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We all bear scars,... Mine just happen to be more visible than most.
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Born: February 03, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 4
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Melinoe 06/17/19 Mel observes the blonde woman, a lopsided grin gracing her features.
”Thank you miss. I’m delighted to be here. I’m Melinoë, Mel for short. Looks can be deceiving, even when it comes to a little thing like me.”
Roman Godfrey 06/17/19 Averly, darling.
You crossed my mind.
I look forward to seeing you as soon as possible.
Yours fondly, Roman xoxo
Mackenzie 06/16/19 Averly Braverly
Budget Thanos freed my dinner.
Do you know his most prized possession?
I'm going to steal it.
No Mercey 06/16/19 Thank You, Ma'am"
Roman Godfrey 06/15/19 Why would I stay out of trouble when I have such a beauty to break me out?
Megara Tollermann 06/15/19 Thank you
Roman Godfrey 06/14/19 Just say the word, and I will gladly volunteer my time. I yearn to discover everything you are capable of doing. Especially to a smitten fool, such as myself.
Roman Godfrey 06/14/19 Averly, darling.
You are a beacon of wonder.
All of my attention is yours, darling woman. Never forget that.
As the only one who is familiar with my scent, I appreciate the kind sentiment.
My mouth often waters thinking about that delightfully sharp tongue of yours.
Roman Godfrey 06/14/19 Congratulations on stealing the crown for May, my darling. As I'm sure you're well aware, I am in a constant state of awe where you are regarded.
Delphine Mercier 06/13/19 Thank you!
Roman Godfrey 06/09/19 If I am, would you truly be that upset?
Or should I be concerned that my name has been active on your tongue?
I look forward to all of your sweet abuse in our coven house.
Roman Godfrey 06/09/19 Averly, darling.
Meet me at The Gallery, 7pm.
I look forward to seeing you.
Yours affectionately, Roman xoxo.
Avril Bajoliere 06/07/19 Thank you very much.
Ivory Hoshiko 06/07/19 “I figured it was only a matter of time before I was noticed..” He smirks “I hope you’ll forgive my delayed reaction- I’m still getting used to it here”
Mackenzie 06/06/19 Braverly Attractive man? I demand pictures.
For science.
Jameson Orlav 06/06/19 She's the worst though.
-grins innocently-
Jameson Orlav 06/06/19 Whatever Mack says, don't listen to her.
She's the devil!
Mackenzie 06/03/19 Braverly
You're lucky you're adorable.
LillyEmperium 06/03/19 Of course dear
Averly Amoret 06/02/19
Roman Godfrey 05/28/19 He could see the gleam in her eyes as the words fell from her tongue. Oh, cruel temptress. Was Averly aware of the leash that she was securing around his throat? Could she feel the way the tension melted from his body whenever she was near? Roman prayed to whoever was listening that the woman was blissfully unaware.

Averly, darling. You do flatter me. I’m acquiring arrangements as we speak. Shall I pick you up? Or, like the huntress you are, would you prefer to meet me there? After all, I am fully at your disposal.
I am counting the moments until I see those delightfully wicked eyes of yours.
All my admiration, Roman. xoxo

Switching screens, the man found the number to an intimate restaurant he had visited a few times before. There was a slight tinge of surprise in the hosts voice as he requested a table for two. Once their table was secure, he found his way back to his apartment and began to comb through his wardrobe in search of attire that would match the natural beauty his date possessed.
Eliot Gardner 05/21/19 "Thank you, I appreciate it."
Roman Godfrey 05/19/19 A wide-eyed fascination danced over his features as he watched the blonde’s form retreat. Roman’s tongue darted across his lips, before he too strode away. He began to sort through the rolodex in his mind, debating about which haunt would best suit the woman. He retrieved the slip of paper from his pocket along with his phone, his slender fingers dancing across the screen.

Hello my darling, Averly. How does your schedule look for the week? Perhaps tomorrow evening, if I’m not too forward. I eagerly await your response and wish you well.

