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Black Lord
Born: July 01, 2009 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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Home City: Port-au-Prince Mail Sent: 2494
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02/23/18 at 3:35 am
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I welcome all rps.

Write your name in the book.

I am also accepting challenges at the moment.

When status is set to working that means I at my job and all activities will be limited.
Special Items:
 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
I went trick or treating at DemonKnight's Lair
I got fooled on April Fools Day
Silver Goblet Commemorating Ringing in 2010 with
DemonKnight scared the $@&% out of me this Halloween, 2010
Golden Goblet Commemorating Ringing in 2011 with
I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
Ruby hilted Sword commemorating the Bloodletting 5 Year Anniversary
Dracula spiked the punch at my Halloween costume bash, 2011
Dracula the Snowman brought me some Holiday Cheer - Christmas 2011
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2012
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2015

Zarek's Biography
You were successful in stealing $738.00 from Mellon.
You were successful in stealing $268.00 from Zana Ivanova.
You were successful in stealing $13.00 from StormWolfKymarah.

Date of Birth: Old enough to know better.

Place of Birth: I don't remember.

Current Location: Does it matter?

Turn Ons: I am surprised I have to answer that question.

Motto: There is more to know then you will ever imagine

Favorite Food: I think one should always eat the rude.

Favorite Song: Anyone who knows me, can figure it out.

Biggest Weakness: She is dead now so it doesn't matter.

Pastimes: I thought that was a matter of public record

Children: I know who they are and, that is good enough.

Zarek is who he is, and he will not change for you so it is best not to try. He is easy enough to get to know as he does not judge anyone by there status but remember what type of man he is before approaching him. His nature is know to many, but that is not all he is. If you can't deal with who he is, and what he is does, then it is best not to start.
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InterviewsInterview with actress & pinup model Cyndi Crotts
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Mortal ThoughtsWhat are you listening to right now?
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Mona Marie 11/02/17 A salacious grin tugged at the crimson painted pout of the Temptress' lips. Inhaling deeply, she caught scent of the one she sought. She wanted to play. Perhaps a little game of hide-and-seek? Would he be up for a challenge? Time would tell.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are."
Her cooing melody calling out to the shadows, encouraging him to find her. Was she out for trouble? Was she looking for a little fun? Some secrets are hers to keep.
"Come out, come out and play."

Every click of her stilettos rang out her position as she wandered down empty streets, dark alleys, and between the seen and unseen. Deep auburn locks held in place by a pair of chopsticks, loose and a little wild. If one got close enough, the aroma of jasmine and fresh earth would delight the nostrils.
Come find me, Love, it's time to play.
Athena Maximus 07/17/17 She had been in her office finishing up some work when the mail finally got dropped off. She quickly went to go flip through the paper when the front page caught her attention. "You have got to be kidding me." She laughed as she saw who was on the cover. She loved messing with people, and remembering his reaction to her last time she was going to have fun with this one. She gently pulled out a piece of paper and a fountain pen. She quickly wrote him a letter and was going to go to the post office to send it right away. The letter read, "Dear VIP, Well look who made the front paper! Who did you have to pay off to get on the front? There's no way they would let someone as old as you be on there for free! Oh well. It is a great picture after all. Maybe an old dog can learn new tricks. Congrats on your special day!" She giggled as she wrote every teasing letter in the message she was sending him. She loving wrote at the bottom, "Love, Athena," Before picking up the piece of paper and kissing it. Which left behind a stamp of her lips from her lipstick. After making sure it was perfect she gently stuck it in an envelope and put it back in the mailbox to send to him for his special day.
Athena Maximus 05/29/17 She smirked as he pulled out an actual book and pen. She could tell by the agedness of the book and the style of pen he had been here a long time. She gently opened the book, and flipped to the last page. She gently began to write her name when she began to tease him. "For this book supposedly being special. There are only a couple names in here." She gently looked up at him with a wink before finishing her name. She gently blew on the ink for a few moments as it dried before shutting the book, and handing it back to him. She smiled softly, before reaching out her hand for him to shake. "I'm Athena, the owner of the Mercy Apartments in the Neighborhood."
Athena Maximus 05/04/17 She walked up to the man curiously and began to walk around him. She looked him up and down before finally coming back around to stand in front of him. She gently crossed her arms and looked up at the tall devilish looking man. She smirked softly, "So you're the guy everyone has been talking about." She quickly began to look around him as if she was trying to find something. "I was told I'm supposed to find you and write my name in your book." She as spoke she gently pulled a sucker out of her purse. She unwrapped it and stuck it in her mouth. She sucked on it a moment before meeting his gaze. She stopped after a moment and giggled softly before continuing on. "So where is it?"
Autumn Summers 02/02/17 Feel free to come and find me if you ever fancy a chat. It should be fairly easy. The hair tends to stick out in a crowd.
Autumn Summers 02/02/17 The same could be said for most, no? Now you know it has been by at least one.
Autumn Summers 02/02/17 Pleasantly surprised, of course. Why would it be anything but?
Autumn Summers 01/30/17 Look what the cat dragged in.
MysticRose 12/25/16


Autumn Summers 07/11/16 Autumn paused and looked directly at the dark haired man. "My my, aren't you a handsome devil? Cheers." After flashing a cheeky grin, she continued on her merry way.
Jace Remington 06/29/16
Ciaran_Boru 06/02/16 Congrats on POTD
Cassandra Carnivale 06/02/16 Cassie leaned up against the light pole as she saw Zar and have a smile then spoke.

"Congrats on making it on the most wanted poster."

