she noticed the man within close proximity. Giving a cheeky grin, she clucked her tongue. "Nothin' back there but curves for days."

Beau Theroux just failed at stealing money from you!
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