The device found its way back to the security of his pants, cigarette dangling from his lips. His eyes wandered past the people of the city. The claws of boredom had once again dig into his mind. How, in this entire city, was there only one person who could captive his mind? Even now, Roman couldn’t comprehend the pull she had on his will.
Roman Godfrey 05/15/19 As the petite woman finally retreated from his hold, a smirk found its way onto Roman’s face. His little eld själ had sunk her claws firmly into his resolve. Roman placed the scrap of paper into his breast pocket, gently patting it into place.

He took a few steps back, producing a fresh cigarette. Inhaling deeply, he nodded his head at her offer. The vampire couldn’t help but to wonder what sort of date his companion would prefer. Was she a woman who preferred to be wined and dined? Or was she a fan of a more casual affair?

“I’ll weigh my options, dearest Averly. You’ll hear from me shortly, I promise. Tell me, would you like for me to be a gentleman? Shall I find us somewhere that requires a more formal attire? I can happily send you a new dress. After all, your wish is my command.”
Roman Godfrey 05/13/19 His tongue clicked against his teeth at her proposal. Would he seem too eager if he accepted her offer without as much as a tease? As much as he wanted to immediately indulge the dazzling maiden, he knew that their game was far too delicious to pass.

Roman brought his vacant hand to the hollow of her cheek, delicately brushing over the highpoint of the bone. His vision wandered to her pout, crucially wanting to answer her with the intimate gesture. Dragging his eyes back to meet her own, a confident smirk formed.

“It is far beyond my capability to deny you, darling. As I have told you, I am at your beck and call.”
Roman Godfrey 05/11/19 As the blonde retracted from his form, a smirk danced along his lips. The composure that Averly held so dearly was once again slipping into place, but the man could tell that he had chipped away at the slightest bit of her armored heart. The pull that she had on his being had once beguiled him. As he grew to know the woman more and more, his curiosity grew into infatuation.

He drew her other hand into his own, gripping both soundly. Averly called to a part of his being; a deep, buried part. Roman had been struggling to comprehend why the pair had spirits that were so in tune with one another. She was a delicious mystery, one that he had every intention of savoring as he pealed back each layer.

“As have I. My darling Averly, you certainly know how to keep a man on his toes. Whatever dance you are composing, I shall gladly continue.”
Roman Godfrey 05/06/19 “It’s rather simple, Averly. I desire to know you. Not this face for the world, but your very being. I want to study your mind, what makes you tick. The other options to occupy my time grow dull, predictable. It’s not stealing if I am giving it willingly, darling eld själ My time is yours.”

His fingers curled around hers, grasping fondly. The curiosity that had been awoken in Roman was something so pure, so genuine that at first it startled him. Averly was not a conquest. Her soul sung a melody recognizable to his ears that it almost made him weep when he heard it. Each word she uttered left him wanting , no needing, to hear more. Her wording was deliberate, well thought out. She was not a woman who spoke simply to hear her own voice. What she spoke carried meaning.

His forehead met hers, a soft exhale left his lonely lips. Her skin was soft compared to her harsh exterior. Would she always speak this softly towards him? Roman had no way of knowing, but what he did know was that the petite woman standing so close to him absolutely enthralled him.
Kade Thorne 05/06/19 With a roll of his eyes, he then narrowed them at her. "I will have you know I am very social, people tend to find me charming in a way." He smirked, teasing as he listened to her with a slow nod. "Good, it will keep you up and at em for a while, please don't let this one get as bad as the last one, just know I will help you fix every problem." he laughed a little. "You're coming to family night. I have someone I want you to meet anyways. I have a weird feeling you and her would make really great friends" He smirked a little bit before looking her up and down.
Roman Godfrey 05/06/19 His slender fingers danced down her arm, brushing her own as their palms touched. A warm smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. The caress of the femmes skin sent electric impulses to his core. How could a woman that he hardly knew shake him the way she did? What sort of occultism did she possess?

Flashing his gaze to her plump pout, Roman fought the desire to crush his hungry lips to hers. Averly had skirted out of his reach time and time again. The blonde was close enough that he could inhale the scent of nicotine lingering in her golden tresses. His empty hand found her neck, grazing his thumb delicately over the surface.

“Oh, my darling Averly. Like I possess the will to tease you. I am fully bent to your will.”
Alexander Grimm 05/06/19 "Oh am I? I don't know about all of that." He didn't think he was ugly by any means in fact he found himself very good looking but wanted to come off modest. "Thank you very much."
Roman Godfrey 05/05/19 Lightly releasing her wrist from his grasp, the vampire delicately placed a chaste peck on her skin. Playfulness was dancing in his emerald gaze. He relinquished possession of the cigarette with a flick of his finger.