She pushed herself away from the pole and then started to walk past him smiling at him as she vanished.
Siobhan Doyle 06/02/16 Congrats on making the headlines
Amethyst Boru 06/02/16 Congrats on making pod Zare Bear.
Raven Black 06/02/16 She walked up to her friend with a smile "congrats on POTD" then vanished just as she appeared.
W_Kat 06/02/16 Congrats on P.O.T.D!
Ronan Boru 06/02/16 Congrats on Realms most wanted.
Kharybdis 02/17/16 ψ Peeking around the corner before moving again, she stalks her victim as he moves down the corridor from his quarters. Silently approaching him from behind, she tosses the pouch of glitter upward over his head.ψ

"Hah! It seems that you do in fact need to change. Unless you like glitter all down your shirt. A sparkly Vampire!"

Lenny Shultz 02/14/16 *pretends to push glasses back up nose* I dunno...people might call me four eyes and I'm sensitive. Oh! *steals marker and draws a devilish mustache on Zarek's face* Very...becoming.
Lenny Shultz 02/14/16 *croons* And I got no privacy! *pops out* Hey just lookin' for *squints at* Yeah.
Lenny Shultz 02/14/16 *fiddles with phone, can't find the camera function. Makes 'click' sound*
Lenny Shultz 02/14/16 *rustles in yo' bushes*
Mackenzie 02/14/16
Mackenzie 02/02/16 How are we not friends? One job. Had one job.
Johnny 01/22/16 Welcome to After Dark, friend.
Kharybdis 01/22/16 ψ Waiting for him to get settled into his new room, Khary sneaks in and looks around while he's out. Frowning, she can't seem to find where he's hiding his cape and tights. Instead, she finds a black fedora hanging from the bedpost. Picking it up, she grabs the sheet of Hello Kitty glitter stickers from her pocket, and begins applying them to the hat. Holding it out at arms length, she studies her handiwork before setting the now-stickerfied fedora back where she got it, and then tilts her head as she looks around the room again.

There wasn't much here to work with, and she begins to wonder if maybe she should have waited a bit to let him get settled in first, but by then someone might have warned him about the Glitterings. Reaching into another pocket of her sun dress, she pulls out a pouch of pink and purple glitter, and tips it out over his bed, shaking the sparkly contents out all over his pillows and the bed cover. Then she drops a card with neat calligraphy on top of the glitter that reads:

"Welcome to After Dark. And remember, there is no such thing as Glitter Repellent!" ψ
Kharybdis 12/18/15 ψ Seeing his picture posted in the Town Square, Khary rummages around in her coat pocket and pulls out a tube of lipstick and applies a bright neon bubblegum pink mustache, goatee and fu-manchu eyebrows to the image. ψ

There, I fixed your Wanted Poster. Much better now, I think.
Kharybdis 10/31/15 ψ Dragging the launcher with a basket of pumpkins behind her, Khary stops in front of the door and loads a pumpkin into the device and then fires. The pumpkin, a bit on the ripe side due to the unseasonable heat, splatters all over the door, leaving stringy pumpkin entrails and seeds dripping down the wood. Grinning, she stabs a note on the door with a cheap steak knife. ψ

Kharybdis 09/14/15 ψ Walking up to him, she slaps an invoice in his hand before he can react ψ

"You're about as subtle as the Minotaur in a China shop. And as destructive, too. I've sent my construction foreman instructions that you'll be paying him and his crew for the repairs on my beach house"

ψ With a smirk, she turns and walks off, hiding the soreness in her entire body with every step ψ
MysticRose 04/09/15 Congratulations Zarek on making POD
Mordred 04/09/15 Congrats on the POTD.
Kati 04/15/14 You are invited to the union of Lacigam and Kati on April 19, 2014 at 3:00 (Mountain Standard)/4:00/ 5:00 (Eastern)
Amethyst Boru 08/31/13 Congrats on the ranking Zare Bear I know you worked hard for it.
Ro TavVin 02/14/13
Crystal 10/10/12 Attention! Attention! Be on the look out for a rogue witch! He has been spotted flying over London!

I repeat! A rogue witch is on the loose! Use caution when approaching him!

Travel safely Brothers and Sisters of the Realm!
Amethyst Boru 06/19/12 ~*Walking downtown of the realm the city banner was flashing a face that was all to familiar to this young Vampire.She continued to walk till she came to the man of the day.Tapping him on his shoulder she smiled and gave him a hug.~*

"Congrats on making POD Zare Bear."
KrystalSkye 06/19/12 Congrats on PoTd hun
Amethyst Boru 05/13/12 "Congrats on ranking lover"
Amethyst Boru 04/12/12 Congrats on POD Zare Bear *hugs*
Crystal 04/12/12 Congrats!!
Moon Fyre 04/12/12 Congrats on getting POTD!!!
KrystalSkye 04/12/12 Congrats on PoD hun..
KrystalSkye 03/20/12 Cannot answer your mail ?
KrystalSkye 01/19/12 Nice rank sweety
Shadwyn Drake 07/11/11 "Welcome to the Coven, Zarek. May you enjoy your stay here."
Crystal 07/10/11 Welcome, my new brother.
Crystal 07/01/11 Beware! I have seen this person peeping into windows around the Realm
Amethyst Boru 12/03/10 ~*Ami runs to Zarek after hearing the news.Finding him she gives him a big hug~* "Congrats lad on your ranking you deserve it.I still want to train with you if you are up to it.Hey have seen any of those pesty zombies? I took one out a while ago."
Crystal 07/02/09 *Walking up to you with a friendly smile.* "Hello, I am Crystal. May I welcome you to the Relm?" *I reach out my hand in greetings.* "I am from the Coven of Shadows and Light. If you need help, call upon me."
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