Her stormy hues never ceased to entice and fascinate Roman. On the surface, the woman was calm and collected. But her eyes, oh those eyes sung a thousand words. Unable to deny himself longer, he tucked a single strand of sunshine kissed hair behind her ear. His thumb brushed her cheekbone, ever so slightly.

“My darling tjuserska, in case it has not been made clear, your wish is my command. You need only murmur my name and I shall be at your side.”
Kade Thorne 05/04/19 With an exaggerated roll of his eyes his arms slowly cross over his chest as he looked her over, she seems different in a way but he wouldn't pry. He figured she wouldn't say anything about him either, she just wasn't like that. "My poor little heart is almost broken at the mere thought of you not missing my warming presence." He grinned a little bit before he looked off to the side, contemplating how much he wanted to tell her. "I guess nothing really, work. Per usual, my social life peaked I'm pretty sure, and I got a hair cut." He pointed to his hair and grinned. "What about you?"
Kade Thorne 05/04/19 With a soft sigh, he ran his hands through his now shorter dark hair and looked down at her. "I see you judging me with those eyes of yours." He shook his head, looking back out around them with a curious smile across his face before chuckling. "I know you miss me, I know you will never admit it though."
Kade Thorne 05/04/19 Kade took in a deep breath as he grinned a little bit, having finally found Averly. With a soft sigh, he walked up next to her. "I kind of miss you, you know." He looked down to her, his hazel eyes looking her over for a second before he cleared his throat and looking around them.
Kyla Brollachan 05/04/19 Word travels quickly. Thank you.
Roman Godfrey 05/04/19 Adoration danced in his usually dead gaze as the blonde extracted the lit butt from his grasp. She was primal, a vicious conqueror; and he was her devout servant. Roman had never said such, the fuel to their game was all in those subtle gestures. From the delicate touch of her digit, delicious tremors coursed down his spine. Averly’s touch was electric, addictive even.

His lips curled upwards as she enclosed him. He could tell that the femme was feeling fiery today, the trait he extolled most about her. He grasped her wrist, bringing both her fingers and the cigarette to his lips, drawing the smoke into his mouth.

Eld själ, I’m always ready to cause devastation with you. All you need do, is say the word.”
Roman Godfrey 04/24/19
Roman Godfrey 04/23/19 Roman stops at the blonde's door, dropping the letter off before walking away.
I hope you've been doing well, eld själ. As always, I've been thinking of you fondly. I hope our paths cross again soon. Stay in trouble, make sure those piggies earn their keep. Yours, Roman.
Kyon-gel 04/22/19
Roman Godfrey 04/17/19 He hold his hands up in defense, "My sincere apologies, Averly. I didn't realize that I was in the presence of such a formidable woman."
Roman Godfrey 04/17/19 “Don’t all women want their men to shower them in compliments? I am just doing my sacred duty, darling eld själ.” Roman shoots the blonde a coy wink. His eyes followed her fingers as they were brought to her lips and he found himself gazing a second too long at her pout. His resolve was weakening. Somehow the femme was creeping under his shell, making his skin tingle each time she spoke.
“Darling Averly, trouble is never far behind with me. We keep each other on speed dial. But I guess I’ve just been brooding about. Wondering when I’m going to stumble across a certain someone. And what hell have you been raising since we last saw one another?”
Kade Thorne 04/16/19 Why thank you, darling.
Roman Godfrey 04/15/19 He felt the corners of his mouth stretch widely over his teeth. Taking a swift drag from the nicotine filled stick, he points towards the blonde. "They can dream of catching you. But a woman like you cannot be captured by anyone. You're a force, eld själ. And what would they do without you? Just get more fat. Really, you're prolonging their lives."
Roman Godfrey 04/15/19 "Oh, liten problemmakare, are you making sure those policemen earn their paycheck?" His lips turn up, ever so slightly, around the lit cigarette dangling between his teeth.
Kade Thorne 04/13/19 Averly
I might dabble in the mechanics.
Send me the address and I'm yours. ;)
Kade Thorne 04/13/19 Kade chuckled as he looked at his phone.
I like Whiskey and Coffee and pretty much anything. Your choice.
Kade Thorne 04/12/19 Hearing her words he couldn't help but chuckle to himself, He better not disappoint this girl, she seemed hard to impress and he damn sure did his best. "Well I am lucky, aren't I? That you found a phone just in time to meet me, well I have my phone and I am always by my phone so don't hesitate to strike up a riveting conversation." He winked to her once more before he softly let a smile spread on his face. "I look forward to seeing you again." He turned slowly and headed right back on towards work.
Kade Thorne 04/12/19 She didn't show as many emotions as most females did, which only interested him more in getting to know her. Most females, or even males for that matter of fact, were quite easy to read on the outside but she had something different that he was beyond curious to find out. "I will have to hold up my end of the bargain then. I will not disappoint you." He took her phone gently, letting out a soft chuckle. "Does anyone travel without a cell phone anymore?" He typed in his number and saved it along with his name. "I would like it if you contacted me, I find you interesting and I think we get along pretty well."
Kade Thorne 04/12/19 "Aside from the never-ending flirting, I would love nothing more than to get to know the real you. The real Averly and everything deep down under." He grinned, not meaning for the joke to sound dirty but god oh mighty did it sound dirty. Letting the tip of his tongue run slowly over his bottom lip, he watched her closely. "I do apologize, I can be quite the flirt on occasion but I am also a very..." He paused again, finding the word. "I don't want to say genuine person because I feel that people have mistaken the word and overuse it, so it becomes a cliche."
Kade Thorne 04/12/19 "I like charming." He winked up at her, watching the warmth come to her cheeks before he let out a soft and playful chuckle. "I find myself to be charming occasionally, but only in the presence of such a beautiful and unique woman who is having a pleasant and very flirty conversation if I do say so." He gently released her hand and cracked a sweet smile to her. "I would definitely not mind getting to know such a woman a little more than I already do."
Kade Thorne 04/12/19 His eyes wandered her expression as she seemed almost taken back by the compliment. He watched her for a moment before he became only slightly nervous about how she was going to react to his wording. AS she stepped closer his left eyebrow raised only slightly before he took her small hand into his own large and definitely more rough than hers. "I find your joking..." He trailed off, trying to find the word. "Charming?" He questioned himself before he brought her hand to his lips, kissing her knuckle softly. "It is so nice to meet you, Averly. I'm Kade." Lifting his head up to make eye contact with her, the edges of his lips pulled up into a small smirk.
Kade Thorne 04/12/19 Eyeing her up and down, he let out another soft chuckle that caused him to think about what he had said and how to proceed with the conversation. "It started out as a general statement of hoping to cross paths with you once more in this realm but ended up a question on your part as to if you wish to see me again. I can see how my wording can be confusing when in the presence of such a lovely lady."
Kade Thorne 04/12/19 With a chuckle, he grinned. "Thank you for the welcome, hope to see you around?"
Roman Godfrey 04/09/19 Mischief danced on his features as his lips pulled themselves into a lopsided grin. Averly. He rolled the name over in his mind, easily deciding that it was a word he could grow quite used to speaking. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Averly. I'm Roman. And if those 'wanted' posters ever cause you trouble, I would gladly assist however I was needed."
LionaCaravaggio 04/09/19 Thank you.
Roman Godfrey 04/09/19 Smirking at the blonde, he offers his hand.
Thanks for the warm welcome, doll. I'd love to see you around.
Elijah Rasmus 04/02/19 Thanks!
Kira Garrett 03/26/19 Thanks for the welcome, Averly. I see you're in New Orleans too. Small world, huh?
Gavin McGrath 03/22/19 The thought of a bath brought a large grin to the man's face as he imagined the pure heaven that would envelope his tired body. The rigor mortis had not yet completely left his joints making him feel much older than he really was.

"Oh, you betcha, lass. And I'm gonna go all out: bath bombs, rose petals, cucumber eye thingies, maybe a face mask." As if confirming the check list to himself he nodded. "Aye. It'll be grand. Thanks, by the way!"
Gavin McGrath 03/22/19 "Thank you. However, it's more like 'welcome back.' See? Fresh out of the dirt." The man brushed a hand along the sleeve of his jacket loosening all the soil from it. "Death and I have a weird relationship."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/15/19 Thank you for the congratulations. I hope you are doing well.
Mackenzie 03/10/19 Averly Braverly
Grown-up? How old do you think I am?
I'm a f-cking modern day Peter Pan.
With lady parts.
Mackenzie 03/09/19 Averly Braverly
Stalking? Did you truly do your homework?
What's my favorite color?
Mackenzie 03/09/19 Averly Braverly
That depends entirely on the drink.
Hela Jones 03/04/19 If I didn't I wouldn't be good at my job as Hells welcoming committe. *she laughed* Thanks for the help and welcome!
Manannán mac Lir 02/27/19 "Thank you for the welcome."
Kyon-gel 02/26/19 Thanks for the welcome, Averly.
Esper Valari 02/13/19 Welcome to a new level of hell.
LillyEmperium 02/12/19 *chuckling she nodded* you're welcome dear
LillyEmperium 02/12/19 Welcome to the coven, if you need anything, holler
Jamison King 02/12/19 Alright.. Welcome to Sine Metu. Need help? Ask someone else.
Jewel Valari 02/12/19 Welcome to Sine Metu.
Jasper Thompson 02/12/19 “Welcome to the club,” Jasper greets the blonde with a mischievous smile. “If you need anything, let me know, be it drugs, porn, or a detailed alibi.”
Elisa Stratten 02/12/19 Looking the girl over, Elisa nods in approval. She recognized the femme from an earlier encounter.

"Welcome to the crew, newbie. Would you prefer your uniform in Ravenclaw blue, Slytherin green, Hufflepuff yellow, or Gryffindor red?"
Mackenzie 02/11/19 Blonds really are easy.
Mackenzie 02/11/19 You look particularly homeless. Tell me.. how do you feel about being kept hostage, and becoming a worker bee?
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/11/19 Handing the guards a few special donuts from krispy Cream she smiled slipping the key from his belt and opens the cell door. "I will give you the recipe later!"

You managed to break out Averly Amoret.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/10/19 Opening the cell taking her hand and running out. "No problem! I will show you a donut trick once we are out of here!"
Mystic-husky 02/06/19 The witch was all of 4'9, long curly chestnut hair falling Around her small frame. Bright Hazel eyes peering out from under a few ringlets that had fallen into her face. Clothed in legging and a long black wool button up coat, her head tips softly as a hand black gloved hand invites itself to the welcome. "Morning Miss.I am Mystic Husky and I am sorry as I am normally pretty quick at meeting up with every ones arrival. Any way Welcome to the realm. If at any time you have any question feel free to hunt me down."
Kyla Brollachan 02/05/19 "Plenty of fun to be had if you go about it the right way." The petite redhead mirrored the other woman's smile. "My pleasure. I doubt it'll be the last time."
Kyla Brollachan 02/05/19 You managed to break out Averly Amoret.

"Off you go, then. Do try to stay out of trouble, aye?"
Morgana le Fay 02/04/19 Welcome to Bloodletting. My name is Morgana, and we are glad to see you here. If at any time you need assistance please feel free to use the drop down tab of your mail, you'll find a tab saying "Mail the admins" You can contact us through it. Again welcome to Bloodletting and have fun!
Angela Emperium 02/03/19 "It's great to meet you Ave. I'm sure my boyfriend Uriel will be along at some point to welcome you as well."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/03/19 Welcomes to da realm Miss! *the small child walked to the new comer and gave her a blood pop.*
Angela Emperium 02/03/19 Angela was perched up on a small fence watching the new girl arrive. Hoping down she went to greet her. "Hi I'm Angela, if you need anything please let me know."
Elisa Stratten 02/03/19 New blood.

It was becoming a habit around here lately. New faces everywhere. The small blonde looked the new girl over, offering a stern look. She liked to remind people that she was a no-nonsense kinda female.Elisa offered the girl half of a smile. "Welcome to the realm, newbie. Enjoy your stay." Only slightly hostile this time. She was going to have to work on that. Being friendlier that is.
Johnny 02/03/19 Welcome to the realm!
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